Halloween Spook-tacular

A collection of Halloween theme quilts

written by: Tricia Patterson
Managing Editor, Quiltmaker, McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts

Slide HalloweenStreet Halloween Spook tacular

Check out our Halloween quilt collection!

Is your grocery like mine? Halloween started in July, if you consider the wide aisle displays of costume accessories, home decor and treats. It feels like every year the seasonal and holiday changes occur earlier. I found this commercial push bothering until I thought of it from this perspective: These early changes are really REMINDERS TO QUILTERS to get busy with a plan for special seasonal and holiday quilting! So, I’m embracing the reminder of Halloween today with this blog.

Because trick-or-treating is the most fun with a group I asked my co-workers at the Quiltmaker and McCall’s Quilting office tell me about their most favorite Halloween-themed quilt pattern. Perhaps you’ll find one or two you’d like to get started to celebrate the holiday. So, in their own words, here are our staff’s Halloween picks.

P.S. You can click on the pattern name to purchase the pattern.


Halloweenies1 150x150 Halloween Spook tacular

Halloweenies, designed by McKenna Ryan, Quilt and Sew Shop Block of the Month Quilt

Anissa Arnold, Associate Editor: “The Halloweenies wall quilt is my favorite. McKenna Ryan’s pattern is great for making a full-sized wall hanging or a series of mini wall hangings. A mini wall hanging would be the perfect project size for a child quilter. Halloweenies has lots of cute critters and other little details that are begging for embellishments (included in the BOM), which adds to the charm of this quilt.”


Hocus Pocus 150x150 Halloween Spook tacular

Hocus Pocus, designed by Carolyn Beam, Quiltmaker, September/October 2017

Carolyn Beam, Content Director: “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. The traditional orange and black color palette has expanded to include purple and lime green and the designs are fun! Hocus Pocus looks great in Halloween prints but is suitable for any fabric collection. The curves are easy to sew, making this design work up quickly.”  Blade Fan templates


AnyWitchWay2 150x150 Halloween Spook tacular

Any Witch Way, designed by Marilyn Larson, Quiltmaker September/October 2009

Deb McDonald, Administrative Editor: “I love the way the traditional Snails Trail quilt block becomes the witch hats in the Any Witch Way wall quilt, designed by Marilyn Larson. Adding false eyelashes is a fun finishing touch.”




DidSomeoneSayTreat 150x150 Halloween Spook tacular

Did Someone Say Treat?, designed by Sonja Callaghan, Quilts From Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Fall 2013

Denise Stark, Art Director: “I like Did Someone Say Treat? Sonja Callaghan has such a whimsical flair and these trick or treaters just make me smile. How can you resist a puppy vampire in a wall quilt?!”

PunkinPatch 150x150 Halloween Spook tacular

Punkin’ Patch, designed by Bonnie Hunter, Quiltmaker, September/October 2017

Erin Russek, Associate Editor: “I am a sucker for all things pumpkins! When Bonnie Hunter’s Punkin’ Patch quilt showed up at the office I knew I found the perfect project for my orange scraps. These pumpkins are a blast to make.



HocusPocusTR 150x150 Halloween Spook tacular

Hocus Pocus, designed by Jen Daly, McCall’s Quilting, September/October 2017

Gigi Khalsa, Associate Editor: “I like the Hocus Pocus table runner designed by Jen Daly because it conjures up a vision of Halloween using just color and shape, rather than print fabric. It’s an easy, fun-to-sew design with lots of style. (The Hocus Pocus kit or just the pattern!)

Trick Treat1 150x150 Halloween Spook tacular

Trick & Treat, designed by Nanette Holmberg, Quick Quilts October/November 2015

I also like Trick & Treat. (A kit is now available through the Quilt and Sew Shop— on sale for a great deal!) Nanette Holmberg designed the cute, clever quil, and the kit includes a chenille trim that gives the quilt dimension and texture.”



