100 Blocks Blog Tour Day 3, Giveaways

Welcome to Day 3 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour—and Happy May Day! Isn’t this fun?!

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We’ve already given away fabric bundles, notions and patterns—and of course, copies of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7. If you haven’t won yet, there’s still plenty of time. Lots of giveaways on the blogs listed below, several at the end of this post, and the Great Big Bundle giveaways on Friday, right here.

QMMS 130033 CARR E 300x300 100 Blocks Blog Tour Day 3, Giveaways

Sneak peek: Red is a Neutral by Emily Carr of Creative Chicks

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We’re pleased to have two industry sponsors join us today.


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Please support them at your local quilt shop.

PBTextiles 125 100 Blocks Blog Tour Day 3, Giveaways

They’ve sent great prizes for our giveaway bundles. We’ve added more prizes sent by designers appearing in Volume 7. Follow the instructions at the end of this post for your chance to win.


Day3Prizes 100 Blocks Blog Tour Day 3, Giveaways

The Day 3 prize bundles look very inviting!

Let’s get you going. Enjoy!

Today’s Featured Designers

  1. Amy Ellis  amyscreativeside.com
  2. Arlene Neely  quiltingwithrabbits.com
  3. Cherry Guidry  cherryblossomsquiltingstudio.com
  4. Melissa Peda  100billionstars.com
  5. Lindsey Rhodes  lrstitched.com
  6. Margie Ullery  ribboncandyquilts.blogspot.com
  7. Dodi Lee Poulsen  sashgals.com
  8. Corey Yoder  littlemissshabby.com
  9. Marcia Harmening  happystashquilts.com
  10. Martha Walker  wagonswestdesigns.blogspot.com
  11. Susan Geddes  quiltersnewsletter.com/blogs/insideqn
  12. Heidi Foltz  handmadebyheidi.blogspot.com


QMMS 130033 HARRIS STAMPER 100 Blocks Blog Tour Day 3, Giveaways

Sneak peek: Buzz Inn by Melissa Harris and Arlene Stamper of The Quilt Co.

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Let’s move to the giveaways. We have bundles and of course we have issues!


QMMS 130033 RHINE 100 Blocks Blog Tour Day 3, Giveaways

Sneak peek: Hearts Around by Marjorie Rhine of Quilt Design NW

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Leave a comment below by midnight Thursday, May 2 and tell us about a quilt project you’re working on right now. We’ll choose winners and announce them here. Good luck!

The 100 Blocks Blog Tour Day 3 winners are: Angelia L. (#227), Stephanie A (#238) and Lynn (#403).

In case you missed them:

Day 1 on the Blog Tour

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I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email: editor@quiltmaker.com.
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454 Responses to 100 Blocks Blog Tour Day 3, Giveaways

  1. Lita says:

    I have been working on a quilt in black and white check material with alternate white squares that are embroidered with red work roosters. I finished a log cabin quilt for my daughter as a comfort quilt as she has bladder cancer. So far she is doing well and slowly recovering from the treatment.

  2. Lisa B says:

    I’m working on a hexagon quilt and a community service project quilt for my guild. It is fun to have a couple of projects going to work on depending upon my mood!

  3. Linda Laing says:

    Hi, I am currently working on a quilt for my son’s wedding. It has been two years in the making, but I am DETERMINED to have it done for his second wedding anniversary. Thanks for the chance to win. Have loved looking at all the wondrous quilt blocks to be featured in the new edition of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks. Looks to be just as good as the rest of them.

  4. Danell says:

    I have 4 projects in construction. I am working on 3 BOM quilts. I only have 2 blocks left on one and can’t wait to get it set together and quilted!!! I’m also making a machine embroidered baby quilt with an Australian animal theme for my #10 grandson – oh so cute (him and the quilt) :)

  5. I’m currently working on an Americana quilt for a swap quilt and I’ve started making orange peels for another small quilt.

  6. lauriejo says:

    Right now I mostly working on organizing my sewing area.

  7. Shar F. says:

    I was asked to help a lady in our neighborhood finish a quilt for her grandson. She had started it several years ago. She started having problems and they found out that she had a brain tumor. There were problems within the quilt. Between my friend and I, we decided to keep as much of her quilt there. It was a great feeling to complete this quilt for her. She now has a completed quilt to give her grandson for his wedding.

  8. michelle h says:

    I am finally working on Anne Sutton’s Henrietta Whiskers quilt (been sitting on those fabrics for a while now!) and doing a Swoon by Camille. :) Then there’s the cute Barn Quilt-A-Long that Lori Holt is doing…..can’t even stand how adorable these all are!!!

