QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcotte’s Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

QM scrap squadB3 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

Quiltmaker’s Scrap Squad is a select group of eight QM readers. They take one pattern from each regular issue and make scrappy versions to inspire you.

Today is another of the final projects from the 2013 Scrap Squad.

QMMP 140200 JUDY 450 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)The Scrap Squad quilt from the Jan/Feb issue of Quiltmaker is Oh, Sew Blue! It was designed by Judy Laquidara and made by Hatty Brown using Moda fabrics.


christa QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

Christ Marcotte

Today’s featured quilt is by Christa Marcotte who lives in Torquay, Saskatchewan. Christa blogs at Second Story Quilting. You’ll hear from Christa in her own words below.

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It always amazes me at how little fabric it seems to take when it’s all cut up…

Yet I never have enough of the fabric I love to complete a project!!

all cut up 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

The Scrap Squad’s project #6:

Oh Sew Blue by Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times

Where has the year gone??

Six quilts…12 months…a year of creativity!!

6 scraps 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

This time I decided I would use some of my favorite batiks with a white background.

hst 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

I loved the little star centers….

block 300x292 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

It was a fast and easy quilt to put together…

corner1 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

as long as you paid attention to the layout.

half done 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

Before I knew it, it was border time!!

 finished top 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

I like to use up the pieces I have left over


I sewed them up to make a strip for two sides of this quilt.

using up blocks 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

I am still in love with Susie’s Magic Binding technique

pileof binding 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

which makes adding a flanged binding so simple…

 binding 2 225x300 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

and it’s stitched on by machine, making it a piece of cake!!

stitching flange binding 225x300 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

 I really love the quilting my girlfriend

Terry Whitman did on my final Scrap Squad quilt.

quilting 3 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

Terry has the cutest curlie q’s and swirls making it look so dainty!

 quiting 2 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

It has been an amazing and creative opportunity

to be a member of Scrap Squad for 2013.

full shot 292x300 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

I have learned a couple of lessons through this year’s quilting.

 more stitching 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)


Someone out there will love what you make…even if you don’t like it!


You know what you like…trust your own judgment!!


Think outside the box once in awhile…you can always crawl back in when you need to!!


Quilting is more than just hacking up fabric to resew it…It’s therapy!


I have one of THE best longarmers in the quilting world (Thanks, Terry)!!

terrys stitching 300x225 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

I have made a circle of new friends who are super creative and inspiring!

It’s been a fun year to serve as a Scrapper with all of you!!

Stop by and see what I am up to every now and again




cm+signature QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

*     *     *     *     *

Christa has done a great job all year. The 2013 Scrap Squad posts are winding down with just a few to go. Let’s have a surprise giveaway because January-is-lasting-forever! Leave Christa and the Scrap Squad ladies a comment below before the day ends on Friday, January 17.

Share a lesson you’ve learned in regard to your quilting, as Christa did. We’ll choose a random winner for a box of quilty happiness including fabric, 100 Blocks and a few books. What better way to brighten up the winter!?!

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195 Responses to QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcotte’s Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

  1. Pat says:

    What a beautiful quilt. I am just starting to quilt again after many years of having to work over 40 hr. wk. weeks. I love it and have learned so much from blogs and videos. The piecing and stippling in this quilt is just awesome. What I would give for a longarm machine! I do Stippling on my machine, but it would be so much easier with a longarm. My quilting magazines are my lifeline. I couldn’t do it without them. I refer to them all the time. Thank you for all the information you give us beginners.

  2. Madeline says:

    What I have learned this year is something everyone has been telling me, but it just didnt sink in. Make what you like, and quit trying to please someone else. I have been making various quilty things for my sister, but nothing is just the color she wants. Finally I have just decided to make a quilt in all shades of her favorite color, so that some of it is bound to be just right for her, and the thing as a whole is something I like. I have also found out that if I make a quilt and it doesnt turn out quite the way I wanted it, and no longer appeals to me, give it away! The recipient will probably like it, and another gift dilemma is solved.

  3. Jodi Connors says:

    I have learned to slow down and not rush things. You will get better results if you take your time and do things right the first time. I am so inspired by all that I read here on these stories, that quilting does not have to be perfect for one and two we all make mistakes!