Pumpkins and Patches 150x150 Halloween Spook tacular

Pumpkins and Patches, designed by Diane Harris, Quiltmaker, September/October 2014

Kelly Eisinger, Editorial Assistant: “Pumpkins are my favorite part of Halloween! I love the diversity of their shapes, sizes and colors. Pumpkins and Patches is a bright and whimsical Halloween design. I enjoy how Diane Harris used wonky stars to complement the traditionally-pieced style of the pumpkins and that the simple piecing leaves a lot of room for getting creative with the quilt’s final layout. These vibrant pumpkins have a lot of opportunity to brighten up the fall and Halloween seasons.”


SpookOut 150x150 Halloween Spook tacular

Spook Out!, designed by Margie Ullery, Quiltmaker September/October 2017

Lori Baker, Acquisitions Editor: Spook Out! is my number one favorite. I like fusible applique and this is a small enough project, I can actually picture getting it done and hanging on my wall before Halloween. Watch for some more of Margie Ullery’s  holiday wall hangings in future issues of Quiltmaker.


SpellBinding 150x150 Halloween Spook tacular

Spellbinding, designed by Brenda Plaster, McCall’s Quick Quilts, October/November 2017

Mary Kate Karr-Petras, Associate Editor: Spellbinding is my pick. I think this table runner pattern brings out my inner Hermione Granger — it makes me want to pore through old spell books in an ancient library. I think Brenda Plaster’s design could be used as a table runner or even as a banner, especially if you feature a fun panel on the back!”

Here’s a tip: Check the end of this blog to find out how you can enter to win a bundle of the fabric used for this quilt!

QNMP 131100 Halloween web 1 300x122 Halloween Spook tacular

Halloween Street, designed by Gigi Khalsa, Quilter’s Newsletter, October/November 2013

Tricia Patterson, Managing Editor: “I’ve admired Gigi Khalsa’s Halloween Street design for over a year. Her wall quilt hangs in her cube at the office. A glance at it always makes me smile because it reminds me of years of making Halloween costumes for my sons and grandchildren, going trick-or-treating with them and reading the book, 10 Trick-Or-Treaters: A Halloween Counting Book by Janet Shulman. I finally decided to make my own version. (Come back to read about how I make the wall quilt in my blog on September 7th.) The Halloween Street pattern is FREE. Click here to get your version of the pattern.”

That’s it for our Halloween SPOOK-tacular Extravaganza. I hope you’ve found lots of inspiration for a special Halloween quilt to make this year.

Happy Quilting!


Enter a comment to let us know which of these patterns, or another Halloween pattern in the Quilt and Sew Shop, is your favorite. Your comment enters you in a contest to win a bundle of the fabric collection used in the Spellbinding quilt pattern for the October/November issue of Quick Quilts (on the newstand 8/22), Tidings of Great Joy by J. Wecker Frisch for Quilting Treasures.

The winner will be chosen and notified by midnight Thursday, August 24.

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Welcome Quiltmaker’s new Associate Editor

It’s rare that positions come open on our editorial staff—we’re fortunate to work with a team of dedicated people who love their jobs! But once in a while things happen, and we find ourselves in need of a new editor. And so the search begins. It’s not easy to find someone who quilts with experience writing/editing patterns and who lives close enough to our Golden, CO offices to come in every day. I’m thrilled to welcome Anissa Arnold to our team. You’ll see her name popping up in the magazine and on our blog. I asked her to tell our readers a little bit about herself so you could get to know her. So, without further adieu, welcome Anissa!

ANISSA 1 199x300 Welcome Quiltmakers new Associate Editor

Anissa Arnold, Associate Editor, Quiltmaker

Anissa’s Backstory…

I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky in a DIY household. I watched my parents build and create things around the house as a child and was, of course, expected to be the constant apprentice (in other words, free help!).   Naturally, as a child, I found this to be a terribly annoying way to spend my time but now as a “grown up” I am grateful for the underlying lesson – you can do anything you want, you just have to believe that you can do it and then go for it. This, in short, is how I became a Colorado quilter.

On a road trip across the Western U.S. in college I drove into Colorado and immediately knew that I was meant to be here. I returned to Kentucky, finished college, packed up a U-Haul and then drove my dogs and myself back across Kansas to settle in Denver.  It was in Denver that I met a good friend who introduced me to quilting and hockey (strange combo, I know!). Little did I know at that time that I would become an obsessive quilter and a very enthusiast but mediocre hockey player.