  9. Julie says:

    I’m working on a maple leaf pattern in the different seasons, winter is proving tough

  10. Nancy Smith says:

    I’m working on a Bonnie Hunter – Pineapple Blossom design in a scrappy cobalt blues & white and several other quilts.

  11. Judy J says:

    I am working on a quilt made out of Civil War reproduction fabrics. I made 12 blocks during a quilt-a-long and decided to make enough blocks for a queen size quilt for my bed.

  12. Deb S. says:

    I’m working on a floral log cabin quilt that will be donated to a local volunteer fire department. They will raffle off the quilt this fall/winter as a fundraiser to purchase equipment for the department.

  13. Carol says:

    I am working on Antique Double Nine Patch quilt with instructions written by Michelle Marvig.

  14. physicsmom says:

    The Blog Hop is great fun! I’m not working on anything right now, except knitting. I usually alternate between the two crafts. My favorite block is Farmer’s Daughter – color and value placement change the look dramatically and there are hundreds of variations. Liked the “Hearts Around” block today (above).

    I missed commenting yesterday, but I wanted Elizabeth Dackson to know that her block, “Divided Flock” is intriguing. At first I wasn’t drawn in, but when I saw the options of setting them, it was – “Wow!” I’m looking forward to exploring all the possibilities.

  15. Lynn Nicholson says:

    I’m working on Easy Street by Bonnie Hunter. I love her quilts.

  16. Christine Zarnsy says:

    I’m working on too many projects at this time. LOL! I’m doing some paper piecing and trying to get some prayer quilts done for church.

  17. Lisa E says:

    I’m working on a quilt for my daughter. I’m also completing some embroidered blocks and need to set them.

  18. Lazara says:

    I’m working on a lap-size Debbie Maddy Labyrinth quilt in bright oranges, yellows and reds, perfect for summer.

  19. Mary says:

    I’m working on Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street. I’m using batiks and am really excited about how it is looking so far.

  20. Josie says:

    This is so much fun,, love the block.. and book..
    Project I am working on is 1. baby quilt with animals appliqued on it
    2. Making 6.5 in pieced stars for a Quilts of Valor project.

  21. Christie R says:

    I am piecing “Quilts for Boston” blocks in yellow, gray, white, and blue (the colors of the Boston Marathon) to send to the Boston Modern Quilt Guild.

  22. Tania says:

    I am working on three different block of the month quilts and one throw!

  23. Sandy W. says:

    Working on an extended whirligig quilt for a charity project that benefits needy families. Also various small projects for our guild’s bazaar in November (table runners, potholders, table toppers, etc.)

  24. Angela I in KY says:

    I just finished four baby quilts! Three due this year, one extra for any surprises! :-) also working on a pretty Schnibbles pattern.

  25. Sara Clark says:

    Working on a Texas-themed quilt for oldest grandson who is Texan through and through and also a Corpsman in the Navy. Also have three quilts to bind that go to a women’s shelter. Many more projects forming in my mind after viewing all the 100 blocks so far! Thanks for the great magazine and give-aways.

  26. Donna Desruisseaux says:

    I am working on the Bonnie Hunter Midnight Summer Scrappy quilt. She came to our guild in April and taught a workshop. What a great block and a great teacher. It was a lot of fun!

  27. My sister’s mother-in-law is recovering from surgery, so I’m making her a “recovery quilt.” It’s really a table topper, but I expanded the pattern to 200% and added borders. Quick and easy, and my sister says she’ll love it! :D

  28. Marilyn Tucker says:

    I am working on a spring wall hanging. I just need to get the store to get some batting.

  29. Karen says:

    Currently I am working on a sesame street quilt for my son and a graduation quilt for my little sister.. :)

  30. Deborah says:

    I am working on the binding for a king sized tee-shirt quilt.

  31. Carylanne Rosten says:

    starting a quilt for my grand’s 18th Bday and her college dorm bed. I hosted a swap for the floral fabrics and am so excited to get on the road with this one. I too have a longarmer who has this quilt listed in line to be finished in time. Yea! for Donna

  32. Elizabeth Ernst says:

    I’m almost finished with a “Sister’s Choice” quilt following Bonnie Hunter’s directions. Using the small “free” 2″ squares I cut while making the above blocks as cornerstones throughout the quilt. LOVE IT. And I just finished a small flag for the “To Boston With Love” program. I have spread the word about this flag program all over Santa Cruz, CA. But – I’m spending so much time on the 100 Blocks Blog Tour that I haven’t finished anything for the last 2 days. It is really fun to go to these sites, then follow a link to more site, and sew on and sew on. Oh My!