  4. Jacquie B says:

    I always learn something from each new project or each article I read.

  5. carol says:

    Just like the guys say, measure twice, cut once

  6. David says:

    It looks challenging but fun & turned out beautiful!

  7. ritainalaska says:

    I thought I had learned to measure twice, cut once, but, rats, I’ve got to learn it again!

  8. Angie says:

    Love the quilt. I would like to learn to do the flanged binding. It looks beautiful!

  9. WyoDi says:

    I’m a life long learner, especially if sewing and/or quilt related! Every quilt retreat I attend, quilt magazine I read, class or lecture I attend, makes me a more informed person.

  10. Lee says:

    A lovely quilt! I have learned to make a practice block – always and it helps me! thank you!

  11. Siobhan says:

    What a beautiful quilt! I’ve learned that practicing makes everything better, and that fabrics that live in my stash, but that I’m not in love with anymore, make great practice sandwiches!

  12. Linda Webster says:

    I’ve learned that no matter how long you’ve been quilting, you can always learn something new. Keep taking classes and trying new techniques!

  13. Lynn says:

    I just love what you’ve done with the colors on this quilt. I’ve only made two quilts so far (an applique and a paper pieced) and I think this quilt is very intriguing to try for my third quilt.

  14. Jennifer Reed says:

    I love the quilt above, it’s lovely !!!

    I have learned to press seams as you go to make the pieces lay nice, and that there is unlimited ideas, patterns, and fabrics, so choices for your next inspiration is everywhere. I love that you can include art into quilting too, and I never knew how many different stitches there were to create on quilts until just recently. The ideas are endless, I love quilting and I am just beginning….can’t wait to teach my daughter someday :)

  15. sandie deahl says:

    i have learned for each pattern there are a million designs for each quilt. sharing progress throughout the process allows for timely feedback, and finally, as much as I want to….I never win the free prizes…so will stick with receiving free knowledge..which is priceless!!

  16. SewCalGal says:

    Beautiful quilt. Thanks for all the tips.

    For me, I’ve learned to not be too critical of my work but I also am pushing myself to always learn new techniques and perfect my skills. I achieve balance by not stressing over my workmanship, with the motto from Angela Walters ‘done is good enough’.


  17. Anne Simonot says:

    I’ve learned that how successful (the wow factor) a quilt is for me, is often determined by the colour scheme – often more important than the pattern. Also.. the scrappier the better! That fabric or two that doesn’t seem to quite match the other blues or greens, throw it in anyway!

  18. Debra says:

    I have finally learned how to make a “scant 1/4 inch” seam. I no longer lose 1/4 to 1/2 inches in my completed blocks. :D

  19. Beverly says:

    I’ve learned to always press as you go. Oh, and go slow and enjoy the process.

  20. Sherri K. says:

    I’ve learned that we are our own worse critic. You can’t see your presumed mistakes on a quilt when it is wrapped around a 7 year old. :)

  21. Bridget says:

    I have learned that the right coloration can make your entire quilt. And it’s harder than it looks. :)

  22. Elizabeth Smith says:

    My stash is too large (I know, but I have a very small house) and sometimes I just have to start cutting and sewing any fabric I put my hands on. It is therapeutic and interesting. I refuse to buy new fabric until I cut my stash down to size, but somehow I always run into new fat quarter bundles that I have NO Idea how they got there.

  23. Kathy M Boice says:

    I have learned many things thru quilting. It is not just about the process, it is relaxing and learning to make the process enjoyable. There are many stresses in life, quilting is intended to reduce those stresses and produce a beautiful work of art. It doesn’t have to be perfect, elaborate, and difficult to make. The simplest of quilts is a piece of art on it’s own! It does, however, have to be made of quality fabrics and lots of love stitched in each block! Wrapping yourself up in a quilt is like being hugged by the person who made it. Even if that person is yourself! We have something in our family called “Forever Hugs”. Quilts help those forever hugs stay warm and personal.

  24. Peggy says:

    I have learned that the picture on the pattern does not have to dictate the color choices I use for the quilt. I am starting to be more of my own quilter than before, I would only buy fabric and make my quilt identical to the pattern picture. I don’t have to love evry quilt I make, someone else might like the ones I do not.
    I have also learned that quilters are incredible people! They will help you, teach you, celebrate you, comfort you and become your best friends.

