Quilting in the Kitchen with Jenny Kae Parks

quilting in the kitchen Quilting in the Kitchen with Jenny Kae Parks

Quilted kitchen items are such fun projects to create, and always make perfect gifts. We have a new three-lesson online course on Craft University — Quilting in the Kitchen — that will walk you step-by-step through creating beautiful potholders, trivets, oven mitts and decorative towels. The course is taught by the always-entertaining Jenny Kae Parks.

jenny kae parks Quilting in the Kitchen with Jenny Kae Parks

Jenny Kae is well-known in the quilt industry as a talented designer and teacher. But she first caught a case of the quilting bug back in 2001 when she made some quilted  place mats for the kitchen. “This course is in honor of our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers who made the kitchen the heart of the home,” she says about the course.

As a bonus, a recipe comes with each lesson! Jenny Kae has included her personal recipes for chocolate chip cookies, buttery dinner rolls and “Miss Jenny’s Scones.” YUM!

Let’s take a closer look at everything included:

quilting kitchen potholders Quilting in the Kitchen with Jenny Kae Parks

Lesson 1: Potholders and Trivets

The first lesson is all about making quilted potholders and trivets. Jenny Kae will walk you through her process for layering, quilting, binding and adding lovely decorative touches. She shares great tips and techniques, like how to make continuous bias binding. Jenny Kae uses a simple pieced block made up of half-square triangles for her demonstration. “You can use any pieced block that you have,” she explains. “Really, there’s no specific size that it has to be, and there’s no specific way that it has to be. You’re the designer. However you want it to look, that’s how it’s supposed to look.” If you want some block design ideas, the course includes a link to whole bunch of free McCalls Quilting quilt block patterns.

Jenny Kae’s award-winning chocolate chip cookie recipe is also featured in this lesson. (She actually won a contest at her church cooking bake-off for these delicious cookies!)

quilting kitchen oven mitts2 Quilting in the Kitchen with Jenny Kae Parks

Lesson 2: Oven Mitts, two ways

In the second lesson, Jenny Kae shares her expert techniques for creating two different types of oven mitts: a single mitt and a double mitt. A template from The Warm Company  is included for the single oven mitt; no pattern is needed for the double oven mitt.

No matter which oven mitt style you prefer, you’re going to want to use your new mitt when you make Jenny Kae’s buttery dinner rolls (the recipe included with this lesson).

quilting kitchen towels Quilting in the Kitchen with Jenny Kae Parks

Lesson 3: Decorative Towels

The last lesson focuses on making two different types of decorative towels: a terry cloth towel and a more lightweight towel. Jenny Kae will show you how to add fun embellishments using fabric, embroidery, lace and ribbon. “It’s nice to have those things that make the kitchen a nice place to be: enjoyable, special little touches,” Jenny says.

The recipe for “Miss Jenny’s Scones” is featured in this lesson.

Throughout this fun online course you can share your progress with fellow students and work directly with the Jenny Kae in a collaborative and interactive online environment.

Visit CraftU to learn more and to register for Quilting in the Kitchen!

Happy Quilting!

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New Special Issue: Quiltmaker Reader Favorites Summer ’17

QMSIP COVER 500 New Special Issue: Quiltmaker Reader Favorites Summer 17

On the Cover: Lime Grape Fizz designed by Scott Hansen

We have a brand new special issue hitting newsstands soon: Quiltmaker Reader Favorites Summer ’17. This special collector’s edition features 16 of our most popular patterns ever. There’s a classic Bonnie Hunter scrap quilt, traditional designs, sweet baby quilts, holiday-themed quilts and more. We remade some of these tried and true favorites in fresh, new fabric, plus you’ll find additional color and design option ideas all throughout the issue.

Here are some of the favorites that made the list:

QMSIP NEIGHBORHOOD 450style New Special Issue: Quiltmaker Reader Favorites Summer 17

My Neighborhood quilt pattern

My Neighborhood: This darling design was inspired by a vintage 19th century schoolhouse quilt. Mix up stripes, plaids and “shot” cottons for the look we achieved, or bring your own style to each house. The finished size of the quilt is 54″ x 64″.

