Finding the Right Quilting Treasures

Given time, every quilter collects and savors some special treasures. They might include favorite tools, certain fabrics or a favorite fabric company or even special techniques that are used over and over. In this blog we’ve pulled together some of our staff favorites to share with you.

Fabric that pleases…

 Finding the Right Quilting Treasures

Northcott Fabric Collections: Naturescapes and Euphoria

Many quilters look for fabric that holds its shape and has a good weight so that it is easy to cut into patches and to sew without slipping and sliding —not too light, not too soft, with just the right feel. Northcott is one of those companies that have continued to provide quality fabric for the quilting community. We’ve found that quilters also like fabrics with rich color and texture, whether light or dark or bright and bold. We have also learned that some fabric calls for certain designs and some are open to any.

finding the right quilting treasures TREASURE HUNT 14555 233x300 Finding the Right Quilting Treasures

Artisan Spirit Euphoria by Karen Sikie for Northcott

For instance, we recently received some Northcott bundles to swoon over in the Quiltmaker office. The Artisan Spirit Euphoria by Karen Sikie collection is a great choice for some of those panel projects that are currently so trendy and fun to make as well. The Euphoria panels are unique with bold color. We can see them surrounded by applique or pieced blocks.

We can understand how quilters might hesitate to figure out what they can do with Naturescapes by Deborah Edwards Northcott Studio. When you think of landscape fabrics you think they are limited only to a landscape quilt or other art quilt. Not so! Try placing these fabrics in a wall quilt or bed quilt with pieced or foundation blocks. Then, the quilt becomes a real topic of conversation when quilt lovers see the subtle sky, grasses, trees and rocks form in a contemporary or traditional quilt pattern.

finding the right quilting treasures TREASURE HUNT 14558 1024x553 Finding the Right Quilting Treasures

Naturescapes by Deborah Edwards Northcott Studio for Northcott

Tools to prepare fabrics for quilting…

There are tools for the basics and there are tools for special needs. For severalgenerations the rotary cutter andcutting mathas become the staple in every quilter’s sewing area. And, many have an assortment available. They are used in a sewing room, on the dining table and in front of the TV.

 Finding the Right Quilting Treasures

Olfa: Equipment for Quilters

Olfa has introduced a whole line of user-friendly tools that consider all the different things we want to do when we are cutting fabric—throughout the entire quilting process—whether we are cutting all the shapes and sizes of patches to go in our quilts, straightening seams and edges while we are making them or making that final trimming of a finished quilt.

Take a look at the tools in the photograph below and just think about what they can do for you: rulers, rotating mats, foldable cutting mats, circle cutters, ergonomic rotary cutters and a variety of sharp blades for precise cutting.

A sewing table for easier stitching…

We love the extra sewing space we gain with the Sew Steady Wish Table. It’s easy to assemble and a steady sewing surface, just like the name says. It’s nice for all our sewing; piecing and the smaller things we do but it’s truly wonderful when we are nearing the end of our quilt and sewing all those larger pieces together or when we’re quilting our projects and have all that bulk to deal with. That large table makes a world of difference.

 Finding the Right Quilting Treasures finding the right quilting treasures TREASURE HUNT 495 300x200 Finding the Right Quilting Treasures

Finishing with a longarm machine…

finding the right quilting treasures TREASURE HUNT 501 300x200 Finding the Right Quilting TreasuresAnd this is another one of our favorite things, the Grace Q’nique 14+. We’ve had this longarm quilting machine since the first of the year. We are not experts by any means but even with our first attempts, we are coming up with some wonderful finished projects. And each time we quilt something we get better and better. We’ve been stitching all sorts of designs, from straight lines to feathers. What a nice thing to be able to do one more step toward completing our quilts.

finding the right quilting treasures Treasure Hunt 2017 LOGO Finding the Right Quilting TreasuresWould you like a chance to win some of the products we’ve talked about in this blog? Check out the Quiltmaker Treasure Hunt here.

Happy Quilting,
Lori and Tricia

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  1. Barbara says:

    I have spent quite some time looking at every possible page at Sew Steady, especially those associated with the “Wish” clue given, and can not find the contest button. I have exhausted all of the options on their website. I don’t think there is a button……

  2. Penny G. says:

    I have participated in many of these treasure hunts. Most have had many more sites. There is one site this time where I have clicked on all the options, and no treasure hunt button has appeared. This was the Sewing & Quilt Expo. This has taken almost 4 hours. It is not likely that I will attend any of the shows as there isn’t one anywhere near me. Please, if you are going to allow advertisers like this to participate, make sure they have a button located reasonably.

  3. Dottie K says:

    What a wonderful idea that is such fun. Thank you.

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