Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

Welcome to Day 2 of
Quiltmaker’s Back to School Party!

BTS13 logo 400 287x300 Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!
It’s nice to have you here—welcome! We’re having all kinds of fun this week on Quilty Pleasures. We’re giving out a free pattern in bite-sized morsels. We’re sharing tips and tricks to improve your quiltmaking skills. And we’re having giveaways every day—think luscious fabric bundles from the best companies in the industry!

BTS13 quiltfullsize Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!The quilt, called Playground, was designed by Denise Russart.

Today we’ll give you Part 2 of Playground and show you two more versions of the quilt. If you missed them, please see the Getting Ready post and Part 1.

Playground Part 2: Unit 1′s and 2′s

Both of these units use the Stitch & Flip technique. Here’s how you do Stitch & Flip:

Align a B on the corner of the A right sides together, as shown in the Unit 1 diagram below. Mark a diagonal line on the B from corner to corner and sew on the marked line. Trim the seam allowances to 1/4″, flip the B patch open and press.

Now you can create the Unit 1′s and Unit 2′s.

BTS13 unit1 115x300 Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!Use a fabric #1 A and the B’s from fabric #2 to make a unit 1. Repeat with the B’s from fabric #’s 3–13 to make a total of 12 unit 1’s.

BTS13 unit2 Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!Using the stitch-and-flip technique, add fabric #1 D’s to each end of a fabric #2 C as shown to make a unit 2. Repeat with the other fabric #2 C. Make 12 sets of 2 matching unit 2’s
using the C’s from fabric #’s 2–13.

That’s all for today.

*     *     *     *     *

Today’s featured fabric sponsors are P&B Textiles and Hoffman California Fabrics.

580150 10152911558720565 652977048 a Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

P&B Textiles provided Always Blooming fabrics by Susy Pilgrim Waters for a lighthearted, happy version of Playground.

ABLO 962MU copy Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!   ABLO 965P Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

ABLO 968B Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!   ABLO 961Z Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

ABLO 963MUth Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

These fabrics make me want to sing! See how nicely they work in Playground, below. This version of the quilt was made by Melinda Bledsoe from Clinton, Mississippi.

QMMP BTS PNB 500 Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

Playground in Always Blooming fabrics by Susy Pilgrim Waters for P&B Textiles.                                Made by Melinda Bledsoe.

pin it button Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!Melinda was a trooper as we learned together just how much extra fabric it takes to fussy cut the flower motifs. She did a great job with her quilt.

 580150 10152911558720565 652977048 a Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

 *     *     *     *     *

hoffman Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

Hoffman California Fabrics provided Bali Hai and Bali Handpaints for the next version.

L3352 4 Black Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!   L2567%20128 Midnight Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

841 65 Denim Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!   841 250 Sahara Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

The quilt below was made by Margaret Kennedy, Quilter! (That’s how she watermarks all her photos—really cool.) Margaret lives in Lake Frederick, Virginia.

QMMP BTS HOF 500 Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

Playgroun in Bali Hai and Bali Handpaints from Hoffman California Fabrics. Made by Margaret Kennedy.

pin it button Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!This one really says “autumn” with its bold oranges and wonderful varied blues. Can you see the waves of quilting? Nicely done!

hoffman Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

*     *     *     *     *

Now for the giveaway!

BTS PRIZE PB Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

Fabric bundles from P&B for giveaway today

We have three bundles of fabric from each of today’s sponsors, so there will be six lucky winners.

BTS PRIZE Hoffman Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

Fabric bundles from Hoffman for giveaway today

Please leave a comment below by midnight tonight, Tuesday, Sept.17, describing your perfect day of sewing. What would it look like?! We’ll choose six random winners—but if you describe something heavenly, we might use your words to entertain other quilters. Now wouldn’t that be fun?!

The Back to School Day 2 Winners are: Jennifer Paddden, Gay Lynn, Rachell R, Kaholly, Garnet and Robbi Imhoff. Congratulations! 

