Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Coats & Clark

Welcome to Quiltmaker’s Treasure Hunt.

TH13 Entry Button 250 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Coats & Clark

Today’s featured sponsor is Coats & Clark.

coatsLogo Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Coats & Clark

Coats & Clark

Offering threads for all of your sewing and quilting needs.

The Dual Duty XP collection provides exceptional performance and durability for creative sewing and quilting.

9000product1 218x300 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Coats & Clark

Collection contains 50 spools in a variety of colors including multi.

All purpose Dual Duty XP Thread is a medium weight thread sized for most hand and machine sewing. It can be used on all fibers, knits and wovens. Dual Duty XP is a strong, smooth thread for consistent tension and excellent stitch formation.  New trap spool holds the thread neatly and securely.

Already have the thread, just need a project? 

Check out Coats and Clark’s free quilting and sewing projects. They have a great variety of seasonal and home decor projects.

zipperfeltballornament2 250x300 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Coats & Clark

Zipper Felted Ball Ornament

Zipper Felted Ball Ornament: Trimmed down to the teeth, the zipper becomes a trim to embellish felt balls for a simple tree ornament.


cs01341 250x300 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Coats & Clark

Improv Color Block Quilt

Improv Color Block Quilt: What a great way to try your hand at improvisational design. Use your intuition and your own sense of design to create a quilt that is completely unique and one of a kind.

lunchbag lg1 250x300 Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Coats & Clark

Crazy Quilted Lunch Bag

Crazy Quilted Lunch Bag: This design makes the most boring lunch fun, complete with crazy quilting using neon colored Dual Duty XP® on brightly colored fabric. 

39937 coatsclark 150w45h Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Coats & Clark

Quiltmaker gratefully acknowledges Coats&Clark and their sponsorship during the Treasure Hunt. We appreciate their partnership.


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5 Responses to Treasure Hunt 2013 Sponsor: Coats & Clark

  1. Edna Mader says:

    What a joy to have so many colors of thread to match to projects!

  2. T. Hays says:

    Found the Treasure Hunt button under “Improv Color Block Quilt”. I just clicked on the above link under the picture and found it. FINALLY!!!

    • Jean A Williams says:

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, T. Hays. I thought I had lost my mind. Found all BUT C & C, had even looked at Improv…. but your comment helped me find it correctly.

  3. Barb Losee says:

    Because pages are not available on coats and Clark’s website, and I have been through every square inch, I will never purchase another coats and Clark’s item ever! It is not fair to have a broken website for visitors!

  4. Coco says:

    A few pages on the Coats and Clark website are down. If any of those are the page where the Quiltmaker treasure hunt link is found, then that’s sad. Perhaps a clue would help…the C&C site is not revealing the link!

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