Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + Giveaway

Well, hello! Welcome back to Charmed, I’m Sure. I hope you’re getting inspired to collect and use charm squares. And I hope, like me, you find these little treasures hard to resist!

Halloween seems to be on our minds lately. Maybe it’s because pumpkins and witches and candy are popping up all over the grocery stores and craft stores. It’s not too early to work on a Halloween quilt and here’s one that can easily be made from charm squares and some yardage.

charmed im sure halloween 1 225x300 Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + GiveawayA Stacked Bricks quilt is the very first charm square quilt I ever made. All the charms came from an exchange in my small quilt group. As you can tell, this quilt has been used and loved! This is a great design to use with any and all fabrics. This one has everything from dragons to flowers, and it all works!

For this Halloween Stacked Bricks throw that measures approximately 51” x 66”, you’ll need 98 charm squares. I cut 2 charms from each of my Halloween prints. If you don’t have enough Halloween charms, dig into your stash of purple, orange, lime green, gray or black for stripes, dots, tone-on-tones or any other prints you think will work. Anything goes! charmed im sure halloween 2 768x1024 Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + GiveawayYou’ll also need 2 yards of background (I used white with a small gray print) and 2 yards for the sashing, border and binding (I used solid black).

Cut each charm in half to make two 2½” x 5” rectangles.

Cut the background into 392 – 2½” squares.

charmed im sure halloween 3 300x225 Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + GiveawaySew a background square to each end of the Halloween rectangles.

Next, sew the rectangles together, offsetting each by 1”. I kept a small ruler on my sewing machine to measure 1” before I sewed.

charmed im sure halloween 5 225x300 Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + Giveaway charmed im sure halloween 4 225x300 Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + Giveaway

charmed im sure halloween 6 150x150 Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + GiveawayContinue adding rectangles until you have sewn 28 together into a row. Make 7 rows.

The next step is to trim the rows. Align the ¼” marking on your ruler with the point of the charm square and trim off the excess.

charmed im sure halloween 8 225x300 Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + Giveaway charmed im sure halloween 7 225x300 Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + Giveaway

Next trim the top and bottom of the rows, aligning your ruler with the top as shown in the photos and trimming. Repeat for the bottom of each row.

charmed im sure halloween 9 225x300 Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + Giveaway charmed im sure halloween 10 225x300 Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + Giveaway

Measure each of your rows. They may measure slightly different from each other, so take the average of all 7 rows. Mine measured 62½” long.

For the sashing, cut 10 strips 2½” wide. Sew these strips together and cut into 6 lengths. The length will be the average measurement of your rows. Alternating pieced rows and sashing and matching centers and ends, sew the rows and sashing together.

charmed im sure halloween 11 225x300 Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + GiveawayFor the borders, cut 10 strips 2½” wide. Sew these strips together. For the side borders, cut 2 lengths the same length as your sashing strips. Matching centers and ends, sew these strips to the sides. Measure the width of your quilt in 3 different places. Take the average of these 3 measurements and cut 2 lengths for the border top and bottom strips. Matching centers and ends, sew these strips to the top and bottom. Voila! Your top is complete.

Now you’re ready to layer, baste and quilt. For the binding, cut 7 – 2½” wide strips.

OK, let’s have some fun! When I was cutting the charm squares for my quilt, I cut extras—it’s just as easy to cut 4 as it was to cut 2. And I’d like to give them away! Leave me a comment telling me how you decorate for Halloween, and I’ll randomly draw 2 names on Friday, 9/8. Each will win 100 Halloween charms—enough for this quilt with a couple extra!

Kathy Persons and Linda are the winners of the Halloween giveaway. Winners have been notified by email.

charmed im sure halloween 12 768x1024 Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + Giveaway

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68 Responses to Charmed, I’m Sure – Free Pattern + Giveaway

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  3. lee says:

    I do love anything Fall and Halloween – it is my birthday month and enjoy the fall colors and holidays!

