Improve Your Machine Quilting!

Quiltmaker is focused on
machine quilting in 2014!

YOMQ button 450 Improve Your Machine Quilting!

Would you like to know more about machine quilting?

Would you like to improve your skills?

Would you like to use your home machine to finish quilts beautifully?

Let us help you!

Please visit our Year of Machine Quilting home page, where you’ll find:

YOMQchapter1 graphic 125 Improve Your Machine Quilting!

• A Quick Start Guide to get you quilting right away

• A fun journal page (included in the Quick Start Guide) to help you reflect on your machine quilting journey

MQ setup 400 Improve Your Machine Quilting!

• Snazzy “status buttons” to tell the world what you’re doing

OrangePeel 125 Improve Your Machine Quilting!  Crosshatch 125 Improve Your Machine Quilting!  FancyFlower 125 Improve Your Machine Quilting!  SwirlyPebbles 125 Improve Your Machine Quilting!

• Bonus quilting designs you can use to practice what you’re learning

There is much more to come during the Year of Machine Quilting. For now the best thing you can do is to download the Quick Start Guide and follow the instructions to start practicing. Email questions to

And now, let’s QUILT!

About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email:
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20 Responses to Improve Your Machine Quilting!

  1. Candace Mullen says:

    I have been quilting for 14 years and I have quilted all of my quilts with quilting in the ditch. I am eager to learn how to do different quilting designs. I am so happy with this this chance to learn with the practice squares. I feel that if I don’t quilt my own quilts it would not be my own quilt to give to someone. I love making baby quilts but I have also made a lot of queen and king size quilts. Thank you for this chance to learn.

  2. I like traditional patterns with quicker techniques. The new fabrics are always so inspiring

  3. Karen Scuffham says:

    Such wonderfully colorfull quilts, makes me feel a bit spring like in WI finally!

  4. LaNan says:

    So many cute blocks. It would be fun to make multiple quilts with these block choices. It would be great to win a copy!

  5. Sheri Ashmead says:

    I love so many patterns its hard to determine my favorite but lately I have been enjoying strips and my tri-recs tool!
    I have been sewing for about 25 years, and only just last year I figured out I do not
    “need a reason” to make a quilt! I now have over a dozen tops pieced that need quilting.
    I have always sent my tops out to be quilted, because I was never very good at the finishing! Then I started machine quilting a couple years ago and decided to take a long arm class. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Cannot wait to get some time to get some practice in on those lovely machines!!

  6. Linda Lemp says:

    I don’t do much quilting but I really enjoy piecing!

  7. Gaile Smith says:

    My quilting style is sewing whenever I get a few moments. When I do housework, I reward myself with an hour of sewing and then tackle another housework project. That is a delicious looking giveaway that I would most certainly enjoy. Thanks for giving this reward to someone.

  8. Jean Hendrickson says:

    I am a traditional quilter although I love trying new things.

  9. I piece my quilts by machine and hand quilt them. I love trying new patterns, fabric, and creating usable art!

  10. Donna Dolvin says:

    I love bright colors. Mostly make baby quilts and blankets. Love to win the new book. Please enter me in the contest.

  11. Karen McCaughtry says:

    I tend to like traditional blocks that are used with the new modern look. I have not tried to do a modern quilt, but is on my to do list. I would love to get the new magazine, and free material to experiment with.

  12. gwen kover says:

    I would really love to win a copy of magazine, I cannot find it in a store. Thank you for the opportunity of participating.

  13. Bonnie Krenz says:

    I would love to win your latest give away. Thanks

  14. Debbie Foxx says:

    I began quilting last year. I am still learning. I do it by machine-have experimented on free motion fillers and can see progress with each new project. I am on my first full size quilt now. I hope to soon begin making blocks with different designs to try out some free block designs I have been downloading. My first pieced one was so cute I made a pillow from it. I feel very inexperienced but know learning takes time and practice!

  15. Julie says:

    I am new to Quilting and I am obsessed with all the Beautiful Patterns and fabrics that are available!! I look forward to many more happy years of quilting and creating!

  16. Doris Worthen says:

    Love that you are doing FMQ this year. I have done some meandering in the past but am interested in learning more stitches. Thank you for taking this project on at this time. I am sure that it will take me a great deal of time to get as good as I hope to get.

  17. GrannyTo8Boys says:

    I love FMQ. Mine don’t turn out contest or display worthy, but the recipients are always amazed and pleased. Plus, I get to practice, practice, practice, on gifts. Just do it!!!

  18. Lee Ann says:

    I am loving this exercise!! I love fabric! I have tried to teach myself to quilt for 3 years now and create the toppers but when it comes to quilting them it has not worked. I am doing the practice and I can see where there are differences already.

    It is a slow process for me as I work two jobs. The dining room table now has the sewing machine on it as a permanent fixture but I am happy to come home and sew right away.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this event!!!

  19. Josefina says:

    I am a hand quilter. I have always admired the quilting so many quilters have accomplished with their home sewing machine. I tried practicing on small squares and just like what your article said it’s not pretty. I didn’t seem to be getting any better so I dropped it. After reading Chapter 1 of YOMQ I think I am inspired to start it back up again. I really want the option to be able to machine-quilt my quilt in case I need to finish a quilt asap. Thank you for the inspiration. I will try to practice at least 15 minutes a day.

  20. QuiltMouse says:

    It may take me more than a year to catch on to this process, but can’t wait until I feel more comfortable finishing my quilts myself!

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