Let’s Stay in Touch

“Let’s Stay in Touch!”

That’s what we say to friends and family, and we really mean it, because we like them and we want to know what they’re up to.

envelope Lets Stay in Touch

And that’s what Quiltmaker says to you.

We like you and we want to know what you’re up to. Here are ways to stay in touch with QM.

• Email photos of your Quiltmaker projects to us: editor@quiltmaker.com

• Like us on Facebook where you’re invited to post your Quiltmaker projects. In turn, we share quilts, blocks, monthly free patterns, updates and occasional sewing opportunities.

pinterest logo 364x243 Lets Stay in Touch• Follow us on Pinterest, where we’ve gathered amazing images to browse for ideas

• Follow us on Instagram for lovely quilt photos and more

quiltynews header Lets Stay in Touch
• Sign up for Quilty News, our biweekly enewsletter

envelope Lets Stay in Touch

We like you and we want to stay in touch!

If you’ve read this far, I want to reward you with a surprise giveaway! Leave a comment below by midnight Friday, Nov. 15 for your chance to win a nice bundle of quilt goodness.

The winner of the Stay in Touch bundle is: Debbie Davis.

About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email: editor@quiltmaker.com.
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453 Responses to Let’s Stay in Touch

  1. Stephanie Matz says:

    For some reason I hadn’t thought to post my Quiltmaker projects on your FB page. I will do that! Love your magazine and blog. If I could have only one quilting magazine, it would be yours!

  2. Pat D says:

    I love Quiltmaker, both the magazine and on Facebook. All the patterns, quilts, blogs help me get new ideas and keep me excited about quilting. I think I have more quilt books than any other gennre of book!

  3. Lovie Ball says:

    I have room in my life for more quilt friends and goodies. Mostly follow you on FB.

  4. Kristin McKee says:

    Quiltimg goodies. AWESOME!

  5. Darlene Krystal says:

    There sure was a lot of boards in pinterest….I had to click follow all because there was so many that I liked…..that was really cool that you made boards of the volumes…..have a great quilting day….

  6. Cecilia says:

    Your magazine and webpages provide great inspiration!

  7. Darlene Crosby says:

    I love my Quiltmaker subscription! I wish I had bought the earlier 100 blocks issues:(
    I only have #6 and #7 thus far.

  8. Cathie D says:

    Thanks for the reminder of your Pintrest pins!
    and the chance to win as well

  9. Jean McMurry says:

    I follow on facebook, and subscribe to Quiltmaker, love it..

  10. Lorraine says:

    I love Quiltmaker magazine so much, my d0g chewed up my last issue, and I had to buy another to replace it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Alberta Price says:

    I stay in touch by subscribing to Quiltmaker, getting and hoarding the 100 blocks issues, and have liked you on facebook so I can stay up-to-date.

  12. Billie says:

    Love that your patterns include suggestions for quilting.

  13. Deborah says:

    My favorite magazine. I have 6 quilt tops completed from the magazine and am soooooo afraid to quilt them, but I will soon so I can send in pictures!

  14. Cy says:

    I like your pages and the Scrap Squad!

  15. Cynthia says:

    Quiltmaker has become so much more than a magazine; it’s a community and I love it!

  16. Janie Henderson says:

    I love Quiltmaker and all the beautiful projects to be seen and made and all the beautiful new fabrics.

  17. El says:

    I enjoy following your Facebook page. Certainly has been a lot of things to look into. Thanks for a chance at a giveaway.

  18. Dorothy Schreyer says:

    Love your magazine and follow you on Facebook!

  19. Dorothy Schreyer says:

    I love Quiltmaker, as I am looking at subscribitions at this time of year, I think yours is the only I am going to keep.

  20. Amy Robertson says:

    I’m having a lot of fun doing the 100 blocks blogs. Thank you so much!

  21. Amy Robertson says:

    I’m having so much fun following this site. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  22. Deb Plum says:

    Enjoy your magazine and read it cover to cover as soon as it hits my mailbox. Thank you for the great surprises and fun inspiring ideas. Hope a surprise comes my way soon!

