6 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

6 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

Here’s what we are doing at Quiltmaker this week. We hope you will join us!

#1. An obituary for a beloved quilting companion
I bet this blog teaser has you wondering about the topic. Check in Monday to find out what it’s about!

#2. A twist on one of Bonnie’s Hunter’s latest quilt designs
Erin Russek is taking a closer look at the blocks in Punkin’ Patch, Bonnie Hunter‘s design Punkin Patch 150x150 6 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Weekfeatured in the latest issue of Quiltmaker, September/October. She’s found an idea for creating fun holiday decor.

#3. A bookshelf browse; a look inside  Quilt with Tula and Angela
Tula Pink is known for her exciting design esthetic and Angela Walters for her creative quilting techniques. What do you get when you put them both in a book? Read Tricia Patterson’s blog on Wednesday to get a preview.

QuiltWithTulaAngela 150x150 6 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

#4. CraftU Review: How to Resize Quilt Block Patterns, an On-Demand Webinar with Debra Finan
Ever wonder how to resize a quilt block pattern? Tricia has been wondering about the best approach as well. Check her blog on Thursday to find out how this class has the answers we are looking for.

How to Resize 150x150 6 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

#5. A bit of history with Mountain Mist Historical Quilts, 14 Mid-Century Quilts Made New

Carolyn Beam will be giving you a preview of this book, written by Linda Pumphrey, an Mountain Mist Historical Quilts 150x150 6 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Weekaward winning quilting and quilt historian. Join Carolyn as she discusses the Mountain Mist series of quilts introduced in the 1930s and 1940s that has inspired generations of quilters. PLUS…You will have a chance to win a free book. Check out the blog to enter your name to win. The winner will be drawn on the 18th.


Karr Petras Mary Kate 6 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

#6. Saturday Morning Quilt Break with Mary Kate
Hang out with Mary Kate for a bit on Saturday morning. She will be sharing how a young gal from Los Angeles had to travel all the way to a garden in the south of France to take the first stitch of her life, and get an introduction to traditional American patchwork.

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