Quilting Designs on CD; EQ7 Giveaway Reminder

ELEQUILT0812 Quilting Designs on CD; EQ7 Giveaway Reminder

One of the most useful tools Quiltmaker offers came from a partnership with The Electric Quilt Company. Several years ago we joined forces and created Quilting Designs on CD.

My co-workers said that using these Quilting Designs CDs is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Browse the collection and pick a design.
  2. Choose a size—any size—and print.
  3. Use the printed motif to quilt.

So I decided to give them a try. Here are some highlights and screenshots of my first encounter with a Quilting Designs CD. I used Volume 8.

Once the software has downloaded it opens up to this screen:

EQlearn Quilting Designs on CD; EQ7 Giveaway Reminder

There are three categories on the top: Learn, Patterns, and Print. We are in the Learn section. Perfect for a newbie like me. There are a list of topics on the left to help you learn the software. How handy!

Let’s check out the “Bonus Quilt Pattern.”

EQbonus Quilting Designs on CD; EQ7 Giveaway Reminder

That is neat! Each CD has a different original quilt pattern including all the cutting, sewing and quilting instructions.

Now let’s see what the Quilting Videos topic has to offer.

EQvideos Quilting Designs on CD; EQ7 Giveaway ReminderEach of those four links takes you to a video tutorial on quilting. Sometimes the way I understand things is by seeing an example. I’ll refer back to this section often.

Now let’s check out the Patterns tab at the top.

EQallovers Quilting Designs on CD; EQ7 Giveaway ReminderWe automatically jump in to the first category of motifs: Allover Designs. Look how much fun these are. I’m interested in Geometrics. That is right up my alley!

EQrightclick Quilting Designs on CD; EQ7 Giveaway ReminderI really loved the design highlighted in green. If I right-click on the design I get some more options.

Let’s see what this one looks like with repeats.

EQviewrepeats Quilting Designs on CD; EQ7 Giveaway ReminderOoh la la! I am really loving this. Now that I have browsed the motifs and chosen one, let’s try printing it. I am hitting the print button at the top now.

EQprint Quilting Designs on CD; EQ7 Giveaway ReminderA Print Design box pops up. I selected “Any size I want” and changed my motif size to 8″ x 8″. From here you have lots of options including the number of copies. I hit print and voilá! It printed. Now…I need to find something to quilt.  =]

If you already have EQ6 or EQ7 (or if you win it!!) check out the “Using with EQ Software” tab under the Learn section.

EQwithEQ67 Quilting Designs on CD; EQ7 Giveaway ReminderNot only does this program stand alone, it can also be used with EQ6 and EQ7. This tab explains, step by step, how to use these motifs in EQ6 and EQ7. You can always refers back to this Learn section for help.

There are eight volumes of Quilting Designs. Included on each Quilting Designs CD are:

  • Over 500 unique quilting motifs
  • Helpful design instructions on positioning and combining motifs
  • Overall, border, sashing and block motifs
  • Video tutorials on how to use the printouts for various marking techniques
  • Easily re-sizable designs to fit any block, border, sash and corner
  • An original quilt pattern
  • A helpful “Learn” section to help you navigate

Get Quilting Designs CDs at your local quilt shop, Electric Quilt or quiltandsewshop.com.

cache 240 240 0  100 EQ71 Quilting Designs on CD; EQ7 Giveaway Reminder

Right now we have a copy of EQ7 quilt design software to give away! One lucky Quilty Pleasures reader will win. For your chance please leave a comment here before midnight Friday, April 26. (Comments on this post will not be entered in the drawing. Please visit the other post to comment.)


About Shayla

I am an Associate Editor at Quiltmaker. I have been making quilts since I was six and now have my own pattern design company, Sassafras Lane Designs. Outside of sewing I enjoy photography, spending time with my family, traveling the world and playing with my 3 dogs.
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9 Responses to Quilting Designs on CD; EQ7 Giveaway Reminder

  1. Alex says:

    What a great looking program. I’d like to try this!

  2. Nancyanne C. says:

    I’m having a blast! Lots of great ideas, thank you!

  3. Becky says:

    Love all the terrific new ideas and color assortments! As a novice to quilting, and getting a late start in life on it, my mottos now is “So many quilts – So little time” I love new ideas and seeing new designs and would love to be able to learn to design my own quilts.

  4. CHRIS says:

    LOVE to try new quilt ideas
    usually create my own sizes and patterns
    love to win this to help me

  5. Lynn Psaltis says:

    Have been quilting for about 9 years and have concentrated on applique. Design is not my strong point and color can take me an agonizing length of time. Would love to try auditioning colors into blocks. I am sure I am trainable. I have a quilting group at church and would love to be able to take some reative ideas to the ladies.

  6. Lisa ferguson says:

    What a wonderful opportunity! I’ve been searching the Internet and stores forever looking for a great price on EQ7 -to win it would be absolutely incredible. My income is limited, but my love of quilting is certainly not! If I won, I believe my first project would be to design a baby quilt for the wife of one of church staff. He works with the underprivileged children/youth in our city and I know they would appreciate the special effort!

  7. lynn parr says:

    I think this is so cool..I have been quilting for 20+ years and would love to try this!! thanks, Lynn

  8. Tammy says:

    What a great product. I would love toe be the proud ownerof this. It would take my beginner status to a whole new level.

  9. Cynthia Helms says:

    This is so awesome! I really think I could quit being so scared and learn to machine quilt with this!

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