QMSIP BLUERIDGE 450flat New Special Issue: Quiltmaker Reader Favorites Summer 17

Blue Ridge Beauty quilt pattern

Blue Ridge Beauty: The beauty of this stunning scrap quilt from Bonnie Hunter is that everything works. When searching through your stash for fabrics, don’t rule out any that don’t “match.” Looking at Bonnie’s quilt, you’ll see a whole spectrum of values and prints. The finished size of Blue Ridge Beauty is 96″ x 108″. We’ve also included Bonnie’s popular “Leaders & Enders” article in this issue so you can learn Bonnie’s genius method for using your stash to make a bonus quilt while sewing blocks for a different quilt.

QMSIP PETALS 450style New Special Issue: Quiltmaker Reader Favorites Summer 17

Perennial Petals quilt pattern

Perennial Petals: The overall look of this quilt designed by Caroline Reardon is scrappy, but each block has controlled elements.  The finished size of the quilt is 65″ x 84 1/2″.

QMSIP MEZZANINE 450flat New Special Issue: Quiltmaker Reader Favorites Summer 17

Mezzanine quilt pattern

Mezzanine: A beautiful secondary design emerges from the angles in a single block on this gorgeous quilt designed by Monique Dillard. The quilt finishes at 75″ x 92″.

QMSIP RETRO 450style New Special Issue: Quiltmaker Reader Favorites Summer 17

Retro Romance quilt pattern

Retro Romance: Choose colorful fabrics that make a bold statement to create this fun and romantic throw quilt designed by Jocelyn Ueng. The design finishes at 56″ x 72″.

Browse our online gallery to preview ALL the quilts featured in this new issue!

Look for the issue on newsstands soon. Print and digital issues are also available in our online shop. We also have a special issue auto ship program, which lets you to sign up to have all our special issues delivered straight to your mailbox as they’re released.

Happy Quilting,

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Quilting Video Tutorials: What’s New @ QNNtv

quilting videos qnntv Quilting Video Tutorials: Whats New @ QNNtv

What inspires you in your quilting? It’s a simple question with an infinite number of answers. We can find inspiration for a new quilt design in nature or from a beautiful piece of art. We can get inspired to make a new project while flipping through a magazine or book. But if you’re looking for inspiration to take your quilting skills to the next level or learn new techniques, where do you go? There are so many wonderful resources out there, between in-person classes, online courses, video tutorials, books, articles and more.

qnntv Quilting Video Tutorials: Whats New @ QNNtv

One of our favorite go-to learning sources is our sister site, QNNtv.com. QNNtv videos are streamed and available to watch from any computer or hand-held viewing device with a high-speed internet connection. The mobility makes it easy to watch the online quilting videos from the comfort of your home – or on-the-go from your mobile device. There are two levels of membership available on the site: a FREE version and a premium version.

There are dozens of shows available on the site, with new content going up weekly. When you’re logged in, you can keep track of what videos you’ve watched and see those “in progress” so you can pick up where you left off and continue watching. It’s an easy, hassle-free experience, whether at home or on-the-go. Here’s a taste of what we’re watching:

quilting videos longarm Quilting Video Tutorials: Whats New @ QNNtv

Longarm Quilting Demystified

*FREE* Longarm Quilting Demystified:  In this series accompanying a new column in Quiltmaker, professional longarm quilter ZJ Humbach takes the intimidation out of longarm quilting. The Grace Company has graciously set up both an electronic machine and a computerized one at the Quiltmaker office, and because these Q’nique 14+ machines are so intuitive and fun to use, we’re using them in video demos to reinforce the concepts you’ll learn in the column. Learn the benefits of a longarm machine, how to thread it, how to load a quilt sandwich onto it, how to quilt basic patterns, and much, much more.

quilting videos my first quilt Quilting Video Tutorials: Whats New @ QNNtv

My First Quilt — Sailboat Block

*FREE* My First Quilt: Sara Gallegos’ popular free show is back for season two, and it’s just as fun and inspiring as ever! These videos are great for anyone new to quilting, or anyone just wanting to get out of their comfort zone and try out some new techniques.

