Quiltmaker’s Block Network: String Piecing and Giveaway!

We’ve just posted another episode of Quiltmaker’s Block Network. Have you discovered these free videos yet? I sure hope so!

QBN Promo E8 Quiltmakers Block Network: String Piecing and Giveaway!

Today it is my turn. I had so much fun making this happy little block called Pinwheel o’ Strings, designed by Rachel Griffith of P.S. I Quilt. If you’ve wondered what string piecing is, or how it’s accomplished, be sure to catch this episode of what we’ve dubbed “QBN”—for Quiltmaker’s Block Network.

 Roll%2BRoll%2BCotton%2BBoll Quiltmakers Block Network: String Piecing and Giveaway!

I think Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame has introduced a lot of folks to string piecing. It’s her fault that I love it so much! In 2010, I charged headlong into Bonnie’s annual Quiltville mystery quilt, loving the first few clue-steps she gave in “Roll Roll Cotton Boll.”

But then came a clue that made me groan: String piece a boatload of units onto phone book pages using light neutral fabrics. I was so bummed. I just knew it would be miserable sewing.

dscf1302 Quiltmakers Block Network: String Piecing and Giveaway!

Photo by Cathy at Sewingforlife! Used with permission.

And then a funny thing happened. I made one. And a second. And by the third, I realized I was enjoying it. I was having so much fun, I couldn’t stop making them. It was a blast!

strings1 Quiltmakers Block Network: String Piecing and Giveaway!

One of the class samples when I teach String Piecing 101 is this conglomeration of blues, greens and black/white prints.

I’ve been hooked on string piecing ever since. I’ve made several quilts with string piecing and have a list of more I want to try. I’ve developed a class on string piecing so I can introduce others to the joys of stress-free, carefree, form-free piecing. It’s just wonderful!

stringblocks Quiltmakers Block Network: String Piecing and Giveaway!

One of my students made these rainbow string blocks in class.

The best part is how much people enjoy string piecing when they try it. They love it because it’s easy and carefree. There is absolutely zero stress.

I want you to try it. And to make it easy, there are loads of ideas on Quiltmaker’s Pinterest board entitled String Quilting 101. You may get lost in there! Please go have a look. It’s all completely free.

I also have three books on string piecing to give away.

1345058617.9781561486755  width 202 Quiltmakers Block Network: String Piecing and Giveaway!

String Quilts by Elsie M. Campbell has 10 patterns for string quilts and includes some beautiful applique, one of Elsie’s specialties. Don’t miss the 14-page feature called “Elsie’s Top Tips for Successful String Quilts,” which in itself is worth the $19.99. So much good information here! Published by and available at Good Books.

B584Strips&Strings Quiltmakers Block Network: String Piecing and Giveaway!

Strips & Strings by Evelyn Sloppy features “16 sparkling quilts”—and if you’ve never owned one of Evelyn’s books on scrap quilts, this would be a great place to begin. She has a way of pulling scraps together into beautiful projects! I have a couple of her titles and I love them. My favorite quilt in this book is The Elegance of Red—it’s on my bucket list. Available only as a ebook for just $16.99 from Martingale and you’ll have it instantly. Highly recommended.

1340381819 StringFlingCOVER300 Quiltmakers Block Network: String Piecing and Giveaway!

You’ve no doubt heard of Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling: Scrappy, Happy and Loving It! It includes not only Roll Roll Cotton Boll as mentioned above, but a dozen additional great designs featuring string piecing. As one of the queens of scrap quilting, Bonnie always pulls together great designs with lots of piecing that anyone with a little determination can complete. An inspirational title you definitely want to own! Find it at the Pickle Dish Store for $25.95.

For your chance to win one of these string piecing books, please leave a comment below by midnight Thursday, August 29. I’ll choose three winners randomly and announce them here after the U.S. Labor Day holiday weekend ends. Good luck!

QBN Promo E8 Quiltmakers Block Network: String Piecing and Giveaway!

Be sure to watch String Piecing Playground on Quiltmaker’s Block Network to learn how easy it is to get started.

And the winners are…. Denise Rosbicki, Debbie Gallett and Carol Nichols! Congratulations ladies and thank you to everyone who participated!

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