Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

Of all the new products I saw at International Quilt Market in Portland, my favorite was StoryPatches from This tiny little product makes any quilt you give away more special and more lasting. Let me explain how StoryPatches work.

 sew on storypatches Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

This is the package you purchase for $2.99—yes, less than three dollars. It contains a small sew-on pre-shrunk patch with a QR code that looks like the one below.

qrcode222 Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!(By the way, QR stands for “quick response” code and it’s just another way of storing information, similar to a UPC bar code.)

The package has instructions for how to create a message using audio, video, still photos or text. You create the message and it gets stored by Then you attach the label to the quilt. Anyone who scans the label with a QR code reader will see the message.


dunkers Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

With StoryPatches, I could leave this little guy a permanent message.

For example, if I made a Patch Pals quilt for my grandson, I might create a message telling him I love him and have high hopes for him. I’d remind him that snuggling up in that quilt is like wrapping my arms and my love around him tightly, warmly, always and forever.

QM110601 Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

Ruff Patch, from Quiltmaker’s May/June ’11 issue

I would store the message with the folks and attach the label to his quilt.

dunkslabel111 Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

Add the label with its QR code to the quilt.

He and his parents would always be able to scan the label and instantly hear the message I left behind. I don’t think this would replace a traditional quilt label, instead it’s something that could be added to a traditional quilt label.

I think this is innovative. Neither of my own parents are living, but can you imagine how special it would be if I had StoryPatches with messages from them on special quilts? Or something from one of my grandmothers, or even their mothers? Of course the technology wasn’t available to them, but it is to you and me! This is amazing.

qrcode2221 Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

Hold your phone up to this image and scan it with a QR reader to be taken to a demo video I made.

If you actually scan the QR code above with a QR reader on your phone or mobile device, you’ll be taken to a sample message I created. Watch the video and then leave a comment here for a chance to win a StoryPatch of your own. Comments left before midnight Wednesday, June 12 will be eligible to win. We’ll announce winners here. The winners are comments 2, 41, 87 and 105. Each has been notified and a StoryPatch will be going out in the mail.

*     *     *     *     *

StoryPatches come in sew-on or iron-on versions. They also come as StoryStickers in several colors so they can be added to scrapbooks or other crafts. Look for StoryPatches at your local quilt shop or at the website.

icon3 Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

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I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email:
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125 Responses to Best New Product: StoryPatches; Giveaway!

  1. Pam O says:

    What a brilliant idea! I definitely want to use these.

  2. Shirlee Carter says:

    Such an innovative idea to add a bit of extra love and history to a quilt. I definitely want to get these.

  3. Patty H. says:

    A new way to add love to a quilt! This is an intriguing idea.

  4. usairdoll says:

    How cool! I’m using my phone for online so I’m unable to scan but once I’m at a desktop I’ll give it a try. How wonderful to be able to capture a personal message.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  5. LindormaMarie says:

    I ordered a couple of these a few days ago from the people – tonight I was supposed to be working on a database for a project but it was much more fun to play with the Story Patch for my quilt which will be in the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival in August. It won’t replace the normal quilt label but will be in addition to it. Fabulous idea and why didn’t I think of it! A ‘gotta try’ product. The database project will have to wait!

  6. MaryBeth says:

    I love this idea. But I would suggest still applying a written label as well. Decades from now we might not be able to “read” these codes. Remember Beta VCR tapes, or VCR tapes for that matter, LOL.

  7. Diana M says:

    OMG, this is INGENIOUS! It’s amazing how people find new ways to use the technology we have. I don’t think these should replace traditional labels but it can add that extra special something to our loved ones.

  8. Laura G. says:

    What a great product! Too bad I don’t have a device that can scan the code. Luckily the recipient of my quilt has a smart phone.

  9. Marijke says:

    This has got to be one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time. I would definitely try this – and I am usually very bad about attaching labels.

  10. Barb Johnson says:

    You’re right – the idea is wonderful! However, for those of us who still have dumb phones instead of smart phones, it won’t work. I guess we can assume that everone will have smart phones in the future, or they will invent another way to access the information! Technology just keeps getting more interesting.

