Crazy Quilts: I’m on Board

I have never been interested in crazy quilts, but this book changed my mind.

Embroidery&PatchworkRevisited hirez Crazy Quilts: Im on Board

Embroidery & Patchwork Revisited by Janice Vaine

I walked into a booth at International Quilt Market and saw the fan quilt below—and nearly hyperventilated.

fanquilt1 Crazy Quilts: Im on Board

Fan Favorite by Natalie Tomola, Jo Ann Cridge and Janice Vaine

I’m not usually attracted to crazy-type quilts but this was a horse of a different color. It was fabulous!

fan3 Crazy Quilts: Im on Board

Each fan is a miniature work of art.

fan6 Crazy Quilts: Im on Board

I couldn’t stop looking at it! All of the fabrics in Fan Favorite are by Jo Morton for Andover.

fana7 Crazy Quilts: Im on Board

The book was displayed with it, so I tracked down the publisher’s booth and was eagerly handed a review copy of Embroidery & Patchwork Revisited by the folks at Landauer. The author is Janice Vaine.

dream under Crazy Quilts: Im on Board

A Quilt to Dream Under by Janice Vaine

The cover quilt is just as spectacular as Fan Favorite. It’s called A Quilt to Dream Under, and was inspired by an antique. Jan Vaine owns that antique quilt (she says she “has guardianship”) and it’s what inspired the book, which is subtitled An Illustrated Guide to Hand Stitching.

In addition to these two quilts, inside the book you’ll find illustrated instructions for 19 embroidery stitches and several pages of ideas for combining the stitches. There are also patterns for an etui, a tote bag and another small quilt. A wealth of information is given on embroidery techniques in general, which include marking designs on fabric, needles and threads.

Embroidery&PatchworkRevisited hirez Crazy Quilts: Im on Board

If handwork is your thing, or if you think it might be, you’ll want your own copy of Embroidery & Patchwork Revisited. I recommend it. And beware: This kind of stitching is addictive!

See Landauer’s video with more information on this title.

EmbroideryStitchBooklet hirez Crazy Quilts: Im on Board

Hand Embroidery: pocket-sized reference guide with 29 stitches

You might also be interested in Landauer’s carry-along reference guide called Hand Embroidery: Stitches at-a-glance, also by Jan Vaine. It’s a pocket-sized illustrated handbook of 30 favorite stitches, a steal at just $8.50.

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4 Responses to Crazy Quilts: I’m on Board

  1. Karen B says:

    This book really drew my attention also. However, my hands (really thumbs) don’t work well for hand stitching anymore. The book however, has enticed me to make a crazy quilt and use my hundreds of fancy machine stitches, and fancy threads I have bought to couch, do bobbin work, and machine embroidery. The book is inspiring for those of us who can make a machine work too….
    even if we have to program some stitches in ourselves.

  2. Tina Sheppard says:

    I have promised my sister a crazy quilt and this is just the inspiration that I need. The only other time I made any thing like a crazy quilt was a small dog mat that I made for an animal shelter. I was making them mats for the animals who were trying to find their forever homes and I made one very special mat, I told them that they should use it for the very special animals that maybe it would draw attention to them and help them to find their home. I hope it worked.

  3. Ann Flower says:

    I started a crazy quilt a long time ago with satins and velvets. It ended up a pillow top because I got tired of all the embroidery. But I like the look of the fan quilt. may have to try crazy quilts again.

  4. Judy says:

    I agree with you I was not a fan of crazy quilts until I realized it was the stitching around it that really made them special. This book sounds like one I need to add to my library. Thanks for sharing the information.

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