QM Staff Inventory: I Love Happy; Giveaway!

Almost from the first moment I started quilting, I realized it was good for my soul. I love that it makes me smile and I really love it when I see some fabric or a quilt and I catch my breath or laugh out loud. That’s what quilting is all about for me – making me happy.

staffstories paula2 QM Staff Inventory: I Love Happy; Giveaway!

I designed the 2014 QM Series Quilt, Love Blooms Here.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 QM Staff Inventory: I Love Happy; Giveaway! I make and design quilts all across the board – piecing, applique, stitchery and wool applique. But my favorite is combining them. This quilt hangs in my sewing room, and I just love it.

Q quilt 2 QM Staff Inventory: I Love Happy; Giveaway!

I’m sure you have seen those little animal soap holders. Where its mouth is wide open to hold soap or a little scrubbie? When my daughter painted a frog and gave it to me as a gift, I knew I had to make a quilt. What can be happier than 4 happy frogs? And seriously, LOVE the striped binding.

QMMP 140600 frogs 450 QM Staff Inventory: I Love Happy; Giveaway!

Got Flies? Quiltmaker May/June ’14


Rolling along with the Happy 4′s, I designed this quilt for Quiltmaker’s Quilts from 100 Blocks, Fall ’12. I was like a kid in a candy store while designing this quilt – it was ridiculously fun figuring out what do with all those ears.

QMMS 120023 bunnies 350flat QM Staff Inventory: I Love Happy; Giveaway!

Peek-a-Boo Bunnies, Quilts From 100 Blocks, Fall ’12


And speaking of ears, this little quilt is one of my all-time favorites. I first fell in love with the fabrics, and knew I wanted to applique something wooly in the center. Then I found that awesome pink check at a quilt show – had to buy a yard of course – just to make sure I had enough – and the idea of a pink bunny was born. I love, love love her. She makes me happy!

bunny 2 QM Staff Inventory: I Love Happy; Giveaway!

Wool Bunny


When I saw this Christmas line Candy Cane Angels by Lynette Anderson, I knew I had to design something with that fabric. (I have 6, yes 6 ongoing projects projects designed by Lynette going on right now. Yes, seriously, I do. She’s kind of my hero.) Of course it had to have wool applique, and I love the little bitty blocks in the border. I made this quilt for my best friend, so I thought of her the whole time I was making it. Making a quilt for someone you love is about the best thing in the world, I think. And it made her very happy. (Me too!) You’ll find it in QM’s Nov/Dec ’13 issue.

QMMP 131200 tweet 450 QM Staff Inventory: I Love Happy; Giveaway!

Christmas Tweet, Quiltmaker Nov/Dec ’13


When I was very young my grandma and my mom taught me how to embroider. I’m pretty sure they did it in hopes that I would sit still for 5 minutes. I didn’t learn to sit still, but I was intrigued enough to play around with it. Once I learned that you can embroider on more than just dish towels (remember those happy kitties-of-the-day, or the dancing frying pan and salt and pepper shakers?) I was off and running.

redwork quilt 2 QM Staff Inventory: I Love Happy; Giveaway!

Seasons Redwork

Stitching absolutely feeds my soul and makes me happy. This little quilt just sings to me. I designed it as a free block-of-the-month on my old blog, and I must have stitched it in 6 different colorways. I love, love love it. Adding embroidery to quilts is like adding frosting to a cupcake.

Color HSH quilt 3 QM Staff Inventory: I Love Happy; Giveaway!

Home Sweet Home


And adding wool applique to a quilt? It’s the cherry on top of the frosting on top of the cupcake.

QMMS 130037 STODDARD QM Staff Inventory: I Love Happy; Giveaway!

Winter World from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, vol. 8


I love that quilting can be so many things to so many people. It’s creative, soothing, adventurous, fun, bonding, inspiring and fulfilling. It touches our hearts and feeds our soul. And, yes, it makes us happy!

It’s a Quilt Happy giveaway! We have a fun bundle of books, fabric, perle cotton and thread for one lucky reader.

happy winner QM Staff Inventory: I Love Happy; Giveaway!

Leave a comment for your chance to win this happy bundle!

For your chance to win, please leave a comment below before midnight Saturday, April 5. We’ll choose winners and post them here next week. Quilt Happy!

