Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Not long ago I put out a call for ugly fabrics. But I didn’t want just ugly fabrics, I wanted yoogly fabrics: the ones that are so bad you can’t stand to look at them. I said that once the yooglies came in, we’d have a giveaway of yoogly fabrics.

  Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Funny thing happened. I got some yoogly fabrics but in most of the packages, a note was included that said something like, “Please don’t put my name in the drawing for yoogly fabric.” Well I never!

anitayoogly1 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Anita Grossman Solomon made this “I Spy” quilt for a young friend in 2001. It has my yoogly corn fabric in it.

Of course someone would take exception to my declaration that the corn fabric above was yoogly. Not only did my friend Anita Grossman Solomon beg to differ, she sent a photo of her quilt containing this fabric! Not an ugly quilt, not by a long shot.

anitayoogly2 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Detail of Anita’s I Spy quilt with the corn fabric—looks pretty good!

And the “I Spy” theme was perfect for the corn fabric. Goes to show that sometimes you just need the perfect project for a yoogly to feel right at home.

It’s been great fun to have the fabrics arrive in my mailbox. The accompanying notes have entertained me, too.

yoogly1 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Yoogly from Debbie Gibbs; Greenwood, Arkansas

Debbie Gibbs from Greenwood, Arkansas sent this rust fabric with a Southwest-type theme. She said, “I know—beauty is in the eye of the beholder—but I just find this massively yoogly!” The gold squares are about 2″ wide.

yoogly2 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Yoogly from Kaye Mattson; Chapman, Nebraska

My friend Kaye Mattson from Chapman, Nebraska was the first to respond to the yoogly call. “Here’s my yoogliest fabric,” said Kay, “I’m happy to send it to a good home!”

yoogly3 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Yoogly #1 from Pat Vetterlein; Snohomish, Washington

Pat Vetterlein from Snohomish, Washington sent two small floral fabrics. “Seems I don’t have any fabrics as yoogly as your strange, yet somehow appealing, ears of corn,” she mused. She doesn’t think these prints will ever make it into one of her quilts, unless she wins them back. (Brave woman to enter the giveaway, don’t you think?)

yoogly4 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Yoogly #2 from Pat Vetterlein

Terri Costa was a member of QM’s 2011 Back to School sewing team. She sent two fabrics. I actually like the green one below.

yoogly5 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Yoogly #1 from Terri Costa; Los Gatos, California

The second fabric, below, made me realize something: there are fabrics that don’t look great once you pull them out of their collection. They need friends surrounding them to make it all work.

yoogly6 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Yoogly #2 from Terri Costa

I think this fabric is one of those.

The fabric below traveled the greatest distance to be counted among the yooglies.

yoogly7 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Inge Christensen’s yoogly traveled all the way from Denmark to me in Bladen, Nebraska.

This beauty from Inge Christensen was sent from Denmark. Inge gets a big thumbs up for her determination to participate! She points out that her yoogly was a gift from a family member (!) and continues, “I have tried using it up in narrow strips in string blocks, as crumbs in crazy blocks and as backing and binding fabric. This last piece is all that is left. And now that it is with you, I am finally rid of it!” She sounds like a determined lady, doesn’t she?!

Notice that it’s cheater cloth. So maybe we should cut it some slack, because at least it’s trying.

Barb Johnson from Verona, Pennsylvania sent a generous fat quarter of this fabric, saying, “I just can’t imagine what I could make from this. Even if I apply Bonnie Hunter’s rule about cutting it small enough, it is STILL ugly!”

yoogly8 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Yoogly from Barb Johnson; Verona, Pennsylvania

This fabric is like art. I would have trouble cutting into it, but not because I think it’s ugly. I think it’s got so much going for it that I would hate to disrupt the party. To each his own, right?

Lynda Parker from Maple Valley, Washington sent this rusty red fabric with tiny rectangles. I’ve actually met Lynda in person! She came to Quiltmaker’s Block Party last spring in Portland so it was really nice to hear from her again.

yoogly9 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Yoogly from Lynda Parker; Maple Valley, Washington

I don’t think this one’s too bad, but Lynda said, “I must have thought this was nice at some point, but it has proved itself unusable in my studio. I think I did bind something with it once…”. I think binding would be a good place for this fabric, Lynda!

yoogly10 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Yoogly from Anita Grossman Solomon; New York, New York

Anita Grossman Solomon (same designer who used the corn fabric effectively) sent me these cats on Millenium fabric, saying she thinks they are creepy. And seeing the cats in the zeroes makes me think “2000 cats,” the kind of thing you’d see on Hoarders.

