Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

I’m so happy you’ve joined me this week for Quiltmaker’s Back to School Party. Thank you for being here!

BTS13 logo 400 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

This is Day 5 and Part 5 of Playground, the Back to School quilt designed by Denise Russart.

BTS13 quiltfullsize Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!
If you missed the earlier parts of the pattern, please scroll down to see them. There are many versions of the quilt, which makes for lots of inspiration!

Playground Part 5: Quilting, Binding and Labeling

Layer and baste together the backing, batting and quilt top. Refer to the quilting placement diagram below.

BTS13 quilting Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

Outline quilt the rings in the block Y’s as shown. Quilt gentle curves in the block Z’s and the sections as shown. Quilt the borders in the ditch. Quilt straight lines approximately 1″ apart in border #2. Bind the quilt. Every quilt needs a label, so we asked Denise Starck, QM’s Graphic Designer, to create one. She used the Back to School logo and added lines to personalize.

BTS13 Labelcropped Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

Click here to download the label. 

*      *      *      *      *

Today’s featured fabric sponsors are FreeSpirit and Robert Kaufman.

freespirit logo Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

FreeSpirit provided Florence fabrics by Denyse Schmidt for a fiery, energetic version of Playground.

PWDS053.Carne Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! PWDS057.Carne Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

PWDS048.Carne Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! PWDS051.Carne Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

PWDS055.Malac Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! PWDS056.Carne Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

This version of the quilt was made by Jeannie Rasmussen from Plymouth, Nebraska. Jeannie’s finished quilt is shown below.

QMMP BTS FS 500 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

pin it button Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!This quilt is spectacular! Denyse’s fabrics give it zip, as if it’s ready to go somewhere in a hurry. Jeannie did a nice job of arranging the blocks, several of which are low contrast, which makes their placement even more important. I’d love to own this quilt.

 *     *     *     *     *

robert kaufman Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

Robert Kaufman provided Studio Stash fabrics by Jennifer Sampou for an artful version of Playground.

AJS 13568 10 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13573 146 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13571 47 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13572 62 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13568 146 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13571 280 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

AJS 13572 213 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13568 143 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13570 10 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13573 64 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13572 184 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13568 53 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

AJS 13571 233 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13569 44 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13572 64 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!  AJS 13570 150 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13573 27 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway! AJS 13570 183 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

These colors are too delicious for words! The quilt, shown below, was made by Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi from Happy Valley, Oregon.

QMMP BTS KAU 500 Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

pin it button Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!Just goes to show that a very traditional pattern can look modern, artful, amazing! Nice work by Lavonna, don’t you think?

robert kaufman Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

*     *     *     *     *

Time for our very last giveaway!

BTS PRIZE Westminster Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

Fabric bundles from FreeSpirit for giveaway today

Once again we have three fabric bundles from each of the sponsors so there will be six lucky winners.

BTS PRIZE Kaufman Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

Fabric bundles from Robert Kaufman for giveaway today

For your chance to win, please leave a comment by midnight tonight, Friday, Sept. 20 and tell us which of the quilts from this week appeals to you most and why. It’s good for us to know what our readers like! We’ll choose winners randomly and announce them here. Good luck! Congratulations to our winners, Deb, Lindsey Mattison, Kathy Griffin, June Robertson, Michele Clark and Jessica!

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224 Responses to Back to School Party: Day 5 and Giveaway!

  1. Sharon Driver says:

    Lavona’s quilt really caught my eye…..Any fabric from Kaufman really makes a quilt sing!

  2. Jenelle Boxberger says:

    My favorite was the one made by Margaret Kennedy because these are my colors, they seem so homey and comfy. Thanks for all the fun.

  3. Karen says:

    My favorite is the quilt made with the robert Kaufman fabric as I am a scrap lover at heart.

  4. Marie says:

    Fun party!

  5. Linda Armenti says:

    Jeannie Rasmussen’s quilt with Denyse Schmidt’s fabrics is amazing. It reads warm and comforting as well as modern with that wonderful popping red! I really love it. I wasn’t a fan of Florence fabrics at first, but now I can see how they work in a way that has changed my mind!

  6. I really like Jeannie’s quilt, the fabrics just work so well with the pattern and make it fun.


  7. Kay Holm says:

    I really like the stripes in the Robert Kaufman fabrics!

  8. Barb in MI says:

    My favorite is Jeannie’s version with Denyse S. fabric. Just love the colors and the blue checkerboard type connecting blocks.
    Thanks you so much for a chance!

  9. Linda Cottage says:

    I love the quilt by Jeannie Rasmussen. It looks fantastic and the colors are beautiful.

  10. Denise Foster says:

    My favorite is Sharon Gallegos’ made with the Back to School fabrics from Timeless Treasures. The colors and patterns just scream Playground and fun times.

