Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Welcome to Quiltmaker’s Treasure Hunt!

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Today’s featured sponsor is Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

What’s New at Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Measurements: There’s an App for That

Screen Shot 2013 10 29 at 1.17.51 PM 300x219 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Robert Kaufman Fabrics

The Quilter’s Little Helper, iPhone App.

Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Quilter’s Paradise have joined forces to bring you a collection of eight essential quilting calculators. With these calculators you’ll be able to quickly convert between yards and inches, meters and centimeters; learn how much fabric you need for backing, batting and borders; and determine how many rectangular pieces can be cut from a larger piece. There are even calculators for square-in-a-square, set-in and corner triangles.

Dazzling Fabrics

RK1 300x300 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Fabric: Dazzle by Patrick Lose Studios.

Quiltmaker and designer Patrick Lose makes a splash with Dazzle, his latest fabric collection of twinkling stripes, bubbles and rings playing in a brilliant palette of 30 must-have tonal shades.

 Behind the Scenes of Batik Making

Staff 6 300x199 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Robert Kaufman Fabrics

A worker wears gloves for protection during the fabric dying process.

Have you ever wondered how batik fabrics are made? Check out the Robert Kaufman Fabrics blog, Swatch and Stitch. Here you will get a full overview of the batik-making process, given by Kaufman’s powerhouse design duo Michael and Debra Lunn. Michael and Debra discuss their companies ethical business strategy and production process, in respect to the positive effects the business has on the local community of Surakarta, Indonesia.

RobertKaufman 250 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Robert Kaufman FabricsQuiltmaker gratefully acknowledges Robert Kaufman Fabrics and their generous sponsorship during the Treasure Hunt. We appreciate their partnership.

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11 Responses to Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Robert Kaufman Fabrics

  1. jeanette says:

    THE LONGIST FIND almost ready to quit the HUNT

  2. correction: intermediate quilter…Laughs, I need my glasses…

  3. I am an interment quilter and I love all the patterns, and I would love to add the fabrics to my growing stash…

  4. Gay says:

    I am an intermediate quilter. Love your patterns.

  5. Janet Lindstrom says:

    What amazing quilting info to read through on a long trip home today. What inspiration and quality tips to make things easier and look beautiful. I am an intermediate quilter and just above beginner for using my long arm.
    HOORAY for quilting. It is my passion and my therapy.

  6. Pamela Krieg says:

    I’m still learning and I am having sooo much fun… these beautiful fabrics and patterns are so inspiring!

  7. Daubie Johnson says:

    I am an intermediate quilter. I find that I learn something new every day that helps with quilting. Keeping points sharp has been a struggle for me, but I love the challenge

  8. donna putnam says:

    I love your novelty cotton prints for creating heirloom baby quilts

  9. I love Robert Kaufman fabrics, especially the Artisan Batiks. They are soooooo fabulous to work with. Have a super day!

  10. Amy Doepke says:

    I’m a real fan of dazzle!!!! with 3 daughters and 5 granddaughters – we do dazzle good!!!!

  11. Lisa Marie says:

    Love the Dazzle fabrics! Patrick Lose designs great blender type fabrics — very versatile and never boring!

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