  23. Letitia Kilgrow says:

    love all your giveaways, and the inspiration, thanks

  24. Janet T says:

    Love giveaways! Thank you.

  25. Letitia Kilgrow says:

    love all your give aways, thanks for the chance

  26. Susan Samson says:

    I love give-aways!

  27. Mary Swift says:

    Nice, I like giveaways

  28. B.J. Peters says:

    Thanks, I love rewards!

  29. Joey says:

    Love Giveaways, they just seem to go away to some one else. hoping to change that soon!

  30. Carole Williams says:

    I follow you faithfully on Facebook and just started Pinterest so love to add you there! Prizes are nice, but weekly information is better!

  31. Rosalynd Woodfin says:

    I love the magazine, and I really “like” it on FB too! :-)

  32. Terri C says:

    Follow on Pinterest and like on Facebook love all your posts.

  33. nel says:

    Love fabric..I started working with fabric when I was 7 or 8. My mom would cut a pattern out of newspaper for my dolls and I would cut it osut and sew it up..have never lost my love of fabric and creating.

  34. Siew Khim says:

    Since I discovered Quiltmakers’ blog and facebook , I’ve been constantly following and keeping myself in touch with your wonderful posts and ideas. Thank you :) . Would love to win your giveaway.

  35. Maryellen says:

    I stay in touch with you on Facebook. It’s nice to be appreciated!

  36. Kathy Evans says:

    I love surprises!

  37. Carol Hessevick says:

    love Quiltmaker

  38. Julie Shirley says:

    What a surprise–a giveaway when not expected! I’ve been a Quiltmaker subscriber/purchaser for at least the last 10 years. I’ve never been disappointed with what is in the magazine, either!

  39. Chris says:

    Guess what came in the mail today? My newest issue of Quiltmaker magazine! I can’t wait to go through the entire thing!

  40. Suzanne says:

    I love quiltmaker and everything about it. I have to make sure I pin you too!

  41. carol says:

    I like you on Facebook, thanks for giveaway

  42. Please count me in for the surprise giveaway!! I love surprises! This Blog Tour is great fun!!

  43. Louise K. says:

    I started “liking” your blog on FB, and have a subscription to Quiltmaker magazine.
    Thank you for staying so involved with your readers!

  44. Lucy says:

    Fun! Nice to have a surprise giveaway – would be nice to win!

  45. Jackie Bahm says:

    I like all the techniques that I see and find and want to try them all. I love all the tips and ideas and plan to use them all.

  46. Carol O says:

    Thanks for the surprise giveaway. Would love to be a winner! Thank you.

  47. Deb Nydegger says:

    Love all your fun ideas! Thanks for the surprise give away.

  48. Helen Bazinet says:

    I enjoy keeping in touch, always checking blogs.

  49. Tammy E. says:

    I love your Facebook posts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  50. Cheryl says:

    I sure could use some quilty goodness for inspiration! Thanks for the opportunity. :-)

  51. Lonormi Manuel says:

    Your Pinterest boards are terrific!

  52. Renata says:

    Love the idea of a surprise giveaway

  53. Renee haas says:

    Thank you for a chance to win!

  54. Carol says:

    Quiltmaker’s magazine is one of my favorite quilting magazines. I follow you on Facebook.

  55. DeborahGun says:

    Love your blog! Now following you on Pinterest too

  56. Mary Brown says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to stay in touch – and win some quilty treats!

  57. Gloria Galiana says:

    I love all the inspiration that you always provide.

  58. sandie deahl says:

    I would love an early Christmas present!

  59. Becky Davis says:

    Love your magazine!

  60. Marla Brown says:

    Thanks for all of the wonderful things you do!

  61. I love all the ways we keep in touch! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  62. Louise Cheever says:

    Quiltmaker is my favorite magazine.

  63. Dorothy Hall says:

    Read the magazine and all your posts. Always something to learn.

  64. Amanda A says:

    I follow on Facebook and Pinterest! Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Linda Erickson says:

    I like you on Facebook and read your blogs all the time.

