Introducing Lavonna Z-W-B: A Back to School Sewer

Several months ago, we announced on Facebook that we were looking for QM readers to work on a one-time project for us. It’s been my pleasure to work with the nine women we selected as the Back to School Sewing Team. I’m happy to introduce them to you this week during Quiltmaker’s Back to School Party.

BTS13 logo 400 Introducing Lavonna Z W B: A Back to School Sewer

Today I’m pleased to introduce Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi from Happy Valley, Oregon.

Lavonna Introducing Lavonna Z W B: A Back to School Sewer

Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi from Happy Valley, Oregon

Lavonna sewed with Studio Stash fabrics by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman. Her finished Playground quilt is shown below.

QMMP BTS KAU 5001 Introducing Lavonna Z W B: A Back to School Sewer

Playground in Studio Stash fabrics from Robert Kaufman. Made by Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi.

pin it button Introducing Lavonna Z W B: A Back to School SewerI love the diversity this quilt brings to the Back to School Party. Even though the quilt design is traditional, these fabrics work up an artful appearance. The colors remind me of oil pastels—so rich and deep, you can almost taste them.

I asked Lavonna (whose students call her Mrs. ZWB, pronounced Zee duh bee) to share some thoughts with QP readers.

I loved working on this project. It was quick to put together, had easy to follow instructions—and the Robert Kaufman fabrics were absolutely delicious! I blogged about the process at

zeller Introducing Lavonna Z W B: A Back to School Sewer

Being a scrap quilter, I was so happy to receive fabrics in a wide array of COLORS. I loved that the main background fabric was brown, for it looked like chocolate, and the colored “circles” resembled life savers. Makes you kind of hungry for a sweet snack, doesn’t it?

I learned that sometimes we need to stretch ourselves and do something a bit out of our comfort zone. I most likely would not have chosen this pattern because of how it is made.

zellerstars Introducing Lavonna Z W B: A Back to School Sewer

The left-over or “bonus” triangles seem like a waste of fabric to this scrap quilter who uses every possible inch. So to deal with my frustration of having to discard leftover bits, I made six 8-pointed stars to put on the back of my quilt.

zellerback Introducing Lavonna Z W B: A Back to School SewerThe advice that I would give to other quilters would be this: If you don’t plan on using your bonus triangles, you can always send them to me.

Being a teacher by trade, I loved being involved in Quiltmaker’s Back to School project. I am once again back at school, getting to work with some incredible students, helping them learn and create. I viewed this project as a cheerful, sweet reminder that working with kids is my passion and makes me very happy!

On behalf of Quiltmaker and Robert Kaufman Fabrics, I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to Lavonna ZBD for a job well done. We really appreciate you!

To reinforce my appreciation for Lavonna’s efforts, please leave her a thank-you message in the comments below. Thanks!

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