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Season 2: Episode 15 - Use Decorative Stitches to Embellish Applique

Watch Baby Lock representative Sara Gallegos as she demonstrates special features on the Baby Lock Unity, including decorative stitches, the sensor pen and the needle guide beam as she makes the Bird of Happiness appliqued block.

Past Episodes

Season 2: Episode 14 - Folded Flower Embellishment

Aired on Monday, Apr 07, 2014

Quiltmaker's Editor-in-Chief June Dudley shows you how simple it is to make this cheerful foundation-pieced basket block, using simple circles to create flower embellishments.

Season 2: Episode 13 -Learn to Make a Fun Strip Block With Stabilized Edges

Aired on Monday, Mar 31, 2014

Dig into your stash of strips to make this fun block and learn 3 different ways to stabilize the bias edges.

Season 2: Episode 12 - Foundation Piecing

Duration: 4:39 • 

Aired on Monday, Mar 24, 2014

Eileen Fowler, Associate Editor for QM, shares more tips that will help you successfully foundation piece.

Season 2: Episode 11 - Embellishing with Thread Zen Doodling

Aired on Monday, Mar 17, 2014

Special guest Eric Drexler, National Educator for Sulky of America, demonstrates how to use Zen Doodling to embellish a simple block.

Season 2: Episode 10 - Change It Up

Duration: 3:13 • 

Aired on Monday, Mar 10, 2014

Learn to piece this interesting block using partial seams and explore the possibilities for changing up the center section.

Season 2: Episode 9 - 3-D Triangle Squares

Duration: 5:01 • 

Aired on Monday, Mar 03, 2014

See how easy it is to create 3-D Triangle Squares.

Season 2: Episode 8 - Cut Templates from Pieced Triangle-Squares

Duration: 7:24 • 

Aired on Monday, Feb 24, 2014

Join Carolyn Beam, QM Creative Editor, as she guides you through the simple steps of using pieced triangle-squares to make the templates for Rose Twirls, designed by Elisa Wilson of Elisa’s Backporch Design.

Season 2: Episode 7 - Selvage Creations

Duration: 8:55 • 

Aired on Monday, Feb 17, 2014

Use fabric selvages to create fast, easy quilt blocks with smashing results!

Season 2: Episode 6 - Learn to Make Fast Flying Geese

Duration: 4:29 • 

Aired on Monday, Feb 10, 2014

Making Flying Geese can be quick and easy using the Fast Flying Geese technique.

Season 2: Episode 5 - Uncovering Secondary Designs

Duration: 4:23 • 

Aired on Monday, Feb 03, 2014

QM Associate Editor Eileen Fowler demonstrates how simple changes to Carrie Nelson’s Get the Point?, block #291 from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, vol. 3 can create secondary designs in a quilt.

Season 2: Episode 4 - Color and Design Options

Duration: 3:10 • 

Aired on Monday, Jan 27, 2014

See how dramatically your quilt layout can change when you swap out one fabric in this easy-to-piece block.

Season 2: Episode 3 - Learn to Sew Partial Seams

Duration: 5:11 • 

Aired on Monday, Jan 20, 2014

Sewing partial seams is easier than you think. QM Creative Editor Carolyn Beam guides you through the simple process while making May Flowers, block #152 from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, vol. 2.

Season 2: Episode 2 - Using Your Scrap Stash

Duration: 7:43 • 

Aired on Monday, Jan 13, 2014

See how to successfully use a variety of fabrics to make a smashing scrappy block in this short free video featuring a Bonnie Hunter design.

Season 2: Episode 1 - Fussy Cutting Large Scale Prints

Duration: 6:30 • 

Aired on Monday, Jan 06, 2014

Editor-in-Chief, June Dudley guides quilters through accurately fussy cutting large scale novelty print fabrics using a template, while making Facet-nating, block #428.

Season 1: Episode 26 - Show Off Novelty Prints

Duration: 3:28 • 

Aired on Monday, Dec 30, 2013

From novelty prints to florals, Shayla Wolf, Quiltmaker's Editorial Assistant, shows how different fabrics can influence the overall look of quilt blocks.

Season 1: Episode 25 - Fabric Selection: Value and Scale

Duration: 8:02 • 

Aired on Monday, Dec 23, 2013

Watch this video to pick up some helpful tips for determining value in large scale prints.

Season 1: Episode 24 - Make LOTS of Triangle Squares

Duration: 7:57 • 

Aired on Monday, Dec 16, 2013

Season 1: Episode 23 - Helpful Notions for Foundation Piecing

Duration: 7:08 • 

Aired on Monday, Dec 09, 2013

Eric Drexler, National Educator for Sulky of America, shows how to make Lisa Bassett’s block Diamond Crossing (#613) from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7.

Season 1: Episode 22 - One Simple Block, Multiple Design Options

Duration: 3:19 • 

Aired on Monday, Dec 02, 2013

Watch this free quilting video to see how one easy-to-piece block can lead to many different quilt designs.

