Guest Post: Chicken Soup, Part 4

Today’s post is by Nicole Brouillette, a professional longarm quilter from Cottonwood, California and a member of Quiltmaker’s 2013 Scrap Squad.

nicole Guest Post: Chicken Soup, Part 4

Nicole Brouillette

Nicole quilted Chicken Soup, which was designed and made by Anne Wiens, another Scrap Squad member who was reviewing several Deb Tucker rulers in the process.

GEDC1500 1024x768 Guest Post: Chicken Soup, Part 4

Chicken Soup, designed and sewn by Anne Wiens, quilted by Nicole Brouillette.

You’ll find instructions to make the quilt, along with info on the rulers, in these posts:

Part 1 of Chicken Soup
Part 2 of Chicken Soup
Part 3 of Chicken Soup

And now here’s Nicole with Part 4 of Chicken Soup:

Choosing the correct quilting design can make or break a quilt. When selecting a quilting design I always take a close look at the quilt. Is it a classic quilt or is it modern? Is it floral or geometric? Is it feminine or masculine?

When I looked at the Chicken Soup quilt it was none of these things! I love a good challenge…so I pulled out a few different overall patterns to see what would look best.

chix1 Guest Post: Chicken Soup, Part 4I like to roll out the paper pantographs around the quilt so that I can really get an idea of what it will look like quilted. Now it’s on to the decision making!

chix2 Guest Post: Chicken Soup, Part 4I picked out three patterns that I thought would work. This pattern is one of my favorites. I thought that it would go well with the chicken because of the feathers, but the pattern is a little too large for the size of the quilt. The adorable Chicken Soup wallhanging is only 37″ square.

chix3 Guest Post: Chicken Soup, Part 4So, here is something a bit more compact. I liked this one a bit better but it just doesn’t seem perfect yet. Let’s see what else I’ve got hidden in the cupboard.

chix4 Guest Post: Chicken Soup, Part 4Hey—now we’re talking. This is a nice, compact pattern that still has the feathers in it which reminds me of the chicken. I’m going with this one!

chix5 Guest Post: Chicken Soup, Part 4Now I need to come up with the perfect thread color. The three main colors in this quilt are red, white and black, so I pulled all of those colors and laid them out on the quilt. Things didn’t seem quite right to me so I pulled a gray also. I really liked the way that the gray blended well with most of the quilt. Now it’s time to get to business!

chix6 Guest Post: Chicken Soup, Part 4
Doesn’t the chicken look good?

chix7 Guest Post: Chicken Soup, Part 4Anne used a solid muslin on the back so the quilting really shows well!

chix8 Guest Post: Chicken Soup, Part 4The fabrics are from the Rooster Royale and Canvas collections by Quilting Treasures.

Thanks Nicole, for giving us a peek into how you choose quilt designs.

If you need ideas for quilting, you might be interested in Quiltmaker’s Quilting Designs CDs. Our series of Quilting Motifs books make a terrific resource. And we have a separate book that may be helpful too: 501 Quilting Motifs.

DPMCB1090 Guest Post: Chicken Soup, Part 4

Available as a hard copy or as an ebook

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4 Responses to Guest Post: Chicken Soup, Part 4

  1. Karen Jenkins says:

    Love this quilt! Only one problem…the link for part 2 actually takes you to part 3 but you can click on the ” Split Rects units from Part 2. ” link in beginning paragraph.

  2. Chris Donaldson says:

    Nicely done!

  3. Diane H says:

    Great choice for a quilting pattern. It reminds me of chickens running around. Well done.

  4. Becky Ball says:

    Great post, Nicole. I love your choice of pattern. The quilt turned out great for both you and Anne.

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