Treasure Hunt 2013 Grand Prize Sponsor: Kangaroo Kabinets

TH13 findthissponsorbutton 250 Treasure Hunt 2013 Grand Prize Sponsor: Kangaroo Kabinets

Quiltmaker is pleased to recognize Kangaroo Kabinets as the provider of a grand prize during the Treasure Hunt Contest which is now open.

K8405 Teak Wallaby Open 300x195 Treasure Hunt 2013 Grand Prize Sponsor: Kangaroo Kabinets

Kangaroo Kabinets will award a Wallaby cabinet to one grand prize winner. (Just the cabinet, you supply your own quilty stuff!)

Bandicoot Open jpg 700x600 crop center q85 300x235 Treasure Hunt 2013 Grand Prize Sponsor: Kangaroo Kabinets

Browse their gallery page to view all of the beautiful and functional sewing and craft furniture. Kangaroo Kabinets offer’s unique and innovative features, in a range of models to suit your individual requirements for a comfortable and functional work area. Featured here is the Bandicoot.

Once you’re there, find the Treasure Hunt button and click to enter once for this sponsor.

kangarookabinets logo 300x106 Treasure Hunt 2013 Grand Prize Sponsor: Kangaroo Kabinets

Quiltmaker gratefully acknowledges Kangaroo Kabinets and their generous sponsorship of a grand prize during the Treasure Hunt. We appreciate their partnership.

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17 Responses to Treasure Hunt 2013 Grand Prize Sponsor: Kangaroo Kabinets

  1. jeanette says:

    Thanks everyone who Helped ,The Angels must be singing !!!!!! cuz I clicked again and It took me there Kangaroo-Kabinets thanks again

  2. jeanette says:

    has anybody had trouble going to Kangaroo Kabinet ? all I get is Oops not connecting Tried clicking on ALL I get is Oops

  3. jeanette says:

    H as any one completed the back cover (letters) HELP !!

  4. Heather says:

    okay..scratch that on Madeira. I found it. In case any one else needs to find it and can’t: Use the logo on the QM treasure hunt page. It is there with a bunch of other logos. Click on the Madeira logo and bam..there’s the treasure hunt button.

  5. Heather says:

    @Jane & @Laura–did either of you find the Madeira one? The link is all kinds of wrong unless it is just not working today or on my browser. Any input is appreciated.

  6. Laura says:

    @Jane – Thanks so much!! I don’t know if I would have ever found that!

  7. Jane says:

    @Laura. . .on coats and clarks, check out Heather Jones blog dated June 10, 2013, “Improv Color Block Quilt.” (-:

  8. Jane says:

    @Laura . . .Thanks for the tip! I will share any info I may discover about the coats and clarks button. Good luck to you too! It would be awesome to win!!

  9. Laura says:

    @Jane – Once you go to the Free Spirit site, you can find the button on the page for the collection of fabrics for the big quilt pictured in the ad (the name of the collection is in the box on the lower left of the ad). I’m still looking for the Coats and Clark one, so have no idea where that one is….

    Good luck!

  10. Jane says:

    @ Laura. . .well looks like I only need coats and clark and free spirit now. Just saw the hint on quilting treasures and it seems as though I “stumbled upon” the button on timeless treasures. LOL

  11. Jane says:

    @ Laura. . .I would love any clues you might be able to give regarding the location of buttons on Free Spirit, Quilting Treasures, and Timeless Treasures. These three, along with Coats and Clark are the only ones I’m not finding. I’ve spent so much time that I can’t believe I haven’t even just stumbled upon them yet. So frustrating!!

  12. Laura says:

    I am very computer- and internet- literate and have found all of the buttons except for the one on The most time I’ve spent on any of the other websites looking for the button was about 20 minutes but I’ve spent hours on the looking through almost every link on the sitemap and on the homepage but have not found the button. I’ve looked at the items shown on the ad in the magazine and have nothing there either. So short of going through hundreds of items for sale (a lot of which redirect to a different website), I do not know where to find the button on the page. Their website and facebook page offer no hints, either. I’ve also noticed that some links on that site are broken or take me back to the homepage instead of where they’re supposed to go, so it makes this process even more frustrating. Can I get a hint on where the button is located on that site?

    • Kelly says:

      I have checked to make sure the button has not been moved. We recommend using the Sponsors’ ads in Quiltmaker’s Nov/Dec ’13 issue as a guide or check the Treasure Hunt posts on the Quilty Pleasures blog for clues from October 2-November 7.

  13. Claudia says:

    I have found several of the buttons and tried to enter my information for the Treasure Hunt. First, I get the “log in” or “create account” page. I have created an account, but every time I have tried to use it, I get the message “incorrect password”. I have requested “send me my password”, and get back the identical information that I originally submitted. I don’t have a record of any previous password I might have used, and it would be helpful (as this is an annual event, not daily) to dump the old accounts and passwords and have us set up new ones.

    I have followed the link to webmaster and sent THREE requests for information and help. To date, there has been no reply.

    >>>I would recommend copying and pasting your password from the email to the login box to be sure it is entered correctly, passwords tend to be quite sensitive.

  14. Jean Tanner says:

    I found it very frustrating to go to several web sites on this Treasure Hunt this am, and yes, I had the web site right and there was NO visible button. When there was one, I had to log in or create an account. I DON’T need or want an account with all these sponsors. I’d just like to enter the contest. Do you consider older entrants have a hard time reading the numbers that have little contrast, that we are required to type in before we can post a comment. I think this could be a lot user friendly Treasure Hunt. I enjoy the Quiltmaker magazine, but this Treasure Hunt leaves much to be desired.

    >>You only need to create one account to enter the contest and it’s with Quiltmaker. The benefit is that the next time you enter the contest, you don’t have to retype all of your contact info. With the account system, we are also able to bypass the capcha codes that were a part of previous contests. I’m wondering if you were maybe on the Christmas in July feedback page? That was just removed from our website earlier today and we are very glad that we don’t need to use those codes for this contest. Our best recommendation is to use the ads in Nov/Dec ’13 as a guide and/or to follow along with the Treasure Hunt 2013 blog posts throughout the contest like this one.

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