Surprise Giveaway! Mugs and Issues!

We love surprising you during blog tour week!

QMMS 130033 cover 200 Surprise Giveaway! Mugs and Issues!

Let’s give away five copies of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7 and a bonus of five 100 Blocks mugs.

mag2 Surprise Giveaway! Mugs and Issues!


The mugs have been a big hit. Seeing all 100 blocks all shrunk down to fit on the cup kind of makes you giddy! They are so cute.

First, please tell a friend about the blog tour—you can pick up the phone, or email a quilting friend, or tell someone at work.


Vol7 blog tour this week socialmedia Surprise Giveaway! Mugs and Issues!

You can do it on Facebook, or by pinning one of our images on Pinterest, or mentioning it on your own blog.

However you communicate, please help us spread the word about the blog tour for Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7, which becomes available next week, on May 7.

Then leave a comment here and tell us who you told! This giveaway will run until 11:59 pm on Thursday, May 2. We’ll pick five winners to receive the issue and a bonus 100 Blocks mug. The winners have been chosen and notified. We chose several bonus winners, too.

Winning numbers: 603, 562, 215, 345, 16, 582, 493, 426, 246, 74. That’s Marie, Bridget, Dorene, Rachell, Carolyn, Juanita, Sue, Kathy, Kathy and Jeanne!

We really appreciate all the help getting the word out about Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7 and the blog tour this week. Thank you!

About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email:
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620 Responses to Surprise Giveaway! Mugs and Issues!

  1. Annaleena says:

    I told my quilting bee friends about it.

  2. Melody Ruddell says:

    I shared this on my FB. Thank you for the giveaway.

  3. Anya says:

    I told my mom about it.

  4. Sue Bone says:

    I e-mailed my friends Lorraine and Jenny.

  5. becanne says:

    Online quilting groups are now busy following links to all the great blogs, and probably winning the prizes too I hope!

  6. Deborah says:

    I told my friend who taught me how to quilt years ago. She has not quilted in a long time now , but it was great to talk with her about the 100 Blocks, and wonderful to see her renewed interest in quilting. I learned so much from her and have missed her dearly as a quilting partner. We will tackle it one block at a time!

  7. barb price says:

    i pinned to pinterest to let all my followers know the great blocks that are out there

  8. Limbania O says:

    Posted it on FB. Can’t wait for the new issue, have them all so far. Thanks for the chance to win a copy and the mug looks fantastic. :)

  9. Cathryn H says:

    I told several friends that I’m doing this blog hop and they asked “where do I find it” so I told them.

  10. Debi P says:

    I’ve already fallen in love with one of the blocks and I shared on FB.

  11. Judy says:

    I told my daughter and gave her the link to your blog.

  12. Pamela R in Leaburg says:

    shared on Facebook. Love the mugs and the 100 blocks! thanks

  13. I pinned the image announcing the blog tour.

  14. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    I shared on FB!

  15. Elizabeth McDonald says:

    I emailed my daughters to make sure that they do not miss this — who does not LOVE the 100 Blocks issues?

  16. Barbara G says:

    Delighted to have a chance to win either a mug or magazine! I shared the tour news with my friend that hand quilts with me, when there is that special quilt that must have that handwork touch.

  17. Karrie Smith says:

    I told my family at dinner tonight ;) Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Joyce Ensey says:

    I shared this with all my friends on facebook. Several are quilters also.

  19. Laura Herl says:

    I told my niece who is 20 years old and making her first quilt from a pattern she designed with 980 squares. Would like to help her but she is 8 hour drive away. Love the idea of a young generation carrying the hobby on.

  20. Diana Cagle says:

    I told my quilting buddies! Mugs are so cute! Thanks for the chance to win one

  21. beth holt says:

    I shared with my bff via the telephone, I would enjoy either one of those fabulous gifts.
    Now if I could just get her to do facebook…

  22. Lynda Parker says:

    Told a friend I’m on vacation with.
    While we’re browsing volumes 1 through 6!