Season 1: Episode 21 - Design Options for Wool Applique

Duration: 5:57 • 

Aired on Monday, Nov 25, 2013

Learn this simple technique for wool applique.

Season 1: Episode 20 - Easy Fused Applique

Duration: 5:46 • 

Aired on Monday, Nov 18, 2013

This free quilting video features quick, easy fusible applique and a block that can look traditional or modern depending on the fabrics.

Season 1: Episode 19 - Efficient Chain-Piecing

Duration: 4:03 • 

Aired on Monday, Nov 11, 2013

See chain piecing in action with Kelly Bowser, a Baby Lock owner and guest on QBN.

Season 1: Episode 18 - A New Dimension for Simple Patches: 3-D

Duration: 3:52 • 

Aired on Monday, Nov 04, 2013

Learn the simple step that adds dimension to the 3-D Split Rail Fence block designed by Kathy Brown of The Teacher's Pet.

Season 1: Episode 17 - Simple Fabric Audition

Duration: 6:02 • 

Aired on Monday, Oct 28, 2013

Learn how to audition fabric for your quilts using your digital camera and Word (no Photoshop® required).

Season 1: Episode 16 - Easy Pieced Pinwheel Circles

Duration: 6:18 • 

Aired on Monday, Oct 21, 2013

Learn how to make this fun, versatile block using triangle squares and turned-edge applique.

Season 1: Episode 15 - Easy, Attractive Quilt Block

Duration: 2:15 • 

Aired on Monday, Oct 14, 2013

This free quilting video shows you how to make a quilt block that's easy and attractive.

Season 1: Episode 14 - One Block, Many Threads

Duration: 7:55 • 

Aired on Monday, Oct 07, 2013

Watch as Eric Drexler shows how thread weight changes the look of your quilting.

Season 1: Episode 13 - One Block, Many Options!

Duration: 3:35 • 

Aired on Monday, Sep 30, 2013

Learn how to make this fun, versatile block using triangle squares.

Season 1: Episode 12 - Location, Location, Location!

Duration: 3:18 • 

Aired on Monday, Sep 23, 2013

Play with fabric location in a block and completely change the look of your finished quilt.

Season 1: Episode 11 - Machine Blanket Stitch Made Easy

Duration: 3:55 • 

Aired on Monday, Sep 16, 2013

This free quilting video will guide you through simple steps for fusible applique and machine blanket stitch.

Season 1: Episode 10 - Simple Sewing Using Pre-Cuts

Duration: 4:31 • 

Aired on Monday, Sep 09, 2013

Learn how to use up your collection of pre-cuts to make fun, scrappy blocks.

Season 1: Episode 9 - Creative Recoloring

Duration: 3:03 • 

Aired on Tuesday, Sep 03, 2013

Join June Dudley as she takes you through an inventive recoloring of Square City, a block designed by Elizabeth Dackson of Don’t Call Me Betsy.

Season 1: Episode 8 - String Piecing Playground

Duration: 5:42 • 

Aired on Monday, Aug 26, 2013

Learn how easy and entertaining it is to string piece with your scraps!

Season 1: Episode 7 - Seams Perfect

Duration: 4:29 • 

Aired on Monday, Aug 19, 2013

This free quilting video shows the importance of sewing accurate seam allowances and simple ways to test for accuracy.

Season 1: Episode 6 - Signature Please!

Duration: 2:28 • 

Aired on Monday, Aug 12, 2013

Learn how to turn a simple block into a signature keepsake quilt.

Season 1: Episode 5 - Step by Step Wool Applique

Duration: 5:38 • 

Aired on Monday, Aug 05, 2013

Learn this simple technique for wool applique.

Season 1: Episode 4 - Easy Foundation Piecing: Sew by Number

Duration: 7:58 • 

Aired on Monday, Jul 29, 2013

Learn how to foundation piece with Eileen Fowler, Associate Editor for QM.

Season 1: Episode 3 - One Block, Four Designs

Duration: 3:46 • 

Aired on Monday, Jul 22, 2013

Watch this free quilting video to see four different designs using one quilt block.

Season 1: Episode 2 - Stitch-and-Flip the Simple Way

Duration: 3:59 • 

Aired on Monday, Jul 15, 2013

Learn an easy stitch & flip technique to make a great-looking block.

Season 1: Episode 1 - Easy Triangle-Squares: Mark, Sew & Cut

Duration: 3:53 • 

Aired on Monday, Jul 08, 2013

Learn a simple method for making triangle-squares quickly and accurately using 2 squares of fabric.

: Quiltmaker's Shuffle

Aired on Friday, Jun 14, 2013

The Quiltmaker Shuffle, choregraphed by Gudrun Erla. She taught it to a group of quilt designers at Spring Market 2013. See, quilting can be aerobic! Shop, cut, sew, press, sew, press, quilt it, stitch it and show it off!

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Season 2: Episode 16 - Easy Freeform Applique

Duration: 6:34 • 

Scheduled to air on Monday, Apr 21, 2014

A casual, freeform approach to fusible appliqué means easy stitching and a whimsical result.


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