Claudia Rollins went digging in her stash in Colfax, Washington and found “a lot of history of the last 25 years, as well as these three ‘winners’.” She hopes that whoever wins these fabrics will use them for donation quilts to animal shelters.

yoogly11 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Yoogly #1 from Claudia Rollins; Colfax, Washington

Each of Claudia’s fabrics had a note attached. On the fabric above, the note said, “This was used in a 4th of July shirt…Never worn.”

yoogly12 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Yoogly #2 from Claudia Rollins

On the food fabric above, the note said, “This was used to make a 4th of July dress and I wore it to a parade. Long story about the parade.” This made me laugh out loud. Claudia must have had an extensive 4th of July wardrobe over the years!

yoogly13 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

My hand gives you an idea of the large scale of this fabric.

I think the challenge of this fabric is its enormous scale. Look at my hand and you can see the boldness of it all.

yoogly14 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Yoogly #3 from Claudia Rollins

But I saved the best for last. Have you ever seen golfing cows—large golfing cows?

yoogly15 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

The scale of the cows adds to their yoogliness.

Claudia’s note on this one was classic. “I made my ex…some boxers out of this.” Gotta wonder if the guy still has them.

While I waited for other people’s yooglies to arrive, I checked my own stash. The fabric below definitely caught my eye. The brown spots are supposed to be chocolates, because the fabric is about I Love Lucy and her famous scene in a chocolate factory. Do you see how a fabric taken out of context can be less effective and less attractive?

yoogly16 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

Lucy fabric taken out of context doesn’t work as well.

And one last fabric for the yoogly giveaway. These animals seem a little disturbed. Not something I’d ask my grandbaby to cuddle up with!

yoogly18 Yoogly Fabric Giveaway


What’s interesting is why each of these quilters, me included, kept these fabrics for years, when by our own admission, they don’t appeal to us. Who knows? Maybe it’s because we just love our fabric. And if I had to choose between yoogly fabric and no fabric at all, it’s clear that I’d take the yooglies any day.

Giveaway! Please leave a comment below by midnight Friday, Sept. 27 for your chance to win the yooglies. And because we want you to love your loot, of course we’ll put some lovelies in the box as well.

The winner of the Yoogly Fabric Giveaway is Maree. Thanks so much for sending me your yooglies, everyone!



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252 Responses to Yoogly Fabric Giveaway

  1. Patty says:

    I like the last fabric and the one with the large food. Those are just awesome. Count me in.

  2. Deanna Miller says:

    I would love the fabric to make a quilt to donate to a charity that supports underprivileged children. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

  3. Diane Durrant says:

    Great yooglie fabrics! The last one you listed – Barnyard Animals – was used at the Utah State Fair a few years ago in an annual quilt competition where participants purchased a fat quarter of the required fabric at the fair and were given a theme and “the rules” for submission for the next years. There were so many great entries using this fabric, and my cousin actually won the grand prize with it! It just takes some imagination. I don’t have any ideas in mind for any of these, but it would be fun to divy out the yooglies between quilting cousins, along with a common theme, and see what we could come up with!

  4. Nicky McCulloch says:

    I would love to make a quilt out if the fabric. After it was made I would then give it to my charity quilting group called Sunshine Linus. And it would then be given to a child either sick in hospital or a child in need. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  5. Pat Davies says:

    Wow, I see many quilts in the making; some with more potential than others, but more I spy’s would be fun. Count me in.

  6. Terri Poplin says:

    I’d love to win any kind of fabric. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ugly fabric, just not the right project for the fabric.

  7. Suzanne Blair says:

    well, call me crazy, but I don’t think any of these are THAT bad, lol. I could find a place for any/all of them!

  8. kbo says:

    Yoogly indeed!!! what fun post to read makes one wonder just how long these “givers” kept these precious fabrics and now we’re the “takers” YOOGLY!

