Amanda Murphy’s Garden Spot, Giveaway

The July/August issue of Quiltmaker features an easy but oh-so-attractive throw quilt pattern called Garden Spot.

GardenSpot 450 Amanda Murphys Garden Spot, Giveaway

Garden Spot by Amanda Murphy appears in Quiltmaker’s July/August issue.

It was designed and made by Amanda Murphy, and it features Amanda’s own fabrics for Blend. The fabric collection is Topiary—isn’t it pretty?

quiltmakerblog10 Amanda Murphys Garden Spot, Giveaway

I had a chance to chat with Amanda on email and I asked for her thoughts on a variety of topics. I wanted to share them with you today.

*     *     *     *     *

Tell me about the process of designing fabric. What are the steps? 

Well, first comes the idea for the collection. I usually think about that for a couple months before even putting pencil to paper. I do sketch – but my sketches are very rough – more notes to myself than anything else.

quiltmakerblog01 Amanda Murphys Garden Spot, Giveaway

One of the feature prints that made its way into the “Topiary” collection

I begin with the feature prints because they are what the rest of the collection is centered upon. I might design three or four feature prints before settling on one. I do take my initial sketches and scan them in but most of the real design is done on a graphics tablet.

quiltmakerblog02 Amanda Murphys Garden Spot, Giveaway

A second feature print that made its way into the “Topiary” collection

When designing fabric I am constantly going back and forth between fabric design and quilt design to ensure that I have a wide variety of scale and value in the fabric.

quiltmakerblog03 Amanda Murphys Garden Spot, Giveaway

My “Lovebirds” pattern using Topiary fabric

The medium scale Topiary print below inspired “Lovebirds,” shown above.

quiltmakerblog05 Amanda Murphys Garden Spot, Giveaway

This medium scale Topiary print inspired “Lovebirds,” shown above.

Sometimes the quilt designs influence the fabrics and vice versa.

quiltmakerblog04 Amanda Murphys Garden Spot, Giveaway

My “Forever” pattern using Topiary fabric


The blender shown below has motifs borrowed from “Forever,” above.

quiltmakerblog06 Amanda Murphys Garden Spot, Giveaway

A blender from Topiary, with motifs borrowed from “Forever”


The next thing I do is to experiment with color. A lot of shops are looking for really tight collections so they can afford to buy the entire set, so I like to make sure that my color stories coordinate with each other.

quiltmakerblog07 Amanda Murphys Garden Spot, Giveaway

Strike-offs from my “Modern Lace” collection for Blend Fabrics that will ship in August.

quiltmakerblog08 Amanda Murphys Garden Spot, Giveaway

Strike-offs from my “Modern Lace” collection for Blend Fabrics that will ship in August.

My final step is putting the fabrics into repeat. I send the designs to Blend and they give me their feedback. Anna and the design director, Kate, have great editing eyes!

Often the end result varies a lot from my original sketches, but the initial inspiration is still there. A main theme in my work is contrasting the modern and traditional – the old and the new. This came through particularly well in my Modern Lace feature print so I’m really excited about the quilts I’m designing for this collection.

quiltmakerblog09 Amanda Murphys Garden Spot, Giveaway

Modern Lace feature print

What is your sewing/quilting background? 

I have sewn since I was a little girl. I made my mother a pink lace dress as a surprise when I was about ten – which she recently admitted she wore “only once.” Haha. I also made an angel tree skirt and decorated the angels’ faces with real makeup. I didn’t get into quilting until later – after I had kids. Quilting is great because it marries my love of graphic design with my love of sewing! I love quilting and quilters – they are the best!

Please visit Amanda’s website:

And have a peek at Amanda’s blog, too:

*     *     *     *     *

Now it’s giveaway time. This giveaway is for U.S. readers only. Amanda is providing (generous lady!) a fat quarter bundle of Topiary plus the Forever and Lovebirds patterns shown above. She’s having a giveaway on her blog too, so you’ll want to follow the instructions in both spots. For your chance to win here, please leave a comment by midnight Saturday, June 14. We’ll choose a random winner and announce it here next week.

Sylvia E. Anderson is the winner of the Amanda Murphy Garden Spot Giveaway! Sylvia had been notified by email.

*     *     *     *     *

Buy just the pattern for Garden Spot, an easy throw quilt, for $7.99.

quiltmakerblog10 Amanda Murphys Garden Spot, Giveaway

Get just this pattern, or get the entire July/August issue–your choice!

Get the July/August issue of Quiltmaker in print or digital format (includes Garden Spot pattern).

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  39. PattiA says:

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