Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

Of all the new products I saw at International Quilt Market in Portland, my favorite was StoryPatches from This tiny little product makes any quilt you give away more special and more lasting. Let me explain how StoryPatches work.

 sew on storypatches Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

This is the package you purchase for $2.99—yes, less than three dollars. It contains a small sew-on pre-shrunk patch with a QR code that looks like the one below.

qrcode222 Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!(By the way, QR stands for “quick response” code and it’s just another way of storing information, similar to a UPC bar code.)

The package has instructions for how to create a message using audio, video, still photos or text. You create the message and it gets stored by Then you attach the label to the quilt. Anyone who scans the label with a QR code reader will see the message.


dunkers Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

With StoryPatches, I could leave this little guy a permanent message.

For example, if I made a Patch Pals quilt for my grandson, I might create a message telling him I love him and have high hopes for him. I’d remind him that snuggling up in that quilt is like wrapping my arms and my love around him tightly, warmly, always and forever.

QM110601 Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

Ruff Patch, from Quiltmaker’s May/June ’11 issue

I would store the message with the folks and attach the label to his quilt.

dunkslabel111 Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

Add the label with its QR code to the quilt.

He and his parents would always be able to scan the label and instantly hear the message I left behind. I don’t think this would replace a traditional quilt label, instead it’s something that could be added to a traditional quilt label.

I think this is innovative. Neither of my own parents are living, but can you imagine how special it would be if I had StoryPatches with messages from them on special quilts? Or something from one of my grandmothers, or even their mothers? Of course the technology wasn’t available to them, but it is to you and me! This is amazing.

qrcode2221 Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

Hold your phone up to this image and scan it with a QR reader to be taken to a demo video I made.

If you actually scan the QR code above with a QR reader on your phone or mobile device, you’ll be taken to a sample message I created. Watch the video and then leave a comment here for a chance to win a StoryPatch of your own. Comments left before midnight Wednesday, June 12 will be eligible to win. We’ll announce winners here. The winners are comments 2, 41, 87 and 105. Each has been notified and a StoryPatch will be going out in the mail.

*     *     *     *     *

StoryPatches come in sew-on or iron-on versions. They also come as StoryStickers in several colors so they can be added to scrapbooks or other crafts. Look for StoryPatches at your local quilt shop or at the website.

icon3 Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

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