  23. Georgie says:

    Love the mug! So cute! Would love to use it when I quilt or read the magazine! Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Margaret Schlimmer says:

    I have shared on my Facebook page. Wonderful to have all these blocks by our Country’s best quilters consolidated in one book! Would love the book for my collection.

    Happy stitching!

  25. I emailed a few of my online quilting friends to let them know about the hop so they can join in the fun.


  26. Sallie says:

    I told my daughter. Thanks for the giveaways!

  27. Jan Jones says:

    Sew hooked blog told me about the fun giveaways

  28. Angele says:

    I told my friend Kathi about the magazine and mug. It would be great to win!

  29. Janice Huddleston says:


    I’m excited about this 100 Quilt blocks book this year. It looks great!! I can’t wait to get one.

  30. billie says:

    I shared on facebook.

  31. Becky Hall says:

    I shared it on Facebook!

  32. Carla G says:

    I shared on facebook! All my quilting/sewing buddies are on fb. :)

  33. jacki says:

    all my facebook friends !!

  34. Bonnie says:

    I told my neighbor who is a beginning quilter.

  35. Joy says:

    I told all the followers of my blog AND all my quilting friends at work.

  36. Debra Coleman says:

    I told my sister, neice and daughter-in-law. Hope I win the beautiful mug! I enetered again because the last email address was wrong (by one letter…silly me)

  37. Debra Coleman says:

    I told my sister, neice and daughter-in-law. Hope I win the beautiful mug!

  38. Kathy M Boice says:

    I shared on face book!!

  39. Kathy M Boice says:

    I would love to win the magazine and the mug!!!

  40. Charlotte Betts says:

    Shared the news with my quilting buddies. I can’t wait to have a copy of the magazine in my hands.

  41. Tania says:

    I tried Facebook this time :/ Very happy to spread the word!

  42. Lisa Downing says:

    I collect mugs and would love this one. Who’d have thunk that 100 quilt blocks could be put on a mug (-;

  43. Cindy DeLacey says:

    I love the mugs and can’t wait to read the magazine!!

  44. Dorreen says:

    I told all my friends and family on Facebook! I love this magazine and have them all, including two of the ‘Quilts from 100 blocks”. I’d SOOOO LOVE one of the mugs! cuz i can buy the magazine LOL

  45. Leanne says:

    I’ve already got the link on my blog so I’ve put this link on my facebook page – yippee !

  46. Janis T says:

    I emailed my daughter and my sister in law! I love these magazines !!

  47. Nancy says:

    I told my mini group! Looks like a great new magazine.

  48. Carol Martineau says:

    I am working on my hexes can’t wait until the volume 7 is out

  49. Christine Bowens says:

    I told my Mom and my quilting buddy. Would love to win a mug

  50. Debby Brehm says:

    I told my sewing circle today as I was hand quilting. Would love to share a cup of tea with them and show off that mug!

  51. Christina in Cleveland says:

    Of course I shared on Facebook! Gotta love it all! Thanks!!!
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  52. Shirley V says:

    I shared info about this blog tour with my daughter, on the phone.

  53. Mary says:

    I shared on Faebook timeline with my family, friends and quilting sisters. :)

  54. Rachell R says:

    So excited! I would love a mug and copy!
    I shared on my personal Facebook page!

  55. Haydee Davidson says:

    I shared on Facebook. Can’t wait for the new magazine!!

  56. Amanda Best says:

    My mom told me about this blog tour and giveaway, and I am sharing it on my Facebook page. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  57. Angela I in KY says:

    I had to share with my BFF of course! Good luck everyone!

  58. usairdoll says:

    What great blocks we’ve seen so far! I shared on FB as well as told my friend that I do all my sewing and classes with.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win. Five winners! Woot! Woot! You guys Rock! I can see myself enjoying my morning tea in one of those wonderful mugs, hehe.


