Quiltmaker’s New Year’s Mystery Quilt Starts Jan. 1

Happy Holidays!

And welcome to

Quiltmaker’s New Year’s Mystery Quilt

We’re excited to bring you Quiltmaker’s first New Year’s mystery quilt, Auld Lang Stitches—an online exclusive for our readers.

NewYearsMystery 300 Quiltmakers New Years Mystery Quilt Starts Jan. 1Here you can find yardage requirements and color ideas for your quilt. Fabric selection is easy—you’ll need a background fabric and 2 contrasting fabrics. We’ve chosen a white tone-on-tone for the background along with red and blue tone-on-tones for the 2 contrasting fabrics.

Mystery1 Quiltmakers New Years Mystery Quilt Starts Jan. 1

White with blue and red

Here’s what you’ll need for a 72″ x 96″ twin-sized quilt:

Finished Blocks: 12”

White Tone-on-Tone: 6 3/8 yards for blocks

Blue Tone-on-Tone: 3 1/2 yards for blocks and binding

Red Tone-on-Tone: 3 5/8 yards for blocks

Backing:  6 1/4 yards

Batting:  80″x 104″

Here are some other color palettes to tempt you:

Mystery2 Quiltmakers New Years Mystery Quilt Starts Jan. 1

Light batik background with green and orange batiks

Mystery3 Quiltmakers New Years Mystery Quilt Starts Jan. 1

Cream print background with red and black tone-on-tones

Mystery4 Quiltmakers New Years Mystery Quilt Starts Jan. 1

Pale blue background with medium purple and dark purple

If you’d like to take a scrappy approach, decide on three contrasting colors and think in terms of value. Be sure that each color can be distinctly seen from the others. Keep the values within each color fairly close. I took this photo to check out my values.

dianesmysteryfabrics Quiltmakers New Years Mystery Quilt Starts Jan. 1

These are the fabrics I’ll be using for my version of Auld Lang Stitches. The black prints will take the place of the white tone-on-tone in the yardage.

I can see that I’ll need to eliminate the lightest yellow-greens from the stack above, and possibly the lightest red-violet, too. Standing back to view the fabrics helps you to see the values, too.

Pull fabrics from your stash or visit the quilt shop for a variety of prints and tone-on-tones in each color. Aim for variety in the size of the prints, but remember to keep the values (lightness or darkness) fairly close.

Here are some other color ideas:

Red and green plus a background like white or tanBlue and green plus light gray for the background
Reds and oranges plus pale yellows for the background
Blues and hot pinks plus pale purple for the background

I could go on and on!

NewYearsMystery 300 Quiltmakers New Years Mystery Quilt Starts Jan. 1

I hope to see you on January 1st for Part 1 of Auld Lang Stitches. What a great way to start the new year!

*     *     *     *     *

Need fabric? Visit Keepsake Quilting for lots of options!

 Quiltmakers New Years Mystery Quilt Starts Jan. 1  Quiltmakers New Years Mystery Quilt Starts Jan. 1




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I'm the Content Director for Quiltmaker magazine. I'm married with three grown sons and one adorable grandson.I've been quilting for over 30 years. I'm an avid quilter, but I also enjoy photography, scrapbooking, knitting, reading and hanging out with friends and family.
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112 Responses to Quiltmaker’s New Year’s Mystery Quilt Starts Jan. 1

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  4. Joanne says:

    I plan to use scrappy for my blues, and possibly the reds. My question is, when I construct the units, should I use the same blue for the square and the half sq. triangle, or go scrappy starting there?

  5. Eva says:

    I’ve asked a couple of times, and others have asked as well, about the quantity of fabric. It seems astronomical for the size of the quilt – almost 13 yards! Is this correct or has there been an error on the original posting. Please reply! I don’t want to start this if this is the quantity of fabric……it’s just too much for a twin quilt.


    • Carolyn says:

      The question about yardage has been answered before in previous replies. Yes, it is correct for a large twin including binding.

  6. Nina says:

    Wondering if the yardage is correct. I am in Norway and 13 yards makes 12 m of fabric. For a 76″x96″ bedspread? are you really sure?
    Could I have the measures in cm and m?

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  8. Jerry Reese says:

    For those who don’t do Facebook, you can click on the link posted on blog message number 8 to go to the new instructions for step 1. Thanks for whoever posted this link!!!

  9. Joyce Wilson says:

    Excited to start this mystery.