Enjoy making your units at any pace you choose and I’ll see you tomorrow for Part 3 of Playground. More quilts, too!

About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email:
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427 Responses to Back to School Party: Part 2 and Giveaway!

  1. Judy Wentz says:

    A perfect day of sewing would include my favorite sewing friends. Nothing to distract us, just fun talking and sewing. And of course, lunch delivered so that we wouldn’t have my disruptions in our fun.

  2. AnnMary Wagner says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be spent in a cabin by the water (lake, river, doesn’t matter) in my own little slice of heaven. All the windows would be open with a beautiful fresh breeze drifting through. Chopin would be playing, or movies and refrig full of Pepsi. Just me, my machine, my fabric, sewing necessities – no other distractions.

  3. Bonnie Pfrimmer says:

    My perfect day would be me sitting down and sewing until I wanted to stop. No one would need me to do something. I hate to keep stopping and then trying to get back to my sewing. Oh well, I guess life goes on…..I love the flower quilt. It is so pretty. Thank you for sharing and the chance to win the give away.

  4. Rainy or snowy. Easy listening or 50s & 60s songs to listen to. SHARP rotary blade. Plenty of chocolate to snack on with soup in the crock pot. On my own or with friends!

  5. Debra G says:

    My perfect sewing day would involve a light rain falling outside, some beautiful batik fabric, lots of creative juices flowing, my sewing machine humming in the background and bagpipe music playing on the stereo!

  6. AnnMary Wagner says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be spent in a cabin by the water (lake, river, doesn’t matter) in my own little slice of heaven. All the windows would be open with a beautiful, fresh breeze blowing through. Chopin on the CD player, or movies on TV, and a fridge full of Pepsi! Just me, my machine, all the necessaries for sewing humming away.

  7. Patti Cole says:

    Perfect day: sewing fabulous soft cotton, sun shining through my window, machine humming, and thread never breaks.

  8. Sharon I says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be spent with friends at our Summer Quilt Camp no Phones ringing being able to stay up as late as we what to and not having to worry about food

  9. Ruth Clark says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be at the beach being able to see the ocean as I not only saw the beauty of my quilt but the beauty of my surroundings.

  10. AnnMary Wagner says:

    My perfect day would be in a cabin by the water (lake, river, doesn’t matter), where I would be in my own slice of heaven. All the windows would be open with a beautiful, fresh breeze blowing through. I would have nothing else with me except my machine and stash that was necessary, Chopin playing all day or movies, and just stitching away.

  11. Linette Greene says:

    My perfect day quilting–I am home alone, no one needs breakfast, or lunch, or a walk. I get sooo much done, I never misplace my snips, I never break a needle, and the sewing machine thread never breaks. And EVERY SINGLE UFO gets finished. Ok, that last part is a fantasy and not part of a single perfect day, haha. And then my hubby comes home and gives me dinner and a massage after a long, hot bubble bath.

  12. Linda Webster says:

    My perfect day of quilting starts with a trip to a few quilt stores in the area to see what’s new and if they have any fabric that is calling my name (of course they do!). I buy some fabric that I love and just can’t live without. I get home full of energy and ready to quilt. All my seams are straight, no seams need to be ripped out, none of my points are cut off and…………….I finish my project. A perfect day of quilting!

  13. Lauri Linder says:

    Hanging out in my sewing room working on my project(s) of choice.

  14. Debbie Esper says:

    My perfect day would be at the cottage on the lake. Light drizzle just enough to keep me inside. And NO phone, internet or family. lol Just me, my radio, and my sewing. AHhhhhhhh.

  15. Susan says:

    My perfect day would be sitting around at my sisters house, learning new techniques and quilting the day away, with no kids or hubby to make demands on my time. ♥

  16. Stevie says:

    A perfect day of sewing – everything needed for the project at hand, and no interruptions like making meals, paying bills, answering the phone, etc.

  17. Karin Dooley says:

    Beautiful fabrics, absolutely no interruptions, a still and quiet house….all day!!

