Introducing Melinda Bledsoe: A Back to School Sewer

Several months ago, we announced on Facebook that we were looking for QM readers to work on a one-time project for us. It’s been my pleasure to work with the nine women we selected as the Back to School Sewing Team. I’m happy to introduce them to you this week during Quiltmaker’s Back to School Party.

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Today I’m pleased to introduce Melinda Bledsoe from Clinton, Mississippi.

Melindaresized Introducing Melinda Bledsoe: A Back to School Sewer

Melinda Bledsoe from Clinton, Mississippi

Melinda sewed with Always Blooming by Susy Pilgrim Waters for P&B Textiles. Her completed quilt is shown below.

QMMP BTS PNB 5001 Introducing Melinda Bledsoe: A Back to School Sewerpin it button Introducing Melinda Bledsoe: A Back to School SewerIsn’t this a happy quilt? I just love it. The white space gives it a modern feeling, and the fussy cut flowers are fabulous.

I asked Melinda to share a few thoughts with QP readers:

When I saw the post about the challenge I wasn’t sure if I needed to enter or not. I consider myself a confident beginner but I have never participated in a challenge or contest of any kind, but I thought what would it hurt.

MH900383568 Introducing Melinda Bledsoe: A Back to School Sewer

When Quiltmaker notified me I was chosen I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited. The anticipation of waiting on the fabric was like being a kid at Christmas. There is something about knowing you have a project to complete but you have no idea the details. I was excited that I would learn something new, then worried that it would be too hard.

This was quilt of firsts for me: The first time I made snowball blocks, fussy cut images for blocks, and set blocks on point. These techniques were things I wanted to do but hadn’t yet tried.

I had a couple of “Oh Nooooooooo” moments.

MB900434697 Introducing Melinda Bledsoe: A Back to School Sewer

When I was putting the blocks together, I was very careful to pay attention to the direction of the stripes in the corner of my blocks. When I put it back on my design wall to admire my work, well, was I surprised to see stripes going in the wrong direction! Yes, my seam ripper saw some action that afternoon.

The second one was when I trimmed the outside edge of the quilt. Since this was the first time I had set blocks on point, I did something wrong but I’m not quite sure what I did. Adding the first border without cutting off the points was quite stressful.

I worked through it but the borders could have looked better. Note to self: I will try this pattern again to figure this out! (Editor’s note: The borders look fine to me!)

MH900309173 Introducing Melinda Bledsoe: A Back to School Sewer

I want to thank Quiltmaker for coordinating this because it truly represents quilters of all skill levels. The ladies in this group are so talented and several quilt for the public and have quilting businesses. I have only quilted for about four years, so I felt honored to have been included in this challenge with so much talent.

So the moral of the story is if you think you’re not skilled enough, you’ll never know unless you try. And you may get a big, big surprise and be chosen to participate. You will learn new skills doing something that you truly love to do.

On behalf of Quiltmaker and P&B Textiles, I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to Melinda Bledsoe for a job well done. We really appreciate you!

To reinforce my appreciation for Melinda’s efforts, please leave her a thank-you message in the comments below. Thanks!

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9 Responses to Introducing Melinda Bledsoe: A Back to School Sewer

  1. Thunder says:

    thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt Melinda, you did great on the fussy cutting, and I just love a striped border :) it certainly is a happy quilt.

  2. Ray J. says:

    Great job – and the borders are FINE!!! :-)

  3. Claudia says:

    Looking at your quilt makes me think of LifeSavers. And your “fussies” are very nice. So, go make a cup of coffee and look at this beauty hanging on the wall. Only you know what you need to improve because your nose was 6″ from the subject. We all have the same agony. Welcome to the club. Good job.

  4. Karlene says:

    Your quilt turned out beautiful! I think your borders look fine. Good for you for a job well done.

  5. Susan L. says:

    Hey Melinda, This quilt is adorable, you are destined for greatness! Way To Go Girl!

  6. Mary C in WA says:

    It looks great. I love the Fussy cut flowers too. Glad you got a chance to stretch your skills!

  7. Sandra says:

    Great job Melinda. I love how you used the fabric. Its a happy, cheerful quilt. Congratulations on all of your firsts.
    Pascagoula MS

  8. Susan says:

    Your quilt looks great! It’s very cheerful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the making of it.

  9. kaholly says:

    You certainly challenged yourself and look what you accomoplished!! Congratulations on being chosen and doing such a fine job!

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