The sailboat quilt block is the focus of one of the latest episodes, and Sara walks you through making this easy block. The first thing to piece together involves sewing the bottom of the boat to the water triangles, which are made using a stitch-and-flip method. Then you add the ocean piece to the bottom of the boat. From there, you can play with how you’d like the sails arranged, and Sara shares different ideas for that arrangement.

quilting videos machine embroidery Quilting Video Tutorials: Whats New @ QNNtv

Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery — Creating Personalized Pillowcases

Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery: This premium show is also hosted by Sara Gallegos, and also recently back for season two. If you’re interested in using machine embroidery on your quilting projects, or if you’ve done a bit of machine embroidery but need inspiration or tips to take your skills to the next level, this show is for you.

One of the newest episodes focuses on how to personalize pillowcases with embroidery — a quick and easy beginner-level project. Sara demonstrates how to find the center of the cuff (or band) of the pillowcase in the hoop before showing how to embroider a name on it.

quilting videos quilt remix Quilting Video Tutorials: Whats New @ QNNtv

Quilt Remix: Vintage Pattern, Modern Twist — Remixing Botanica

*FREE* Quilt Remix: Vintage Pattern, Modern Twist: The premise for this show hosted by Kelly Bowser is pretty cool — each month, the series takes a different vintage or traditional quilt pattern each month and makes it with a fun and modern twist. Kelly first presents her modern twist on the original pattern, then welcomes a featured guest who present his or her modern twist. Through the weekly episodes, both Kelly and her guest demonstrate the techniques that helped them in making their quilt variations, and in the last segment of each month, longarm quilter Lynn Bell demonstrates ways to complete your quilt with modern quilting (and sometimes traditional or contemporary quilting)!

This month, Kelly and special guest Jenny Kae Parks are sharing their remixed versions of Krisanne Watkin’s Botanica. Kelly felt a bit intimidated by the complex blocks in the design and made her modern version using only one block, but enlarged to the size of a full picnic-blanket quilt. Jenny decided to deconstruct the block in a Fibonacci spiral.

quilting videos aviary Quilting Video Tutorials: Whats New @ QNNtv

Block of the Month Sew-Alongs — Aviary

*FREE* Block of the Month Sew-Alongs: There are also free video tutorials available for all of our current block of the month quilts, including Aviary with Nancy Mahoney.

Want to join the fun? Sign up for QNNtv with a membership option that’s right for you:

FREE membership: Simply register with your name and email. NO credit card required.

Premium membership: Premium members get access to all the free content, plus a variety of shows available only to premium members. You can subscribe monthly or yearly.

Happy Quilting,

* * * * *

Thanks to the sponsors of the shows mentioned above:

Longarm Quilting Demystified — The Grace Company

My First Quilt — Baby Lock, Omnigrid, Koala Studios

Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery – Baby Lock, Madeira Threads, Hatch by Wilcom and Koala Studios

Quilt Remix: Vintage Pattern, Modern Twist – Baby Lock, Tin Lizzie, Ink & Arrow Fabrics, Madeira Threads, Oliso, Quilters Select and Koala Studios

Aviary Block of the Month — Hoffman California Fabrics and Quilt Fusion

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Course Preview: Essential Math for Quilters

math for quilters2 Course Preview: Essential Math for Quilters

Math is an essential part of the quiltmaking process. However, for those who are a bit math-challenged (present company included), it’s can often be the least fun part of that process. That’s why I was excited when I heard about Essential Math for Quilters, a new online course taught by Donna Mae Norris that covers all the “quilt math” basics.

donna mae norris Course Preview: Essential Math for Quilters

Donna Mae Norris

Donna Mae has been quilting for more than 30 years — and teaching quilting for more than 27 of those years. “Quilting is my passion and I am happy to show you how to do some math that will make your quiltmaking faster and easier,” Donna Mae says in the course’s first of five video lessons. “None of the math is complicated or hard. It’s all straight-forward.” Perfect!

In the first lesson, Donna Mae discusses the difference between cut sizes and finished sizes. She goes over using a calculator as a tool in your sewing area and “rounding off” your calculations.