Soon after arriving in Denver, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to move up into the mountains and spent the next 11 years living in Vail. I owned and operated an Interior Design Workroom for a living but spent all of my spare time exploring the mountains, trying to play hockey and quilting. My quilting career started out with many simple, “mountain-y” feeling quilts – quilts with darker, cozy fabrics, oftentimes flannels and almost always with some type of a mountain theme. Sometime around 2006-07 there was a shift in quilting fabric design and brighter, more contemporary fabrics started to become available…and my quilting skills had improved significantly. I found myself drawn to these rich, candy-like, brighter colors and more complex quilting patterns. In recent years, I moved back to Denver and am currently obsessed with finding the perfect brown fabric to use for backgrounds. A nice, luxurious brown grounds the strong, vibrant colors that I like to use for piecing/applique and also makes the colors and shapes of the pieces really “pop” and define themselves.

Thanks, Anissa, and welcome to our team!

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Glamping Anyone?

Lately I have been totally smitten with Terri Vanden Bosch’s adorable little campers (Quiltmaker July/August ’17, Sept/Oct ’17). Someday I hope to have a “real” mini camper to go adventuring in, but for now I thought I would make my own version of hers.

Camper 1 300x300 Glamping Anyone?

Normally I do all my applique by hand so I was excited to try this technique. I started with fusing all my shapes onto my simplified background. The applique is attached using free-motion quilting so I layered my scene with batting and backing.

I started with fusing all my shapes onto my simplified background. The applique is attached using free-motion quilting so I layered my scene with batting and backing.

Camper 2 300x300 Glamping Anyone?I was too chicken to use black thread so I decided to use gray.

Camper 3 300x300 Glamping Anyone? Camper 4 300x300 Glamping Anyone? Camper 5 300x300 Glamping Anyone?

Using my darning foot I just free-motioned around each piece a couple of times. I added little details like bows attaching the bunting.

Part of the charm of this technique is that you don’t have to be super exact. I finished off the whole thing with some simple quilting in the sky and grass and added a binding. This was a fun way to experiment with this type of applique without making a big commitment.

Camper 6 Glamping Anyone?


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5 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

What 5 things are happening at Quiltmaker this week?

Mark your calendars. We have another week of inspiration, information and fun quilting stuff to share with you from the staff at Quiltmaker. Here’s what’s happening…

#1. Go Glamping with a Quilt Project

Glamping 5 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

Beach Bum, designed by Terri Vanden Bosch for Quiltmaker July/August 2017

Erin Russek has joined the glamping crowd–albeit by a more budget-friendly approach–from her quilt studio. She’s our resident expert with turned-edge applique. For her Tuesday blog, she’s taking Terri Vanden Bosch’s Beach Bum pattern (Quiltmaker, July/August 2017. Still available NOW. Click HERE.) as her inspiration for a project to try a different way of doing applique.

#2: Our Quiltmaker family is growing!

Check in on Wednesday to meet the newcomer to our editorial staff, Anissa Arnold. We are so pleased she has joined our quilting group! She is an accomplished quilter, already bringing inspiration to us, just from her interviews. We can’t wait to share more about Anissa with you, so join us mid-week.

#3: Line Up for Halloween Treats

Yes, the season is beginning to change. Fall is just around the corner and that means it’s time to plan for HALLOWEEN. Join the trick-or-treaters for a Spook-Tacular Extravaganza on Thursday. We’re going to bring out a Halloween line-up, loads of pattern ideas for inspiration, so many you are going to have a hard time picking your favorites to make.

QNMP 131100 Halloween web 1 1024x417 5 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

Halloween Street, designed by Gigi Khalsa, Associate Editor, McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts

#4: Charmed, I’m Sure: Charming Exchanges

9 e1501776603420 225x300 5 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

Just charms

Carolyn Beam continues her series about charm squares on Friday. This week she’s going to talk about exchanging charms among friends. (Hey, wasn’t that a fun thing we did in school?) Be sure to join her; she will have a free quilt block pattern for you! (If you are a charmer, don’t miss Carolyn’s first blog, click HERE to find the 1st one of the series.)