  11. Lorna says:

    I liked Playground made by Melinda Bledsoe from Clinton, Mississippi. The colours were bright and cheerful. Just the thing to snuggle up in during the upcoming cooling fall nights.

  12. Pat Merten says:

    I liked the Studio Stash the best as the design stands out more on the black background. Thanks for pattern

  13. Donna Joy says:

    Denise Schmidts fabrics are so uniquely patterns that I love the way Jeannie Rasmussen put the quilt together. Lively colors and love the happy feeling it gives.

  14. Lynn Van Keuren says:

    So many fabrics and they all are wonderful! Hope to win a set so I can see them in person.

  15. Patricia Hersl says:

    I really got confused as they all seemed to be the same quilt, just different fabrics. Then I figured you meant the fabrics. Going with the Studio Stash.

  16. Darlene Krystal says:

    that was a lot of fun…and learned a new quilt block….have a great quilting day….

  17. Johanna Lovering says:

    I really like Jeannie Rasmussen’s quilt. The solid red is really nice with all the other fabrics.

  18. Gloria P. says:

    I like the Studio Stash fabric quilt for the mix of color. It really stands out. I always seem to love quilts made with Kaufman fabrics!

  19. Playground with Studio Stash .. bright and vibrant !!

  20. Antonia says:

    I prefer the quilt made with the Robert Kaufman Studio Stash fabrics, bright and uncluttered, lets the pattern show through..

  21. Beth B says:

    If I must choose one favorite, it is Playground in Simply Sweet by lief! Lifestyle for Quilting Treasures made by Irene Chandler.

  22. Madeline says:

    I like the one made from the Studio Stash because the colors appeal to me more. I love the pinks and sharp colors in the collection

  23. Judy S says:

    I’m going to have to go with the one from today with the red background. Gorgeous!!

  24. Becky Greene says:

    I love Playground – it looks like a fun one to piece and quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. June Robertson says:

    I love modern quilts so I’m very attracted to Jennifer Sampou’s new Studio Stash. I think Lavonna’s version of Playground using those fabrics is just gorgeous!

  26. Rhonda Best says:

    I would have to say the quilt made by Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi from Happy Valley, Oregon. Her use of the beautiful Robert Kaufman Studio Stash fabrics by Jennifer Sampou makes a stunning quilt.

  27. Kathy says:

    I really like the one with the autumn tones in it. But then I liked the one posted today by Lavona. Those colors are really pretty and they seem to pop.

  28. Anna Branch says:

    I really like Lavonna’s fabric choices especially the strips which gave a ‘folded’ look to the blocks. The colours make me feel happy.

  29. Anne says:

    i really like the original quilt by Denise. the black colors really pop for me! thanks for a chance to win…

  30. barb price says:

    i can’t decide, it depends on the mood i’m in, lol they are all pretty

  31. Cathy Remus says:

    I love Lavonna’s colors! They are so rich and wonderful. I can hardly wait to make my own Playground! Thank you for the giveaway, too.

  32. E. Engman says:

    I loved them all!! But, if I were to make a copy (or a similar quilt), I would choose Melinda Bledsoe’s Day 2 version using the Always Blooming fabric collection. I really appreciated the fussy cut squares.

  33. Terri Jones says:

    It was a tough decision as each quilt was beautiful. But my favorite is Stonehenge. Loved the ways the colors worked together!

  34. Laurel says:

    I love the version done with FreeSpirit’s Florence. Red, black/gray, and white has always been a favorite color combination of mine. The addition of the gold warms it up, kind of like butterscotch. Yum!

  35. Becky S says:

    I love the Playground quilt made with the Sunnyside fabrics. I love the blues in that group. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  36. Laura_H says:

    Studio Stash is a great mix of colors. bright and restful all in the same collection is my favorite combination. Lots of ways to play with it. Thanks for the ideas and the chance to win.

  37. Kim says:

    I like Jeanne’s quilt the best. Thank you for the back to school party.

  38. Vivian Oaks says:

    Wow! Those bundles look SUPER!! Who wouldn’t want to win one?! I think my favorite for the week was the quilt made by Jeannie Rasmussen. I’m not sure I’d ever do a quilt like hers, because I’d be afraid of messing up the small squares and the small sections around the outside of the main design. I’d never get that fabric cut correctly, so if I did it, it would look horrible! :-) I’ll leave it to Jeannie!
    Thanks for giving us a chance to win!!

  39. jmniffer says:

    It has been interesting seeing the various quilts made with different fabric lines. I have to say the last one, done by Lavonna was one of my favorites. I’ve enjoyed this series of posts and seeing what each contributer has done.

