100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along – Block 48 + Giveaway!

Hello and welcome back to Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along! We are down to the final quilt block. Can you believe it? We are having a giveaway to celebrate, but first let’s take one more look at this wonderful sampler quilt and reveal the final block…

100BLKS SAMP ALL 100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along   Block 48 + Giveaway!

Three versions of the 100 Blocks Sampler.

All the blocks in our 100 Blocks Sampler have come from different issues of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks and have been reduced to 6″. Kits are sold out, but you can grab the digital pattern from our online shop. You can catch up on our previous sew along posts here.

Today’s block is Paris Square, block #674 from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks vol. 7 and was designed by Jessie Kurtz. Jessie has been sewing along with us on the sampler, so be sure to visit her blog!

674 1 100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along   Block 48 + Giveaway!

Paris Square, block #674 designed by Jessie Kurtz

Paris Square unit:

674 2 100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along   Block 48 + Giveaway!

Paris Square unit

Paris Square assembly:

674 3 100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along   Block 48 + Giveaway!

Paris Square assembly

Three different colorways:

674 4 100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along   Block 48 + Giveaway!

Three different colorways

Be sure to check out the other designers who are sewing along with us. Follow the links below to visit their blogs:

  1. Lynn Roddy Brown
  2. Jessie Kurtz
  3. Toby Lischko

Now for the giveaway!

100SamplerPrize 100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along   Block 48 + Giveaway!

We are giving away a fun 100 Blocks prize pack that includes the following items:

  • Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks vol.1
  • Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks vol.2
  • Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks vol.3
  • Quiltmaker’s Block Star Coffee Mug
  • Clothworks Fat Quarter Bundle: Summer Sunshine designed by Peg Conley
  • Sew Easy 45mm Rotary Cutter
  • Quilt Quotes from Quiltmaker – pin pack

To enter the giveaway, comment below and let us know which quilt block featured in the 100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along has been your favorite.

The winner of the 100 Blocks Sampler Giveaway is Linda Seitz. The winner has been notified by email.

Be sure to comment by midnight MT on Wednesday, March 1 for your chance to win. The lucky winner will be chosen randomly and announced here on this blog post.

Thank you for sewing along with us!

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342 Responses to 100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along – Block 48 + Giveaway!

  1. Kim says:

    So many to choose from. Can’t decide which is a favorite.

  2. Sharon says:

    Paris Square is one favorite.

  3. Kathy Feltmate says:

    I love Paris and scrappy!

  4. ConnieOliver says:

    I really like the Paris Square. I love any block that I can use up scraps on. Scraps make for such an interesting quilt.

  5. Deborah S says:

    I like the Serendipity block. But I just wonder if I am missing something because when I look at the finished quilt it is 7 blocks across and 7 rows down. This would make 49 blocks. Why only 48?

  6. Julie B says:

    I don’t have a favorite right now, but I am partial to the star blocks.

  7. Carol Kuse says:

    I like #48 Paris Square.

  8. Martha eise says:

    Cabin master vol.14 day 5

  9. Vicki Monger says:

    I like the tumbling Star #194

  10. Jane Murray says:

    I love all the stars.

  11. Sabrina van-Ginkel says:

    I like the tulip.

  12. Carla G. says:

    I love all stars,especially #194 Tumbling Star.

  13. Carla G. says:

    I love all stars and anything patriotic,as well. One I really like is #194, Tumbling Star.

  14. Karen Kolmer says:

    I love all the blocks and it would be impossible to choose a favorite. I want to make the sampler from my reproduction fabrics scraps.

  15. Sherrie Strabel says:

    I do not have a favorite YET. I enjoy fast & easy blocks that also creat a secondary pattern

  16. Cynthia Rux says:

    I love pinwheels. Block 39 is right up my alley; so cute!

  17. Linda Fitzgerald says:

    Paris Square #674. I like the secondary pattern the corners make. I really enjoy the 100 squares books. Lots of good inspiration.

  18. Deborah B. says:

    Tumbler Star, #194

  19. Barbara Sebastian says:

    My favorite block is Star Flight (Block 38). I also like the Paris Square (Block 48). The block sampler quilts are among my favorites. I’ve done one and plan on doing many more.

  20. elenore clark says:

    Bonnie Hunter is one of my favorites so either her block or the spinwheel

  21. NLien says:

    Block 25, Sailor’s Delight is my favorite today. Really how can I pick a real favorite when I love them all.

  22. Sharon says:

    Paris Square is very pretty.

  23. Sandra Shuttleworth says:

    I like the Paris Square block, it’s a new twist on a simple square block and I have lots of scraps along with scrap quilts being my favorite to quilt.

  24. Patricia says:

    I like the Paris square block because I already have a lot of squares and it gives me another way to use them

  25. Judy Paulsen says:

    Paris square is my favorite.

  26. NADINE P says:

    I like fast and easy. So the Paris Square #674 would currently be my favorite. And it looks like it could be worked up in so many different ways! Thank you!

  27. Rosalind Gutierrez says:

    Patched Geese #300 is my fav.

  28. Sue G. says:

    The Paris square looks like you could have lots of fun with it!

  29. Judy W. says:

    I love the Sweet Tweets block by Carolyn Beam — it’s easy to rotate to create a new look. It’s been on my “to do” list for too long!!

  30. Renie M says:

    I always like anything by Bonnie Hunter.

  31. k says:

    Not too familiar as of yet with designers. Totally enjoy scrappy blocks & quilts, so for now, I’ll say Bonnie Hunter sure looks like a winner with her style of quilt designs.

  32. Germaine Robison says:

    I don’t have the book so I can’t say but I am partial to pinwheels.

  33. Sheila champion says:

    my favorite was the tumbling star ! Beautiful!

  34. Gale Rivett says:

    All the blocks in this quilt had great features, but the one that stands out for me is Tumbling Star #194. It doesn’t matter which colour variation you choose, this star has visual movement. It is very playful!

  35. Jessie faber says:

    Bonnie hunters block

  36. Betsy says:

    Diamond Jubilee, block #36.

  37. Rebecca Keizer says:

    I love the Puzzle Star, block #863.

  38. Theresa says:

    I like number 287, Diamond Jubilee.

  39. Linda L. says:

    My favourite is #38 – Star Flight.

  40. Ola Norman says:

    Paris Square.

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