Let’s Stay in Touch

“Let’s Stay in Touch!”

That’s what we say to friends and family, and we really mean it, because we like them and we want to know what they’re up to.

envelope Lets Stay in Touch

And that’s what Quiltmaker says to you.

We like you and we want to know what you’re up to. Here are ways to stay in touch with QM.

• Email photos of your Quiltmaker projects to us: editor@quiltmaker.com

• Like us on Facebook where you’re invited to post your Quiltmaker projects. In turn, we share quilts, blocks, monthly free patterns, updates and occasional sewing opportunities.

pinterest logo 364x243 Lets Stay in Touch• Follow us on Pinterest, where we’ve gathered amazing images to browse for ideas

• Follow us on Instagram for lovely quilt photos and more

quiltynews header Lets Stay in Touch
• Sign up for Quilty News, our biweekly enewsletter

envelope Lets Stay in Touch

We like you and we want to stay in touch!

If you’ve read this far, I want to reward you with a surprise giveaway! Leave a comment below by midnight Friday, Nov. 15 for your chance to win a nice bundle of quilt goodness.

The winner of the Stay in Touch bundle is: Debbie Davis.

About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email: editor@quiltmaker.com.
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453 Responses to Let’s Stay in Touch

  1. Cathy Koester says:

    I followed you in the states and now we’ve moved to Canada and I’m still following you. Always enjoy Quiltmaker.

  2. Jo Hager says:

    Hope I win! Just finishing up my first pieced queen-sized quilt :-)

  3. Shelley says:

    I love to stay in touch and win prizes!!

  4. Kathy Stoessner says:

    I am getting overwhelmed with all the great information available on the blogs. I love it.

  5. Jeanne says:

    Follow on face book and by newsletter.

  6. I love QM, I subscribe, I follow on Facebook and still can’t get enough lol

  7. Debbie says:

    Love your books, and follow you on facebook and pintrest.

  8. Mary C in WA says:

    I LIKE you on Facebook, Attended a Block Party and subscribe or buy every issue of the Quilmaker Magazine. I’ve even visited the QM offices. I think I like to keep in touch already, don’t you! Hope I WIN!

  9. I love QM, I subscribe, I follow on Facebook and I still can’t get enough lol

  10. Jeanette Gilbes says:

    I love staying in touch through FB. Love your pictures!

  11. Kim says:

    Follow on Facebook, Pinterest and get newsletter.

  12. Donna Joy says:

    I bought the first quiltmaker magazine, it is so exciting to get each new issue. Now I follow the blog and Facebook. There is so much to learn, and eye candy to inspire. Thank You Quiltmaker.

  13. Diane A. says:

    I follow you on facebook and also get the newsletter. Just love looking at all the beautiful quilts!

  14. Janet Frank says:

    I’ve been following for quite a while and check in on FB, too. And get the Quilty news in my emails. I really enjoy these blog tours…although they do take me away from my project! LOL. Thanks for extra giveaway!

  15. greeta says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a quilty prize.

  16. Cindy Shelley says:

    I keep in touch…. facebook, pintrest, etc . Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Karen says:

    I follow you on FB also !!! Thank you for the contest !!!

  18. Hildy Schwarz says:

    I like you everywhere!

  19. I follow you on facebook.

  20. Debra Hamman says:

    love your magazine.

  21. Thanks. I’d love to get “in touch” with that bundle of fabrics.

  22. Claudia Burns says:

    I follow you on Facebook!

  23. Janet Tillman says:

    Quiltmaker was the first magazine I subscribed to when i started quilting. I still enjoy it, and have saved many patterns over the years.

  24. pam iverson says:

    Hurrah for facebook! I like seeing what you post.

  25. Pam from CA says:

    I follow on Facebook and youtube video channel.

  26. Sheryl P Bordelon says:

    Long time subscriber! Love!! Keep in touch!!

  27. Claudette Adams says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Penny R says:

    Staying in touch!

  29. Patricia Hersl says:

    Blessing Facebook. It is fun to stay in touch.

  30. Tanya Stevens says:

    I follow on fb

  31. Lisa Lee says:

    I follow you on facebook. Love the articles and love to quilt! Thanks for the giveaway, can’t wait to find out about it.

  32. Char Scott says:

    Would love to win, I already get your newsletter and Facebook posts!

  33. Jean McMurry says:

    I knew there was a reason I like this blog, hope it’s my turn to win.

  34. Patty Lewellen says:

    Staying in touch. That’s always nice.

  35. Connie Wood says:

    my comment did not show up the first time. I follow on Facebook.

  36. Sharon Robinson says:

    Ive been a subscriber to QNM for over 30 years!!!

  37. Elaine Morgan says:

    Who wouldn’t like a nice bundle of quilt goodness!

  38. Connie Wood says:

    I follow on Facebook! thanks for the chance to win fun stuff!

  39. Sandy Diehl says:

    I would love to win!!!!!!! :)

  40. Gidget says:

    I follow you and like you tons!

  41. Grace Mauer says:

    I follow you on Facebook, Lets keep in touch

  42. Melanie says:

    Hooray! Another chance to win a prize! Thank you

  43. Faith says:

    I “like” you and “follow” you, signing up for email now!

  44. Valerie says:

    I follow you on facebook

  45. Eve B says:

    I do follow you on Facebook and very much enjoy your magazine! Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. April Hurley says:

    I truly enjoy following all your posts on facebook!!

  47. Mary Jo says:

    I love quilts and love reading all your posts about quilting!