  40. Nancy in Minnesota says:

    My favorite is FreeSpirit’s Florence fabrics as shown in the quilt by Denyse Schmidt. It’s so lively! But, boo, this is the last day of the party….

  41. Deborah DeBerry says:

    I like the one from Northcott’s Stonehenge fabric. The colors are rich with just a small about of contrasting background. I am ordinarily not a seasonal quilter, but this reminds me of the autumn leaves; just beautiful.

  42. laurie says:

    I love today’s quilt by Jeannie Rasmussen, the colors are so warm.

  43. Linda says:

    Hi,I like “Playground” and I especially like it in the colors you’ve chosen! I’ve always kinda wanted to do a blacks+greys quilt,maybe this is it ! Thanks for your inspiration and a great giveaway too!

  44. Dana C. says:

    Such beautiful fabric packs. I have lots of ideas and not enough fabric, but I love this quilt. Great for my daughter.

  45. sue says:

    I like Robert Kaufman’s studio stash. I could use those fabrics in several different ways; the quilt Lavonna made is just one good example.

  46. Kathy Griffin says:

    I really like Irene Chandler’s quilt – the colors shout springtime and fun to me. This quilt would be perfect for one of my granddaughters – her favorite color is, you guessed it, pink!

  47. Susan L. says:

    I think my favorite is the Simply Sweet. I just love the bright colors in that line.

  48. Frances says:

    I think the Stongehedge one is my favorite. Love that fabric.

  49. Karla Caldwell says:

    I happen to like Jeannie Rasmussen’s quilt best because it shows me how colors I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to use do indeed work so well together to make such a vibrant, energized quilt. She shows how working with some low contrast fabrics isn’t a bad thing, because they are used in such a way with the others that make the whole quilt sing. Nice!!

  50. Joanna says:

    My favorite is the Stonehenge quilt, although I also like the Simply Sweet version. I’m sure that if I were to see each one up close I’d love them all.

  51. Wendy says:

    Sunnyside! I love Moda fabrics and the floral and blues in this quilt are very pretty.

  52. Sherry Book says:

    Oh they are all so sweet in their own way–how can you pick? I like the white sashing & bright colors on some, but also the red fabric that Jeannie Rasmussen used today. Hey, how about some brown/doughnut fabric for the round “circles” to make a doughnut quilt? LOL

  53. rosa says:

    I like the quilt made with Sunnyside fabric line.My room is blue.

  54. Angie Feldt says:

    I like the quilt using Sunnyside fabrics. Blue is my fabric color!

  55. Amanda says:

    Margarets quilt because, as she says ” it conjures up changing leaves against deep blue skies.”

  56. Pat Bandura says:

    I liked the look of Back to School from Timeless Treasure and the Always Blooming by RandB Textiles. But all the quilts were marvelous

  57. Cherice says:

    My favorite fabrics ? The quilt Irene made with the simply sweet fabrics.
    Happy colors.

  58. Barb Johnson says:

    I like the quilt that Krista made with Kate Spain’s Sunnyside fabric line.
    I’m partial to blues anyway, and the quilt just looks soothing!

  59. Quilting Tangent says:

    Robert Kaufman’s quilt I like better because of the simply use of bright colors.

  60. Barb Colvin says:

    I particularly love Margaret Kennedy’s version. The cream background allows the fall colors and the pattern to really stand out. I love fall colors.

  61. Linda Erickson says:

    thanks for finishing up this project, including quilting suggestions!

  62. I like the sunny side quilt

  63. I like the sunny side quilt the best.

  64. Elizabeth McDonald says:

    I like the Playground quilt! It is amazingly versatile, with fabric changes.

  65. stephanie.O says:

    I love the quilt by Irene Chandler… love those loves. So happy. I might like it too since I have two young daughter with a third on the way. :-) We have a girly house.

  66. Jean says:

    I like the Kauffman quilt. It looks like a fun nap quilt for a child

  67. Janet T says:

    I really like Jeannie Rasmussen’s quilt. I have noticed that I have be drifting towards red quilts lately, and her quilt looks cheery!

  68. GrrannyH says:

    Playground in Stonehedge or in Sunnyside. One is bluish for a boy and the other is pinkish for a girl. For myself, I would make it up in blacks, greys, and white as the mock-up drawing.

  69. Patti Miller says:

    The quilt made by Irene Chandler, it used the exact colors for my daughters sorority. I would love to make one just like it for her!

  70. Bethany Martini says:

    I love love love the quilt made by Krista Yokum! It is such a gorgeous design with beautiful fabrics!

  71. Terri says:

    I like the quilt made by Krista Yokum w/ Sunnyside fabrics. They are all nicely done and it was hard to choose a favorite!

  72. teri c says:

    I like Lavonna’s version with the Studio Stash fabrics. The colors really stand out against the gray.