  9. Chris says:

    I am in the middle of 2 I Spy quilts for my Grandsons and I think all of these fabrics except maybe 1 would be perfect. The rule I always heard was if you cut it small enough there is no such thing as an ugly fabric. Maybe 2 inch squares would work.

  10. sheryl says:

    I had the two,fabrics one I gave away to a lady whom collected cow themed stuff. She used it for a tablecloth. The other I made boxers out of. No fabric is too ugly to find a purpose for, sometimes it works to make a giant star, or a quilt back. If there are no ugly quilts,each being a baby of the creator then, it follows there is no unusable fabric.

  11. Deb in AZ says:

    I can see a place for each and every fabric (believe it or not)! If I win send me the Yoogly stuff then draw another name and send them some “pretty” stuff- really ;-)

  12. Regina says:

    I sew “Nesteldecken“ or“twiddle blankets“ for patients suffering from dementia and therefor the cow fabric will fit perfekt: around here are many farms and these people remember perhaps that they had some!!!

  13. Jennifer says:

    gosh, I didn’t see any that I thought was ugly. My quilt retreat group does an uglies exchange and it is SO much fun to see what another will churn out with something you just couldn’t see any purpose for…other than mopping the floor with.

  14. Jan Wright says:

    I absolutely love the fabric of the Yoogly animals you called ‘a little disturbed’. I tend to see animals with an attitude and think they would be so fun in a quilt made for the child of a parent who had done the whole 4-H thing with years of county fairs and raising and grooming animals for show! I actually purchased the last of a bolt in this series..only mine is only of the sheep and I’m waiting to hear adoption results for my niece and her husband so I can begin a quilt for their child, which I will call “sheep with an attitude” since in her younger years, she raised and showed sheep as a 4-H project. I had no idea
    there was yardage of barnyard animals that would “match.” That’s a piece of fabric I’d cherish and anticipate quilting!!

  15. Kelly Sas says:

    Yoogly certainly IS in the eye of the beholder because I seriously like some of these yoogly fabrics! I LOVE fabric and I guess I feel sorry for the yoogly ones that get picked on. They can’t help it if not everyone appreciates them. :)

  16. Pat V. says:

    Well, of course count me in! I love a good challenge, and using these fabrics would certainly be one !

  17. Joyce Hart says:

    I love fabric. I would LOVE to receive the box of Yoogly fabrics.

  18. Melissa Flanagan says:

    I actually really like Barb Johnson’s fabric. I think it would make an awesome quilt, but I do love the color goldenrod, so maybe I’m biased!

  19. Phyllis M. says:

    I love yooglies….would love to win yooglies…can put them with my other yooglies….there are not such thing as yooglies fabric…..lol

  20. Nancy OBrien says:

    With the right pattern, even yooglies can be beautiful! Just need faith and keep on sewing!!! Thank you!

  21. Darlene Krystal says:

    those are awesome fabrics!!!!!….I have a small scrap of the cows without golfing and it worked great for a ninepatch animal quilt…..have a great quilting day.

  22. Glynis Sylvia says:

    What a fun concept ! Great article to read. I like the corn the best.

  23. Karin Dooley says:

    Would require a really creative mind to figure a way to use these Yoogly fabrics but would be great to do it then send a picture to and have it posted on your site!

  24. Denise says:

    um… what can I say? my vocabulary is not extensive enough or maybe Im just speechless! lol using these will take a lot of creativity for sure :)

  25. CHRIS WELLS says:

    Yup, yup, yup…those be some really yoogly fabrics. Makes you wonder about the people who ever designed these and then said to themselves, “Hey, I like that. Yeah.” LOL

  26. jean says:

    It’s funny how some love some hate these fabrics…personally I like the one with the crooked buildings and windows.

  27. You’ve got something right about your yoogly fabrics: the right person with the right pattern can turn even the yoogliest fabric into the proverbial silk purse. My quilt group, the Norske Needlers, is having a quilt show this weekend. We have a quilt challenge as part of the show, and our show committee managed to find what I thought was some really, REALLY yoogly fabric to use in our challenge. As I told my friend, “It looks like it should be used to make curtains for someone’s old RV.” Well, the ladies have started showing what they did with that yoogly fabric in their challenge quilts, and – oh, my goodness! – I never thought I ‘d see so many beautiful quilts! I’m pretty proud of what I’ve done with my piece too, and will definitely be displaying it in my home for all to see. If it’s OK, once I get photos on Facebook after the show, I’ll post a link over here so everyone else can see just what a “yoogly” fabric can do. ;)

  28. Linda Halcomb says:

    Yoogly is in the eye of the beholder. Call me weird but I actually liked some of these! Lol

  29. Hildy says:

    I love the cow fabric. The golfing part is kind of weird, but I like farms. SMall pieces of ugly fabric can always be hidden in a quilt.