  48. Debra Neiman says:

    Reach out and touch someone … quilty friends, I am all signed up. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  49. Beth B says:

    I, too, like to keep in touch. Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. Darla Dishman says:

    I follow you on facebook and pinterest. You keep things popping and help to motivate me. Thank you for all you do for all us quilters. Thanks for the chance to win…..

  51. Yvette W says:

    I follow you on Facebook almost everyday!

  52. Elaine Sams says:

    I subscribe to Quiltmaker magazine and also follow on Facebook. Would love to win the giveaway. I’ve learned a lot from the magazine, also from some of the videos on the website. Thanks for all the help I get from you!

  53. I’d like to keep in touch!

  54. Sandal says:

    Great ways to stay in touch! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  55. Mari Hintz says:

    I am just coming back to quilting. Thanks for keeping me up to date

  56. B. PIERNOT says:

    I love the inspiration that I get from seeing pictures of other quilt makers quilts

  57. jen says:

    i follow on fb

  58. Margaret Graham says:

    Yes, I follow you as often as possible and your ideas, pictures, patterns, etc are just wonderful! Thanks.

  59. v dale says:

    Thanks for your efforts!!!

  60. Joyce Cloud says:

    I follow on pinterest, face book, and get the magazine along with checking them out on
    the web

  61. Marilyn Robertson says:

    I am a Facebook follower and Pinterest follower too! Thanks for entering me in your giveaway. I can always rely on Quiltmaker for inspiration. :)

  62. Alice St. Clair says:

    I haven’t ever boughten one of the 100 Blocks books, but I sure would love too. Maybe some day!

  63. Deb Wille says:

    I love to follow on Facebook.

  64. Lynn Brown says:

    Love your site and blog; follow you on FB and Pinterest.

  65. Marianne Dunn says:

    I follow on facebook and pinterest.

  66. Trina Mechling says:

    I enjoy reading blog posts and learning the new things about quilting. Thanks for having this surprise giveaway.

  67. Betty Simmons says:

    I love the Quiltermaker magazine and I love following on Facebook. Thanks for the gift giveaway.

  68. Sharon Green says:

    I follow Quiltmaker on Facebook, follow your blog, love your videos, crazy about your columnists and the wonderful ideas and tips your magazine supplies. Thanks for a chance at some free stuff.

  69. Dawn says:

    I love reading your post on facebook.

  70. Barbara says:

    I follow on Facebook, I would love to wind. Thank you!!

  71. Becky Collis says:

    I follow on FB daily!!! (when I’m not quilting!)

  72. PAM BRICHER says:

    Always glad when there are giveaways…..It really helps to make all the beautiful quilts that there are patterns for out there right now. A very good time for patterns especially easy ones we can use for charity………..Thanks

  73. Donna Coffey says:

    Yikes, I am pretty sure I left a comment, but not that sure, sodding it again! Thanks Quiltmaker for the surprise giveaway!

  74. Gayle Robertson says:

    I follow on Facebook. Thanks for the chances to win.

  75. Lynda Parker says:

    I would live to win a bundle of quilt goodness!

  76. Kitty says:

    I follow on Facebook.

  77. Ann Flower says:

    Been reading Quilty news by email for a long time. Gives me new ideas. I get Quiltmaker magazine, and I love contests and giveaways!

  78. Jan says:

    I get emails, and follow on Facebook. I appreciate all the freebies and giveaways. I won once before so I always enter.

  79. pat smith says:

    Need to get to the Pinterest boards

  80. Deb says:

    I follow on Fb, read the blog and get the magazine….you must be family! Thanks for the hop, it is so fun.

  81. Kathy Lawson says:

    I like Quiltmaker very much. Thanks for the special giveaways.

  82. Colleen Lane says:

    Thanks for the give away…..It’s always best to stay in touch…..

  83. vickie karian says:

    I loev Quiltmaker and the Quilty blog. keep in touch!

  84. Roxanna Owen says:

    OOHH-La-la I like you too!! I’m trying to finish 4 ufo’s for grandchildren for Christmas!!

  85. Marcia says:

    I want to stay in touch!!! Thanks for the give aways:)

  86. Bonnie Pfrimmer says:

    I like you guys too. I read your blog everyday and enter all the contests. You give us so much inspiration. Thank you for being here.

  87. Judith Gale says:

    Thanks for the contest giveaway!

  88. Loretta T says:

    Read everyday in one form or another!

  89. Virginia Beecher says:

    Keeping in touch is always nice!

  90. Julie A.B. says:

    what a lovely idea~

  91. Debbie Barnes says:

    I love facebook for keeping me in touch with so many friends.
    Thanks for being a part of my keeping in touch.

    Debbie Barnes

  92. Jenelle Boxberger says:

    I do stay in touch and I’m excited to be entering into a surprise gift giveaway.

  93. Thea Hardcastle says:

    I love sharing!!!

  94. Tami Chaulk says:

    Thanks for the hop! I have found several new blogs that I started following from last year’s blog that I have really enjoyed. I hope I found a few more this year. Thanks for the chance to win. I would love to have a copy of Vol 8!

  95. Gwen W says:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  96. Val Lees says:

    Tanks for the hop. It really is fun

  97. I love keeping touch on what’s happening by reading blogs… so much information and inspiration too!

  98. Beth T. says:

    What a fun way to “keep in touch”. Thanks much for the giveaway, the blog hop, and the great posts all through the year.

  99. Tari Hammons says:

    I even saved this blog in my blog favorites. I have been having a blast visiting the block designers.

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