#5: Saturday Morning Quilt Break Mary Kate

saturday morning quilt break the view from my window 300x229 5 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

The view from Mary Kate’s window

Spend some quiet time with Mary Kate Karr-Petras Saturday morning, before the flurry of weekend activity begins. The second blog in her series, she will be sharing bits of quilting news from around the world this week. Get up early, leave your jammies on, grab your computer and coffee (tea or juice) to take advantage of some quilt-time. If you missed the 1st post of her series, click HERE. Mary Kate sets the tone for you to take time for YOU.

See you soon!

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Saturday Morning Quilt Break: A Quilter’s Origin Story

Good morning and welcome to the Saturday Morning Quilt Break!

Today I’d like to tell you a story, one that I’ve wanted to tell almost since the day I started working here seven years ago except I didn’t have an ending until a few months ago. If I were the hero of a quilting comic book series, I believe this would be considered my origin story. So settle in with your beverage of choice because I’m going to take you back a ways.

A long time ago, during my senior year of high school, my parents offered to allow me to take a gap year between high school and college as long as I spent my time doing something worthwhile. As they put it, “You can live at home and volunteer at a homeless shelter if you want, but you can’t just spend a year working at Robinson’s-May,” which is where I was working at the time.

For almost my entire childhood, my parents, younger brother and I lived in a 1,000-square-foot, two-bedroom condo in Van Nuys, which is smack-dab in the middle of the sprawling San Fernando Valley on the northern end of the Los Angeles megalopolis. Yes, this officially makes me a Valley Girl, but not the Valley Girl of popular lore found in tonier neighborhoods like Sherman Oaks or Encino.

Continue reading

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Book Review – Mountain Mist Historical Quilts + giveaway

188I90576  419705 20 Book Review   Mountain Mist Historical Quilts + giveawayI have always been intrigued with antique quilts and am fortunate to own two of them that have been passed down through my family. Each one has a story to tell, and while I never had the opportunity to meet my ancestors who made them, I feel a connection to them through these quilts.

Looking through the Mountain Mist Historical Quilts: 14 mid-century quilts made new book by Linda Pumphrey connects us with quilts from another generation and brings them into the present with a modern remake. Each of the 14 quilts included was each selected for its charming history and appeal to both traditional and modern quilters. The designs are perfect for all skill levels and come with PDF templates to print and reprint from a CD-rom.

Screen Shot 2017 08 04 at 12.10.25 PM 288x300 Book Review   Mountain Mist Historical Quilts + giveaway

Zig Zag updated

Screen Shot 2017 08 04 at 12.10.02 PM 245x300 Book Review   Mountain Mist Historical Quilts + giveaway

original Zig Zag









I asked Linda to share a little bit about herself: “I first became aware of the Mountain Mist patterns and quilt collection in 1989 when I joined the sales team of Stearns Technical Textiles Company. I had the delight in sharing the quilts in presentations to the public and hearing and seeing how much these designs spoke to them.

Screen Shot 2017 08 04 at 12.10.47 PM 291x300 Book Review   Mountain Mist Historical Quilts + giveaway

portion of Guide Post

In 1995, Meri Kay Waldvogel, noted quilt historian, was researching the start of the collection and the individuals that helped design the various patterns. She peaked my interest to continue to add to her research from internal facts known by co-worker and company documents.

Mountain Mist Historical Quilts is a great way to share the beautiful patterns and preserve their stories.

Screen Shot 2017 08 04 at 12.09.41 PM 261x300 Book Review   Mountain Mist Historical Quilts + giveaway


I love to quilt and design. You could say my life is about quilting. I am currently employed by Fibrix, as the Executive Account Manager for the Mountain Mist brand. Also, I have the pleasure to serve on several Non-Profit National and International Boards of Directors—my way of giving back to the industry that has supported my career.