  4. julie rios says:

    i go all out for Halloween. i put spider webbing on top of my front gardens and put stacked skeletons around them. i hang colored lights in my front yard trees and hang Halloween items in the trees. i put out hay bays with pumpkins, goards, and mums near the entry way. the only thing missing is a Halloween banner on my door. need to get started. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!

  5. Juanita May says:

    I just bought a webcaster, so we can spray webs all over the front of the house. Then we will add spiders, and a graveyard in the front yard, plus lots of jack’o'lanterns.

  6. Leela says:

    I sew, decorate pumpkins and do crafts.

  7. LIza Vladyka says:

    i just moved into my new appt and my last house burned down so have to wait for clarence to decorate next year

  8. Miz Vickik says:

    We carve pumpkins and decorate our door with fall things like straw or hay.

  9. Leah Shumack says:

    We deck out the porch with lots of decorations and the front lawn has our electronics in it put up for the trick or treaters! Inside we do up the doorways and change out a couple of lights to orange and purple. Halloween is my favorite holiday!

  10. Anne Perry says:

    I decorate with cinnamon brooms & pumpkins.

  11. Peggy Nunn says:

    We quite a bit. There are the usual decorations outside. We have all kinds of decorations in the house including the bathroom. I have towels for it too.

  12. Annmarie W. says:

    We decorate a little bit for Halloween. A few graves & spooks outside, a front door hanging and some pumpkins & ghosts inside. Nothing too scary…just Halloween fun!

  13. Katie Bellamy says:

    I have more Halloween decor than I do Christmas! We love Halloween in our house! :)

  14. Lauren says:

    We use pumpkins to decorate for Halloween.

  15. amy guillaume linderman says:

    i have so many of my grandmother’s (late) old Halloween decorations….some that she made herself! even though my kids are 13 and 16 i still put up halloween decorations they made when they were little

  16. Kathy Persons says:

    We always put out Halloween lights for the trick or treaters~

  17. Janice B says:

    I always carve pumpkins with my son and we put them on the porch with candles inside. I also hang spider webs and Halloween lights.

  18. michele breault says:

    I decorate with pumpkins and a scarecrow outside and a few halloween quilts inside. I have some halloween bats, ghosts, mummy figures and so on I scatter around.

  19. Kelly mcgrew says:

    I don’t do too much outdoor decorating due to living in a small apartment building, but Dollar Tree has some super cute decorations for Halloween! I bought a cute shimmery witch’s hat for my entertainment center, some pumpkin welcome signs for my front and back doors, and a spider in a web for the window. When I buy a house I cannot wait to decorate the outside the spider webs, purple lights, corn stalks & haybales near the front door, and lots of jack-o-lanterns!

  20. Sharon says:

    I love to put out pumpkins and halloween flags

  21. Robin McGuire says:

    I decorate with small quilts–some have pumpkins, witches, etc. and some are just gorgeous fall fabrics. I haven’t started a new Halloween quilt for this year yet so would love to win your charms!

  22. katie smith says:

    I love decorating my porch with pumpkins!

  23. Jessica M says:

    Halloween is my favorite!! what DONT i decorate with!!! Lol I have been collecting items for over 10 years Its like my very own haunted house!

  24. Liz Engman says:

    I have special Halloween pillows, mini wall hangings, little statuettes, an orange fleece blanket, beaded mini pumpkin suncatchers for windows, and a wonderful jack-o-lantern mobile.

  25. We mostly put out Jack O Lanterns.

  26. Quilting Tangent says:

    Put out some vintage decorations in the house. Halloween is not celebrated around here, but is one of my favorite holidays.

  27. Jennifer says:

    We make floating ghosts from helium filled balloons, with a mini glow stick inside, and cover them with cheesecloth. Give them fishing line strings and anchor to the lawn – they glow and float around the trick-or-treaters.

  28. Natalie says:

    I usually do witches,pumpkins and ghosts

  29. KT says:

    I decorate my mantle with fall things as well as some ceramic pumpkins I made when I took a ceramics class as a kid. We also have some halloween placemats that I made that go on our table. Looks like a fun project–love the tilt to your stacks!