  33. Sandy says:

    Trying to get a red, white and blue flag quilt done.

  34. toni-anne says:

    My current quilt is a 30′s fabric in small hexagons, in a Grandmother’s Flower Garden block. It is to cover a crib of a now 3 month old who just couldn’t wait until I finished his quilt to arrive?! (and I’m only half way done.) Of course I didn’t know he would be a boy but his father is a horticulturalist so I figured it might be a safe bet for either way as flowers are ok for boys in his family and being feed-sack style are all over the color palette. Anyhoo, I am loving the rythmn of hand-stitching and was inspired to try it thanks to the Inklingo lady herself, Linda Franz and monkey.

  35. Amy says:

    pillowcase and matching Thomas the Train quilt for my favorite little buddy.

  36. Claudia says:

    I have a bird house quilt to finish, and I have an Accu-Quilt challenge on my design wall, and several other things in the design phase.

  37. Myra says:

    I am working on yo-yo’s! And everytime I think I have made enough to make a cute table topper,I spread them all out and find I’m still short by about 1000! LOL!! I realty need to put them aside and sew some new seat cushions for my patio furniture,though! I’m always sewing or thinking ahead on planning or sewing the next project!

  38. Helen Koenig1 says:

    LOL – am designing a quilt hanging – probably for my kitchen – although my wall next to my computer IS kinda blank!
    Anyway – I’ve been gardening – a LOT – and definitely feel EVERY bone, muscle, tendon and whatever in my poor body!
    So – what I am designing (and HAS to be funny) is a “Gardening quilt” – something to reflect all the work, effort, sweat, tears put into the garden – the digging, raking, tilling, raking, planting (on hands and knees of course), raking, watering, fencing, defending from birds and squirrels and…. you get the picture –
    I think it will be applique – and maybe have Garden-y blocks around it. Thing is – I need it to be nice, pretty, funny – and maybe remind me WHY I do these things EVERY year!

  39. Brenda Nevitt says:

    I am working on a jelly roll quilt. The quilt top is done and I am going to get started with the free motion quilting.

  40. Barbara Briggs says:

    I am working on my Wild & Goosey blocks and doing some hand sewing on the pieces to Inklingo’s Secret Garden quilt.

  41. I am trying to finish an old UFO…one of Bonnie Hunter’s mysteries, but having a challenge. I might take a break from it and try to work on some crumb piecing for a little break!

  42. Shanna says:

    I am working on tearing out the stitches from a quilt I top-stitched yesterday. I am also working on a couple QAL quilts like Dancing stars QAL and Retro Rubies QAL. I am hoping to start being able to pick up the Block books.

  43. julie says:

    I’m working on a quilt for a good friends 50th birthday. Its in her kids school colors so she can use it when she’s sitting on the sidelines freezing watching her kids sporting events.

  44. Dee says:

    Playing catch up – love your magazine and loving the blocks – thank you.

  45. Charlene S says:

    I am working on a graduation t-shirt quilt completed with pictures. I am also working on different flags for display.

  46. Holly says:

    I am working on several quilts :>) the one in my DSM is a sampler scrappy quilt and one in my mid-arm is a christmas appliqué quilt. thanks for the giveaway.

  47. Mary Saxon says:

    Cutting patches for Log Cabin quilt as a wedding gift for a friend who lives in a mountain-top log cabin home.

  48. Diane says:

    I am working on Common Bride, pattern by Edyta Sitar (love all of her work!) It is a challenge but I am loving it!

  49. Bonnie Breneman says:

    Oh my gosh! I would love, love, love this book! I love to make quilts! What more need be said.

  50. Betsy says:

    I am working on Baltimore liberty by perla piera. I enlarged it 500% because I wanted a big wall quilt and it is very labor intensive but so worth it.

  51. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    I’m getting ready to start a baby quilt for my first grandchild!

  52. Lynn says:

    I am currently putting together a Dancing Stars lap sized quilt, designed by Amy from Amys Creative Side blog. I have been doing the paper pieced star blocks slowly, trying to do at last one a day. Slow but steady progress that way. It is great to be finally able to put them together.

  53. Annaleena says:

    I’m working on a scrappy le moyne star quilt. I’m using a pattern from Edyta Sitar’s book.

  54. Taryn says:

    I’m working on some applique pillows as a wedding gift. Oh – and I should be finishing a jelly roll quilt using ‘Petite Odile’.

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