  10. Terry says:

    I’m in with greens & reds, and white for background. It will be my new Christmas quilt. Let’s get started. I do love a good Mystery. :)

  11. Susan says:

    I do not “do” facebook. Can the instructions be placed on this website? PDF files?

  12. Kathy says:

    Hey everybody, go to Facebook, the first part is there. Oh, what fun! Thank you to Quiltmaker’s.

  13. Kathy says:

    I am like the others – notice said the Mystery Quilt info would start today – when will the info start, how often, how long do we have to work on the quilt – lots of unanswered questions. I once knit a Mystery Afghan – took T W O very long years. Hope this is the case with this quilt…..

    • Kathy says:

      Whoops – my bad! I meant “Hope this is NOT the case with this quilt…” Sorry about not proofing my typing. Have a great New Year’s Day….

  14. deborah says:

    been checking this site all morning when will the next clue be out and how often for future clues, please advise. thanks

  15. Mary H. says:

    How often will clues be posted?

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  17. cindy k says:

    I am exited to do a mystery quilt always wanted to do one.

    • NONNIE says:

      I usually do BONNIE HUNTER’S Mystery quilts … very scrappy so I use up left over fabrics from the year. She does her mystery in November but leaves the hints up until June. This year I just followed along but will probably make the pattern as a baby quilt since I already gathered up the fabrics.

  18. Laura Valdez says:

    Is there time slots for each clue? Is it just one day or does it have a time line? Lots of info left out.

  19. Eva says:

    Is the yardage correct? Over 13 yards of fabric for a twin size quilt? Just checking before I get too far into this……..I know the Quiltmaker quilts are always great but that seems like it must be a mistake. Please let us know! Thanks and Happy New Year everybody!

    • Flossy says:

      I’m also doubting the yardage. I too have calculated more than 13 yards. I’d love to participate but would like clarification of this before commencement, please.

  20. Shelly says:

    I would like to participate please

  21. Stephanie says:

    Oops that is two 6ft tall bookcases

  22. deborah says:

    how do you publish clues a fb page, here on this site, by email, and how often? Is this a 1 day mystery quilt or several weeks or ? Thanks

  23. Deborah says:

    Please let us know how often clues come out? Will have fun with this. Thank you for offering it.

  24. Stephanie says:

    I had 3 tall bookcases filled with fabric and gave all but one bookcase of fabric away. Guess I will need to go buy some fabric for this project lol

  25. Stephanie says:

    will the cutting instructions be posted before the 1st for the mystery quilt?

  26. Amber says:

    In doing the Mystery, if going scrappy what is the smallest scarp piece recommended to use? What about stripes, should they be avoided or are they ok to use?

  27. arlanna says:

    So… we check in at the blogsite on the first of every month to get the clue to the months block? will we also get instructions to put together the block?

    • Katymouse says:

      I think we check in once a week thru Feb 19th for this. My very first attempt at quilting was a “mystery” quilt. It ended up being lap size, and the design was bargello. Funny thing…. I love it, but I put the top away to finish “later”, and still haven’t finished it. But I have done many quilts since then. I make small quilts for children to wrap up in when they are watching tv at night, and as an older child’s version of a “blankie”. I will be doing this one as a scrapie, until it is about crib size.

      my sewing machine also is in the basement, and my computer upstairs…I would love to have pdf files also, please.

  28. Rhonda Crisp says:

    Kathy, I was a want a be quilter but didn’t know how to get started. Then a couple of years ago I saw an ad for a quilting class and checked it out. It was for beginners so I took the class and now I have made 2 quilts and am getting ready to start on the next one. Look for classes near you and take the plunge. You’ll be glad you did. I love quilting.

  29. Linda Mattson says:

    This sounds like fun. How often do the new blocks come out? I like the red white and blue.

  30. susan says:

    Joanne’s & Hancock’s both have big sales going on 12/26! Now’s the time to get your fabrics if you need to add more to your stash–& who doesn’t! Am sure the quilt stores also have some great sales also (they certainly do in Albuquerque).

  31. Sandy Hicks Mullins says:

    I found a selection of fabric on Year End Clearance for less than $80 total. (I have spent way more than that on kits and BOMs) So, that would not set me back to far financially but I do have questions I hope will be answered before purchase.