  25. Marlo Raub says:

    I drive my husband and myself crazy sometimes. I am my own worst enemy. I want every perfect. You can’t see any mistake. But I’ll look and look as if I need to find one Lol.

  26. Betty E. says:

    My husband and I have completely different styles when it comes to quilting (I’m more the perfectionist, he’s more the get-it-done-quickly type). I’ve learned to just accept it – everyone has their own style and as long as you’re happy with the end result, that’s all that matters. Do what makes you happy.

  27. arlette says:

    I’ve learned to count twice and double check, as in the past I had troubles with the wrong fabric measured!!!

  28. QuiltinGram says:

    Everyone has “off” days…if you find you are mis-cutting or having to rip out and resew more than a couple of times…step away from the sewing room for awhile!

  29. I’ve learned that its easy to make two identical quilts at the same time

  30. Rina Mason says:

    I learned to always make a sample block and that perfection in quilt making does not exist. Even master quilters are able to point out a flaw in their work, so I learned to relax and not beat myself up over something that no one can see except me.

  31. Suellen says:

    I’m just learning to quilt and Mercy don’t I learn something new every day. I especially like her idea that quilting is therapy. My quilts might not be fancy and I have a lot to learn as far as technique, color, and placement but they make me happy.

  32. Jo C says:

    I’ve learned to quit stressing over color. With the right pattern, all colors work together!

  33. DebrafromMD says:

    The beat lesson I have learned is from Bonnie Hunter. I love to make scrap quilts, but cutting out a bazillion pieces to start left me less than thrilled with a new project. Now I cut up leftover fabrics into usable strips and squares when I finish making a quilt top. I’m ready to start a new scrap quilt whenever a good pattern comes along.

  34. Jo-Anne Cooper says:

    I am a novice quilter and have learned the importance of a perfect 1/4 inch seam and taking time to do careful cutting.

  35. Linda Becker says:

    I’m still trying to learn to like doing scrap quilts. I love the look when others do it but when I try I tend to go back to my comfort zone which is more structured quilts. Maybe from my accounting background! Love your quilt and the techniques I learn from your posts!

  36. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    I’ve learned binding isn’t as bad as I feared, and applique is fun!

  37. Susan says:

    This year I learned that a little organization and planning goes a long way to getting things finished! I think both versions of this quilt are so beautiful. Well done!

  38. Robin Huss says:

    I’m learning about lights mediums and darks. It’s taking it a while to sink in, but I’m getting there. lol Thank you for the give away, hope I can win!

  39. Judy Jewell says:

    I’ve learned that when I just grab from my stash there are numerous quilts to be made. It’s just a matter of going with my feelings at the time and all will be beautiful! :)

  40. Lyn Kaufmann says:

    Hmmm, I learned to try, even if it’s just one block. Love your quilt here and appreciate you taking us thought the process.

  41. Sharon Judkins says:

    I have loved all the scrap squad quilts this year. Sometimes I see a pattern in a magazine and think that it doesn’t look like something I want to make. Then when you see the same pattern in different color/fabric choices, you get a feel for how it would look in fabrics I like.

  42. Celeste says:

    I am learning to use the fabrics in my stash as much as possible and it’s okay if the color isn’t exactly the one used in the magazine or pattern. The quilt becomes more “my own” and I like it!

  43. Leanne says:

    My best quilting lesson comes from Angela Walters “Close enough is good enough.” Don’t worry over having everything perfect. Just do your best and get it to the place where you can live with the mistakes.

  44. Cathy says:

    Christa your quilt is beautiful. I have always found when starting a new project is to make a block in my chosen fabric and put it up on the design wall for a day or two to make sure I am happy with my choices. Hugs

  45. Brenda Schupska says:

    I’ve learned to “manage” my scraps by cutting them into 2″ and 5″ squares and storing them by color. They won’t work for every scrap quilt I want to make, but I can easily make a quick nine-patch or other simple pattern from them. I like the feeling of making something beautiful from these leftovers.

