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Sewing on Deadline: The Blessing and the Curse

It seems like much of the time, I’m sewing on a deadline. You know what I mean. There’s a baby expected, or a birthday, anniversary or graduation. When you’re in the publishing business, the deadlines have to do with issues, … Continue reading

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Scrap Quilt Ideas: Sea Glass by Kathy

Quiltmaker’s Scrap Squad is a small select group of readers who make scrap quilts from QM patterns. We share their creations on Quilty Pleasures to inspire you to make scrappy quilts from the quilting fabrics you already own. Today’s quilt … Continue reading

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What Every Quilter Should Know; Giveaway!

Here’s a roundup of some good blog posts containing things every quilter should know. I hope you’ll enjoy them! Valuable Lessons: What is value and why does it matter?                       … Continue reading

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Electric Quilt Creative Spark

Each issue of our magazine contains a fantastic column from our friends at Electric Quilt. This features tells you about all the nifty functions of their quilt design software. So many of our quilt designers use Electric Quilt to design … Continue reading

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Chat with a Quilter: Janice Averill

I love my job as online editor for Quiltmaker because I have the pleasure of talking to so many great quilt designers. Granted, I never get to meet them but we have lovely chats over email. Nonetheless, I still pick up great … Continue reading

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Scott Flanagan: Male Quilter

If you haven’t heard, Quiltmaker has come into contact with three rare species in the quilt world. We featured three quilts made by three male quilters in our May/June issue. I had a chance to “virtually” chat with one of … Continue reading

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Quilting Your Hobby

A few days ago, we had an amazing blog post about photographing quilts. If you didn’t see it, it really is a must-read. I realized after the post was published that many quilters wear many different hats. Quilters aren’t just … Continue reading

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Slow Down with The Slow Stitching Movement

Our world is full of noise, distraction, media, social media and more noise. You can’t even escape this in your quilt room! When I’m quilting or sewing, I will have Netflix playing or music blaring and I will check my … Continue reading

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Join the Quilty Baskets Group, Part Three: Finally join the group!

This is the third, and final, installment of our blog series about our new Block of the Month, Quilty Baskets, and our partnership with Quilters Club of America (QCA). A recap: our BOM is starting in April. BOM participants can … Continue reading

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Photographing Quilts

By Shayla Wolf, QM Associate Editor Taking photos of your quilts has become an integral part of the creative process. Whether you want to share your creation with your quilty friends on social media, submit photos for a quilt show … Continue reading

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