  30. Tonya R. says:

    Well, I find that the animals yoogly is rather adorable. Maybe because I live on a dairy farm and that is perfect for here. I would definitely use it. Definitely NOT the golfing cow fabric….definitely yoogly!

  31. Lynda Parker says:

    Eeeek, the poor animals in the last fabric look like they just found out they are bound for the freezer! Gotta agree with Anita – the cats are creepy. I actually like most of them though.
    Fun idea, thanks!

  32. Laura Rist says:

    Sign me up! You never know what magic may turn out of some good yooglies!

  33. Renee G says:

    I admit there are a couple of these that might be difficult to work into a project. I do like the idea of using these in an i-spy quilt, however. (And I loved seeing how many of these pieces were from gals from not far from my home. )

  34. Donna Varnadoe says:

    Well I did find 3 or 4 that I actually like. I also made my husband out of the golfing cow fabric. (No he never wore them) :( A bunch of these fabrics are really yooglie!

  35. sometimes the yoogly fabrics fit in nicely as part of a quilt

  36. Betty Immer says:

    I made a Birds in the Air quilt once with my yoogly fabrics and it turned out really pretty. I would love to give the yooglies a home. I have 15 children, 26 grandchildren, and 2 qreat grandchildren, not to mention numerous nieces and nephews. So I always have people to make quilts for and they always love them. Even yooglies deserve a good home.

  37. Carlene Foster says:

    Oh my! My taste is just really different than others here…I liked the 2000 cats and the last lively cartoonish animals. I even didn’t mind the big food one so bad……..at least it has character. I would have loved to have seen the dress that came out of it, though. LOL

  38. Jeanne J. says:

    Some of these are so yoogly, they are cute. An I-Spy quilt would be a perfect pattern to use for the “cute yoogly” fabrics. I think the cats are a little strange.

  39. Carmen says:

    I love the cows!! My Aunt hit a cow once when playing golf. (the cows were part of the course)

  40. Doris Gardner says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love some of the yooglies.

  41. Karen M. Bauer says:

    Cows on the golf course, corn on the quilt, but 2000 cats, I love it!! Aren’t we quilters all hoarders?

  42. diana says:

    i love the youglies! i want some please. LOL… i will make some nice quilts out of these :)

  43. Kathy M Boice says:

    What is it they say about a dogs face being so ugly it is cute? Or “That is a face only a Mother could love?” Well, these fabrics are so ugly I can see the “cute” in them! These are fabrics only a quilter would love!!”

  44. Brenda Mack says:

    I guess something is wrong with me cause I like some of your pictures of so called yoogly fabric. I guess it is like they say, there is no accounting for taste.

  45. Lori Ring says:

    Love these prints

  46. Cheryl says:

    Is it bad that I admire many of these Yooglies??

  47. Cathryn H says:

    I laugh because some of those fabrics are in my stash and I have them because someone gave them to me. Some of them I would love to have. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder and I really only saw a couple that would be out of sync with what I like.

  48. Roxannne Simonds says:

    I can actually think of a few ways to use these fabrics up, and some I actually like! Then there are others, well, what is there to say…..The freaky animals, well, that would have to be cut into REALLY TINY pieces!

  49. Brenda Morea says:

    How fun, you do have to wonder just what someone was thinking when some of these were designed! LOL but quilters can make beauty out of anything.

  50. LizaA says:

    I can’t stop laughing–I own a piece of one of these yoogly fabrics and used it in a quilt!!!

  51. Sandy Diehl says:

    I was lying here, tired and bone weary, getting ready for nighty night. I happened to see this post and I laughed so darn hard that I think I may be up for a while! Thanks so much for not just making me smile but actually making me laugh out loud! :)

  52. Kitty says:

    some really yoogly stuff but in its own way fun, hmmmm, I think!

  53. Kitty says:

    There is some really yoogly stuff here, but in its own way fun – hmmm – I think.

