Itemized treasurers report

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Itemized treasurers report

Postby 2margg on Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:17 am

I belong to a quilt guild and I have been asking for a itemized treasurers report each month and the
treasurer and the president will not give the group this report. I am not the only one that wants it. At last months meeting I had to ask for a show of hands that wanted it. Unfortunately the people that voted against it are all new and do not know the spending habits of our past president, who by the way is out of work and I heard her husband took her credit cards away from her. We only lost by a few votes. I would have brought it up at the board meeting but the New President brought it up and all H--- broke loose because I wanted it. They asked me why? What do you say to that? I said I was a member and paid my dues and I would like to see it. They told me I could come and look at the check book. I have been asking for so long that I'm beginning to suspect something stinky is going on. The treasurer is issuing checks for over $100.00 and according to our by-laws they are suppose to be voted on. I always seem to be on the S--- list for asking. We just want to know what the quild is spending all the money on. We get a report but the categories are all grouped together. What should I do?
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Re: Itemized treasurers report

Postby azquilter on Sat Oct 17, 2009 7:18 pm

Go have a look at the checkbook. If they have nothing to hide, then you will be satisfied. There should be an audit of the books whenever a new treasurer takes office. It's a touchy subject, and the membership has elected the board so you have to give them authority to do their jobs and trust that there will be no hanky panky. Just because a member is having financial difficulties at home doesn't mean that her troubles are filtering over to your guild. Once you have a look at the checkbook I'm sure you will be relieved that your dues are being spent wisely.
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Re: Itemized treasurers report

Postby SewDenise on Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:09 pm

I realize that the original quote was quite some time ago, however this sounds like a serious problem. Does the guild have a national headquarters? Or, maybe a "ruling body". If it does, I would quit raising the issue with your chapter and bring it to the appropriate person at headquarters. If this is not possible, I would simply quit this guild and look for another. I realize this sounds awfully drastic, but unless your view of the checkbook resolves your issue, this will leave a question in your mind and won't be comfortable there at all. I really see a problem with people starting to point fingers at you....only because you asked to see what you have a right to see....not a good sign. :?
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