In the next lesson, she moves in to common quilting geometric shapes and reviews their angles: squares, rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, hexagons, circles and more. She also goes over all types of basic rulers and specialty rulers that are used in quilting.

hexagon quilt Course Preview: Essential Math for Quilters

Lesson 3 covers “everything you need to know about triangles” – Donna Mae defines half square and quarter square triangles and shares the four fractions you should memorize. She also goes over on-point setting triangles, corner triangles and side triangles.

triangles Course Preview: Essential Math for Quilters

So what about calculating fabric needs for a quilt? Donna Mae has you covered in the fourth lesson as she shows you how to calculate fabric needs for squares, rectangles, sashing and corner stones; triangles; borders; backing; and binding. You’ll be able to easily answer the question “How much fabric do I need?” after Donna Mae shares her tips.

donna mae norris 2 Course Preview: Essential Math for Quilters

We’ve all fallen in love with a quilt pattern, but wanted to make it in a different size than the original pattern. The last lesson will guide you through the process of figuring out how to make size changes to your quilt and using spacer borders with pieced borders.

There are also helpful handouts you can download during the course that will help guide you through the learning process, as well as optional quizzes so you can test your skills.

Visit CraftU to learn more and to register for your seat in Essential Math for Quilters.

Happy Quilting!

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Two New Block of the Month Quilts!

There’s so much to love about Block of the Month quilts. First there’s the anticipation of receiving a fun monthly shipment in the mail; then there’s the excitement when your “quilt mail” arrives! And of course, there’s the pleasure of having a larger quilt project in the works that you can create a little at a time while you carry on with your other projects.

We have two new Block of the Month quilts available, and we’re so excited to show them to you. One is a bright and happy modern design featuring star blocks. The other is a lovely batik quilt featuring appliqué. For each of these great BOM projects you will receive a monthly shipment that includes fabric and instructions to make a section of the quilt. Plus – you’ll get access to free video tutorials on QNNtv.com to help guide you to completion!

UrbanBasix Block of the Month Quilt2 Two New Block of the Month Quilts!

Urban Basix

Urban Basix: First up we have Urban Basix — a new 6-month BOM starting in June! This queen-size quilt finishes at  81″ x 96″ and features a variety of star blocks in two sizes. Techniques you’ll use while making this quilt include: four-at-a-time Flying Geese Units, quick triangle-squares and the diagonal seams method for patchwork.

Kits will include fabric from the Urban Elementz Basix collection by Northcott Fabrics, the program sponsor. The free video lessons will be taught by Jenny Kae Parks.

Backing fabric for Urban Basix is also available separately.

Aviary block of the month quilt Two New Block of the Month Quilts!


Aviary: Next up, check out Aviary – a new 9-month BOM that just started this month! This batik quilt was designed by Keith Phillips of QuiltFusion and features beautiful bird and nature appliques of various sizes and shapes. All appliqué pieces will come pre-cut and fused, so all you will have to do is cut the backgrounds and assemble the quilt. You’ll learn some great techniques while making this one, like how to use an applique pressing sheet to make applique assemblies to speed up the construction of the quilt top. The quilt also features a unique filigree border. The finished size is 72 1/2″ x 87 1/2″.

Kits will include batiks from Hoffman California Fabrics, the program sponsor. The free video lessons are taught by Nancy Mahoney and the first couple are available now!

Backing fabric for Aviary is also available separately.

Want more BOMs to choose from? Here are some other current selections:

What’s your favorite BOM? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Quilting!

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New Issue: Quiltmaker July/August ’17

QM1708 COVER 500 New Issue: Quiltmaker July/August 17

Quiltmaker July/August 2017 | On the cover: Sweet Twisters designed by Denise Russart

Quiltmaker’s July/August 2017 issue hits newsstands soon, and this issue is sizzling! Seriously, just look at that red-hot cover. Isn’t it a beauty? This edition is chock-full of 14 fun new quilt patterns to keep you busy all summer long (and then some). Sew a darling little summer camper, or get a jump start on winter sewing with two different holiday designs. Combine a flowering vine with pieced stars, or try your hand at foundation piecing miniature Flying Geese. We also have coloring pages so you can design your own color palettes and a new Bonnie Hunter block. Plus, continue with managing editor Tricia Patterson’s journey into learning to machine quilt on a domestic sewing machine, and learn different methods for loading a quilt on a longarm machine with ZJ Humbach.