  54. Kitty says:

    Ok these are really yoogly and in their own way fun, hmmm, I think!

  55. E. Engman says:

    I actually liked Barb Johnson’s and Terri Costa’s entries. But, yeah, the “yoogliest” is the scary animals–creepy.

  56. Deb says:

    Well, I think you saved the day by that last sentence that included the word LOVELIES! Yes, please! This has been tons of fun!

  57. Patti Suzio says:

    Most of these fabrics are great and I would love to win them! I think all they need is to be paired with the right coordinating fabrics and I would so enjoy the challenge of creating something fabulous with them!

  58. Donna P says:

    I just love this yoogly contest! I too have many “what was I thinking” fabrics in my stash.
    Would love the challenge of finding projects to use these. Bonnie Hunter always says “If you still don’t like it, you just haven’t cut it small enough!” I wonder if she’s right??

  59. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    There are some fun pretty fabric here, especially the yellow floral. That 4th of July fabric is pretty large scale, too!

  60. Shez says:

    these fabrics are so funny,golfing cows,lol,thankyou for this giveaway.xx

  61. Ann Flower says:

    I actually have the animal fabric. Used it in a farm table runner for my daughter. Some of the others are pretty out there but what the heck. If I don’t use the fabric I have a friend who will.

  62. Roz Barrett says:

    Oh my gosh, I think I have 2 of those fabrics in my stash! LOL and what’s worse…I love the fabric with the flags! No accounting for taste?

  63. Marce DeMars Hall says:

    The I spy idea has a lot of merit especially with some of these fabrics!

  64. Ellsie says:

    Hmm. I used the “demented animals” in some pillowcases. They are pretty cute…, the yucky florals are indeed Yoogly. I had an ugly fabric challenge for our guild that used a pastel line of Princess phones that were about 5-6 inches long. Had to use at least half of a fat quarter. We had some really interesting projects from a purse with a handle of a curly telephone cord, to a fish with fins, a christmas angel (every time a bell rings an angel gets their wings), and a purse that was knit in 1/4 ” strips of fabric.

    I’m game for some Yooglies.

  65. Mary Ann says:

    What fun!! Missed my chance to send you some yooglies but these made my day! Thanks for the chance to win some more!

  66. Cathy Remus says:

    I don’t think most of them are yooglie at all, just misunderstood, ha ha. I really love the 2000 cats! It would be so much fun to use these. Thanks for letting us play!

  67. Susan Kalcsits says:

    I think some of those fabrics are quite lovely and would make a really nice quilt with the right accompanying fabrics.

  68. Shelley Steward says:

    I love these fabrics, they are cute. Would be glad to have them.

  69. Susan Kalcsits says:

    I can see a use for a number of these fabrics. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. I love bright, colourful fabrics. Somehow or another they end up looking just wonderful when mixed with other fabrics in a the right pattern. If I win the fabrics, I believe I can find a quilt for almost all of them.

  70. Tammy Lyons says:

    I actually like of those fabrics do not find them ugly. Different strokes for different folks. Would love to win them. Thank you for the chance to enter.

  71. Mary Wilson says:

    Now that is variety plus in the interestingly ugly department. I am a Bonnie Hunter and her scrappy style of quilting fan member. There is nothing too ugly to add charm and character to a quilt.

  72. Karrie Smith says:

    I love over half of those at least! I must have a great imagination! Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. Mary W says:

    And to think, I remember most of these fabric! I may even have one or two. Would love to win all of them, and make an I spy quilt of them!

  74. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    I had a fabric very similar to the corn fabric and used it in an “I Spy” quilt also. I love ugly fabrics. I think I have a soft spot for the underdog. LOL!

  75. Maryellen says:

    Some of those are fun. Others are just weird! I have a few pieces that I know I’ll never use. Are you collecting yooglies again??

  76. Janet P. says:

    What a riot! I’d love the yooglies!

  77. JanetB says:

    I love, love, love the animals yoogly. They make me laugh. The 2000 cats would be the perfect binding on a quilt I have in progress. Thanks for the amusing topic.

  78. Julie Dunn says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I kinda liked some of those prints. It would be fun to take someone elses “trash” and make a “treasure”.