    I am basically going scrappy with almost a whole line. Using 3 or 4 blacks for my WOW. The line has tonal blue, red, green and yellow with a larger print with all the colors. I would love to know how much of the blue is for binding, honestly would prefer to use one of the blacks for my binding and split the 5 up for the other 2 colors.

    Any border with this one?

    I LOVE MYSTERY QUILTS and have been not quilting for years due to medical issues. I need a fix after almost 4 years withdraw and hoping this will fit the cure.


  32. Charlotte says:

    Sounds like lots of fun and boy do I have the stash to make it and about 12 more I love quilting embroidery ect ect .

  33. Jerry Reese says:

    Hi Susan, What a great way for friends to quilt together, even if we live a thousand miles apart. I’m in if your in. You know my stash situation. Just have narrow down the color choices. Let’s compare notes.

  34. Kathy says:

    I am a want a be quilter but I would like to try

  35. Diane Harris says:

    Hi everyone. I’m the primary blogger for QM and I took some time off to spend with family over the holidays. I apologize for the delay in responding to your questions but please notice that Carolyn did respond to some of them above. We’ll be happy to consider your request for PDFs so please stay tuned.

  36. Pat Farley says:

    I commented in the string but will repeat. This is way too much fabric and time for me to commit to an unknown design and, yes, I do have control issues. Also as many others with limited time, I have a backlog of unfinished and even more “desire to starts”. I would consider a medium-sized wall hanging – my skill level wouldn’t stretch to a miniature. Please consider this for next time. Many thanks.

  37. Fran Sancroft says:

    Pleas can we have a PDF of this info and PDFs of all the clues… I want to print them out. Computer and printer are not in the same part of the house as my sewing room and I need this in front of me as I go along…. Thanks in advance – Merry Christmas! to All.

  38. Mary Ellen Tardiff says:

    This looks like a lot of fun. Mine will definitely be scrappy!!!!

  39. Sarah Murphy says:

    What is the skill level? My daughter sews but doesn’t have a lot of quilting experience….I’d hate to have her join me and then not be able to enjoy herself. Thanks

    • Diane Harris says:

      Hi Sarah, this is an easy quilt. It requires making half-square triangles, stitch and flip and basic knowledge of cutting and piecing. Encourage your daughter to jump in! ~Diane for QM

  40. Sharon says:

    Sounds wonderful what better way to start the New Year….
    Mine will be shades of blue…

  41. Connie Duddridge says:

    I’m in. I too am surprised at the amount of fabric required. Guess I’ll wade in and see how it goes! Sounds like fun anyway.

  42. Doreen says:

    I think I will give it a try. I have never participated in a mystery quilt project but I love to make quilts for Quilt of Valor so I will use the red, white and blue materials. I have plenty in my stash already.

  43. Nancy says:

    Sounds like fun I plan giving it a go

  44. Susan Steel says:

    Have just finished grouping all my fabrics in my stash. 4 big totes full! This sounds like a great way to use some of it up. My first mystery quilt. Count me in!

  45. Lovie says:

    Looking forward to my first mystery quilt and making a huge dent in my stash.

  46. Barb Johnson says:

    I can’t wait! I think I will make it scrappy! I’m off to my stash to do some comparisons…

  47. Sandy says:

    How do I sign up?

  48. Kumiko says:

    PDF file please. Only computer(his) is downstairs and sewing machine (mine) is upstairs.

  49. Kumiko says:

    PDF files please so it can be printed. His (only) computer is downstairs and my sewing
    machine (only) is upstairs.

  50. Lynda says:

    Please make the clues in PDF so we can print them.
    It is difficult to print like this.

    I think this would be an interesting quilt to make but I certainly would NOT use red, blue and white.

  51. Carol G. says:

    How does this work? I am new to quilting and have never done anything like this, but it sounds like fun. Do I have to sign up?
    Thanks, Carol

  52. Susanne says:

    Wow, I would like do a mystery quilt. Sounds like fun. Count me in.

  53. What could be a better start to a new year? a quilt, and my favorite, red, white, and blue at that! Can’t wait to get started!

  54. Sandra Lesh says:

    Too much fabric..too much money.

    • Pat Farley says:

      How about directions for more than one size? I don’t want to commit that much time and fabric to an unknown design. I might go for a medium sized wall hanging in order to join the fun!

      • Terri in BC says:

        @Pat – if you start by doing 1/4 of each step, you will be close to having a wall-hanging size. That’s what Bonnie Hunter recommends with her mystery quilts. You can always add to it if you decide to go big!