  18. Cecilia says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be a day spent with friends at a beautiful retreat in the mountains with close friends. Our meals would be served at regular hours and we could stay up as late as we wanted.

  19. My perfect quilting day would be to wake up with the house magically all clean and tidied with all the washing done and away so that my brain can guilt-free concentrate on sew my heart out all day long! I would have some favourite shows on in the background – Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls – and chocolate and iced coffee ready for when I need a quick break and top up. Add in some sushi for lunch and then my quilty gal pals in the afternoon for a group sew session, before the final touch of pizza and a movie for dinner while we hand bind our quilts.

  20. Elsie Bulva says:

    My perfect day would begin with a prayer for thanksgiving that I might actually have a day free- listening to lovely classical music, have a coffee, and time to sew with some of my collection of batiks.

  21. Diana Vukonich says:

    A perfect day of quilting would be to have all my projects cut for me so I can sit and sew, an angel to prepare my lunch and dinner and clean up afterward. I would have gotten so much done!!

  22. Evelyn Al-Misnad says:

    A perfect day of quilting would be completing many items I have stacked up.

  23. Barbara Trapp says:

    My perfect day sewing is on Fridays, when friends come over to share my quilt studio. We all help each other with ideas and problems that seem to sneak up when trying a new pattern or project. Besides sharing our quilting, we also share our thoughts and perhaps problems in our life. The closeness we have all because of quilting is wonderful. So my perfect day sewing is when I share it with really great friends.

  24. Kathy h says:

    My perfect day of quilting would be one spent with my friends sewing together. I would finish a few projects and have some great ideas about quilting the quilts.

  25. Pam Winterrowd says:

    A perfect day of sewing would entail a perfectly quiet house, my perfect pets not asking to go outside every few hours, a perfectly cool/68 degree sewing room, and some perfect energy to keep ME going for hours. THAT would be perfect!

  26. Ruth Ann Jones says:

    Getting up early while its still cool and opening the windows for the scene and having fabric cut out thru my pattern. No phone or internet. Just wonderful quilting on my 1951 Singer. Centennial model and sews like a dream. My dog is asleep by my feet….life is good.

  27. Pam Winterrowd says:

    My perfect day of sewing would entail a perfectly quiet house, my perfect pets not asking to go outside every few hours, a perfectly cool/68 degree sewing room, and some perfect energy to keep ME going for hours. THAT would be perfect!

  28. Cheryl McLaughlin says:

    perfect day of quilting would involve my sewing room being tidy so that i could actually USE the tools and fabrics that are in there SOMEwhere ;-) Notice I didn’t say that a perfect day would be a day SPENT doing that tidying -I’d love for someone to do it for me ;-)

  29. Terri van Gulik says:

    No interruptions lots of new fabric, lots of cutting, sewing, pinning and quilting

  30. Clare Kupcho says:

    My perfect day of sewing is listening to a good audio book, finishing a quilt and not ripping out a single stitch!

  31. Terri van Gulik says:

    A perfect day of quilting would be no interruptions and lots of new fabric – lots of cutting lots of piecing lots of pinning and lots of quilting

  32. Connie Johanson says:

    My perfect day for sewing and quilting would probably be on a quilting retreat with a room full of friends. I usually attend one twice a year at our church. We have a Stitch Study and Share every month to work on Prayer Quilts and Baptism Quilts. I love it all. Love piecing quilts that I know will surround someone with love and warmth. Prayer Quilts have ties added and we each pray for the person receiving it and tie a knot.

  33. Mary Saxon says:

    A perfect sewing day: 1. Home alone. 2. A good audio book or two. 3. Tasty ready-to-eat meals. 4. No phone calls.

  34. Donna Joy says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be a dark roast coffee, music and no interruptions, including no meals to cook. Just me with my machine and gorgeous fabrics waiting to be sewn and pressed into a quilt for my niece who is getting married on Halloween.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. Nancy Smith says:

    My perfect day of sewing…… I love my day at the retreat that we go to 3 times a year. We sew on whatever we want to. Our gourmet meals(that’s breakfast, lunch & dinner) are served to us at the same time everyday. Stay up as long as we want to, even if it means 3 am. What’s even more enjoyable, is watching our friendship grow.