Sweet Twisters:  The sparkling cover quilt designed by Denise Russart is a great project for batiks or any scraps you’ve been saving! The wall quilt pattern finishes at 36″ x 36″, and we’ve also included an alternate size chart to make a throw, twin or king-size quilt.

Let’s take a look inside at a few more of the quilt patterns:

QM1708 GARDEN 450style New Issue: Quiltmaker July/August 17

Garden Path Daisies quilt

Garden Path Daisies: An appliqued flowering vine is the perfect addition to the collection of stars featured on this quilt designed by the team at Bound to Be Quilting. The enchanting and easy-to-make design finishes at 61″ x 78″. Kits are available.

QM1708 BACK 450flat New Issue: Quiltmaker July/August 17

Back Track quilt pattern

Back Track: Dig into your stash to make this quick and easy throw quilt designed by Scott Flanagan. The finished size is 70″ x 94″. For some extra fun, we’ve also included a pattern for Mini Tracks, a wall-sized version that finishes at 28 1/2″ x 37 1/2″.

QM1708 CAMPER 450style New Issue: Quiltmaker July/August 17

Happy Camper quilt pattern

Happy Camper: Terri Vanden Bosch brings the magic of camping to this special appliquéd wall quilt. Isn’t it sweet? It finishes at 16″ x 16″ and a kit is available.

QM1708 SANTA 450flat New Issue: Quiltmaker July/August 17

Santa Crossing quilt pattern

Santa Crossing: Get a head start on your holiday quilting with this creative quilt designed by Wendy Sheppard. The finished size is 69″ x 83″. Kits are available! Bonus: Get to know Wendy in our designer spotlight featured with the pattern in this issue.

QM1708 BERRY 450style New Issue: Quiltmaker July/August 17

Berry Mint Starburst quilt pattern

Berry Mint Starburst: This quilt designed by Pam Boswell is bursting with texture! From florals to plaids, Pam’s fabric choices work perfectly with the design. It’s based on a single block design using only two patch sizes; the blocks are placed in different orientations to create a unique overall arrangement. The quilt finishes at 80″ x 80″.

Browse our online gallery to preview all the quilt patterns included in this issue.

Keep an eye out for the issue at newsstands! Print and digital copies are also available now in our online shop. You can also subscribe to Quiltmaker and never miss an issue.

Happy Quilting,

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Win Some of the Designer Quilt Blocks from 100 Blocks Vol. 15!

Ten lucky quilters will win the original blocks

Vol 15 Contest Image 3 Win Some of the Designer Quilt Blocks from 100 Blocks Vol. 15!

Did you think the 100 Blocks Vol. 15 giveaways were all over at the end of last week’s Blog Tour Road Rally celebration? They’re not! We have one more chance for you to win some quilty goodies, and this prize is pretty amazing. We’re giving away the actual designer-made blocks from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Vol. 15 to 10 lucky quilters like you!

That’s right, these are the original quilt blocks made by your favorite designers: from Kate Colleran to Bonnie Hunter to Wendy Sheppard and many more. Don’t delay: we’ll choose 10 random winners on June 26, 2017. Each winner will receive 10 blocks each.

NOTE: This contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada (exluding Quebec) only.

Click here to visit the contest page and enter.

Good luck!
The Quiltmaker Team

P.S. Don’t have your copy of Vol. 15 yet? Print and digital copies are available here!

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Skip to My Lou: A Visit with Sharon Parcel

Sharon Parcel Skip to My Lou: A Visit with Sharon ParcelToday we’re excited to welcome designer Sharon Parcel as a guest blogger on Quilty Pleasures! Sharon is going to tell us about her beautiful Skip to My Lou quilt patterned in our May/June 2017 issue of Quiltmaker. This lovely design combines a traditional block with modern playful fabric. The quilt finishes at 57″ x 63″, and we’ve also included ideas for alternate sizes and color options in the magazine!
Continue reading

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100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour Recap & Grand Prize Winners

170509 header2 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour Recap & Grand Prize Winners

Our 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour Rally was a great success last week! Thank you so much to everyone who joined us as we celebrated the release of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 with block previews, designer inspiration, giveaways and more fun. Of course, we also want to extend a special thank you to all of the block designers and industry sponsors who participated in the blog tour — your tips and overall creativity were SO inspiring!

