6 Free Scrappy Quilt Blocks for Quiltmaker!

Download Your Free  Scrappy Quilt Blocks eBook by Bonnie Hunter from Quiltmaker Magazine!

This free scrappy quilt blocks eBook from Quiltmaker magazine is perfect for any quilter old or new. These quilt scrappy quilt blocks are the perfect foundation for a scrap quilt pattern. Designed by prolific quilter Bonnie Hunter, each of these beautiful quilt blocks comes to you from her popular column in Quiltmaker, Addicted to Scraps. Scraps are an essential part of every quilter's stash and finding new ideas on how to quilt with all those scraps can be a challenge at times. Luckily, Bonnie Hunter's ideas for scrappy quilt blocks and scrappy quilt patterns help to use any fabric scraps in a unique way. Featured in this free eBook are six free scrappy quilt blocks that will lead to beautiful scrap quilt designs.

This free eBook from Quiltmaker magazine comes complete with everything you need to learn how to sew each of these beautiful scrappy quilt blocks below including:

  • The "Jack in the Box" free scrappy quilt block, the perfect spinning block pattern to feature pinwheel quilt units.
  • The "Scrap Basket" free scrap quilt block that puts all of your half-square triangles to good use.
  • The "Happy Hour" quilt block that combines strips of different widths to give this block more fun movement.
  • The "Spoolin' Around" free scrappy quilt block that makes quick use of 2" strips!

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Download Your Free Scrappy Quilt Block eBook Now!

Scrappy quilt blocks are popular with quilters for many different reasons. Some quilters like the freedom that scrap quilts can provide. In fact, some of the nicest quilts featured on social networks like Pinterest are scrap quilts that combine a little bit of everything to create one unified look! Other quilters love making scrappy quilts because it allows them the chance to use their quilt fabric stash to the fullest - right down to tiny triangles. With scrappy quilt blocks, it still is important to keep the idea of value in mind. Carefully placing a range of values - from lights to darks - can also highlight different block elements - perfect for adding an additional touch to your scrap blocks!

Your Free eBook Includes 6 Scrappy Quilt Block Patterns - Download Now!

Included in this free eBook from Quiltmaker is everything you need to know in order to learn how to quilt each of the scrappy quilt blocks featured below.

Free Scrappy Quilt Block #1: "Jack in the Box"

This stitch-and-flip scrappy quilt block features a unique pinwheel design that's perfect for an simple-to-make quilt top. In the instructions for this quilt block, you will learn how to turn your triangle-squares into beautiful pinwheel shapes that combine to create a truly stunning scrap quilt.

Free Scrappy Quilt Block #2: "Scrap Basket"

Many quilters love to work on basket quilt patterns because of the unique look that the finished product creates and this scrappy quilt block is no exception! You can even make a wall sized scrap quilt in no time by combining 36 scrappy basket quilt blocks. Talk about an easy quilt!

Free Scrappy Quilt Block #3: "Happy Hour"

This free scrappy quilt block features strips of different widths combined to create a block with a lot of fun movement. The quilt assembly uses quilt fabrics of different values - from light fabrics all the way to dark fabrics to really keep this block looking fresh. You can easily create your own scrap quilt pattern with this quilt block. Use a rainbow of colors and piece 30 "Happy Hour" scrap quilt blocks for a scrappy quilt.

Free Scrappy Quilt Block #4: "Spoolin' Around"

Many quilters feel a connection to anything related to sewing. After all, sewing is one of the most essential parts of making a finished quilt. This free scrappy quilt block makes use of any 2" strips in your quilting stash to create blocks reminiscent of spools of thread. Use the stitch and flip quilting technique to quickly assemble these blocks. Combine twenty finished blocks and add a sweet 6" quilt border to create a darling scrap crib quilt for someone you love!

Free Scrappy Quilt Block #5: "Antique Tile"

The "Antique Tile" quilt block is a Nancy Cabot design from 1938. Bonnie Hunter brings new life to this beautiful scrap quilt block by using 2" strips and scraps of 3-1/2" squares in reproduction prints to make finished blocks. It's also nice to find a scrap quilt block that doesn't use any triangle or half-square triangle units. Not only would this quilt block look great in a quilt with sashes or set on point but you might find this the perfect quilt block to combine with other blocks like the "Ohio Star" quilt block for a different look.

Free Scrappy Quilt Block #6: "Moth in the Window"

This simple quilt block is perfect for using up many of the smaller scraps you're afraid to throw away. Instead of using a muted or cream background, go bold and use a dark fabric or plaids for the background of this scrap quilt block. Sew 30 "Moth in the Window" quilt blocks together to create a beautiful scrap quilt you will be happy to display anywhere in your home!

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Don't Miss Your Chance to Download This Precious Free Scrappy Quilt Blocks eBook!

Whether scrappy quilt blocks appeal to you as attractive designs or as a practical way to use your quilt fabric scraps, this free eBook from Quiltmaker magazine is sure to present you with numerous options for your next quilt. One of the most enjoyable parts of working with your fabric scraps is that you truly have the chance to be as creative as you'd like. Experiment with different shapes, sizes, colors and values to create your own scrap quilt pattern. Design, piece, quilt, and finally, marvel at your scrap quilt creation.

Your Free Scrappy Quilt Blocks eBook Is Moments Away - Download Now!

This free eBook from Quiltmaker magazine is a great starting point for creating scrap quilts. Everything you need to make your scrappy quilt blocks is in the free eBook, including:

  • The "Moth in the Window" free scrap quilt block to show off your bold and bright scraps.
  • The "Antique Tile" free scrappy quilt block that goes off the beaten path. Use strips and squares to make this scrap quilt block.
  • The "Scrap Basket" quilt block that easily turns one scrap quilt block into an entire scrap quilt.
  • The "Spoolin' Around" free scrappy quilt block that is calling to be a scrappy wall hanging in your quilt room.

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