Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Moda

Welcome to Quiltmaker’s Treasure Hunt!

TH13 Entry Button 250 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: ModaToday’s featured sponsor is Moda.

Simple, Efficient and Accurate Quilting

Skip the cutting and start sewing with Moda precuts. Precuts are gaining popularity in the quilting industry, allowing a quilter to cut down on prep time, and leaving more time for sewing. With the great variety of sizes and shapes offered in Jelly Rolls, Honey Buns and Mini Charms, Moda is sure to have a precut that is perfect for your quick quilting project.

imageContent 11 300x253 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Moda

Sewing Box Jelly Roll
10010JR Moda Precuts#1

Top 50 Bella Solids

Check out Moda’s Top 50 Bella Solids, for the perfect accent pieces to your quilt. Colors range from cool to warm tones providing a great variety of color combinations. Try using some proven combinations or experiment with the endless color options.

imageContent 12 300x300 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Moda

Bella Solids Dusk
9900 116 Moda #1

imageContent 2 300x300 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Moda

Bella Solids Turquoise
9900 107 Moda #1

imageContent 3 300x251 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Moda

Bella Solids Royal
9900 19 Moda #1

Free Simple Patterns

There is nothing more efficient than having your quilt pattern preplanned. Moda provides a plethora of free quilting patterns on their website, ranging from beginner to advanced. Using Moda precuts is a wonderful way to complete a project efficiently, as Moda offers complete patterns correlating with precut bundles.

Screen Shot 2013 10 23 at 11.37.31 AM 287x300 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Moda

Free quilt pattern, Sunny Side by Kate Spain for Moda.

moda un logo 300x81 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: ModaQuiltmaker gratefully acknowledges Moda and their generous sponsorship during the Treasure Hunt. We appreciate their partnership.

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2 Responses to Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Moda

  1. Christine Hanley says:

    I am having trouble accessing the Quilter’s Village message board. Even after they e-mailed me my password and log-in information it still will not let me in. I even tried to sign up with a different e-mail address and still no luck. I am very disappointed with your forum. I need to ask if anyone recognizes a quilt that belongs to a friend and can suggest a pattern for it

    • Kelly says:

      Quilter’s Village is a fairly inactive forum, I suggest using our Facebook page as a way to communicate with fellow quilters and staff. Our Facebook page is updated multiple times per day and is viewed by plenty of quilters. This would be a great place to post your photo due to the size of the active community. Here is a link:

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