A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

I thought it was a fitting time to look back at some of our favorite Quiltmaker patterns this year, so I asked QM staff to share what their favorite quilt is from 2013.

Carolyn Beam
I like the simplicity and versatility of the design in The Right Slice in Quiltmaker Nov/Dec ’13.

15368 pattern img A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

The Right Slice, designed by QM Staff in Quiltmaker Nov/Dec ’13.


Ian Davis
I really like Sparkling Bubbles by Eileen Fowler in our July/August ’13 issue—the colors and shapes really pop, kind of like fireworks.

QMMP 130800 EILEEN 450 A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

Sparkling Bubbles designed by Eileen Fowler in Quiltmaker July/Aug ’13


Kelly Eisinger
As a new quilter I am intrigued by the simplicity of Peg Spradlin’s fold and sew method demonstrated in Square Roots in March/April ’13. It is easy to understand and execute. This quilt design also gives a lot of room to experiment with color and fabric designs to create a variety of styles.

15049 pattern img A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

Square Roots by Peg Spradlin, a fold and sew quilt, in Quiltmaker March/April ’13

[Note: we like Peg’s Fold and Sew method so much that we invited her to submit blocks for a new column in our 2014 issues.]

Eileen Fowler
My favorite is Konda Luckau’s Knit & Purl in the Sept/Oct ’13 issue. I love the illusion of dimension created by the colors, values and design. It was fun auditioning the fabrics to see how different combinations worked. (And I’m a terrible knitter—but I could easily sew a zillion triangle-squares with Triangulations.)

15331 pattern img A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

Knit & Purl designed by Konda Luckau in Quiltermaker Sept/Oct ’13.

Note: Free knitting pattern inspired by the quilt Knit & Purl offered by our sister publication Love of Knitting (kit also available):

Punch Bowl Stripes 200 A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

Free pattern from Love of Knitting, inspired by the quilt named Knit and Purl


Diane Harris
One of my 2013 favorites is Rascal Patch designed by Denise Starck from July/August ’13. I love all of the Patch Pals, but the raccoon is over-the-top adorable.

15225 pattern img A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

Rascal Patch designed by Denise Starck in Quiltmaker July/Aug ’13

[Note: See ALL of the Patch Pals Collection at quiltmaker.com/patchpals. Buy the book with patterns for the original 12 Patch Pals at quiltandsewshop.com (however, the raccoon is not in the book.)]

Denise Starck
My favorite would be Sonja Callaghan’s Easy Breezy Hexies from May/June ’13. I love the color palette and the quilting motif—it was fun to sew.

15095 pattern img A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

Easy Breezy Hexies designed by Sonja Callaghan in Quiltmaker May/June ’13

Paula Stoddard
My favorite quilt is Crayon Box, designed by Denise Russart. Making each crayon was a little adventure, waiting to see how it looked when it was all put together. I spent a good couple of weekends hunkered in my sewing room, sewing crayons and catching up on Downton Abbey. It was really fun. (Do you know about our Jan/Feb ’14 cover quilt made with fabric inspired by Downton Abbey!?!)

15330 pattern img A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

My Crayon Box designed by Denise Russart in Quiltmaker Sept/Oct ’13.

And then, I couldn’t pick just one, another of my 2013 favorites is Bonnie Hunter’s Lazy Sunday. This was a 4-part mystery quilt that started in March/April ’13. I really love the soft Christmas colors in the version that I made–romantic and sweet. It’s one of my favorite quilts now.

LazySunday Bonnie A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

Lazy Sunday Mystery designed and made by Bonnie Hunter

LazySunday Paula A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

Lazy Sunday Mystery made by Paula Stoddard

June Dudley
Yes, I collected owls in the 1970s and now they’re trendy all over again. I think Margie Ullery’s Fall Skinnie in July/Aug ’13 is adorable.

15219 pattern img A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

Fall Skinnie by Margie Ullery in Quiltmaker July/Aug ’13

If the criteria for favorite quilts includes what you made and sent pictures of, this year’s all time favorites would have to be all of the Seasonal Skinnies from Margie that appeared in March/April ’13, May/June ’13July/Aug ’13 and Sept/Oct ’13. We saw lots of readers making these delightful small quilts.

SkinnieQuilts A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

Seasonal Skinnies designed by Margie Ullery of RibbonCandyQuilts.blogspot.com for Quiltmaker. Patterns appear in (Spring) March/April ’13, (Summer) May/June ’13, (Fall) July/August ’13 and (Winter) Sept/Oct ’13.

If you want an easy way to collect all six of Quiltmaker’s 2013 issues, the digital compilation is the best way to get them all at once from QuiltAndSewShop.com. You’ll find patterns for all of the quilts shown above plus so many more.

What were your favorite Quiltmaker projects this year? Tell us all in a comment below.

From the Quiltmaker staff to all of our quilting “family”, we hope you enjoy your favorite people, quilts and other things this holiday season!

About June Dudley

I'm the Editor-in-Chief of Quiltmaker magazine. I have enjoyed quilting for many years. And I love to collect fabric, thread, books and all things quilty. I especially like batiks, bright colors, florals, dots, stripes and anything purple or teal.
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8 Responses to A Few of Our Favorite (Quiltmaker) Things in 2013

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  2. carla walton says:

    I have made a couple of the patch pals and a few of the the skinny’s. love them all. I hope you collect enough of the skinny’s for a magazine like you did the patch pals. I like them a lot. if I could have only one magazine it would be Quiltmaker, there is always something I like in every one of them.

  3. Claudine says:

    J’ai particulièrement aimé les hiboux

  4. rosa says:

    Love them all.My best favorite is Lazy Sunday.
    Merrry Chriatmas and I wish you and yours an awesome Christmas and a 2014 full al great moments!

  5. Chris says:

    I love them all but the Patch Pals are “sew” much fun to make. Merry Christmas everyone.

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  7. Peg Spradlin says:

    I’m thrilled and honored to be picked as Kelly’s favorite quilt of 2013. Check out my website for a full picture of the quilt http://www.handicraftsbypeg.com
    Click on the Fold and Sew link on the left hand side of the page.
    My daughter thinks it’s an easy technique, too. She used this method to make her first quilt and she loved! it. That quilt is also pictured on my website.
    I’m putting finishing touches on the Fold and Sew block for the Quiltmaker March/
    April 2014 issue and I think you’ll all love it.

  8. Karen says:

    Merry Christmas to all the staff at the magazine – enjoy the blog and it is on my reader and I read it all the time.

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