  36. Linda Thompson says:

    My best day sewing was assisting my grand-daughter (5) with her first quilt. It was a quilt as you go scrappy, ragged edge doll blanket. This one always wants to help me. We are working on a jean quilt now, when she is here. We look forward to our time together sewing. Hopefully again one day soon. (Generally, I babysit her and her sibling a few times a week.)

  37. Mary says:

    My perfect day of quilting is when I am at my annual Quilt Till U Wilt retreat with all my talented friends. The rest of the year I think of these friends and wonder what they will bring to share at our next time together.

  38. Rhonda Best says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be interruption free…no phone calls or errands to run!

  39. Marcia Herath says:

    First of all, no interruptions for a whole day, the a pile of gorgeous fabric and no need for a seam ripper. Also to start out in a clean and organized sewing room.

  40. linda-kaye says:

    My perfect day of sewing would start on a bright sunny morning, with no distractions and no obligations. Pressing and cutting stations all set up, in case they’re needed. All the fabric cut and ready to be sewn. Then starting to sew at my own pace, for a whole day, totally uninterrupted. . . . . . heaven!

  41. Nancy in Minnesota says:

    My perfect day of sewing would have to be a day when I’m home alone for no interruptions. The sun would be shining, illuminating my sewing room in a cheery glow. I’d head on in there in the early morning with a new pattern beckoning me. On that perfect day, all the fabric I need for the quilt would be right there in my stash. My sewing machine, just back from a clean/lube/adjust appointment, would be humming quietly, and my guardian sewing angel would make sure all my seams come together perfectly with no frogging required. By suppertime, the new quilt rows would be up on the design wall waiting for a last arrangement and then final assembly. Ah, pure bliss!

  42. Pam from CA says:

    Wake up early and alert. Drink coffee while I am elated that the quilt fairy cut out my fabric for me labeling my colors and cuts, wound my bobbins, threaded my machine and tested my tension. Ahhh, ready to go!! Sew endlessly with no need for a seam ripper until bed time!

  43. Peggy L says:

    Since I have retired my perfect sewing day would be husband out of the house (ain’t gong to happen. He has retired too!) A big fresh cup of coffee (Hum that smells so good!) and a doggie door (instead of one being manned by me!) for the Doberman and the wire hair fox terrier to run in and out of. (Fifty million times a day!) Two sewing machines which I dearly love and a serger I want to throw away! (I have never seen anything so hard to thread!) Oh yes a stash of beautiful material to sew! Gosh who could ask for more! Yes that would be a perfect day of sewing. Oh hum. Maybe someday!

  44. Bev K says:

    My perfect day of sewing… to sit at my sewing machine with the sun shinning in the window, and music on the radio and sew to my hearts content. No phone, no people banging on the door… just me, my fabric, my sewing buddy Jasper (my dog) and the beauty of God’s world surrounding me. A blessed time indeed!!

  45. Laurie Taylor says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be to take my quilting friends on a cruise with some of my favorite instructors, including Jenny Doan and Bonnie Hunter!

  46. Mary Lynn Hutchison says:

    My perfect day of sewing actually occurred just last Saturday. A group of quilting friends and I rented a lakeside cabin for a weekend retreat. We set up our machines and went to town, each on a personal project. The weather was gorgeous, the lake pristine, the food delicious, the company invigorating. It was altogether restful and productive. And, for good measure, throw in an excursion to a nearby quilt shop. Heavenly!

  47. Ann Glines says:

    My perfect day of sewing is completing a quilt by sitting down with a quiet day and stitching on the binding. The day then ends with a great sense of accomplishment.

  48. Kaye Smith says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be to rise early, enjoy coffee on the patio with the early morning sounds of the birds, then have the rest of the day to design, sew, reflect and sew some more. No interruptions or silly mistakes.