  59. debbie says:

    Told my daughter in law via facebook and sent an e-mail to a quilting friend of mine. Would love to win!

  60. Chuck DeBono says:

    PICK ME PLEASE :) I also shared with my friends !

  61. Susan L. says:

    I told all my quilting friends!

  62. Lavonna ZWB says:

    Love the blocks and love the mug. Looking forward to having one, or something, or something else. :D

  63. Jeanne J. says:

    I told 4 of my quilting buddies. The blocks I have viewed are awesome.

  64. I pinned it on Pinterest. I’d love to win a mug!

  65. Heather Scott says:

    The perfect compliment to tea and quilting!

  66. Myra says:

    I told my Facebook friends.I am so excited about this issue and I would be tickled to death to win a copy of it! Thanks for this giveaway!

  67. Carol Berge says:

    I shared on facebook! I love all of the 6 issues that I have — lots of fun blocks and ideas of how to use them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  68. Suzan says:

    Looking forward to the magazine.

  69. Bonnie says:

    Love Quiltmaker magazine, shared on facebook.

  70. Sherry says:

    Shared on facebook. Would love a mug. Can’t wait for the magazine

  71. Patricia says:

    I told my quilty friends

  72. Irene Bowie says:

    I shared on my face book page. Also if I won the wonderful mug, it would be residing in my China Cabinet. Too cool!

  73. Jeanne Gwin says:

    I told 3 of my friends, Jodi, Beth and Mhairi via email. I would love to have a mug and know that one of them would as well. Thank you

  74. Roberta Miller-Haraway says:

    I told my bee buddies on my listserv

  75. Wanda says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  76. jmniffer says:

    I told Marcia, my best quilting buddy. The one who got me started quilting.

  77. Linda says:

    I shared on Facebook – hope all my quilting friends are on!

  78. Patty Swatzell says:

    I Shared this on FB so hopefully my quilting friends will join in.

  79. Tammie Yoder says:

    I shared with all my Facebook friends, and read about it on Facebook from my friend Carol. I really would love to win!

  80. Carol H says:

    I told Mary Ann – the person who got me into quilting in the first place!!

  81. Karen says:

    Shared on FB…I am a coffee-holic and I would so love to be able to drink my coffee from the 100 blocks mug!!! Thanks for the chance to win…:)

  82. Theresa Fancher says:

    I posted to facebook so all my friends could see. This is really fun!

  83. Carole Sullivan says:

    I would love to win either! I am going to tell everyone I can :-)

  84. Sue Biles says:

    Shared on facebook. I would love either a mug or a copy of 100 blocks. Can’t wait to try some of the patterns I have seen.

  85. Valorie Spanogle says:

    I shared on facebook! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mug!

  86. Marsha Savage says:

    Shared with my 2 quilting buddies. Would love a mug for my collection.

  87. I love Quiltmaker magazine and I can’t wait to get my copy of 100 blocks

  88. Cathy grace says:

    Love the mugs! Can’t wait til May 7th to get my copy! Posted to my Facebook and will tell my walking buddy tomorrow am!

  89. Ellen Kuber says:

    I share with my quilting friends – would love the book and mug -I have a mug collection but none for quilting

  90. Sue Wolfe says:

    I told my favorite quilting buddy–my mom! Love the mug!!

  91. Diane says:

    I would love to win a mug or a book! Love them both!

  92. LJ says:

    Check out:
    I have pinned it to my giveaway board. Would so love to have one of these mugs!

  93. Steph says:

    I told the shoe-box shuffle group at work. It was swap day today.

  94. Barbara Murphey says:

    I shared on FB, but specifically, my friend Karen and my cousin Eve. We all three have so much material and so many projects we could cover Texas.

  95. Gale Yawn says:

    I told eight friends at a quilting friendship meeting this morning.

  96. I shared with my quilting friends. I love these magazines, can’t wait for the new one!

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