  30. Delaine says:

    This is a beautiful quilt. Thank you for the tutorial. I usually only do a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. Thank!

  31. Emily C says:

    What an interesting pattern. Love the slanted effect. I usually just decorate at work for Halloween as we don’t get any children Trick or Treating in my neighborhood. Most of the children around here go to Trunk or Treats.

  32. AnnieO says:

    Great tutorial, thank you! I would love to win some Halloween charm squares. I’ve always decorated for Halloween with spider webs on the porch, hanging spiders included, lots of pumpkin decor, and have made two Halloween witch quilts and a runner. Our neighborhood has been overrun many years with hundreds it Trick or Treaters, so we keep busy answering the door!

  33. Kara says:

    Fall is already starting in my neck of the woods. The sumac is turning a beautiful peachy color this year. I love to decorate for Fall. But my son, who is autistic and often doesn’t say what he is thinking, even at 19 yrs, loves Halloween. He likes to dress up, just a bit, and go down to our “Main Street” part of town when the kids go through. He helps give out candy. He would make sure I use these charm squares!

  34. Nancy says:

    I think next to Christmas, I have the most decorations for Halloween. My birthday is close to Halloween and so friends tend to give me Halloween themed gifts as well. I have only one quilt that I made many years ago from a block exchange that I love to hang, and a few decorations my kids made that go out, and then several small stuffed objects (pumpkins, cats, etc) that I like to put on my mantle. My favorite decoration though is a ceramic pumpkin that has a tea light candle in it that I love to light, and don’t have to worry about carving a pumpkin! Thanks for sharing the fun giveaway!

  35. Fireside Quilter says:

    I have a few decorations for Halloween and I mostly decorate our front porch and door. Our town is quite small… lucky if I get 10 trick or treaters!!

  36. Laura Sublette Greer says:

    I have a twisted pumpkin wall hanging to hang up and pumpkin lanterns placed on the table tops. Not many trick or treat kids anymore. This would make a cute addition.

  37. Janet Fedor says:

    I have a Halloween quilt I put out. Not many trick or treaters in our area so only put a limited amt of decorations outside.

  38. Janet Fedor says:

    I do have a Halloween quilt I put out and a Stinky feet wall hanging that hangs by our front door. We don’t get many trick or treaters so very limited to outside decorating, mainly gourds and pumpkins.

  39. peg says:

    I only decorate a little for Halloween, but a quilt like this would help brighten things up.

  40. Nancy C says:

    I have a large quilt for the couch ,wall hangings and various ghosts and pumpkins I put around the house :)

  41. Angela says:

    Halloween has always been my favorite holiday; the weather is not to hot and not to cold, it doesn’t involve spending to much money and it is enjoyed by all ages!

  42. Michele T says:

    My decorating at Halloween is a carved pumpkin or two, window decorations, and wall hangings. These squares would be great to make placemats!!

  43. Tabatha Smith says:

    I mostly just decorate my porch with autumny things, but I like to make Halloween. Themed quilts and send them to my family members that decorate .ore than I do :)

  44. Anna Hutchins says:

    Halloween is my favorite holiday an love those prints.

  45. Kathy Rummel says:

    I have a couple of Halloween quilt and a few blown glass pumpkins.

  46. Judy says:

    I decorate inside and outside. I like to use purple lights, I decorate for my grade school age grand children and I would love to make a halloween quilt, as I haven’t made one yet!

  47. Therese says:

    We decorate very little; when my children were young we cut out bats and black cats for the windows, made scarecrows, and fabric ghosts were a necessity. I’d like to make your charm quilt for my daughter in law. She goes all out for my grandson who has a late October birthday!

  48. Mary Ellen says:

    I don’t decorate specifically for Halloween. I like to decorate for Fall. These charms would make a nice quilt for my grandson.

