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covers for DH Creative Spark from Electric QuiltFor every regular issue of Quiltmaker, the folks at The Electric Quilt Company write a column-lesson called Creative Spark.

CSlogo Creative Spark from Electric Quilt

In print, Creative Spark gives a few ideas for things you can do using EQ7 quilt design software to vary the project in some way, or introduces you to tools in EQ7 you might not know about. Even if you’re not an EQ7 user, the lessons are worth a look because they’ll jog ideas for you and your quiltmaking.

Variation 1 35815 Creative Spark from Electric Quilt

This is a recolored variation of Calico Clockworks from the March/April ’12 Quiltmaker. The recoloring was done in EQ7.

And if you go to Creative Spark online, the lessons are greatly expanded. You’ll find detailed tutorials on a variety of EQ topics. Again, worth a look even if you don’t use EQ.

addedcolors 35846 Creative Spark from Electric Quilt

Here’s another variation created in EQ7.

I consider myself an intermediate EQ7 user, but I still learn so much each time I go through a lesson.

maptofabric Creative Spark from Electric Quilt

The quilt above was created using the “Map to Fabrics” tool in EQ7. Isn’t that nifty? There is so much to learn in this software, and the EQ7 educators do a wonderful job of helping EQ users do so. Quiltmaker is pleased to partner with them for each issue.

Learn more in Creative Spark:
Add shades and tints, grades, and tones of any color to your palette. Use the Map to Fabrics option.

Fade V3 Creative Spark from Electric Quilt

Using Electric Quilt 7’s new Set Auto Borders tool, experiment with different pre-designed borders, change colors, swap and change blocks and flip border orientations.

changetoStripes Creative Spark from Electric Quilt

See how the simple idea of rotating fabric can alter the look of your quilt with the EQ7 Rotate Fabric tool. See how the stripes in the diagram above are vertical? With a few clicks, you can easily make the stripes horizontal for a different look.

Image6 Creative Spark from Electric Quilt

Draw your own quilting designs in EQ7. There are over 5,000 blocks, motifs and applique designs in EQ7 that can be adapted for use as quilting designs.

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