Elizabeth Lee has been chosen as our ‘I Love Happy Giveaway’ winner and has been notified by email. Thank you all for your wonderful comments on Paula’s post!


About Paula

I'm an Associate Editor at Quiltmaker in Golden, CO. I've been quilting for 18 years, including teaching, long arm quilting, designing, and stash building. I also love to read, run, stitch, play with my boston terrier and spend time with my family.
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594 Responses to QM Staff Inventory: I Love Happy; Giveaway!

  1. Elaine Wilson says:

    Looking at the quilts shown above I would love to try to make one. I am a novice and think I can.

  2. Barbara Simpson says:

    So many patterns so little time. Why didn’t I ever do this before. Loving every minute of it even the ripping and resewing.

  3. Joan Yeager says:

    When my twin daughters left for college, the one thing I wanted to learn was how to quilt. I was lucky enough to have a good friend that not only taught me but inspired me. I have made about ten bed quilts and many smaller projects, but I have yet to do applique. My next challenge. I so love looking at the beautiful things fellow quilters have made and I am continually inspired by all. Keep posting your beautiful work.

  4. Della Myers says:

    Like so many of the respondents, I love that bunny but all of the designs make me happy! The whole process of quilting makes me happy and I feel doubly happy to see the finished product!

  5. Kathy L. says:

    What a great group of fun designs. Whoever wins your give away (hope it’s me!), will be super lucky.

  6. Virginia M Zajesky says:

    Your designs are too cute. I’ve been sewing since I was about 4, quilting since 1976 and the love for it continues to grow. It’s my form of artistic expression!

  7. Jacqueline Delchau says:

    Thankyou for the opportunity to win this package :o ) I smiled looking at your quilts and reading your comments on each one. Thankyou! I love applique and at the moment I’m making a Christmas quilt with an applique bird in a pear tree centre. I’ve decided to just add words to the top and bottom border. A partridge in a pear tree! Simple but cute…I think :o ) Keep up your gorgeous happy work!
    Jacqueline in Australia

  8. Donna Palmer says:

    I love the bunny with the plaid and checks! Have never done applique’ but this has inspired me!

  9. rosa says:

    Such a gorgeous and fun quilts.They remind me fresh and bright days.The frog one is super fun!!

  10. Karen McManus says:

    Paula, I love them all. It is true that the more techniques the merrier. Thanks for showing a few of your quilts.

  11. Diane Dashevsky says:

    Ooooo! What a great giveaway! And I’m sooo anxious to try more applique and using wool….fingers crossed!

  12. Katherine Carter says:

    I absolutely love the bunnies , but , of course they all are great. Thanks

  13. Heather says:

    I love these quilts. I want to try to make the Home Sweet Home version. Thank you for sharing these and giving us a chance to win something.

  14. I am in love with the bunny too stinking cute!!
    Thanks for the giveaway. .I don’t know why I keep entering these things, I never win..Laughs

  15. Rita McCart says:

    Thank you for the chance to win you fabulous gift pack, have a great weekend. :)

  16. Patricia Evans says:

    The timing couldn’t have been better. I love the frogs. My son and daughter in law are expecting their 1st baby in August and I have been looking for patterns to do a baby quilt. My daughter-in-law loves frogs. These frogs would be great to incorporate into a quilt. I can picture my new grandson trying to grab at them. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Lu Rae G. Smith says:

    I love your cute designs. I am an intermediate quilter/crafter. Would love to win.

  18. Sami Quilts says:

    The bunnies make me smile and the happy, sunshine colors make me laugh.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.


  19. Carmen Tucker says:

    thankyou for sharing your designs! You are very talented. It is important to do what makes you happy! It’s healthy…”A cheerful heart is great medicine.” Proverbs 17:22

  20. Linda M. says:

    Your Quilts make me smile. I especially like the one you made for your sewing room. Your give away would be nice to receive.

  21. Allison Evrard says:

    The bunnies are just adorable! Thanks for the chance to win a great set of prizes.

  22. Karen Mottram says:

    Thanks for sharing your work…great ideas with spring around the corner. Your frogs are adorable!!

