Georgia Quilt Show Part 1

Last week Carolyn Beam and I went to Atlanta to represent Quiltmaker at the Georgia Quilt Show. This event, along with Original Sewing & Quilt Expo, is part of the family of quilt-related businesses to which QM belongs.

gqslogo Georgia Quilt Show Part 1
We had such a good time! We met lots of new people, connected with QM readers, shared a Quiltmaker trunk show, enjoyed amazing quilt exhibits and even converted a few non-quilters. What could be better?!

Each day we spent time in the Make-It Center, where people dropped in to work on a simple table runner using Peg Spradlin’s Fold & Sew technique from the March/April issue. We met so many fun quilters—here are a few highlights.

gqs7 Georgia Quilt Show Part 1

A cute and enthusiastic grandmother/granddaughter pair of quilters joined us in the Make-It Center at Georgia Quilt Show.

The gals above are a grandmother/granddaughter pair who came to the show together. Aren’t they cute?


gqs9 Georgia Quilt Show Part 1

Debbie Richardson and her mom-in-law

This is Debbie Richardson from Stockbridge, Georgia. She’s never quilted but she came to the show with her mom-in-law, so she sat down in the Make-It Center to give it a whirl.

gqs10 Georgia Quilt Show Part 1

Debbie’s finish

It was heartwarming to see Debbie’s finished top. She did really well with this technique.

gqs5 Georgia Quilt Show Part 1

Linda Dominic

Lina Dominic is 90. She was thrilled with Fold & Sew because there is no cutting involved—you use precuts. Lina’s smile says it all.


gqs11 Georgia Quilt Show Part 1

Wendy Blanton and her Snowmen in the Woods quilt joined us in Atlanta for Georgia Quilt Show.

Wendy Blanton from Cumming, Georgia helped us out in the Make-It Center, and later dropped by with a Quiltmaker finish to show us. We loved her Snowmen in the Woods quilt, because it has Snowladies!


GQS1 Georgia Quilt Show Part 1

Linda Garrison, right, and granddaughter Ashley, age 13.

Linda Garrison, above right, brought her 13-year-old granddaughter Ashley to the show and the Make-It Center. Both are from Lithia Springs, Georgia. We were thrilled to see our generation sharing quilting with young women like this.

gqs3 Georgia Quilt Show Part 1

Ashley was intent on the process. It warmed me through and through.

gqs6 Georgia Quilt Show Part 1

Faye Duzan from Douglasville, Georgia is pleased with her finish.

Faye Duzan from Douglasville, Georgia took the technique in a slightly different direction by placing her patches off-center. I think it looks terrific! Faye was an enthusiastic gal and she inspired us with her excitement.

gqs12 Georgia Quilt Show Part 1

QM Creative Editor Carolyn Beam and Mary Jane Cardwell, a 100 Blocks tester for Quiltmaker.

Carolyn and I had a chance to meet a couple of QM VIPS, too. This is Carolyn with Mary Jane Cardwell, who is a block tester for Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks. She is part of an invaluable team. Mary Jane tried out Fold & Sew in the Make-It Center, too. We were pleased to meet her.


gqs2 Georgia Quilt Show Part 1 Vicki Schawo brought her 9-year-old granddaughter to the Make-It Center. Lilly, who is from Warner-Robins, Georgia, sat on her grandma’s lap to sew. This is about as sweet as it gets!

gqs8 Georgia Quilt Show Part 1

M-m-m Blue Bell.

Unless you count the cup of Blue Bell I snagged in the Houston airport. I live in the middle of nowhere and we do not have Blue Bell here. If you’re ever in one of the 20 states that has it, I recommend it. It’s almost as good as quilting. And that’s sayin’ something.

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I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email:
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4 Responses to Georgia Quilt Show Part 1

  1. Konda says:

    Oh my goodness! My mouth is watering! I hadn’t noticed Blue Bell ice cream in the Houston airport. I will be looking for it this time. Good thing Market is almost here.

  2. Mary Jane Cardwell says:

    Thanks Diane. Great meeting you and Carolyn. I love the technique, have found some fabric in my stash and am ready to make an entire quilt. Got Amy extra time to spare? Working foes interfere with quilt time!!

  3. Claudia says:

    I hope that is me when I’m 90! Love the jacket. And good to see all those young ladies learning how to sew.

  4. allyjo says:

    Inspiring and sweet to see a new generation at machines. Long live quilters.

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