        • Nancy 2 says:

          Appreciate this suggestion. I really want to participate in my first mystery quilt, but don’t have a lot of free time. Making it a wall hanging will solve the problem!

  55. Pamela Karp says:

    Count me in! Have loads of batiks to try!

  56. Jeanette Spellmeyer says:

    I think I’d like to do this in scrappy fabric, as I have quite stash…but isn’t that a lot of yardage for a twin? But if it’s 12″ blocks, I have lots of stash…should be interesting…this will be my first Mystery quilt online.

  57. December says:

    would love to give this one a scrappy try.. Count me in..

  58. December says:

    would love to give this one a scrappy try… Gonna go through my stash and see what I can come up with..

  59. Carolyn says:

    Hi Everyone: This is the correct amount of fabric for a large twin-size quilt and it also includes the binding. It’s a great quilt to take a bite out of your stash – see the note about a scrappy version and value.

  60. Ruth Ann Henderer says:

    Please make the clues in PDF so we can print them.
    It is difficult to print like this.

  61. Shirley Lambeth says:

    I agree that that is a lot of fabric for a twin size quilt and find it interesting that there has been no response to the questions.

  62. Cindy says:

    That is a HUGE twin sized quilt. Would definitely fit a double bed very nicely. Hmmm, can I manage two mysteries at a time? Will just be finishing up Bonnie’s Grand Illusion, starting Ebony Love’s English Manor mystery and now this one. Time to get a bit organized.

  63. Shirley Gilmore says:

    Is that the correct yardage for a twin? May be a little too expensive for me to make at this time of the year.

  64. Pamela says:

    Count me IN!

  65. Florence says:

    I love doing mysteries but it does seem to me also that it is a lot of fabric. I will have to think about this. Will the clues be in PDF form?

  66. Cherie says:

    Can we make this into a queen sized quilt? Would you give the directions for either the twin or queen?

  67. Barbara says:

    I love a mystery. however I think I will pass on this one. over 13 yards of fabric for a twin size, means lots of waste. Being on a fixed budget and being frugal, I just can’t justify this. I will follow along to see the beautiful color combinations and resulting quilts.

    • Sherie says:

      I totally agree, way too much fabric for my little budget, I don’t think I even have that much scraps to do this and it’s only a twin??

  68. Lorraine says:

    Since it’s from Quiltmaker, I just have to do this one! I’m thinking of going scrappy.

  69. M J Stokes says:

    Is there a charge for signing up for the mystery quilt?

    Thank you.


  70. Julie Dunn says:

    Oh my! Shall I commit to Mystery Quilt #6, all starting in January? OF COURSE!

  71. Linda Ferguson says:

    Hello Carolyn & Quiltmaker-
    I would like to know who invented this mystery pattern please? I have made many mystery quilts and that is an important factor. Carolyn I respect your work, so if you are the inventor I will start gathering fabric. &:-D Thank you.

  72. can’t wait..love a good mystery

  73. susan gill says:

    13.5 yards for just the top? is that right? for a twin, not including the backing?

  74. susan gill says:

    13.5 yards for just the top? is that right?

  75. Alice Mathews says:

    not done one yet does it cost. getting fabric for this one

  76. Yay! Working on Bonnie Hunter’s Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt now and am not looking forward to it ending! Glad to hear I can jump right into another project to use more scraps!! :-)

  77. Linda Maurer says:

    Isn’t that an awful lot of fabric for a twin-size quilt. . . . even a queen?

  78. Patricia Brown says:

    Can’t wait to start. I n Ade a mystery quilt before and it was fun to do. Looking forward to it.

  79. Donna Bescheinen says:

    I am looking forward to making this mystery quilt. I will be making it out of all the Thimbleberries fabric I have to make a scrappy quilt. Thank you for creating this first year Mystery Quilt … I’m excited to get started!

  80. Charlene says:

    can’t wait to get started, love a good Mystery, know it will be quick and great!

  81. Joey Holcomb says:

    Looking forward for this project. Looks like it can be fun !!!!!

  82. Linda Kelley says:

    This looks like fun. I have so much fabric that I need to use.

  83. Sandra Timmons says:

    This is going to be so much fun. It is our first New Year’s Mystery together and I hope it will be the beginning of many more to come each year.

    Sandi Timmons

  84. Cynthia says:

    I love a good mystery. So I’m off to pick some fabric.

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