Red & White is my second book and will be available September 2017. This book has 40 block designs that mix and match to create 14 projects. Quilts used as inspiration for Red & White are from the International Quilts Study Center & Museum collection. Like the Mountain Mist Historical Quilts, portions of the royalties go to support IQSCM. The design of this book is my original graphic design.”

Do you have any antique family quilts in your collection? What speaks to you about the quilts our ancestors made and how quilting has changed over the years? Leave us a comment and we’ll randomly select one winner on August 18th to receive a copy of Mountain Mist Historical Quilts: 14 mid-century quilts made new.


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How To Resize Quilt Block Patterns to Make Small or Big Blocks

CraftU Review

How to Resize Quilt Block Patterns
with Debra Finan

mnvgubduavsgge0svpcs 300x144 How To Resize Quilt Block Patterns to Make Small or Big BlocksReviewed By: Tricia Patterson,
Managing Editor, Quiltmaker, McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts

LorisBlock1 150x150 How To Resize Quilt Block Patterns to Make Small or Big Blocks

Created by Lori Baker, Acquisitions Editor for McCall’s Quilting, Quick Quilts and Quiltmaker

I’ve learned a lot since I began working with the Quilting group at F+W Media. I’ve been quilting for a number of years, so didn’t realize how much I’d learn just from working with the quilters here, applying a proven process for calculating yardages and using a writing style for the technical instructions for other quilters based on proven techniques. We receive images of quilt designs or quilts from our designers. One of the first questions we ask is how was the quilt constructed, which includes identifying the block patches and techniques used. For me, it’s become automatic, (after the “Wow, that quilt is awesome!” response), to think about the approach used to make it.

LorisBlock3 150x150 How To Resize Quilt Block Patterns to Make Small or Big Blocks

Created by Lori Baker.

You’re probably wondering by now what this has to do with resizing blocks. Well, the short story is that my interest was originally peaked when I saw the notice about “How to Resize Quilt Block Patterns” listed as one of the CraftU courses in my eMail because I wanted to resize traditional blocks to make the BIG BLOCK quilts that are popular now. I figured this class would give me some ideas and techniques–and it did.

LorisBlock2 150x150 How To Resize Quilt Block Patterns to Make Small or Big Blocks

Created by Lori Baker.


I was really surprised, and quite pleased honestly, to find that Debra Finan, (who has worked for Fons & Porter and has insider experience and knowledge with pattern writing), describes a process for deconstructing a quilt or quilt design. She explains how to look at a quilt design from an overall perspective and then dives into the details of the block(s) used in the quilt, identifying the construction techniques and the sizing of patches to make it. Once all these things are known, a quilter can use the information to determine patch sizes for resizing to a smaller or larger block.

LorisBlock5 150x150 How To Resize Quilt Block Patterns to Make Small or Big Blocks

Created by Lori Baker.

I consider CraftU’s How to Resize Quilt Block Patterns one of those bonus courses. You take it for one reason and it gives you a lot of extra tips and techniques you didn’t even know you wanted. The course is an on demand webinar that you can access by clicking HERE. It’s advertised to tell you how to look at quilt blocks in a new way, which it certainly does. The course also promises to give you skills that you will use throughout your quilting life. I believe it!

You may have noticed that I’ve sprinkled some block examples throughout this blog, and LorisBlock4 150x150 How To Resize Quilt Block Patterns to Make Small or Big Blocksperhaps wondered their association with this particular blog. These blocks were created by Lori Baker, our Acquisitions Editor (which means she is the primary person receiving quilt designs for us to consider for publication). She also writes patterns for McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts. Plus, she is an extraordinary designer and quilter. So, here is my challenge: Take a close look at the blocks (zoom in if needed) to see if you can deconstruct them to figure out how they were made. Give the block any finished size you want. If you want some tips I invite you to take the Debra Finan’s class!

LorisBlock6 150x150 How To Resize Quilt Block Patterns to Make Small or Big Blocks

Created by Lori Baker.

 Happy Quilting!

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From the Bookshelf: Quilt with Tula & Angela

QuiltWithTulaAngela From the Bookshelf: Quilt with Tula & AngelaQuilt with Tula & Angela:
A start-to-finish guide to piecing and quilting using color and shape.