  23. rose ryan says:

    what great quilts
    love the bunnies in the corner

  24. Lin says:

    I love all these quilts, but especially the wool bunny! A great giveaway!

  25. Betty Fessler says:

    I especially love the Bunny quilts and the Frog quilt,but my favorite is the crazy quilt with the bunny in the center and I can sure see why you love this one too! You are so talented!

  26. Carol says:

    I’d really like to know where I can get these patterns! The first quilt, with rows of colorful posies is REALLY a happy quilt! Secondly, the wooly bunny with the plaid gray paws is soooo sweet, I just have to make one of my own.

  27. Winne Peterson says:

    With a fresh 12 inches of wet, heavy snow having just been dumped on the three feet already in my yard and fields (and it’s still coming down), nothing could be more welcome right now than coming face to face with your quilted bunny rabbits. What a laugh and uplift to my spirits they gave me! I am, at present, applying the binding to a very pretty quilt, but I think my next one needs to be one that produces laughter like yours do. Thank you!

  28. Sherida says:

    g I am a beginner quilter, but have been sewing for years. I love cutting fabric and piecing it together to make wonderful projects. I decorate my home for every holiday, and make gifts for my children, and now grandchildren and great-grandchildren for each holiday. I am just learning about putting the right fabrics together . There are too many fabrics and patterns that I want to try and not enough time to get it all done. With fabric I never run out of projects. Quiltmaker magazine has so many great tips and patterns I love the chance to win this great giveaway. Thank you

  29. Jeri Niksich says:

    I am teaching myself how to quilt and haven’t gotten to applique yet but I do love to cross stitch and have a little experience with embroidery so this giveaway is very appealing to me, thank you for the chance to win.

  30. Judith Minugh says:

    I love “cute” patterns, not the silly ones. You have very “cute” designs, would love to win.

  31. Judith Minugh says:

    I love “cute” designs. Not silly, but really cute. Your designs fall into the category of cute.

  32. Jeanne says:

    I started quilting just to prove to my sisters I could do it. I used to be an outdoorsy kind of gal but don’t mind setting in front of a big window sewing along. And I take my sewing camping with me, yes I have a machine, mat, and other necc. items that I leave in the camper, and it is not unusual to see me setting at a picnic table sewing along. I have even made some friends who now do the same. yay for friendships.

  33. Cleomar Regina Araujo Costa says:

    Olá, sou costureira a um bom tempo, mas faz pouco que me aventurei no patchwork e estou amando fazer e ter suas dicas é fundamental, gostaria muito de ganhar este presente pois hoje é meu aniversario e ficaria imensamente feliz. bjos

  34. Sherry says:

    These are great fabrics and the books look awesome too !! I would love to do something with these. I have a fabric and quilting addiction!!

  35. Joy Meetis says:

    What wonderful inspiration! I have never thought of making a quilt for Easter. Thank you for the chance to win!

  36. debbie landry says:

    I love all sewing and quilts are especially beautiful, so many fantastic designers , just looking at pictures of quilts makes me happy. I think I have more quilt pictures on my computer than family pictures or pretty close. Love the Christmas Tweet quilt, thanks for sharing.

  37. Cheryl Randleman says:

    thanks for the inspiration with color for spring — thanks for the giveaway.

  38. Hi,

    I’am a beginner quilter who never thought I would ever have enough talent to make a quilt and ended up making one for my Mom’s 80th birthday with her favourite colours purple, gold and white. I have also just did one tote with some applique and just LOVE doing applique even though I have only did it once. Quilting is very relaxing for me and I get so excited going to many different shops and on line to buy fabric, patterns and so much more. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would really fall that much in love with quilting but I have been bitten by the bug years ago and wish I would have started earlier but its never too late to start and there is still so much for me to learn and I’m just like a sponge right now wanting to soak it all up and learn every technique from paper piecing to embroidery to create my dream show quilt that some day I want to put in the AQS quilt show! So for now I will keep taking classes everywhere and want to learn how to do long arm quilting eventually!

    • Jeri Niksich says:

      You sound just like me! I’m a beginner too although I haven’t done any applique yet, I’m still trying to master the 1/4 inch lol. Can’t go to any classes so I’m absorbing what I can through you tube & magazines. My plan is to make a quilt for all 6 kids & then start on the grandkids 9 so far & counting.