  11. Judy says:

    This is really neat, but I wonder how long these messages would be around?

    I treasure a hand-written note my grandmother wrote before I was born (thinking she wouldn’t live to see me). In my case, I’m happy to say that she lived to see me get married! But technology moves so fast these days, this might be out of date in 5 years.

    That said, I still think it’s a very clever idea.

  12. Melissa V says:

    That is a really cool idea. Has anyone tested the durability/washability of the stickers? I am curious how long they last or if they come with a print out of the QR code on a card that you can also give the person if the fabric tag would wear out.

  13. Betsy says:

    Omg that is so cool

  14. Maxine says:

    Unique product.

  15. Carol Bender says:

    Oh, how fun! I have just started learning to quilt, but I am an avid weaver. I could use these on everything I make. I have a grandson now, I wish I had those to put on all is Christmas and birthday presents that I quilted for him. I have a wedding coming up in the spring of 2014. Hopefully another grandchild some time next year. What a wonderful way to tell them how with every stitch, you were thinking of them with loving thoughts and wishes, as you made the one of a kind piece of yourself for them.

  16. Bernadette Webre says:

    My grandchildren would love this. We are 15 hours away and don’t get to see them as often as we would like. They could hear our voices whenever they want.

  17. Wendy says:

    What will they think of next! Great idea! I have a new grand son, would love to put one on his quilt. Thanks!

  18. Melissa Radtke says:

    What a great idea. I’m so very bad at labeling my quilts. Maybe this would be the incentive that I need to get ‘er done!

  19. Hanke says:

    I would like to try! Thanks for the chance.

  20. Diana Wilsey Geer says:

    Totally awesome, hip, current concept!!!!

  21. Maria Gallacher says:

    What a great idea. My great nieces would love something like that on their quilts. Would be great to incorporate it on all quilts.

  22. Jacquie says:

    Love the idea.

  23. June says:

    Love this. My mother used to listen to a hallmark card recording of our son. She loved it so much and then the battery died! Think how great this would be not to worry about the battery! She’d still be listening to his sweet little 2 year old voice. Now he’s in his 20′s.

  24. Ellen Kuber says:

    I’d love to include it in the quilt that I am making for my oldest granddaughters to tell them how much I love them

  25. Carol Sandberg says:

    Wow! What a great idea!

  26. Martha Ann says:

    Just completed a well aged top – had it quilted and gave it to my granddaughter for her 21st birthday – not gotten a label on it yet but this would be great for the techno- geek she is! Even if I don’t win, I want one of these for that quilt!

  27. Dahlia says:

    This is a great idea for quilts. although My son tells me you cannot alter the code
    so if you sew thru it, it changes the scan and will get something else…..
    it has to be on top of stitching and not “tinkered with”

  28. Debi says:

    Wow I am amazed! Will have to try this.

  29. Mary Alsop says:

    OMG!!! This is fantastic. I have been embroidering these long elaborate quilt labels to get all the info and my message on the quilts I give as gifts. And I give a LOT of gifts. This would be so much better, more personal and quicker!! I love it.

  30. Joellyn P. says:

    That would be an amazing way to attach a special message to a quilt that is given as a gift. Amazing idea.

  31. Oh my goodness! What will they think of next??? I’d love to try this out :*) I have 7 grandchildren and it would be so lovely to leave them a message on their quilts ♥

  32. Jana Leuschen says:

    Oh way cool!! I would hope the message stays around for years so grandkids (and others too) could always go back and see and hear the love their Grama put into the quilt.

  33. Nancy McFall says:

    How clever! I’d love to try them.

  34. jean says:

    THis is very cool and innovative!

  35. Rita Sheloff says:

    O.M.G!!!!!! This is SO COOL! I must get me some of these!!! I love how advanced technology has become!! :)

  36. Valerie A. Clark says:

    Neat. Thanks

  37. Janet says:

    What a great idea. Today’s generation will love this. Makes a keepsake extra special. Would love to win.

  38. Linda Fleming says:

    Great idea. What if something happens and it can’t be read.
    Let’s keep putting regular labels too..