  49. Love the colors and would love to have the fabric

  50. Kathy M Boice says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be while I was alone, with my thoughts and fabric, no outside interference, no worries about what to cook for supper or what time I stop. It would be a day spent finishing projects, planning new ones, and making a list of new fabrics to buy!! It would be a seam ripper free day, no phone calls, and no time clock. A day without pain or stress. A day that when finished, I can pat myself on the back and say a day well done!!

  51. Gwen Denluck says:

    My perfect quilting day, I would have a never ending pot of coffee…. but no caffeine jitters. My seams would match perfectly (that seldom happens). I wouldn’t know I’d lost my seam ripper … as I wouldn’t need it. My fabric would be never ending. My bobbin wouldn’t run out of thread. The phone would only ring when a quilty friend was calling (none of these telemarketers) and finally my husband would bring me a nice meal that I didn’t have to cook. But back to reality – just sewing my little heart out – today I’m working on charity work and loving it. Since I retired 18 months ago I have great sewing days just about every day!

  52. Cathy Koester says:

    Oh, the bliss–new fabric, new project, old time radio and nothing else to do all day!

  53. Bjohn says:

    These are gorgeous!

  54. Laura Herl says:

    A perfect day of quilting is when you spend a day designing and quilting a baby quilt for a teenage pregnant girl who is alone only to see her in tears when she opens her gift at the baby shower. Something that I will always remember. The gift of appreciation is all I ask for and to see the tears it was worth the hours in the quilt room knowing its well appreciated.

  55. Jean McMurry says:

    I like the fabric , I’d love to win it. This is getting exciting.

  56. Jackie Warren says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be a day with nothing else to do but SEW. I would be listening to music and have a glass of iced tea by my side. Oh, what fun and see how much I could accomplish in a day. Thank you for the giveaways……

  57. Sherry Golembeski says:

    My perfect day of sewing happen if my cats did not knock down my squares as I go to another room to sew other squares.

  58. Jan S. says:

    My perfect day of sewing happens when everything I work on turns out the way I envisioned and my creation comes together without any TEAR APARTS!!!! LOL

  59. Beth B says:

    My perfect sewing day would be a day of uninterrupted time to be in the quiet of my well organized sewing room (OK, the well organized part is a dream) , perhaps listening to an audio book or music and finishing my current project.

  60. Tonashia Middleton says:

    My perfect sewing day would be just having the ability to work on my project without any interruptions.

  61. Angie Feldt says:

    A perfect day of sewing would be a very creative day with the fabric cut without any errors, the sewing machine sewing perfectly and everything going together smoothly all the while with my favorite music playing in the background and unlimited M&M’s!

  62. Linda Sargent says:

    My perfect day of quilting would include a friend working on a project while I work on a project, lunch something easy, but good, and great conversation as the day continues!

  63. jmniffer says:

    My perfect day of sewing would find me in my comfy clothes, doing a lot of piecing, music in the background, chocolate nearby and a magic genie who cleaned my house, cooked our supper and ran errands for me so I wasn’t stressed about what I wasn’t getting done while sewing the day away! Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  64. Laurel says:

    My perfect day of quilting would begin after breakfast with me taking a second cup of coffee downstairs to my studio. Usually my dearest friend would come over to sew and we’d spend the day quilting, talking, and laughing. The most laughter would come as we’d try to figure out directions, each coming up with a different slant…on the same identical directions! She’d leave around 4 and I’d sew on until my husband called me for dinner…what a sweetheart and great cook! After dinner and clean-up (fair is fair) I’d look through my latest issue of Quiltmaker magazine, looking for future projects and tips.

  65. LizA. says:

    My perfect day is one like today, just the dog I have to answer to and a good audio book to keep me company. Also preferable, an end to the relentless summer sun, overcast skies and a gentle breeze blowing through the windows I can finally open again.

