Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: P&B Textiles

Welcome to Quiltmaker’s Treasure Hunt!

TH13 Entry Button 250 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: P&B Textiles

Today’s featured sponsor is P&B Textiles.

Fresh Prints from P&B Textiles

Festive Florals

Always Blooming by Susy Pilgrim Waters is a bright, dynamic large-scale collection featuring a landscape panel that runs selvage to selvage. It’s great for quick and easy contemporary quilts. Running yardage of artsy floral blocks and large packed bouquets add to the vibe. A fabulous stripe, floating leaves and four tonal pieces round out this remarkably outstanding collection.

PB1 257x300 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: P&B Textiles

Always Blooming by Susy Pilgrim Waters.

Black and White Graphics

This is a marvelous way to remember Paris! These eight bold, graphic prints are modern, lively and eye-catching. They stand alone as a group, creating amazing textures and movement. You can also pair them with P&B’s White on White fabrics or add punches of color such as those in the Suede basics collections.

PB2 257x300 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: P&B Textiles

Black and White Graphic collection.

Diverse Basics

Bear Essentials 2 is a superb follow-up to the very popular Bear Essentials basics collection. Bear Essentials 2 has 64 vibrant pieces featuring updated colors and prints. The mostly tonal dye-and-overprint fabrics are all carefully designed for today’s quilters. This is indeed an essential collection for both modern and traditional looks.

PB3 257x300 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: P&B Textiles

A variety of purple tones from Bear Essentials 2.

Recent P&B Happenings at Sew it Seams

Check out the P&B blog, Sew it Seams, for more information on upcoming fabrics, to learn about guest designers and discover great free patterns.

Screen Shot 2013 10 24 at 3.06.26 PM 300x191 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: P&B Textiles

P&B blog, Sew it Seams.

PB Tex side 150 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: P&B Textiles

Quiltmaker gratefully acknowledges P&B Textiles and their generous sponsorship during the Treasure Hunt. We appreciate their partnership.

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4 Responses to Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: P&B Textiles

  1. jeanette says:

    Intersectons is my choice , I can see a art quilt right now! also Thanks for your gifts in the giveaway.

  2. Dorothy Holt says:

    Bear essentials are nice but I prefer the black and white for something different!

  3. Lisa Marie says:

    I loved Bear Essentials and now Bear Essentials 2 looks fantastic! Can’t beat having great blender fabrics on hand.

  4. JoAnne T. says:

    Thank you so much for featuring “Always Blooming”! It’s gorgeous, once I find it online, I’m going to buy several yards immediately! Unfortunately it’s not available anywhere locally. Thanks, PB for providing that information.

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