100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!

Welcome to Day 1 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour!

I’m so glad you’re here. We’ll have a lot of fun this week, as you visit blogs written by 100 Blocks designers and get a taste of what’s inside Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 8. The cover for this issue is green so you’ll know what to look for on the newsstand next week.

QMMS 130037 cover 3501 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!
Learn how a blog tour works.
If you already know, great!

We have issues to give away and great prizes, too, including the traditional Great Big Bundles on Friday (one for U.S. visitors and one for international visitors). Please read to the very end of this post and leave a comment here to be entered in today’s giveaway: one copy to each of six winners!

Vol8 blog tour this week socialmedia 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!

Visit Quilty Pleasures each day this week, leading up to the release of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 8 on Tuesday, Nov. 19. You’ll have many chances to win a copy, or to win one of many other great prizes.

Two industry sponsors are participating today. We’re glad to have them along!

Babylock Stacked 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!Kelly Bowser has a blog post on behalf of Baby Lock.

babylockkit 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!

Baby Lock provided a “Quilter’s Essentials Kit” for today’s giveaways, above.


PB Tex side 150 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!
P&B provided fabric bundles for today’s giveaways.

PB 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!And visit their Sew It Seams blog for another magazine giveaway.

We appreciate the partnership of Baby Lock and P&B Textiles. Please support them when you visit your local quilt shop!

Let’s preview a few of the amazing designs in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 8.

QMMS 130037 GENTRY 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!

New Directions by Kay Gentry

pin it button 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!Kay Gentry sent us in New Directions with her block. This one has so many possibilities!


QMMS 130037 EWBANK 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!

Winter for the Birds by Connie Ewbank

pin it button 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!I love Connie Ewbank’s snowman block, called Winter for the Birds. The button embellishments are great.

QMMS 130037 HERMAN 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!

Fall in Line by Julie Herman

pin it button 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!For something less traditional, how about Fall in Line by Julie Herman? I could have a lot of fun with this block.

Now on to the meat and potatoes of the blog tour!

Today’s Featured Designers

Please follow the instructions on their posts to be entered in their giveaways.

  1. Melissa Peda
  2. Kristyne Czepuryk
  3. Bonnie Hunter
  4. Pamela Lincoln
  5. Susan Marth
  6. Pam Vieira-McGinnis
  7. Deanne Eisenman
  8. Anne Wiens
  9. Kimberly Jolly, Jocelyn Ueng
  10. Kristy and Shayla Wolf
  11. Gudrun Erla

Plus, be sure to visit these sponsor blogs for more chances to win:

  1. Kelly Bowser has a blog post on behalf of Baby Lock.
  2. P&B’s Sew It Seams

Kind of leaves you breathless!?!

QMMS 130037 cover 200 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!

And now let’s have a giveaway of our own right here. For your chance to win a copy of the green Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 8 and a prize from one of the sponsors, please leave a comment before midnight Tuesday, Nov. 12. Tell us what you saw on the blog tour today that excited you. We’ll choose six random winners and announce them here.

The winners of the Day 1 prizes are: Sheri Bord, Susan Dietrich, Dianne Svaldi, Karyn Ashley-Smith and Libby Charles.

Vol8 blog tour this week socialmedia1 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!pin it button 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!Thanks for being with us. Please tell your quilting friends about the blog tour!

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866 Responses to 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaway!

  1. Irene says:

    I liked “Gelato Italiano” of http://prettybyhand.com/too much. It’s a lovely block for placemats, kitchen items, or even a girl’s quilt.

  2. Tamie says:

    Love the tour. My problem is when I get over on another blog, I’m sidetracked for awhile…

  3. beth daniels says:

    I am enjoying looking at all the blog tour and all the quilt blocks. I like the Yucatan Coast block the most. I love the beach and the water. I feel I could make the Urban Classic too. I would make a couple of the blocks, including the scrappy ones and make plenty of quilts out of them.

  4. Jeanne says:

    I love seeing the creative blocks, and imagining how I might use them….so many blocks, so little time!

  5. Love all the blocks, so many to make and so little time to sew.

  6. Ella Demchuk says:

    I was never attracted to log cabin quilts… But Debbie Taylor took it to another level with her log cabin-esque block with a small star in the middle. Will be a great 4th of July quilt!