  39. Tami Chaulk says:

    Sounds like a great idea. I never knew my grandparents. Would be wonderful if I could hear from them like this.

  40. Nancy Danish says:

    Just about the coolest thing I heard about of late. Still need to sign your name anyway.

  41. Tanya Stevens says:

    Very clever, love this idea…would still put my patch on the back with all the information.

  42. Ruth Rocker says:

    This is a wonderful use of technology. Of course, it is only as good as the website storing the information, but I’d like to try it :D

  43. Susan Paxton says:

    Wow!! what a great product…would love to have had that when I made my great-niece a baby quilt for her new baby boy. He will never know me (we live too far away from each other but I would love to have added that. Or my quilts for my grandkids. Love it thanks for sharing!!

  44. Barbara says:

    Would love to add this to all my quilts I make!

  45. Joy says:

    This is really cool. Would love to add this to all the grandkids’ quilts!

  46. Vicki Squire says:

    Great idea!

  47. Vickey L says:

    I just ordered some. I think these will be great for recording the info on the quilts I make like the date. I am terrible about recording this info. Thank You for this posting.
    Vickey L

  48. claire says:

    Wow- What will they think of next?? Love this product!

  49. gab says:

    Great idea. I too am concerned with multiple washings and the ability to access it years down the road.

  50. Nancy Klungseth says:

    LOVE it — how wonderful to be able to leave a special message on a special project!

  51. Terri Costa says:

    So innovative! So techie! I’m sure my daughter would be able to help me with this – she’s the one w/ the smart phone! Cool idea!

  52. Lee Ann L. says:

    This sounds awesome! Just perfect for future gift quilts!!!

  53. Ali M says:

    Those are just cool! Thank you so much for the product information and the giveaway – now I have to get the app to read it ;)

  54. Tracy Finnell says:

    This would be a great addition to my quilts. There is always a story behind each one. Might just have to purchase one and put it on my son and future daughter – in law’s wedding quilt, if I don’t win this one.

  55. Claudia Burns says:

    Great idea!

  56. Lynne says:

    That looks awesome!!

  57. Gabriele Bullard says:

    What a great idea! Would love to win one to try it out!

  58. Bonnie Pfrimmer says:

    What fun!! Love this…Thank you for sharing.

  59. Mary H. says:

    I think that technology changes so quickly that this sort of thing would soon be obsolete and unreadable. Sort of like floppy disks. (Remember those?)

  60. Peg says:

    Great idea! Wish I had thought of it!

  61. Teri powers says:

    I saw the video about this and thought what a great idea. Would love to try some

  62. Mary Stephens says:

    My husband gets upset because I don’t put my name on my quilts. He does not understand that all my quilts are made because I heard or saw something and my heart felt that person needs a quilt, what a great way to help my friends remember why I made a quilt for them. what a cool idea.

  63. Carrie Donovan says:

    Great idea! I would love to attach more information to my quilts, especially if they were made for someone special!

  64. Jan White says:

    I don’t have a smart phone so couldn’t experience. How does this hold up to multiple washings? Also, we know how fast technology changes so I’d be concerned the label and/or scanner could be lost to progress. I’d hate for my message to be lost to future generations! Maybe this could be added to a conventional label – just in case!

  65. Peggy says:

    Can this be washed??

  66. Sandy Long says:

    What a great idea and a wonderful way to tell the story behind your quilts!!!

  67. Maryam Hassan says:

    What an awsome idea! I would love to add this to my daughter’s graduation quilt!

  68. Shirley Rogers says:

    I have finished a quilt for my son, his grandmother made the top & almost had it finished when she passed, she had cancer & at the end did not do much sewing. The quilt needed the binding put on…I did is a Double Wedding Ring quilt.. I had her to talk about the quilt & we taped her message to her grandson…I have the tape I think this would be nice to record & put on the quilt for my son…Thanks for telling me about this…I love the new tec things for Quilters.

  69. Marisa says:

    Cannot wait to try! Wish I would have found these sooner, just finished a quilt for my next granddaughter.

  70. Sarah Coyne says:

    Love that idea! Techie Quilting!

