Block Party @ Sea: Cruising to Alaska in 2014

I’ve had the fun of visiting Alaska twice before—and I’m so excited to return for Quiltmaker’s Block Party @ Sea, June 7-14, 2014!

QuiltmakersBlockPartyAtSea Alaska2014 Block Party @ Sea: Cruising to Alaska in 2014

Here’s why I can’t wait to cruise Alaska’s Inside Passage again:

  • I love the majestic mountains at the ocean’s edge.
  • I love the range of wilderness and wildlife.
  • I love the rhythm of the boat on the ocean.
  • I love seeing glacier blue in person.
  • I love exploring what each port of call has to offer.
  • I love the unexpected surprise of seeing a black bear cross the trail in front of me.
  • I love the changing colors of the water from hour to hour and day to day.
cruise alaska jd Block Party @ Sea: Cruising to Alaska in 2014

Sparkling water during a break in the clouds

glacier jd Block Party @ Sea: Cruising to Alaska in 2014

Mendenhall glacier

glacier detail jd Block Party @ Sea: Cruising to Alaska in 2014

Glacier detail

alaska fuzzy bearJD Block Party @ Sea: Cruising to Alaska in 2014

I know he’s fuzzy, but he wouldn’t pose–too busy fishing for salmon in the nearby creek

creekstreet ketchikan jd Block Party @ Sea: Cruising to Alaska in 2014

Shops along Creek Street in Ketchikan

alaska waterfall jd Block Party @ Sea: Cruising to Alaska in 2014

Waterfalls are plentiful running into the ocean

One of my favorite experiences on QM’s 2008 Alaska cruise was a whale watching excursion from Juneau. We came across a pod of orca that were traveling through the ocean and followed them for a long time.

orca pod JD Block Party @ Sea: Cruising to Alaska in 2014

In addition to all that an Alaskan cruise has to offer, we’ve got fantastic teachers coming with an inspiring lineup of classes for our days at sea.

  • Debbie Caffrey brings much depth of experience to her classes—from power cutting (yes, you can teach a quilter new cutting techniques!) to a mystery class.
  • Anita Grossman Solomon has clever and innovative patterns that will amaze you.
  • Margie Ullery will share her creative energy with classes designed around our Alaskan adventure.
  • Plus QM editors Carolyn Beam and Diane Harris are cooking up creative and fun classes from hexagons to needle felting.

Check out all our classes.

If you’ve never cruised before, one of the great things is that you visit mulitple locations, but only unpack your suitcase once rather than traveling from one hotel to the next. I’d wake up each morning and wonder what fun that day’s port of call would reveal.

I can’t wait to return to Alaska—and I hope you’ll join me!

You’ll find everything you need to know about our cruise at including a downloadable brochure.

Think about who you’d like to have join you at Quiltmaker’s Block Party @ Sea: quilty friends, family (they’ll be able to explore the ship while you’re in class and you can explore the ports of call together) or come on your own and make new quilty friends.

Tell me in a comment below why YOU want to cruise to Alaska with Quiltmaker!


About June Dudley

I'm the Editor-in-Chief of Quiltmaker magazine. I have enjoyed quilting for many years. And I love to collect fabric, thread, books and all things quilty. I especially like batiks, bright colors, florals, dots, stripes and anything purple or teal.
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7 Responses to Block Party @ Sea: Cruising to Alaska in 2014

  1. Cher says:

    Sister used to live in Alaska and says “June is the best time of year to see Alaska.”
    We are both avid seamstress’. Between designing our own clothes, gifts, and quilts, we are looking forward to sharing this trip. At present she has no idea that I will be taking her on the cruise as a birthday gift. I can’t wait to see the surprise on her face when she hears the news.

  2. Pat D says:

    I love Alaska. The wildlife, the glaciers and the quilt shops!. The best of both worlds, a quilting cruise to Alaska!

  3. E. Engman says:

    The only cruise I REALLY want to go on is one to Alaska–highly recommended by acquaintances and even my parents. And to add a Block Party experience to it would just be an added plus. However, Real Life will probably prevent me from joining this one. Have fun!

  4. Deb says:

    What a wonderful trip that would be! I’ve never been to Alaska, and I’ve never been on a cruise! Sounds like a great time would be in store for all the participants!!

  5. Susan K says:

    My husband and I are headed out for an Alaskan cruise in 12 days. I can’t wait!! I would love to be able to go on a quilting cruise – it would put two of my favorite things together – quilting and traveling.

  6. LizA. says:

    Because I’ve never been to Alaska–yet and we had so much fun qt Block Party in Portland that I can only begin to imagine how great a cruise to Alaska would be with QuiltMaker!

  7. Katrina says:

    I love Alaska and always will. I was born there before it became a state (which dates me), was there during the great earthquack of 64, family vacations to the Finger Lakes, drives through Matenuska Valley and throughout many parts as a family weekend getaway. Alaska is part of my soul. I always wanted to return and it is on my bucket list. Wish I could join you but have been recently classified disabled and will not have the funds. *sigh* For those who have not visited – I hope you can take this cruise. Blessings to all.

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