Debbie Caffrey: Block Party @ Sea

Today’s post is guest written by Debbie Caffrey, who will teach aboard Quiltmaker’s Block Party @ Sea June 7–14, 2014.

blockparty@seasocialmedia Debbie Caffrey: Block Party @ Sea

I hope you can join us!

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Let me start by telling you that I lived in Anchorage for 22 years. I have sewn all my life. I began quilting and teaching quilting in 1983 in Alaska.

debbieheadshot Debbie Caffrey: Block Party @ Sea

Debbie Caffrey

In 1993 I published my first book, An Alaskan Sampler. Since then I have published fourteen books, dozens of patterns, and hundreds of mystery patterns.

debbie1 Debbie Caffrey: Block Party @ Sea

Alaska has a way of bringing out the best in its people. Alaskans are independent “can do” types of people. That is what I liked the best about living there.

So, why take a quilting cruise? Taking a trip with people who have a common interest gives you lots to talk about.

Why take an Alaska cruise? Alaska is an amazing destination: pristine waters, majestic scenery, fantastic wildlife, unique people…the list goes on and on. It truly is the Last Frontier. This cruise will be my fourth through the Inside Passage. It is definitely my #1 cruise destination.

debbie2 Debbie Caffrey: Block Party @ Sea

Why take a quilting cruise to Alaska with Quiltmaker? Quiltmaker’s staff and editors are unsurpassed. They are on top of everything, bringing you fun and quality workshops at each Block Party. They have handpicked some great instructors, and I am honored to be among them.

One thing I can bring to you is a bounty of knowledge about Alaska. I will be telling stories of what Alaska was like from 1979–2000 and about the Alaska I have visited four times since leaving—how it is the same, and how it is different.

debbie3 Debbie Caffrey: Block Party @ Sea

Berry picking in Alaska with my children

I’ll tell of berry picking, fishing, ice skating, cross-country skiing, quilting, moose encounters, one-of-a-kind places like the North Slope and more.

debbie4 Debbie Caffrey: Block Party @ Sea


Oh, and yes, I will teach you some things about quilting, too. Not only will you learn valuable skills in your classes, but your projects will be treasured souvenirs.

debbie5 Debbie Caffrey: Block Party @ Sea

I hope you will take time to experience Alaska through some of the many excursions offered. I highly suggest a whale watching trip, and I have to say that my number one recommendation would be a day of salmon or halibut fishing. Fishing in Alaska is absolutely a world class experience! If you have a choice, take a smaller boat. I love the intimacy with the crew and others on the small boats.

debbie7 Debbie Caffrey: Block Party @ Sea

Debbie tries a variety of local beers in Alaska.

Forgive me, but I have to ask.

Won’t you join the Block Party @ Sea
“Just for the Halibut”?

Eat the fish right at its source—and sign up for my mystery quilt by the same name for two unforgettable experiences.


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3 Responses to Debbie Caffrey: Block Party @ Sea

  1. Bonnie Readie says:

    I would love to go but would need to find a roommate is there somewhere to post a request?

  2. Wow! Where did you find that original copy of my pattern, An Alaskan Sampler? Months after the pattern was released I published it in a book that is still selling 19 years later!

  3. Karen says:

    I can’t but I sure would love to! I have been on the inside passage cruise once and loved it! I can tell by your photos that you have a lot of great memories in Alaska

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