Reviewed by: Tricia Patterson,
Managing Editor, Quiltmaker, McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts

I love books. And, I love books about quilting the most. Sometimes a title or cover design attracts my interest; sometimes it’s the author. In the case of Quilt with Tula & Angela, it was the authors that caught my attention immediately. I’ve admired Tula Pink’s design aesthetic for a long time. The brightness of her colors is always stunning, inviting and fun, and the patterns of her fabrics and designs of her quilts are brilliant (and I mean that as a creative descriptor). Angela Walters, also a designer, is a phenomenal quilter, well known for longarm and domestic machine quilting designs, and for teaching beginner through advance quilting techniques, tips—for sharing advice.  Just the names of these two modern legends drew me to want to open the book. Let’s see what I found inside…

QuiltWithTable of contents From the Bookshelf: Quilt with Tula & Angela

Quilt with Tula and Angela: Table of Contents

I didn’t open the book because I wanted to learn to quilt. I opened Quilt with Tula & Angela to find out what they wanted to share with me, one of their readers. The cover says there are 17 quilt patterns and 47 quilting motifs inside. The book is arranged around color. For every color of the rainbow, there is advice about selecting fabrics, a sample pattern and directions to make it. Tula and Angela intersperse information about design and selecting quilting design motifs to compliment the desired interpretation of focus for a quilt.

Bens Hexagon quilt 150x150 From the Bookshelf: Quilt with Tula & Angela

Ben’s Hexagon Quilt

I’m a collector of books, cookbooks and quilting books in particular. My justification is that if I find at least one good solid nugget of information in a book then it’s worth adding it to my bookshelf. I’ve been learning about quilting a finished top using my domestic sewing machine so I was excited to find the solution in Quilt with Tula & Angela for a top I’m working on for my oldest grandson Ben. The picture on the right shows a few of the blocks I’ve made for his quilt. I counted at least 5 samples in the book with variations of quilting designed for hexagon quilts that I could use in Ben’s quilt. A few are pictured below. After seeing the examples and getting instructions for them, I’m ready to use all of them in his quilt. Isn’t inspiration grand?!

HexagonQuilting2 150x150 From the Bookshelf: Quilt with Tula & Angela

Quilting Ideas for Hexagon Quilts

HexagonQuilting 150x150 From the Bookshelf: Quilt with Tula & Angela

More Quilting Designs for Hexagon Quilts

QuiltWithTulaAngela 150x150 From the Bookshelf: Quilt with Tula & AngelaQuilt with Tula & Angela is not just a guide to make a quilt you like; it’s a book that also provides education and inspiration. After just browsing through it, I’m ready to go home, curl up for a more detailed read front-to-back. And then, I can already tell I’ll be anxious to start a new project or two. My suggestion: Buy Quilt with Tula & Angela for your library. I bet you’ll find it a terrific resource.


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Quilted placemat: Punkin’ Time

punkin time finished pumpkins Quilted placemat: Punkin’ Time

punkin time scraps 150x150 Quilted placemat: Punkin’ Time


When I saw Bonnie Hunter’s Punkin’ Patch (Quiltmaker September/October ’17) I knew I had finally found a place for my collection of yummy orange scraps. I love to decorate around the house with small quilt projects. We have been having a slight cold spell here and even though it’s August, I’m thinking of Fall. Bonnie’s blocks look great sitting on a row of 2” squares with a 2” strip of background fabric at the top. I can’t wait to make more of these placemats.

punkin time pumpkins 300x200 Quilted placemat: Punkin’ Time

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6 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

6 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

Here’s what we are doing at Quiltmaker this week. We hope you will join us!

#1. An obituary for a beloved quilting companion
I bet this blog teaser has you wondering about the topic. Check in Monday to find out what it’s about!

#2. A twist on one of Bonnie’s Hunter’s latest quilt designs
Erin Russek is taking a closer look at the blocks in Punkin’ Patch, Bonnie Hunter‘s design Punkin Patch 150x150 6 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Weekfeatured in the latest issue of Quiltmaker, September/October. She’s found an idea for creating fun holiday decor. Continue reading

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