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Tune-Up on Twenty

Tomorrow is the 20th of June. That means it’s time for Tune-Up on Twenty! This is a friendly reminder: • Open up your sewing machine’s innards and gently clean out all the lint, dirt and debris. • Oil your machine … Continue reading

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Tune-Up on Twenty: Sewing Maintenance, Giveaway!

It’s time for your Tune-Up on Twenty. On the 20th of each month, we remind you to take care of your sewing maintenance. Here’s a short checklist. 1. Gently clean the lint/dirt/debris from all areas of your machine as instructed … Continue reading

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Tune-Up on Twenty: Sewing Maintenance

Do you have some easy quilt-related maintenance tasks that you put off? I sure do. Now Quiltmaker will remind you periodically to do these things. We’ll do it today and on the 20th of each month. We’ll call it: Tune-Up … Continue reading

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QM Shorts: Mascara Wand Cleaners

By Jill Montgomery from Fairfield, Ohio, a member of QM’s 2012 Scrap Squad   I picked up this tip shortly after I started quilting and it has been a lifesaver for keeping my machines running smoothly! Use a clean mascara … Continue reading

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