  66. Becky says:

    Love checking in on your Facebook page and Quilty News to see what’s going on, always something fun

  67. ~June in AZ says:

    I follow by e-mail, Facebook and Pinterest

  68. Tamm Leventry says:

    I am very new to the quilting world . what I see on your site I love , and hope to be able to learn how to make these quilts and other things . Im trying to get different fabrics so I will have a collection , right now I only have a little bit , it all fits in a shoe box .. so I hope I can get to win some fabric , , thanks for having this site .. tammy

  69. Tami Chaulk says:

    I would love to win a nice bundle of quilt goodness. Thanks Diane!

  70. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I love your blog and your posts on FB. They are so much fun!

  71. Anita Ezzell says:

    Love all your quilt pics and patterns! Keep up the great work!

  72. Sherri Callahan says:

    I look forward to the posts from QM. I am looking for new patterns for quilts all the time as I am now in the process of trying to use up all my scraps. Look out homeless and women’s shelters. I plan to be bringing many quilts your way. So, please, keep all the quilting ideas coming.

  73. Renie Rowland says:

    Follow by email, pinterest, facebook

  74. Lori Campbell says:

    Love your magazine.

  75. Sue Benson says:

    Love your site and love the freebies. Thank you.

  76. Rosemary Kukec says:

    I really enjoy the magazine and the web site is full of interesting things, too.

  77. Sonya Leonard says:

    I enjoy your post on FB. If I am looking for a special pattern I look to Quiltmaker first. Thank you for all that you do.

  78. Carrie McDowall says:

    I look forward to my facebook communications from Quiltmaker – always brightens my day. I have been laid up and the Quiltmaker posts are colorful aand always cheery. You can’t hold us quilters down – I am discovering hand-piecing since I can’t sit at a machine! Carrie

  79. Clara Chandler says:

    I like to stay in touch with Quiltmaker, too!! I enjoy the magazine and the blog is pretty entertaining. I’ve learned alot of techniques by “staying in touch” with you.

    Thanks for all you do!

  80. Linda McFall says:

    Love reading all your posts and pics so inspiring.

  81. Sue Benson says:

    Love your site. And love the freebies. Thank you.

  82. Diane Bowron says:

    I enjoy your posts on F.B. Keeps me up to date with the quilt world.

  83. Nancy of IN says:

    Love your posts. Read them all. Thanks.

  84. Mary Ann Elhossary says:

    Thank you for the FB posts. I love the info & pics! I’ve love browsing your site, its quite helpful. Great job!!!

  85. Joy says:

    Really enjoy your posts and pins.

  86. Joy says:

    Really enjoy all the posts and pins. Such wonderful ideas and so little time! Have to choose the best of the best!

  87. Janet Mikes says:

    I like reading all the posts on FB.

  88. Linda Halcomb says:

    Quiltmaker magazine is my favorite! I have every issue from 2002 to the current one. I even have a few older issues that I found at the library book sale. Keep those great issues coming! Thanks for the chance to win.

  89. Mary Hayes says:

    Have enjoyed looking at all of the blocks and the daily posts on FB.

  90. Kris B says:

    Quiltmaker has been my favorite magazine for years. So much that I have been collecting past issues on eBay.

  91. Kay says:

    Love learning about new quilt patterns and products available from your posts on Facebook. Thank you.

  92. Sue Goodin says:

    You guys have great ideas and are so inspiring.

  93. Denise says:

    Love your magazine & sites

  94. Barbara C. says:

    Quiltmaker is one of my favorite magazines. I have saved all of my copies from the last few years. Thanks for a chance to win.

  95. Donna says:

    Love seeing your posts on FB

  96. Carol F. says:

    Love the inspiration you share!!!! Quilty friends are the BEST! :)

  97. Cathy Koester says:

    I followed you in the states and now we’ve moved to Canada I’m still following . Love Quiltmaker.

  98. Missy says:

    I always enjoy your posts of FB and your pins on Pinterest! The blogs have had some great content!!

  99. Barb S. says:

    Love your emails and Facebook posts, they keep me inspired while we are snowbirding.

  100. Debbie Cummings says:

    I follow on Facebook and I can’t wait to get my copy of one hundred blocks.

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