Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 3

Today, another guest post from Anne Wiens, a member of QM’s Scrap Squad.

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Soup’s on!

It’s time to reveal the wallhanging we’re making with the V-Blocks units we made in Part 1 of this blog series, and the Split Rects units from Part 2. Remember to leave a comment at the end of this blog for a chance to win both tools, plus two bundles of fat quarters (a total of 22 FQs) from the Rooster Royale and Canvas collections by Quilting Treasures.

GEDC1500 1024x768 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 3

“Chicken Soup” by Anne Wiens – 2013

In addition to the V-Blocks and Split Rects units we’ve already made, you need to cut and/or sew these units:

GEDC1491 1024x768 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 3

Trim one chicken panel to 8-1/2″ x 8-1/2″.

GEDC1490 1024x768 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 3

Cut four 2-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ strips from the red striped fabric.

Cut four 2-1/2″ squares and eight 2-1/2″ x 12-1/2″ strips from the black & red floral.

Cut three 2-1/2″ strips from the black & white floral, one from the dark gray and two from the white. Use these to make four black/gray 4-patches, and twelve black/white 4-patches.

They didn’t make it into the photo, but you will also need to “fussy cut” four 4-1/2″ squares from the scattered chicken fabric. You see them in the center of the star block below.

GEDC1488 1024x768 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 3

You will need to make four of these star blocks. To keep the chickens in the center right-side up, you need to put the black/gray 4-patch in a different corner in each block. (Sneak a peak at the last photo below, and you’ll see what I mean.) The star blocks are the four corners of the wallhanging. Sew the 2-1/2″ x 12-1/2″ red & black floral strips to the sides opposite the black/gray 4-patches, as shown below.

2013 Chicken Soup 2 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 3Now you need to make four “chevron” sections, shown above right. You will use all of the split rects pairs we made in  Part 2. The red diamond unit is made by sewing two of the red floral and white/gray V-blocks units into pairs. The red strip in the illustration is your 2-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ striped fabric strips.

So, now you have four star block units, four chevron units, and one 8-1/2″ square panel. Time to put it all together!

GEDC1493 1024x768 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 3Lay out the blocks as shown. Sew into three rows and sew the rows together to complete your Chicken Soup top. The top should measure 36-1/2″ x 36-1/2″.

With ten different fabrics in this top, you probably don’t need a lot of quilting, but I decided to turn my quilt over to Nicole Brouillette, another member of the QM Scrap Squad and a professional long-arm quilter. In an upcoming post, Nicole will walk us through the process of deciding how a quilt should be quilted. 


Because only one lucky Quilty Pleasures reader will win the fat quarter bundles, here is a list of the fabrics used to make Chicken Soup. (Note: WOF = Width of Fabric.)

Rooster Royale (Quilting Treasures)

22779 j copy 150x150 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 322779-J Panel. Choose 1 mini panel

22780 j copy 150x150 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 322780-J   Scattered Chickens on Black. Fussy-cut four 4-1/2″ squares for star centers.

22783 r copy 150x150 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 322783-R   Red Chicken Wire. 1/4 yard. One 5″ x WOF strip for V-Block star points.

22784 k copy 150x150 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 322784-K   Gray Linen.  1/4 yard. One 2-1/2″ x WOF strip for 4-patches. One 5″ x WOF strip for Split Rects.

Canvas (Quilting Treasures)

22808 j repeat copy 150x150 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 322808-J Packed Floral   1/2 yard. One 5″ x WOF for Split Rects. Three 2-1/2″ x WOF for border strips & squares.

22809 j repeat copy 150x150 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 322809-J Spaced Linear Floral.  1/4 yard. Three 2-1/2″ x WOF strips for 4-patches.

22810 r nir copy 150x150 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 322810-R Stripe. 1/4-yard. Four 2-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ strips.

22812 zk copy 150x150 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 322812-ZK. Little Lines.  1/3 yard.  Two 5″ x WOF for V-Block center triangles, side triangles, and Split Rects.

22811 j nir copy 150x150 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 322811-J Small Floral. 1/4 yard. One 5″ x WOF strip for V-Block center triangles.

22812 r repeat copy 150x150 Giveaway! Chicken Soup – Part 322812-R  Little Lines. 1/3 yard. Four 2-1/4″ x WOF strips for binding.

Additional: 1/2 yard of a white-on-white print. Two 5″ x WOF for V-Block center triangles and Split Rects. Two 2-1/2″ x WOF strips for 4-patches.

Backing: 1-1/8 yard

Batting: 40″ x 40″

 *     *     *     *     *

Quiltmaker thanks Anne Wiens for these great posts explaining how the V-Block and Split Rects tools work, for designing a fun little quilt and for making it ahead of deadline. Now it’s giveaway time. Please leave a comment below before midnight Sunday, Sept. 15 to be entered. The giveaway is for both rulers and the fabrics from Quilting Treasures. What a deal!

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  68. Barbara Gifford says:

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