  71. This is a wonderful idea. I have some stickers for use on paper that do this, having it for quilts is brilliant.

  72. Rosanne A says:

    I’m really bad about adding labels to my quilts, so this would be a quick, easy way to add the details! love it!

  73. Debby Gallup says:

    These are amazing, what a wonderful blessing to leave for our loved ones. Its going to be a must on all my quilts from now on!! Thank you :-)

  74. Kitty Hettinger says:

    I love this and I gotta get me some! I had no problem with scanning it but the playback kept stopping. I am using an iPhone app.

  75. Linda says:

    This could be a great historical tool for many applications! Imagine walking around a museum or quilt show and Having the actual artists talk about the inspiration and methods of their quilt!

  76. Brenda S says:

    I love the idea. My phone is just a basic one, so I can’t scan it, but it’s a super idea.

  77. Connie Donaldson says:

    That’s a great idea !

  78. Diane Benoit says:

    That is so awesome. Have to have this. AND, must tell my guild

  79. Laurie Kelley says:

    What a neat idea! Would love to win this!!

  80. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    This is so cool – what a neat idea!

  81. Rita Hanson says:

    What a great new product, cant wait to test on one of my quilts! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  82. Stacy Brobst says:

    This is really cool! I’d love to have one of these to add to the quilt I’m going to make for my son going to college!

  83. linda-kaye says:

    My Galaxy S3 wouldn’t scan the photo either, but scanned the Quiltmaker QR code just fine. But what a great idea this is! Sure would love to add it to my tool bag!

  84. MaryKay says:

    What a great product that allows us to pass our words and thoughts through the generations. Isn’t technology great! Thank you for making it available to us.

  85. Kathy says:

    Our local quilt shop showed this product two weeks ago at our Guild meeting. She was so jazzed about it and it showed!! We were all impressed with modern technology!! I surely would love to win one as I just had my 5 month old grand daughter come home from the hospital last Sunday. She had been in since she was born. Last week I made her very first quilt from Grandma, out of hot pink and zebra, like mom requested as this is how she is going to decorate Gianna Marie’s room. Fastest quilt I ever made, and would love to try this new label on her quilt. Such a great idea to be able to hear Grandma’s voice!!

  86. Cindi Blair says:

    I am totally enthralled with this concept! I would love to win and have my Mom record a message to put on her beautiful quilts!!!

  87. Carol Mathers says:

    Thank-you for sharing I’ll be on the look out for them, will be a great addition to quilts. I have a Galaxy S and use the AT & T scanner worked fine!

  88. Jennifer Ciaccio says:

    Sounds like a great new product. I would love to win!!!

  89. Kathy Harris says:

    I have a Galaxy 4 smart phone and could not scan that tag. I guess the interference from the screen prevented it. Bummer!

  90. Kathy Harris says:

    I have a Galaxy 4 and could not scan that pic. I guess the interference from the screen prevented it.

  91. Gloria P. says:

    That is a great product . Would love to add that to my quilts.

  92. Sharon P says:

    What a great product – I will have to watch your video pater but I would love to win!

  93. Gretchen F says:

    I am in the process of completing a wedding quilt for my daughter and her fiance. This would be a wonderful addition to the quilt.

  94. Kathy says:

    Wow! What an ingenious product! I’d LOVE to have this, as almost all my quilts are made for my daughter or my grandchildren. What a neat way to leave behind a message, along with the quilt.

  95. Gail Dooley says:

    Nice product…would love to add to my quilting talent.

  96. Cathy Koester says:

    That is a pretty cool product. I think it would really be special for my grandchildren and they’ll be the ones who can do all the technology.

  97. Mary Kastner says:

    That is awesome. Love it. What a special memory for quilts you want to give a special person. Thanks for the chance to win.


  98. Janet Orr says:

    Now isn’t that a wonderful product! Wow! I would love to add those to the quilts I’m making this year for all 9 of my grandchildren! ! 7 done – 2 to go.

  99. QuiltSue says:

    How clever. I couldn’t watch the video as I don’t have a smart-enough phone, but I have seen them around the internet in the last week or so.

  100. Anita says:

    I would love to try one of those!

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