  39. Lindy Sue says:

    I especially love your Wool Bunny! How “spring and happy”. Your Seasons Redwork makes me nostalgic! I am a recently retired elementary teacher and each year I would teach my students to hand embroider a quilt block which I would then make into a pillow for them for Christmas break. Their new teacher is not continuing this tradition, I did volunteer to help, too much work for her. I need to find someone who would like me to help somewhere else. Thanks for offering the free bundle to some lucky winner!

  40. Judy S says:

    Happy quilts are the best – both for you and the recipient!! you have managed to do a great number of very happy quilts, thanks for the peck into your creativity.

  41. Sher7753 says:

    I agree, quilting is very therapeutic. I have a lot of quilts in the planning stages, Patriotic, Bear, Garden, Baby girl quilt and on and on.

  42. Lucy says:

    This is the first time I have come upon your site. I just love it and enjoy all the beautiful quilts. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  43. Karolyn Adams says:

    I love looking at every single email on quilting I get. The inspirations I get from the designs I see motivate me to try new things. Thank you so much for sharing all these great ideas and quilts.

  44. Sandra says:

    Love those bunnies.

  45. NancyB from Many LA says:

    I love all the happy quilts – love all the creativity!

  46. Pat Williams says:

    I love all your projects. Since my hands won’t do hand quilting anymore I now do all my quilting with in the hoop quilt projects on my embroidery machine.

  47. Cheri D says:

    Love these quilts! I started sewing when I was 6 years old on a treadle machine! I sew for myself, my brother, my children, and grandchildren. Recently started making quilts. Sewing is my “happy place.” I could spend hours and hours in fabric stores. I would LOVE to win this bundle!

  48. Patricia Meixl says:

    Quilting is therapy for me, as well as a social outlet. I have met some of the most giving people since I took this hobby up in 2000. I have always been on the shy side, but quilting has allowed me to open up to my quilt friends and express myself through my quilts. I would love to win your give away.

  49. Liz Dyer says:

    I’ve been quilting for 10 years. I’ve been sewing since I was 10. I have always been like a kid in a candy store with fabric and notions. I started quilting to get through long Northern Maine winters and found it was wonderful stress relief. Now that I am retired I quilt because its what I love best. I love bright colors, batiks make me happy. I would love to win the books and fabric.

  50. Erin says:

    What fun quilts! I love your work. I also quilt and follow quilting activities because it makes me happy.

  51. Brenda Estes says:

    As a new step grandmom love these kid friendly quilts!!!

  52. Tabitha Keener says:

    I agree on quilting! I just started a couple months ago and I fell in love. It has taken my mind off of things and makes me happier than I’ve been in years! Thanks


  53. Denise H says:

    Your quilts are indeed happy!

  54. Judie Rhoads says:

    Your quilt designs made me smile. Considering that today started out to be quite gloomy , the happy quilts were jus t what the doctor ordered. I know I am going to make a small frog quilt to give to a children’s hospital near by. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful designs.

  55. Claudia says:

    I love, love,love this article! You’ve not only inspired me, but also you’ve spread the happiness of quilting! Thank you!

  56. Shirley says:

    I thoroughly agree……. my soul is fed by needle and thread. whether by hand or machine. I love the joy of being creative and the awe of a finished project. Thank you for the opportunity to win a fantastic give away

  57. Judie Rhoads says:

    Your quilt designs made me smile. Considering that today started out to be quite gloomy , the happy quilts were just what the doctor ordered. I know I am going to make a small frog quilt to give to a children’s hospital near by. Thank you, thank you, thank you for brightening so many people’s day

  58. Rose Goodrum says:

    I’m new to Quilt Maker,and everything I see is wonderful. I have been quilting for a few years. The colors of the bundle are beautiful.

  59. Terri E says:

    Love, love, love the embroidery on those quilts! My mom and grandma taught me to embroider as part of my introduction to the “female arts”. They are both gone now but my love for sewing and crafting remains along with my appreciation and love for them and the skills they shared with me. Thanks for the opportunity to win this fun bundle!

