New Year’s Mystery: Part 5

Welcome back to Quiltmaker’s New Year’s Mystery Quilt. We’ve named it Auld Lang Stitches, and by this time, you should be well on your way.

NewYearsMystery 300 New Years Mystery: Part 5
Today I have Part 5 for you. At this point you’ll be starting to see things come together. It’s always exciting when the design begins to emerge.

Auld Lang Stitches, Part 5

Get a printer-friendly pdf for Part 5


White Tone-on-Tone
96 rectangles (C) 2″ x 3 1/2″
96 rectangles (D) 2″ x 5″


Sew a unit 2, unit 5 and white C together as shown. Add a white D to the side as shown to make a section 1. Make 96 section 1’s. Be sure that everything is oriented just as shown below.

Section1 New Years Mystery: Part 5

We’d enjoy seeing photos of your progress! Email them to, to the attention of Diane.

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3 Responses to New Year’s Mystery: Part 5

  1. Bev Stone says:

    I got a late start but am about caught up now. It has been fun doing this with my daughter long-distance. She is in WI and I am in CO! Looking forward to seeing the finished projects :-)

  2. Sherrill from Saskatchewan says:

    I’m managing to keep up to the weekly instructions. And no matter how I rearrange the units – It’s still a mystery to me! But I do enjoy the suspense, so thank you for that. All the other New Year’s Mystery Quilts I’ve taken part in have been just one-day events, so I didn’t think I’d care for having the instructions spaced out over a period of weeks, but I am thoroughly enjoying the pace. I’m wondering if there will be a way to share pictures of our finished quilts once the time comes?!?

  3. Diane Burns says:

    Hi Ms. Harris,
    Just want to tell you that I’m truely enjoying making this Mystery Quilt. I really appreciate that we did not have to do all the cutting at one time. It’s so much more convenient not to have lots of tiny pieces of all different sizes to keep track of.
    Another thing I like is, that, although these steps are all very easy to do, there’s still the satisfaction of having the pieces nest together when I match up the seams. No matter how many quilts I make, I still get a kick out of that!
    Looking forward to next Thursday,
    Diane Burns

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