  7. I liked the basket of flowers on Pam Kitty Morning’s site. Quite Charming — then, saw the mittens [snow yesterday] and laughed when I was scrambling to find mine earlier. So, lost mittens on Suzn Quilts made my day. so far, all are awesome!! hard to select just one

  8. I loved the block “New Day” and am hoping to win so I can start on this with my stash buster goal in mind.

  9. I’m so excited to see all the fun new blocks this round! There is always something fabulous to whip up!

  10. Amy says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Louise R says:

    Great blocks … thanks for continuing to bring to us these creative blocks each year!

  12. Louise R says:

    Great blocks … thanks for your continuing efforts to bring us these books filled with fabulous ideas each year.

  13. Claudia says:

    Every time you have a new issue of patterns, I’m in an even bigger “which one to make” than the last time. No doubt, this issue will contribute to even greater befuddlement!

  14. Quilting Tangent says:

    Great blocks everybody!

  15. Since I like scrappy quilts, (the more fabrics the better) Bonnie Hunters blocks are always useful. But Pam Kitty’s block was super cute too.

  16. beury says:

    loved all the blocks and the upcoming fabrics from fat quarter shop were wonderful! thx for the chance to win

  17. Connie Hendryx says:

    Great blog tour!! I know what I will be doing this whole week….

  18. Laura Lopez says:

    I love the 100 blocks edition. Always looking for a new project and I am all about scrape quilting. I quilt between beginner and intermediate. Oh and by the way, a girl can never have too many fat quarters (Hint Hint Sew It Seams).

  19. Laura McFall says:

    Oh My Gosh – It took me a while to read through day one, but they were all gorgeous and varied and sew many possibilities!! Now on to day two!! Thank you!!!

  20. Sandra Visser says:

    I really liked
    Rainbow Gum Tree for using up scraps
    Nordic Garden & Bailey’s Cross for framing fussy cut prints or embroideries.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. Christy Barnes says:

    I love the blocks on the blogs this one with the little camper trailer is just too cute!!

  22. The new offerings at The Fat Quarter Shop were inviting. Thanks for the opportunity to win that great book!

  23. Andresa says:

    So many great blocks. I have to admit to a partiality to Bonnie Hunter and Gudrun Erla as I follow them.

  24. Debora Coatsworth says:

    I love blogs; there is always so much to learn and so much fun. Absolutely love the free gifts, no matter what they are….quilting rocks.

  25. Jennifer Buentello says:

    I am a intermediate quilter.

  26. Jennifer Buentello says:

    The possibilities are endless! ! I am a intermediate quilter and I would love to win this magazine with all the block patterns.

  27. Sherry says:

    What excites me?…that would be the blog tour itself…it’s like a quilt shop hop on the internet…visiting many exciting places in my pj’s! It introduces me to so many new & fun blog friends who I may never have known otherwise—thank you, thank you! Oh, and not to forget the fun new blocks to try out in my favorite fabrics. My heart is singing!

  28. beury says:

    Loved the different blocks, can’t wait to try some of them. And the new fabric collections at fat quarter shop were wonderful! thx for the chance to win.

  29. Auntie Clark says:

    I always love Bonnie Hunter’s blocks and quilts. Thanks for the chance to win this issue.

  30. Janet McCabe says:

    This is the first time I have “followed” a blog…. very fun. I like all the blocks, probably the scrappy ones are the favorites. I still haven’t done a totally scrappy quilt, but want to soon. Would enjoy any of the prizes, and would feel blessed to win !

  31. Eloise Barth says:

    What awesome blocks, my quilting heart throbs with the possibilities.

  32. Eloise Barth says:

    What awesome blocks and new ideas for combining them. My quilting heart throbs with the possibilities.

  33. Eloise Barth says:

    What an awesome group of blocks! I’d love to have any of the prizes.

  34. Lynn Nelson Markley says:

    I am having so much fun with this blog hop. It is giving me a chance to meet so many bloggers and see such wonderful blocks. I,wouldn’t want the job of choosing who is included in the 100.

  35. Jess Wray says:

    Blocks from scraps are most exciting for me. My scrap pile is getting enormous!

  36. Gail says:

    Love the blog tour,

  37. Gail says:

    I love the idea of the blog tour. Enjoyed seeing the blocks and meeting the designers.

  38. Gail says:

    Love the idea of a blog tour to see the blocks and meet the designers.

  39. Linda Erickson says:

    These new blocks are always inspiring!

  40. Janet Zavoral says:

    I really liked Rainbow Gum Tree by Pamela Lincoln. I’m a genealogist and that would be a great block in a family tree quilt or wall hanging.

  41. AlidaP says:

    I love all the blocks! I cannot tell you what I am excited about specifically because there are too many exciting ideas so I would never stop!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  42. Carol says:

    I’m excited because I’m finding more and more blogs about quilting! It’s just so amazing what the internet has opened up for everyone.