  60. Yvette Alba says:

    Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to quilt, but of coarse life gets in the way. I didn’t start quilting till 14 years ago, my husbands grandmother taught me. Right then I knew it was for me. But then again life got in the way again with major health problems. I have faced death a number of times and I keep telling myself and others, I can’t go yet I have too many quilts to make. So when I can, I make my quilts and my gift from others is see their smiles on their faces when I give them a quilt. That’s what makes me fight and keep on going. :)

  61. Catherine Dorsey says:

    You have some wonderful quilts. I especially love the bunny table piece. Thank you for the giveaway. I have sewed since a child and am now trying quilting. Its fun, relaxing and rewarding.

  62. Jane Grove says:

    What lovely fabric. I would love to win his bundle and see what Spring quilt I could make. The thread, books, etc. would be a lovely addition to my sewing room also. Thank you for this chance to win this wonderful gift.

  63. Lori Ring says:

    I have been quilting for just 2 years and love every minute I send sewing. I feel it is good for the soul.

  64. Denise T Vinson says:

    I have been sewing and quilting for over 45 yrs. I don’t even know what a day would be like without being in my “Special Room” to quilt or sew.
    I love to add applique to a quilt or to a outfit for my grandchildren. This just makes it so much more special “made just for them”.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this bundle. Have A Great Sew Blessed Day!

  65. Tammy Morris says:

    I am still fairly new to quilting, and am learning as I go along. To date have made a few baby quilts, some table toppers and one queen-size quilt which was for a friend who is battling pancreatic cancer. I am always looking for new tips and techniques. To win this package would greatly help me in my endeavor to learn and expand my skills. I am frightened of applique (mostly because I don’t know how to do it!).

  66. Juanita says:

    Great quilts…I like your color choices. I love the peek-a-boo bunnies.

  67. Mary Dahlberg says:

    Great quilts! Thanks for the opportunity to win. Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

  68. Jo Moury says:

    Paula, I couldn’t agree with you more. Quilting fills my soul, it’s a way to express all the jot and happy in the world around us each day that we are all too often, too busy or preoccupied to see! You’re right, quilting embroidery and a littlw appique are the perfect recipe for wonderful quilts.

  69. Carol Goertz says:

    OMG everything is so adorable. I hope to win the books.

  70. Deborah Herold says:

    Quilt Happy! That’s what it is like when I get a few minutes to hours to quilt! When all the chores , paperwork, etc is done that is when I get to quilt & it certainly makes me HAPPY!

  71. Jan Johnson says:

    Your frogs and bunnies have been added to the To Do List for sure!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful designs.

    JanJo in Reno
    Quilts For All Reasons

  72. Joann Wauczinski says:

    Needle and thread were first placed in my tiny hands at the age of three… sitting at the feet of my Gramm & Mom on the front porch… happily stitchin’ “North, South, East & West.. and HOME IS BEST” (it had two little Robins sitting in a nest)… These two women guided me to learn what are my gifts and talents.. and a woman such as you inspires us to continue to treasure a “Happiness” that comes from generations of “the work of our hands”… thank you for sharing your whimsy…

  73. Marilyn says:

    The bunnies are downright delightful.

  74. Susan says:

    Lots of cute, Springy, designs. The creativity of quilting feeds my soul. It is great therapy.

  75. Frances Birchell says:

    Loved your comment that quilting fills your soul. I have been looking for a way to describe how quilting makes me feel, and I hope you don’t mind if I use your thought.
    I enjoy the feel of the fabric, the colors and especially the way my family responds when I am able to give them something they really feel is a part of me. Thanks for your magazine.

  76. marie bittle says:

    I just love Paula’s quilts. Makes me want to quilt. The quilt she hangs in her sewing room is just beautiful! Very inspiring. Quilting is so therapeutic to me. Takes my mind to good places and off the daily grind.

  77. Sharon Meyer says:

    Such fun lively quilts they are a pleasure to look at. I started quilting as a way to free my soul and let it soar. I am most at peace as i quilt. Thank you so very much for this chance to win. Happy quilting to all.

  78. Sandie G says:

    Thanks for this chance to win! I started actively quilting in 2008 with upholstry samples. I really didn’t know what I was doing but made almost 30 quilts for family & friends. All made with love! Now that I’ve joined a guild, I need more “real” fabric, I have a really big family.