Vol15 COVER 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour Recap & Grand Prize Winners

We hope everyone enjoyed all the new additions to the tour, too, like seeing the blocks in different colorways and learning more about the Quiltmaker team members who put this new issue together. Of course, one of our favorite new aspects of this issue’s blog tour was the Grand Prize Souvenir Hunt. We asked participating designers to hide “answers” to certain questions on their blog posts; then we asked YOU to find those answers and submit them at the end of the week for a chance at winning one of three big grand prize bundles.

These bundles have the best of everything — a copy of Vol. 15, all of our sponsor prizes featured on the daily giveaways during the tour, loads of goodies from our designers and more!

Grand Prize bundle 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour Recap & Grand Prize Winners

So without further ado, HERE are the Grand Prize Souvenir Hunt winners:

  • Patricia Moyles
  • Glenda White
  • Mimi Patrick

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

(If you are curious who won our daily giveaways featured during the blog tour last week, check back on each day’s posts to see the updated list of winners.)

And, just because we’re still drooling over all these amazing new blocks, take a peek at a few more from Vol. 15 that weren’t featured during the blog tour last week:

QM100 PICKERING 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour Recap & Grand Prize Winners

Block #1435
Designed by: Kristen Pickering

Paper Doll Dress. Kristen used happy prints from Moda’s Brighten Up! line by Me & My Sister to bring this darling paper doll block to life.

Block #1404
Designed by: Dawn Heese

 Americana. Dawn created a design to showcase her homespun spirit with a variety of wool patches, hand applique and a warm cotton background.

Click on Dawn’s block to see color options made by our testers.

QM100 WHITE 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour Recap & Grand Prize Winners

Block #1445
Designed by: Jackie White

Summer’s Blooms. My goodness! How cute is this block? We just love how Jackie used rickrack and buttons to create this bouquet of folded fabric flowers.

We hope you all had a blast on the 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour and you got lots of ideas and inspiration for your own quilt projects. Oh! And if you don’t have your copy of Vol. 15 yet, be sure to look for it on newsstands or grab your copy in our online shop.

You can also sign up for our Special Issue Auto Ship program to have all of Quiltmaker’s special issues (including 100 Blocks) mailed to you as they are released.

Happy Quilting!

~ The Quiltmaker Team

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Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 5

Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour Road Rally

DAY 5: May 5, 2017

* * * * * * *

 WELCOME TO DAY 5 of Our 100 Blocks Tour Road Rally!

Vol15 COVER Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 5

Whew! We’ve had quite the journey this week. We’ve visited 30 of the blocks from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 15 and we still have 7 more to see today! Here at the Quiltmaker office we gave away our daily prizes and we’ve been gearing up for the grand prize giveaways.

The patterns for all of the blocks you’ve seen the last five days are available in Volume 15 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks. If you haven’t picked up your copy don’t forget to stop by your newsstand today or get a print or digital copy issue now from the Quilt and Sew Shop.

TIP: Don’t miss any of Quiltmaker’s special issues, including 100 Blocks. You can get issues delivered straight to your mailbox. Sign up for our Special Issue Auto Ship program and we’ll mail our special issues to you as they are released. Learn more here.

Today is the DAY! Join the last day of the Souvenir Hunt as you take a block stop at each of the day’s designer blog sites for a chance at a grand prize. Winners will be announced on May 8th. Go to Day 1 of the Rally to get the details about participating. If you haven’t toured each day this week, you can still join us by going back to the Monday through Thursday blog posts! We’ll give you the details to tell us about the souvenirs you’ve collected and submit your entry for a grand prize after we’ve toured the rest of the blocks today.

Let’s begin the last of the blog tour!

You Are in the Driver’s Seat

100Blocks SouvenirHunt Day5 Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 5

We’re going to look at 7 more Volume 15 blocks, visit the designers and meet one more Quiltmaker staff member, Tricia Patterson. Don’t forget to take a Block Stop to visit with the designers, and look for the last souvenirs. You should have collected 10 souvenirs by the end of the tour. Be sure to visit the designer sites as some of them are sponsoring their own giveaways!