  43. Annmarie says:

    I love scrappy so Bonnie Hunter’s block is my favorite today. Love this blog hop & love Quiltmaker 100 Blocks!

  44. Marilyn Tucker says:

    I love Rainbow Gum Tree!

  45. Elizabeth Heggem says:

    I love this blog tour week! There are so many creative ideas!

  46. JoAnn Larson says:

    Love it!

  47. Siew Khim says:

    I love Ann Wiens block – it’s simple and nice for a beginner like me…and oh plus I’d love to win those P&B fabric bundles to make another quilt! :)

  48. Dawn L says:

    I so love seeing the blocks and how the color changes the design. Can not wait to get in to my stach and make some.

  49. Becky in Georgia says:

    I just love your 100 blocks blog tours. Today, I found several blocks that I really like. I especially enjoyed Bonnie Hunter’s block using waste triangles. Thanks again for a fun week!

  50. Susan Brooks says:

    I like Diane Harris Super Nova. I’m in my scrap phase at the moment. Don’t know how long it will last.

  51. Janie McCombs says:

    Fabric bundles from PB looked great! Thanks for the contest!

  52. Susan says:

    I can see so many uses for the “Winter for the Birds” block.

  53. Carol says:

    I really liked the Aspen Frost block. Although I thought the camper was adorable.

  54. Lynn Nelson Markley says:

    This is my first time to enjoy the 100 blocks. This is so exciting to see so many new blocks. I cannot wait to receive my free copy! (Of course I am going to win one!)Thank you

  55. Carolyn Vogel says:

    Enough new blocks to keep us busy all year.

  56. Perky says:

    Love all the blocks and have found a few new blogs, always good to have another blog to follow!

  57. gina says:

    wonderful give away thanks for the beautiful and helpful site

  58. Paula says:

    I really like this block. Thanks!

  59. Annie G says:

    All I can say is WOW! More things that are giving me the quilt bug back!

  60. Kathy says:

    All the blocks – so many quilts – not enough time!

  61. DeborahGun says:

    I liked Ian Davis’ Yucatan Coast block

  62. kathy h says:

    There are so many wonderful blocks. I really enjoyed Kristy Wolf’s camper. It is so cute.

  63. Cindi says:

    so many wonderful designs and techniques to inspire and keep me busy! that’s what excited me!

  64. Julie Carr says:

    I love the Rainbow Gum Tree on Pamela Lincoln’s blog. It is so whimsical.

  65. Colleen Froats says:

    my first ‘blog tour’. this looks like fun~ I have not *yet* had much experience with blogs- but hear about them everywhere- guess it’s about time I (caught up) with the rest of the ‘quilting world’ :)

  66. Diane A. says:

    I just love it all! and I am so excited about getting started on a new project on my new Baby Lock Sofia2 sewing machine that I just got! It is going to be hard to pick just one project at a time!

  67. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    Wow, your sponsors are certainly “First Class”! I can’t wait to sit down with a cup and coffee and go thru the book. It doesn’t get better than that! Thanks for the drawing.

  68. Elaine says:

    These were great blocks that will make wonderful quilts. I want this magazine because there are some I already want to try.

  69. Frances says:

    Lovely tour. I like Bonnie Hunters scrap block using leftover bits of fabric.

  70. Lyn from NZ says:

    It was fun to visit all the blogs and see how each of the designers had used their block…when I visited Anne Wiens blog I saw the most wonderful quilt using her Bailey’s cross block in shades of purple and I thought what a wonderful quilt that would be to make for my Mum and purple is her favourite colour.

  71. Debbie says:

    What a great start to the tour. The little caravan is adorable but I do like Bonnie’s stars too.

  72. Maria Nogueira says:

    Eu amo estas revistas. Peço a Deus para ter mais tempo para fazer muitos.
    Quero muito ganhar esta revista

  73. Star Murell says:

    I would love to get this magazine! 100 blocks but 1000′s of ideas of how to use them. Pretty by Hand has an adorable Gelato Italiano and Snuggles Quilts provides a pattern for a table runner titled Pinwheel Parade using her block Sawtooth Pinwheel. Love them!

  74. Judy Forkner says:

    Love that gum tree block!

  75. Loretta Aymond says:

    I really liked Pamela Lincoln’s Rainbow Gum Tree block, I think it would make a fabulous baby quilt, and her quilt is beautiful. Also, Gudrun Erla’s Nordic Garden is gorgeous and can be used in so many different ways just by changing the color placement.