  79. Lyn Kaufmann says:

    I think some of these are cute and useable!!! Just depends how you try to use it. Many “strange” fabrics came to my stash from working on “I Spy” quilts. I just finished a “kitties & purples” prayer quilt. All in the focus I suppose.

  80. Carrie Naron says:

    I absolutely fell in LOVE instantly with the disturbed animals! They kind of resemble me at the end of my work day. I would IMMEDIATELY make a purse with it and carry it with pride. If ever asked about it, I would tell people it’s to ward off strange, sane people :) )

  81. Amelia Godissart says:

    well I must say that they are all very interesting fabrics, to quote a former fabric store manager “there are no ugly fabrics, only less desirable ones” my statement in response is always “pretty ugly and pretty apt to stay that way” but if I should be lucky enough to be receiving these ‘beauts’ I could probably find a creative way to use them….

  82. Kathy Raabe says:

    Well, it always can be used for SOMTHING, now, can’t it??? Thank you (I think) for the opportunity!

  83. Gloria Bruce says:

    I make nap blankets for the title 1 schools in Winston Salem for 4 year olds. last year our guild made 5oo. every year there is a new crop of 4 year old children. I think some of these fabrics could be very entertaing at nap time.

  84. Tami Chaulk says:

    My sister-in-law is a corn breeder, so I would love to have the corn fabric! I once gave her a great big corn candle! We got such a kick out of it. I’m sure she would love for me to make something for her that she could hang in her office. Thanks for the chance to win a yooglie fabric!

  85. Cheryl says:

    These would be great for my sister-in-laws who are true farm girls.

  86. judy says:

    I actually have some of that 2000 cats fabric – LOL! And I too like that modern one. One person’s yoogly is another’s treasure!

  87. Judy Prescott says:

    Yoogly’s are definitely in the eye of the beholder. I really like some of these fabrics and others – not so much. They ALL have a place in a quilt somewhere!

  88. LOL. I actually like the last animal one! And the pink and gray flowers aren’t so bad :)

  89. Teri powers says:

    These were fun to look at . .brought a few chuckles. Reminds me when I let my son pick out his own fabric for a log cabin quilt . .very bright blues and orange and the backing is bright blue with soccer balls!

  90. Barbara Colson says:

    I would love to win! personally I LIKE some of these! I make a lot of “I Spy” quilts and they would be so much fun! I used to have some of the Southwest print, and the Farm quilt. And somewhere in my stash I have a small scrap of that last Cow print. I <3 it! Like my Daddy used to say, "One mans trash is another mans treasure".

  91. Cecilia says:

    I have to say that a quilt made with any of these fabrics would certainly be interesting. It would be fun to try to make them all work together.

  92. Aimee says:

    I actually like most of these. I don’t think they’re yooglie at all. I really really like your disturbed animals.

  93. marian says:

    It would be fun to try to use these in such a way that they were no longer yoogly

  94. VickiT says:

    I’d say a few of those are definitely in contention for the first place of Yoogly. BUT, there are a few of them that I really like, while others would make some cute things for my Grandchildren; what I’m not sure right at this moment, but I’d figure something out.

  95. Monica says:

    Sometimes it’s the yooglies that make the quilt more interesting.

  96. Diane Koenen says:

    Love the farm yard and mustard ketchup fabric. I can see table runners made from these for the summer. Most of the fabric really isn’t that bad.

  97. Rita says:

    I actually have some of that ‘I Love Lucy’ fabric with Lucy’s many faces from that scene in the show! I love it! That pink chef hat/chocolate fabric would go great with it. Back in context! Throw my name in the draw if you will, I’d also be able to use most of the others somehow.

  98. DebrafromMD says:

    I’m in. Some of those prints aren’t too yooglie.

  99. Margaret Lawrence says:

    OK… I will go for it! There are actually a few yooglies that I sort of like – both of Terri Costa’s, the strange modern art fabric sent by Barb Johnson, and both florals from Pat Vetterlein. Last, but not least, the fabric sent in by Inge Christensen from Denmark, is cute in its own way. And, having fabric that has traveled more than I have, has to be worth something!

  100. Susan says:

    This is awesome! These are all perfect for an I Spy quilt as Anita showed. I have to say, I actually LOVE the farm scene fabric sent in by Kaye. My girls are animal crazy and they would definitely adore that fabric.

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