Star Trek Sewing: Captions by You

We posted this photo on Facebook last month and asked readers to write a caption for it.

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I did some research on the character because I don’t know much about Star Trek. His name was Jean-Luc Picard and he was Captain of the spaceship for part of the series.

I’m not sure if the image was created by Photo-shopping the Singer in or if a sewing machine actually appeared in the series. Either way, it’s an interesting idea. This is a treadle machine in a futuristic environment—something very old showing up sometime after 2305 A.D., the year Jean-Luc was born.

Here are a few of the great captions suggested by Quiltmaker’s Facebook friends.

Make it sew was a popular idea mentioned numerous times. Jean-Luc was fond of saying “Make it so.” Who knew that so many quilters were also Trekkies?!

Engage was also submitted again and again. This was another of Jean-Luc’s favorite lines.

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Quilters are not alone in thinking “Make it Sew.”

One of my favorites: Seam me up, Scottie. Quilters have a sense of humor!

Other keepers:

I am not familiar with this technology, Data, any ideas?

Will it do warp speed?

Sew long and prosper.

2770 stmakeitsewfpreview Star Trek Sewing: Captions by You

In this variation, the Starship Enterprise is made from a Singer.

It’s a scant quarter to take off.

Hey Spock, I need another bobbin.

It’s the Singer not the song…

All this has made me wonder if people will still be sewing and making quilts in another 300 years. Many of us do it for the process as much as the product. Maybe that’s something that won’t ever change.

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  1. Gay says:

    I’m wanting to eventually get all the Quilt Block books. Love looking at all the blocks and fabrics used, etc. I’d love to win a free copy of Vol. 9!

  2. Pat D. says:

    I love these quilt block books. They give me ideas and suggestions for different colorways for the blocks. Makes it easy to make a block and see if it’s destined to be a big quilt or, if not my favorite, a pillow. Thanks for the giveway!

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