Quiltmaker's Treasure Hunt FAQs

How do I enter the contest?
Enter the contest by clicking on the entry form tab and filling out the form. There are a total of twenty (20) entry forms. One is on Quiltmaker's Treasure Hunt contest page. (You do not need to find a Treasure Hunt button on the Quiltmaker website.) To find the other 19 entry forms, look for the Quiltmaker's Treasure Hunt button on each Sponsor's website. Click the button on each Sponsor's website for one entry form.

Why do I need to register for a free account at Quiltmaker.com?
We have simplified the registration process this year. By logging in (or registering for a free account the first time) to Quiltmaker.com, you will only need to enter your contact information one time, instead of every time you enter the contest. Each time you enter the contest from a different sponsor, you will see a list of all the successful entries you have already made. 

How do I find my password to log-in to Quiltmaker.com?
Follow the "Forgot your password?" prompts and instructions will be emailed to you. 

Can I submit more than one entry form?
You may submit only one entry form per Sponsor, including Quiltmaker, for a total of 20 possible entry forms.

Do I have to enter for each sponsor?
No. Each entry is complete on its own. However each additional entry gives you another chance to win.

How do I find all the sponsors?
The best way is to find the ads in QM's Nov/Dec '14 issue—many sponsors have clues in their ads. You can also follow the links on the About the Contest tab above.  

When is the deadline to submit my entries?
Treasure Hunt 2014 entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm MST on December 2, 2014.

Can I mail in my entry form?
No mail-in entries will be accepted.

Where can I find the official rules for this contest?
See the Official Rules link above.

I'm having trouble finding the button on some sponsor sites, are they all there?
Yes, we know that the Treasure Hunt button is on every Sponsor's site. Some are easy to find and some require a little more hunting. Use the Sponsors' ads in Quiltmaker's Nov/Dec '14 issue as a guide or check the Treasure Hunt posts on the Quilty Pleasures blog for clues.

Why is this contest open only to U.S. residents?
We value all of our readers, whether in or outside of the U.S. While we wish that it was possible to include everyone in our contests, it isn't. Holding contests has complex legal implications and you will find that many contests are only valid in the country where they originate. This article gives a good explanation: howstuffworks.com/question541.htm

To whom do I direct questions not answered on this page?
Click here to email a comment
to Quiltmaker.



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