Retreat Fun: Use the Quiltmaker Shuffle

We were really excited to see a comment on Facebook this week by Mary Anne Russell from Zwolle, Louisiana. Mary told us that she and 15 quilters from the area used The Quiltmaker Shuffle during a recent retreat.

shuffle111 Retreat Fun: Use the Quiltmaker Shuffle

Gudrun teaches The Quiltmaker Shuffle to others at International Quilt Market in Portland last May.

When I asked if there were photos, Mary quipped, “No pictures. You know—what happens at the Quilt Retreat stays at the Quilt Retreat.”

Well. Of course.

Here’s the rest of what Mary had to say:

“Sixteen of us from the Many, Louisiana, area were at the Red Barn Retreat at Coldspring, Texas. And had a super time. A lot of sewing going on.

image4013 Retreat Fun: Use the Quiltmaker Shuffle

Red Barn Retreat at Coldspring, Texas

We adapted The Quiltmaker Shuffle to fit our Sew-down theme. We did it to the Cotton-eye Joe. At our retreats we always have breaks to get up and move around. And The Shuffle fit right in.”

We couldn’t be more pleased! Everyone is invited to use The Quiltmaker Shuffle as a stretch break or an icebreaker—it will work in shops, classes, guild meetings and bees. You don’t need a lot of room because the moves can be done in place if space is limited.

So loosen up and get your groove on with The Quiltmaker Shuffle. Enjoy—it’s on us!

shuffle8 Retreat Fun: Use the Quiltmaker Shuffle

Learn the Moves video  (You may find it helpful to create a poster listing the moves in order.)

Soon we hope to share a link where you can get the Shuffle music that was created just for Quiltmaker by Kirk A. Johnson of KAJ Productions. In the meantime, you can use any upbeat music that makes you feel like dancing!

For those of you who may be interested, Mary had more to say about Red Barn Retreat:

“We have gone to the Red Barn for at least 10 years. Yes, I would highly recommend it. Charles and Janet are great hosts.  The food is great. Accommodations are great! Beds are comfortable.  Janet decorates with quilts and wall hangings most of which she has made. Plenty of electric plugs at each table. Etc, etc!”

I feel a trip to Texas coming on.


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