  76. leanne says:

    I’ve learnt that I love these blog hops – I get to find so many new ones – can’t believe that’s possible but it is :) so many talented quilters and bloggers out there !

  77. Pat D says:

    I get inspiration seeing all the blocks and want to make each one. Hunter’s Star is one of my favorites.

  78. Alice Doucette says:

    Wow! This is awesome, my first QM blog tour. So much to see, so many tips. It was really neat to see how the quilt squad( which I didn’t realize QM had) choose colors by the inspiration of a vacuum sitting close by. Grey and yellow end results awesome quilt. Thanks Quilt Maker for putting this tour together for us all. Great sponsors too. Own a babylock…. Love it! Love P&B fabric , the picture just makes you wanna touch that fabric and make something quickly!

  79. Siouxsi says:

    I love it when I see not only one block, but three that inspire me…the snowman is so cute, Julie’s block is modern and exciting, thinking of the possibilities. The more traditional block of Kaye’s, was beautiful and the color choices brilliant…

  80. Barbara Orozco says:

    I like the Bonnie Hunter block best, she has a talent for fabulous stars.
    Thanks for the chance!

  81. Marion Kersnick says:

    This may be my favorite volume yet! Such great blocks & amazing diversity from traditional to modern techniques! I just finished visiting all of the blogs & all I can say is WOW! This is my first blog tour too! Can’t wait to get my hands on this volume next week!

  82. Tabitha Keener says:

    So far I’ve loved Bonnie Hunter block the best, but I’ve seen 4 or 5 and really love them all! This entire blog tour is inspiring! Thanks for a chance to win!

  83. Barbara says:

    I just discovered the blog hop – what a great idea! And all these wonderful blocks! Where do I get all the time for making all the quilts I’d love to try? :)

  84. Chris says:

    Bonnie Hunter can inspire me any day. So much talent in one woman. Amazing!

  85. Annaleena says:

    I visited all blogs. It’s nice to see many beautiful blocks. Thanks for the blog tour.

  86. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    I loved Pam Vieira-McGinnis’ block!

  87. Ruth Ann Jones says:

    I love the patternthats has the little glamping R.V. in it. Really like the neutrals bundle too. Quitmaker is the best quilting magazine. I’d like to have a Babylok.

  88. Kathy Garringer says:

    So far I have only visited this blog and Quiltville, but plan to hit some more today. Looks like fun!!!!!

  89. Belinda Braeuler says:

    I’ve seen some blocks that got me excited to get more creative in my quilting.

  90. Steph says:

    Loving the sawtooth pinwheel. Want to try out Bailey’s Cross (I have 2 nieces named Bailey, and it is a beautiful block). And thrilled that Bonnie Hunter has another scrap block, and that she offered her table-runner pattern. Only a few more projects I can’t wait to work on!! Oh, and I added 2 or 3 new blogs to my favorites list… :-)

  91. Sharon A says:

    I was excited to see a Bonnie Hunter scrappy block, love those! The tree block on Pamela Lincoln’s site is also very inspiring. I love the mix of colors that are possible and the modern but whimsical design.

  92. Vanessa Monn says:

    I’m always amazed by how changes in color can make such a difference in the look of a quilt block. Melissa Peda’s Flower Power is certainly an example of this.

  93. Dorothy Matheson says:

    I really like the fabric shown in the Face Book Page

  94. Dorothy Matheson says:

    I really like the fabric shown on the Face book page.

  95. Dorothy Matheson says:

    I really like the Fall in Line Fabrics. I have had 4 of them in fat quarters and quickly used them up. Sure would like some more.

  96. Barbara Y says:

    I have already found a couple of blocks that I will need to try out – maybe they will become my new favorites. Looking forward to what I will be seeing tomorrow.

  97. Penny says:

    What a cute, lighthearted block, and I love the rainbow connection in the quilt. My granddaughter would love that on her bedroom wall. Thank you for the design.

  98. Beth B says:

    Love the variety of designs and colors. The little trailer made me laugh.

  99. Mary says:

    I am so excited about seeing all the great blocks on this blog tour. You show me all the super sites I’m not turned in to yet – thanks.
    I liked several of today’s blocks, namely Bailey’s Cross in the lavenders reminds me of violets and springtime and Nordic Gardens looks more asian to me and I’m itching to get into my stash and give it a try.
    But…I am all out bonkers over scrappy and love Bonnie Hunter’s stars too. Oh my, what a dilemma – where to begin???
    Thanks for giving us this chance again this year, Quiltmaker. You have such good ideas.

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