  46. Lea says:

    Wow, I can’t even imagine making so many quilts in one year!! One thing i’ve learned recently is that it is much easier to quult a small heart than it is a larger heart. Practice, practice, practice.

  47. Annaleena says:

    I have been quilting few years and just recently I have started to enjoy more and more of scrappy quilts. These blog post about different colour choices have been very interesting.

  48. Audrey says:

    Like in life, quilting is a learning experience every day. One of my best lessons has been to cut and press binding during the cutting stage. An extra binding strip doesn’t hurt either. This way you will enough fabric to complete your quilt and can use the leftovers without worry should the original quilt becomes a UFO. Your quilt is beautiful done in batiks. I like the binding technique and am going to try it out. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Sherry Book says:

    Lessons I’ve learned in the past year or so?….I always read through the directions before starting to see if there’s an easier way to construct the blocks, and to figure out how to press the seams if it’s not indicated on the pattern. If I like the pattern really well, I will cut it out in 2 colorways after I first make one block, since it is just as easy to make two quilts as one (and I enjoy choosing and cutting fabric—it’s one of my favorite parts!). All the instructions are clear in my head, and I’ve made many extra charity quilts using this process.

  50. Rachell R says:

    I’ve learned to pay attention to what I like and dislike, and what is my “style”. I’ve learned to take a risk now and then, with a different color theme than I would have picked originally (I.e. yellow and gray!)
    I’m trying to be ok with myself and how slow I seem to be, especially with my limitations. It’s ok as long as I’m progressing and learning and finishing, and enjoying myself! It’s MY hobby and obsession, so I can enjoy it and be happy, because quilting helps me be happy and de-stress!

  51. E. Engman says:

    As always, I’m awed by the creativity of these talented quilters (and their stashes!). I hope Quiltmaker continues to recruit and utilize more talented quilters like they’ve done recently. The variety and quality of the results have been inspiring. Thanks.

  52. Nancy says:

    I have learned to take risks and to trust what I think will work. Surprisingly, it usually does and most times I am happy with the results! I have learned to take risks with color, sizes, shapes and just be willing to “veer off” in another direction if I am so moved. I agree withe statement that there’s always SOMEONE who will like what you end up with. I do have trouble with”random” so that is my next challenge.

  53. Kaye M. says:

    I’ve learned to take my time with a project and enjoy the ride! If I try to hurry, I make mistakes and then I lose more time fixing those mistakes. Last year I pieced a quilt top and set it on point and then it got too long and narrow! I took about 1/3 of it apart and made it wider and not so long. It took alot of work but I was much happier with it when I got done.

  54. Linda says:

    Having just gotten into quilting in the last few months, I’ve learned there is a lot to learn. I joined a quilting group through my church and with their help did manage to complete a lap quilt for my 89 year old Mother for Christmas. I machined quilted it on the 62 year old machine that I learned to sew on at the age of 8 making it even more special. Enjoying ready the comments for the QM Scrap Squad

  55. Rhonda Davis says:

    I admire Christa’s work and the ideas she has shared. I started quilting almost a year ago for something to occupy my time…I haven’t worked for 2 years due to arthritis and wanted something I could do a little at a time when I felt like doing something. I have tried several different technics and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I made two baby/toddler quilts with pillows to match, a couple applique wall quilts and four table topper quilts that became Christmas presents.

  56. Joan H. says:

    We moved to a different city this year and I didn’t know anyone, so I joined a quilting group in my neighborhood. I never realized what fun it would be to plan projects and work together with women who have the same interests as I do. It has been one of the best experiences I have ever had.

  57. Doris Gardner says:

    I have learned to let go and just give it a try!! It should not be a chore to try something new!! I love it when something new turns out to be beautiful and fun! Thanks!!

  58. Diantha Howard says:

    I learned that hand quilting takes a LONG time! And that small projects have been helpful in learning how to machine quilt.
    I had never heard of this way of doing binding before. I can’t wait to try it!

  59. Linda Jerome says:

    I love the quilt in any color, this has been fun seeing what everyone makes and the different color options.

  60. Lindsay Mattison says:

    I’ve learned that if i relax, it’s a lot more fun and I make less mistakes in my FMQ’g… and a quilt is made with so much love that no one notices any imperfection. It’s love thru fun!