  66. Fran M says:

    A perfect day of sewing, lets see. Everything is running smooth, the bobbins are running out at the end of the sea, needles, and blades sharp. Oh and lets not forget a good cup of tea, and the house all to myself.

  67. Cecilia says:

    My perfect quilting day would be spent with the talented and inspirational members of our local guild-they are very creative and share helpful tips. Thanks for the chance to win great fabric.

  68. Kristi says:

    Home alone. Worship music playing. Rainy day.

  69. Charlotte Henley says:

    A perfect day for quilting means the fabrics are planned and the pattern down pat in my mind; a house to myself for most of the time, but company for lunch and/or dinner (which means the company cleans up=husband); my sewing machine works perfectly with no broken needles or knotted thread. There can be rain, snow or sun; cold or hot. It matters not.

  70. Sherry Barger says:

    Love the Hoffman colors…..thanks for the chance to win

  71. Deb says:

    My perfect day of quilting would include another quilting friend at a table in the same room working on her favorite project while I did the same. We’d each have a bowl of chocolates near us, and we’d get lots done! A new bundle of fabric would help make the perfect day even more perfect!

  72. Lucinda Collins says:

    Soft music in the background. Fabric sorted and cut. Iron hot, sewing machine cleaned, oiled and a new needle ready to go. Bobbins wound. Supper in the crock pot and the house to myself. Sew and press to my hearts content.

  73. E. Engman says:

    A long sunny day (midsummer, I guess), moderate temps, no one home but me from, say, 6 a.m to midnight, no phone calls, food on hand needing minimal prep and eating time, my machine and ironing board and cutting station set up and not needing to be moved, material chosen, pattern chosen, and all I need to do is start and keep going…aaaahhhh!

  74. DebbieKL says:

    A quiet day with no kiddos and the house to myself!

  75. Karyl McClellan says:

    My perfect day of sewing starts the night before, when I play with my fabrics and put them together for my project. Then in the morning, after letting ideas percolate while I sleep, I get up early, sip some coffee, and pick up the rotary cutter! And since this is a ‘perfect day’, no one disturbs me all day! Except when my husband brings me lunch and dinner! But truly, a perfect day is one where the fabrics come together with my ideas and the quilt just forms itself as the day goes along. And then it tells me how to quilt it. I love those days.

  76. Kim Watson says:

    Beautiful fabrics

  77. Karen says:

    My perfect day of sewing is any day, rain or shine that is uninterrupted, with fresh cup of coffee and sharp blades and full bobbins!


    A perfct day of sewing? Whenever a person gets a chance to create is a perfect day. Sewing by myself is nice but also I enjoy when my quilting group gets together and we share, it sure inspires a person.

  79. Dana says:

    Gorgeous weather so a few friends and I can work outside, beautiful fabric and a basic idea of what I’d like to do, then just see how it comes together, perfect.

  80. claire connell says:

    Bobbins that never run out, needles that don’t break, stitches that don’t need to be ripped, fabric pieces that are big enough (from the stash), colours that work well with my decor, patterns even I can follow and end results that look good! Apart from that I’m not fussy…

  81. Marie says:

    A perfect day of sewing is when my sister-in-law comes to sew with me. She comes to my house the night before and spends the night. We get up early the next morning and go out for a good breakfast.

    When we get back to the house we begin working on our projects. The ironing board gets set up and the iron plugged in. I have a bedroom converted into a sewing room, but sometimes we spill out into the hall. I have two tables with two sewing machines. One is an embroidery machine, in case we have embroidery to do. I also have a sit-down quilter and a serger. There are plenty of machines to keep us both busy.

    I help her with her project and she helps me with mine. We share opinions and help each other solve any problems we may be having. These are some of my most productive days. We try to do this once a month.

  82. Steph says:

    My perfect day of sewing: 1 large sunny gymnasium, 50 sewing stations, a dozen ironing board setups, infinite design walls, shared pot-luck snack tables, 2 quilt guilds. No formal classes, lots of informal sharing. Great walking trails for a break. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone in November!