  49. Rina Mason says:

    I begin with a scarecrow wreath on the front door on Sept 1st and every week add a little something until I have mums and pumpkins at the entry. I also have a witch wall doll that I hang in the house as well as a few little things like a black cat and pumpkins. I also have the most wonderful quilt that I won that is 100% Halloween hanging in my sewing room ,

  50. Cindy D says:

    I love to decorate with mums, all kinds of pumpkins, scarecrows and fall quilts.

  51. Lisa Weers says:

    I love this time of year and have a small collection of
    Pumpkins that I put out. I also have a pumpkin table
    Topper that I made last year!!!
    Fingers crossed

  52. Linda says:

    I made a Halloween throw quilt last year (using a pattern in Quiltmaker) as a gift for my niece. She loved it so much — and so did I! — that I am planning to make another one for myself this year.

  53. Diane Oakes says:

    I love your tutorial and have already added it to my list of things to make. Thanks for sharing. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I decorate the whole house. It often starts coming out in September and sometimes stays until December. I have several lap quilts and quilted wall hangings. Lots of candles and small decorations. My husband and I decorate the garage on Halloween night and hand out candy from there. We live in Michigan, so some Halloweens are cold, some rainy and some wonderful. Here’s hoping for a wonderful Halloween this year!! Thanks for cutting extras and passing them on to a lucky winner!!

  54. Pauline Sawatsky says:

    I decorate with pumpkins/gourds-table runner, made candy bags with hallowe’en fabric for the kids a few years ago.

  55. Jayne P says:

    I don’t usually decorate for Halloween but this year I have decided that I need to make a small wall hanging – I’m thinking Pumpkins, Autumn leaves – so I need to get started.

  56. Mary Kastner says:

    I love Halloween fabric. I have a big bed sized Halloween quilt that I display and also some little ones as well. Last year I made a Halloween house quilt that I really like. Thank you for the chance to win some more!


  57. Judy says:

    Now that my kids are grown and gone I don’t decorate quite as much as I used to. I have some handmade things like a table topper and basket for candy plus a stuffed witch and cat that I will put out for decorations. If I am feeling like doing more I will add some cobwebs with spiders to my stair railing.

  58. Pat K says:

    I have a Halloween table runner, pillow and wall hanging, in addition to putting a jack-=-lantern and scarecrows on my front porch. My son’s favorite holiday is Halloween, and he has amassed a great deal of Halloween decor over the years, so he does most of the decorating.

  59. barbara woods says:

    just made a pumpkin table runner

  60. donna says:

    have a table runner from many years ago that we bring out for halloween.

  61. Vicki H says:

    I have a table runner with fall leaves and pumpkins. I’d like to make a wall hanging.

  62. Sandy K says:

    The extent of my Halloween decorating is usually fall mums and pumpkins on the front porch.

  63. Jill Neely says:

    Oh how fun! I just love Halloween……….I put up my Halloween houses and decorate with quilts, pumpkins, pillows, pumpkins, cross-stitch and pumpkins. Can you tell I have a pumpkin collections?

  64. Carol says:

    My Halloween decorating consists of decorating me – with Halloween tshirts and socks!! LOL

  65. Diane Paul says:

    I haven’t decorated for Halloween for a long time but I finished a Halloween table topper last year and have a lot of Halloween fabric including some candy corn fabric so maybe it’s time to make another Halloween quilt.

  66. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I let hubby do the decorating for Halloween. He usually puts out a few pumpkins in the front flower boxes and hangs a Halloween flag. We don’t do much inside except put out some glass pumpkins and a fall table runner.

  67. Lisa Marie says:

    I only put out a few Halloween decorations — a table runner, a small wall quilt — but I have a friend who LOVES Halloween decorations, so I make things for her. I enjoy making them and she enjoys using them so it’s a win-win!

  68. Kathie L says:

    I’m afraid I don’t do a lot of Halloween decorating. An orange and black mat for under the bowl with Halloween candy is about it. I’d use these to make something for grandchildren.

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