  61. Nancy says:

    I have learned that if I am going to get any project done – I just need to jump into it
    and work on it whenever I can spare a few minutes! Don’t wait for a large block of time –
    it may never happen.

  62. Amber says:

    I have learned to cut my binding strips at the same time that I cut all other pieces for the quilt, that way if I finish the top but take a while with other projects (especially scrappy ones) I know that I will have the binding that matches the quilt instead of discovering that I used the chosen fabric in a scrappy quilt because I forgot what it was intended for!

  63. Cathryn says:

    I learned just how exact that 1/4 inch seam needs to be. One thread off on each block and it was out of whack. Suffice to say, now I’m double checking every block to make sure it’s correct.I also learned that sometimes going out of my comfort zone can make a difference in how I look at a quilt pattern. Keep up the great lessons! Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough, but I’m saying it anyway – Thank You!!

  64. Jmniffer says:

    I’ve learned that my quarter inch seam is all important…and can change depending on fabrics and thread used. That perfect piecing isn’t as important to me as finishing is, but doing my very best is a must as is squaring up my blocks before moving to the next step. Those little bits of excess fabric DO make a difference. Most of all, I am my own worst critic and I need to give myself a break as I try new techniques.

  65. Linda Halcomb says:

    I have learn to not worry so much about it being perfect & that has let me try new techniques that I would’ve never tried in the past. Sometimes when outside your comfort zone amazing results are possible!

  66. Pam in KC says:

    I learned this this past weekend. Just because you can’t come up with an idea of how to set a stack of blocks together or think they don’t go together doesn’t mean they won’t make a cute quilt. Years ago I was given a couple of sets of swap blocks. One was a set of 7 purple blocks – all different patterns. The other was a set of 14 different log cabin blocks — different colors, different log widths, different centers. Both sets were “12 – inches”. My husband suggested putting them into a single quilt top -tossing out one of the purple blocks. By golly it’s cute and I never dreamed of putting them together.

    I’ve enjoyed reading about the quilts this past year and look forward to reading about next year’s quilts.

  67. SusanL says:

    My advice is just to give something a try- just START! It’s fun to spend lots of time looking online and in magazines for inspiration but eventually it’s time to jump in and try something yourself!

  68. Emily C says:

    I have learned smaller projects are quicker, esp. when you hand quilt. Also that trying to teach someone is harder than it sounds.

  69. Tami says:

    I have learned to enjoy all the processes of making a quilt. I will admit that I enjoy some parts more than other parts, but as in life, you have to take the good along with the bad. So I will continue to trim the quilt blocks that are not quite the same size so that I can coordinate fabric for another quilt!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  70. Ramona Collins says:

    I’ve learned that we are just too hard on ourselves when making quilts. We look too closely at all the quilting things, points aren’t cut off, the seams match, etc. When you give a quilt as a gift these things are not even noticed and the quilt is loved. It is a part of yourself, your heart, your time, and will be loved for a long time. So make your best quilt, give it freely, and enjoy all the love you will receive from that gift.

  71. Linda Christianson says:

    My tip for scrape quilts is to make the background from the same fabric or at least the same color tone. With the new rule that a scrape quilt has to have over 75 different fabric, my tip may not help to reach that goal. I just don’t like busy, quilts. Staying within the same colors also helps.

  72. Karen W. says:

    I’ve learned so much about color by making scrap quilts. I love the way the Scrap Squad had taken the patterns and used them as outlines for their own creativity. Thanks for all the posts. I’ve enjoyed them very much!

  73. Donna Brubaker says:

    I loved seeing all the various ways the Scrap Squad made the patterns and used their own stash of fabrics. It inspires me to dive into my stash and mix it up to make a very colorful scrappy quilt. The lesson learned is to use fabrics that don’t match so much and to make the quilt pop. Too matched fabric doesn’t make the most interesting quilt. I was determined to organize my stash by color, but now I’m not so anxious to do that! I usually keep fabrics together from a project just in case I want to make a coordinating pillow sham or table runner. Can’t wait to see the next round of quilts that the Scrap Squad sews up!