  83. Laraine Zegoski says:

    Always need something new for my sewing stash!

  84. Karlene says:

    My perfect day of sewing is any day I get to sew!

  85. Grace Mauer says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be very few interruptions, While having that cup of coffee, And my sewing machine not having any problems, and working perfectly, so as to get my project done real soon.

  86. My perfect day of sewing would have music of the 40′s and 50′s in the background, no phone interruptions and the rest o the family going out for dinner.

  87. Faith says:

    My perfect day of sewing starts with a cup of coffee and some breakfast. I whip my hair back into a pony tail and get to work. Cutting fabric with a new blade in my rotary cutter, then piecing with a new needle, full spool of thread and a full bobbin, of course. My sewing room is quiet except for the sound of my machine and some good music on Pandora. No one interupts me, no one needs any thing, I don’t have to stop until I am ready. The end of my perfect day would be finishing up a WIP and taking lots of pictures to show my friends.

  88. Barbara says:

    Coffee, no cooking, no interruptions and a completed flimsy by the end of the day. That would be a perfect day.

  89. Denise/Folsom,Calif. says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be peaceful and quite listening to very soft music starting a new project and listening to the hummingbirds fly pass my window .Also,playing with beautiful fabric and making new choices for my new project! and using that new ruler that I have been trying to figure out! Oh ,and of course ,talking to my Facebook friends and sharing pictures of what I had just accomplished.

  90. Colette Breault says:

    I am always looking for fabrics, colors, pattern and ideas to inspire me!

  91. A perfect day of sewing for me is getting started early and being able to sew non-stop until I need a break–then a tasty lunch, with something decadent in Chocolate for a dessert, cup of hot tea, and then a little catnap to dream about my finished project!

  92. Cathy Remus says:

    My perfect day of sewing would be in a bright sunny room with good friends, machines humming, lots of laughs, endless fabric, and lunch brought in to us by scantily dressed young studly men, he he. It is my fantasy after all, lol.

  93. Fayzer says:

    My perfect sewing day would start with sunshine streaming through the window. Everything is cut out and organized for my project. I should be able to accomplish a lot today. That is…..until my 65 pound boxer pup decides to lie across my foot making my sewing machine sew 1600 stitches per minute. I couldn’t get him to get off my foot. Just think how much that sunlight is going to help me pick out all those crooked, all over the place stitches. This story is true!

  94. Anita C says:

    Any day I am able to sew is a perfect day of sewing! Being disabled (9 back surgeries, hip and knee replacements), makes sitting at my machine challenging. I manage to have a “perfect” day about once a week and look so forward to these days that I dream “quilts” and “quilting”. Tonight I will be dreaming about those beautiful fabrics that you are giving away and what I will make with them on my next “perfect day of sewing”.

  95. Sandra Haak says:

    Any day that I don’t have to work and get to sew is a great day. I love the bright colors and batiks to play with.

  96. jean says:

    My perfect day is when it is raining or snowing and I don’t have to go anywhere. I can just sew and look out the windows…..

  97. Sally L says:

    A perfect day of sewing for me would include my two best friends coming to my home so we can enjoy the chattering and be there to help one another along the way. If I were to win these fabrics, I would be sure to share them so that we all could make something beautiful. Thanks for that opportunity.

  98. Syble Ditzler says:

    I have no room for anymore fabric. Please do not make me!! Just kidding!!

  99. Marilyn S says:

    My perfect day would have no interruptions. I might have a sewing friend around to laugh and chat with. I would be able to sew and create and just have fun. When we got hungry, there would be tasty satisfying food and a decadent chocolate dessert to enjoy. Best of all, no fixing of the food or cleaning up.

  100. Sue Wolfe says:

    My perfect day of sewing would start around 5 am with a call from school that thete is a snowday. After a nice cup of hot chocolate, I’d turn on the iron and set up my sewing machine. I’d spend a glorious day sewing in front of the window where I could watch the snowfall lazily.

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