  79. Cathie Farr says:

    I have never made a quilt before and I’m scared to death. I have a bunch of old square dancing dresses that belong to my mother. I want to take them all apart and make a quilt for each one of my grandchildren (5) as a gift from her.

  80. Ann Maddox says:

    You certainly have an eye for beautiful fabrics! Love the quilts you posted! I make a baby quilt for each new grandchild, and love trying to decide what I am going to do. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!

  81. lori says:

    I love your quilts; they each have their own personality. Hope I can win! Thank you for the chance.

  82. Sandra Sugden says:

    Thanks for sharing how quilting touches your soul. I have been quilting for about 20 years, but once I retired quilting became a steadfast part of my spiritual practice that enriches my soul. I quilt with a Guild in Kamloops, BC (Cottonpickers). Our charity is bed quilts for the local Hospice House. These quilts are offered as remembrances to families who have experience loss when there love ones pass away. The prize you are offering would go towards more quilts for Hospice, as there is always a need.

  83. Gaylene says:

    You guys are amazing!! I think I am going to expand my creativity..thanks for the tips!

  84. Shelley Slocum says:

    Love quilting and all the endless possibilities of fabrics, patterns, items to make ,etc. It does make me feel happy!!!

  85. Marsha B says:

    Your designs are adorable! I love applique added to any quilt! Thanks so much for a chance to win in the giveaway.

  86. Diana 'L Stephens says:

    Love giveaways. Thanks for the chance !

  87. Jan Harbuck says:

    I started quilting because my daughter was graduating high school and there was no one to make a quilt for her. That first quilt had so many mistakes, but boy was I hooked! That was in 1993 and many quilts ago. At this point I will have to live to 200 to make all the quilts I want to make! Winning this giveaway would help me along with my quilting goals !

  88. Karen Granoff says:

    Great Quilts! You are sew creative. I started quilting because my daughter left for collage and I wanted something she could wrap around herself when she was lonely, sick or needed a hug. I am still a fairly new quilter and could use the books and fabrics to add to my stash

  89. LisaT says:

    Thanks for sharing your projects, love them. I think it’s great you had someone other creative folks in the family to teach you. I wish I had a quilting buddy, not necessarily to learn from as I’ve learned piecing, applique, quilting, on my own. It’s just exciting when you have that in common. I’ ve never done hand embroidery and I’d like to try. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Cindy Bacon says:

    I would love to give a try at the 2014 Love Blooms Here quilt. What a great quilt. So precious and I bet I could use up the many scraps I have accumulated or the best case scenario I win and get to use the fabrics and threads in the give- a- way!

  91. Vickie Townsend says:

    Love your designs! You have such a gift with fabrics and threads. Thank you for sharing.

  92. Caroline Rohrer says:

    Darling quilts, great giveaway. i hope i win

  93. Jeanette R. Wirth says:

    I started quilting because it meant so much to my best friend, Marti. She kept telling me how much I would love it because it would combine my mathematical brain and my creative side. Another dear friend in the military found out I sewed and asked me to make him a quilt. How could I say “no”. It was so much fun! I designed it myself and I would call my Marti and ask her about certain steps or where to find the fabric I needed for the next part or if my idea would work. She was amazing and my friend loves his quilt. He called it a work of art and it felt amazing! Marti talks me through that stage of a quilt where you think it is the ugliest thing you have ever worked on. She says all quilts his that point. It has been true in my experience. Now I quilt with a church group. We create quilts for the sick, people in nursing homes without family, foster children, etc. It gives me such a wonderful, fulfilling feeling to know that my effort goes to comfort others.

  94. Margaret Andrews says:

    The frog quilt with the open mouth is just so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  95. Cathy says:

    I love them all…..especially the wool bunny and the peek-a-boo bunnies :)

  96. Beth Brown says:

    Oh I love to quilt for the very same reasons! What’s not to love about quilting :)


  97. Leslie Mankoski says:

    I love the quilts!

  98. Leslie Mankoski says:

    Love the displayed quilts!

  99. Carol says:

    I love your quilts! They make me smile. I quilt because I love looking at the fabrics and the endless combinations of color and print. It feeds my soul.

  100. Sherry says:

    I really like Love Blooms Here. All of your quilts are happy!

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