QM100 BERTICS Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 5

Block #1452
Designed by: Stephanie Bertics

Mountains & Plains. Stephanie’s block design is filled with quick-to-piece Triangle-Squares. She made her block with Art Gallery Fabrics’ Succulence by Bonnie Christine. See 100 Blocks Volume 15 for a sample quilt layout using Stephanie’s block.

QM100 BROWN Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 5

Block #1427
Designed by: Cheryl Brown

One More Round. Circles make the wreath in Cheryl’s colorful block. She even continued the circular theme in her choice of background fabric! Cheryl selected wool for some of the circle flowers to add visual texture to her block.

QM100 HERTEL Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 5

Block #1431
Designed by: Mary Hertel

Goin’ Fishin’. Do you know a fisherman that would appreciate this block design? Mary created her design with foundation sections and background patches, adding an embroidery fish line and button eye to lure you in. Batiks from Hoffman California Fabrics, Batik by Mirah collection, were used for this block.

Block #1468
Designed by: Bonnie Hunter

Sawtooth Flutter. Think scrappy. Think piecing techniques. Think Bonnie Hunter. The elements of her block come together quickly with units made from the Stitch-and-Flip technique.

Click on Bonnie’s block to see color options made by our testers.

Block #1407
Designed by: Pam Lincoln

Flutters of the Heart. Pam’s block is so romantic with these lovebirds sending messages to the heart. Pam’s design is made with machine applique and embroidery.

Click on Pam’s block to see color options made by our testers.

Block #1485
Designed by: Jen Shaffer

Jubilee. You just can’t beat blocks made with Triangle-Squares. Jen’s cut-and-sew design is a treat to make, as well as the possibilities if a bunch of these squares were placed together in a quilt. Think of how all the triangles would meet up. There are so many ways you can place fabrics and color with this design!

Click on Jen’s block to see color options made by our testers. 

QM100 VANDEN BOSCH Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 5

Block #1495
Designed by: Terri Vanden Bosch

Adventure Seeker. Flying Geese is the foremost technique to make Terri’s block design. Careful placement of the orientation of the fabric for the center triangle would create a striking effect when many blocks are joined in a quilt. 

Last Stop: Our House

Along the tour this week, we have featured the staff that designed blocks for Volume 15 of 100 Blocks. If you didn’t visit the blog each day, take a peak back through the week’s blogs to learn more about our in-house designers and their block inspirations. Now, it’s time for you to meet me, Tricia Patterson.

QM100 PATTERSON Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 5

Block #1422
Designed by: Tricia Patterson, Managing Editor, Quiltmaker

Fabric, texture and technique inspired me when it came time to design my block for Volume 15. I love the richness of hand-dyed fabrics and creating designs with visual texture. For extracurricular fun and relaxation, I typically dye my own fabrics. I love experimenting with the effects of dye and color in fabric. I’ve also wanted to try incorporating Osnaburg fabric in a quilt design. I feel it’s the forgotten fabric with a very interesting history. Google it for some fun facts. And, to be honest, I do dread some of the time it takes to create a quilt using foundation piecing, however… I truly appreciate how foundations can expand design options for geometric quilts, plus making it much easier to achieve nice-looking angles and points.

I made my block in sections, separately sewing the outside sections together and the sections to make center star points. To finish the block, I joined each of the outer sections to the center.

I’ve been quilting for many years, moving from making crib to bed-size quilts as my two sons grew up. I’m repeating the cycle with four grandchildren. About 10 years ago I started experimenting with embellishments—buttons, ribbons, fabric strips, dyed silk cocoons, metal scraps, stone and wood chips, feathers—adding all kinds of stuff to quilted surfaces to create mixed media art quilts. Like many quilters, I’m in the midst of a journey to discover my own aesthetic and footprint. Whether I’m quilting a traditional design or taking a modern spin I just love to see how the next quilt is going to finish.

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Vol 15 Setting 5 Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 5

Our quilt layout is complete! You can find the patterns for incorporating any of the blocks and this quilt layout, plus more, in 100 Blocks Volume 15!

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 Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 5

PB Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 5

RBDLogo WEB Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 5

Riley Blake Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour: Day 5

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