  73. Debra Lee says:

    I love the color combination in the Florence quit!

  74. Cheryl Leabo says:

    Love the Studio Stash fabrics in Lavonna’s quilt. The colors really pop against the gray fabrics.

  75. Melody Lutz says:

    ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME, please?

  76. Carmen says:

    I like Jeannie Rasmussen’s quilt. It reminds me of older, antique quilts

  77. Rebecca Schmitt says:

    What? You want me to choose? Well, I really like the Robert Kaufmann from today – rainbow quilts are fun, and I love the grey background to it.

  78. Julie says:

    All of the quilts turned out great. But I have to say I really like the quilt by Irene Chandler in the Simply Sweet Fabrics. Right now I’m drawn to those bright, cheerful fabrics. Thanks again for the opportunity.

  79. Chris says:

    I like the colors in Playground in Studio Stash fabrics from Robert Kaufman. Made by Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi.

  80. Karen says:

    Hmmm it’s a tie between the black and the rainbow color. Unlike them both

  81. Sandy Curtis says:

    Oops. hit the enter button instead of the shift. I like the way Lavonna used the stripes to make the blocks look totally different. I might make mine all in stripes.

  82. Thunder says:

    I like the simply sweet version. For just that reason, it is sweet! Something my granddaughter s would love. I also liked an earlier version, the background was green. I can not remember the name. I love greens!!
    Thanks for the wonderful pattern, and all of the great color inspiration♥

  83. Sandy Curtis says:

    Beautiful fabrics. I would love to win. Have enjoyed the Back to School Party.

  84. Linda Webster says:

    My favourite quilt this week is the one made by Lavona. When I first looked at her quilt I thought the pattern was slightly different but then realized it was her chose of color for the blocks. It was a learning experience for me on how changing your color placement in a block can make a huge difference in how the finished block will look.

  85. racheal robinson says:

    I love the modern version!

  86. Linda S says:

    They were all beautiful, but my favorite was the one by Irene using Simply Sweet by lief! I just love the colors, it is fun and girly and would be perfect for my niece.

  87. Melissa says:

    I like the on with Florence fabrics. I really like that collection of repro prints.

  88. Sandra Jacobs says:

    All of the quilts and fabric lines were gorgeous, but I love the rich warm colors of Free Spirit. It was very interesting to see this quilt made with the different fabrics and I think this should be a yearly event.

  89. I love this quilt from NE in Florence! Love the quilt design and I love the Florence line!!

  90. Allison D says:

    I really like the Robert Kaufman version with the different pops of color. Very pretty!

  91. Angela says:

    I like Playground with the DS fabric! I’m a huge DS fan so that one really appealed to me.

  92. Cynthia Rathunde says:

    I like the quilt by Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi from Happy Valley, Oregon. I am more drawn to the jewel tones.

  93. Debora Coatsworth says:

    I love the quilt made by Krista – Sunnyside, love the blue mixtures.

  94. Beth OShea says:

    I like the quilt made by Lavonna! The monochromatic and contrasting colors are just so appealing :) …I would like to create either fall or christmas colors with this pattern…could make for an interesting version :) !

  95. Margaret says:

    I like the quilt made with Florence. The colors appeal to me as well as the combinations that Jeannie chose.

  96. DebbieKL says:

    Actually I really like the way the Studio Stash fabrics came out above! It’s always fun to see how different fabrics can change a pattern.

  97. Marilyn Polak says:

    I like them both, but the Free Spirit is my favorite. Love the colors and setting. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern and various colored quilts for inspiration.

  98. JJ Anghelone says:

    My favorite fabric set was from Timeless Treasures. First off, the prints aptly fit the name of the quilt pattern and because the subject matter was not sex specific the quilt could be made for either a boy or girl. Also, the printed designs were “grown-up” enough to be used for school aged children and could follow them into young adulthood without much trouble. The color palette had enough contrast to allow for the quilt design to stand out but still create a balanced appearance. Additionally, the colors fit into the “modern” guilt style and would appeal to the “younger set”. It also appeals to me as I tend to like designs that are traditional and these fabrics show the geometry and regularity of pattern very well. Good job on giving a good representation of what a simple pattern can do with a variety of fabrics. Each choice of fabric showed a different perspective!

  99. Claudia says:

    My favorites have been the quilts made with Timeless Treasures, Northcutt and Hoffman fabrics. Timeless Treasures seems to embody the theme the best, and the other two are just lovely colors.

  100. Betty Simmons says:

    I like them all. each one is so different but still the same pattern. I want to make mine out of fall colors, and so I can study how each one is made and decide if I want to use the same back ground colors or do I want to make them different. Thanks for sharing the different color quilts.

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