QM Scrap Squad: Nicole’s Star Search

QM scrap squadB3 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search

Quiltmaker’s Scrap Squad is a select group of eight QM readers. They take one pattern from each regular issue and make scrappy versions to inspire you.

QMMP 131200 cover 2001 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search
This is the current issue of Quiltmaker, dated Nov/Dec ’13.

QMMP 131200 stars 450 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search

Star Search from the Nov/Dec issue of Quiltmaker

The Scrap Squad quilt for this issue was designed and made by Carolyn McCormick, designer of the Add-A-Quarter ruler. It’s called Star Search.

nicole QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search

Nicole Brouillette from Cottonwood, California

Today’s featured quilt is by Nicole Brouillette from Cottonwood, California. Nicole blogs at Colie’s Quilting. You’ll hear from Nicole in her own words below.

*     *     *     *     *

As soon as I got the pattern for this quilt I went to my cupboards and pulled out some fabrics. I started with five fat quarters from a collection that I just love!

nicstar1 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search


Then I pulled coordinating fabrics from my stash. I love how some of these prints tie all of the colors together. I knew that the quilt would turn out beautifully.

nicstar2 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search

After looking at the fabrics for a while, though, I realized that this quilt would turn out very similar to the original quilt…and that’s just not the point of the Scrap Squad. Well, there goes that idea. Now it’s time to come up with a new plan!

I grabbed the pattern as I took my daughter to gymnastics—knowing I’d be there for an hour with nothing to do. I stared at that pattern for so long that my eyes literally went cross-eyed—and you know what jumped out at me? Those center diamonds.

nicstararrows QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search

The black arrows indicate two of the many diamonds.

If I made those center diamonds a different color, then this could be a three-color quilt: a light, a dark, and whichever other color I choose. I like this idea! I have wanted to do a black, white and teal quilt and I knew that this would be my perfect opportunity. Back from gymnastics and to the cupboards I go!

The first thing that I pulled was this border fabric that I bought around four years ago. (See? I told you that I’ve wanted to make this quilt for a while now!) Then I started pulling the fabrics until I came up with this.

nicstar3 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search

I got excited! Teal is my favorite color!! So I had plenty of blue-green, but not as much of the black, so I went to the quilt store to buy more black.

I have never used templates on a quilt, so this was extra fun. I used two different techniques for this quilt. Quiltmaker sent us foundations, so I used those along with templates to cut out the diamonds and the setting triangles.

I was so excited to get started on the piecing that when I got a few of them finished I immediately set them out on the floor.

nicstar4 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search

As much as I enjoy piecing, I don’t have a lot of time to spend doing it, so I use chain piecing whenever possible!

nicstar5 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search

There are a lot of points in this quilt and it is important to get them all correct. The only problem is that I am not a pinner, so I line up my fabrics and finger press where needed. When one of these points come together I always fold back the fabric approximately ¼” and make sure that everything is still lining up correctly. This worked well for me, and I saved a lot of time by not pinning every junction.

nicstar6 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search

I finished all of the inside units and laid them out on the floor. I counted the partial units I would need to finish the setting triangles and got to work. When I laid them out, guess what? I pieced a lot of them incorrectly.

nicstar7 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search


Word of advice: Watch the template and color placement carefully! Otherwise, you’ll end up doing what I did…frog sewing, also known as “rip it.”

nicstar8 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search


I made this quilt truly scrappy. As long as the color placement was correct (light or dark or teal), that was where it went. None of the stars are the same, which I love.

I wanted to make this quilt for a full sized bed, plus I had that amazing border fabric, so I put two borders onto this quilt! It is now a full size! YES!!

The only problem is that the backing fabric was short by half a yard. It was the perfect color teal so I made it work. This reminded me of college days: If I didn’t have enough milk for a recipe I would add water…make it work. In this case, I added a strip of white fabric and made it large enough.

nicstar9 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search

I made this backing work!

I chose a pretty all-over floral design for quilting. I really love the teal thread. It stood out very well against the black fabrics on the top, and the white fabric on the back.

nicstar10 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search

Here is the final product! I love this quilt, and I am so excited that I get to cross a black, white and teal quilt off of my quilting bucket list!

finalphoto QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Star Search

Nicole’s finished Star Search: Cross one off the bucket list!





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12 Responses to QM Scrap Squad: Nicole’s Star Search

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  2. lisa m says:

    I like how the black recedes so the teal squares are emphasized. Gorgeous quilting too!

  3. lisa m says:

    I like how the black recedes so the teal squares get emphasize. Gorgeous quilting too!

  4. Wonderful color choices. I like it!

  5. sue says:

    I really like the contrasts on this and I also like this better than the original! I’m working on a quilt that has a lot of teal/aqua tones and am loving this color too.

  6. Christa says:

    That is incredible, Nicole! I LOVE how this turned out! Makes me want to start again!

  7. Terri says:

    Nice job, Nicole! You are amazing! I love the teal, too, and the black and white go very well w/ it. I also like yours better than the original one…

  8. Really gorgeous, Nicole. Your quilts are always so vibrant and I must say. an improvement over the original pattern. I would have passed by this pattern, but yours would just jump into my hand.

  9. Fantastic quilt!! Your quilting is exceptional!!

  10. Love the colors and the quilting is fantastic!!

  11. Aunt Marti says:

    Wow, Nicole, it turned out great! Love that color combination.

  12. Becky Ball says:

    Lovely, just lovely. The colors are great.

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