  74. Lisa Marie says:

    I love the Scrap Squad quilts! Seeing several different versions of the same pattern helps me think outside the box and inspires me to try different color combinations and layouts. Thanks for providing all that! A lesson I have learned in quilting is that it is time well spent to make sure your pieces are sewn accurately from the very first block, because if the blocks are off then the problems just grow as the quilt does. I always make a test block before cutting pieces for an entire quilt. This helps me anticipate how things will go.

    Yay for January giveaways, but not so much for January weather! Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. A lesson I learned is to not worry so much. It is only fabric, and if it is really terrible, I can throw it away without anyone seeing, although I haven’t had to do that yet!

  76. Yvette W says:

    I have learned more about color and patterns in fabrics. I am having more confidence and getting out of my comfort zone.

  77. Connie Hendryx says:

    I too have learned to think outside the box….and that it is okay to have 32 bags of scraps! I will be working on those scraps this whole year….or for a few years….being happy at creating in my brand-new quilting studio my husband created on the second floor of our Victorian home! I am so blessed!

  78. Debra says:

    Love the projects. I’ve learned that the more color the better. At least that is what reaps the most compliments.

  79. Linda Sargent says:

    I always like reading the comments and pick up something new!!

  80. Robin Johnson says:

    I have learned to slow down and take the time to make it right. I ve learned to relax and enjoy the whole process.

  81. Judy S says:

    Love the scrappy ideas! It’s so much better to SEE what can be done with ‘scraps / garbage’ so you can appreciate just how versatile they can be. Thank you so much for the inspiration to clean up the bit pile!

  82. Mary Jean Brophy says:

    You scrappy quilters are an inspiration. You just forge ahead and never doubt the
    project will turn out. I’ve learned how to inspire others and say go ahead believe in your project, but am striving to do the same myself. Thank you for blogging.

  83. Rebecca Schmitt says:

    I have learned to just jump in and go for it. I just started a BOM sampler, and used a FQ pack I had picked up and loved, but didn’t have a project for. I just pulled those out, grabbed a few other pieces from the stash, and started. At some point I may have to pick a few more pieces to fill in here and there, but I am having lots of fun just poking into my stash and grabbing another color here and there for this project.

  84. Carol F. says:

    The greatest lesson learned thus far…slow down and enjoy the journey!
    There is pleasure to be discovered at every step of the process when quilting.
    However strange as it sounds I love ironing the seams as I go… to my eyes, the blocks look their best all ‘prim and proper’.

  85. mary walker says:

    I am learning to hang all unfinished projects in one spot with all the materials hanging from it. This way I look at all the projects needed to be finished in one glance before I start something new. But of course this never is a foolproof method!

  86. Becky in a Georgia says:

    One lesson that works for me is to begi or start a step. If I leave a project out with pins ready to sew or the next step ready foe cutting I’m more likely to find a few minutes here and there to sew. Thanks! Enjoy reading the comments!

  87. Sue Cleek says:

    Well, I have learned not to buy border fabric until I am ready for that. I inevitably will purchase border fabric with the fabric for the blocks, and then find, once the blocks are complete, the border I originally chose doesn’t play nice with the blocks! Sigh….

  88. DARLA DISHMAN says:


  89. Ann Flower says:

    Have had a fun time seeing the difference fabric and color can make in a pattern. Thanks so much for sharing your time with all of us.

  90. Wilma Searcy says:

    When doing patchwork, I keep a small ironing board on a table just to the left side of my sewing machine. As I sew, I turn and press, then continue sewing. It saves a lot of time and effort.

  91. Lisa T says:

    Loved reading about the bind technique – first I’ve seen it and Ive got it book marked! Hmm, lessons learned. Well, something that I never really thought much about before is the leftover scraps from your quilt projects. I mean, I save them and all but because some are little pieces you don’t give them much value sometimes. If added all up you really can put a price value to them. With that said, I decided to jump into my overflowing scrap box and have started a scrappy Irish chain quilt from 2 inch strip. I already had some white background and so I didn’t have to purchase a thing. I have also decided too that as soon as I have finished a project I will cut any leftovers into 2 or 2.5 strips of even squares so as to be ready for a future scrap project. I already began converting my messing scrap box into an organize box of my own scrappy precuts!

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