100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways!

Welcome to Day 1 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour! I’m glad you’re here! This week you’ll visit some of the blogs written by 100 Blocks designers, and you’ll get a taste of what’s inside Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7.

QMMS 130033 cover 5001 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways!

Learn what a blog tour is.

We have issues to give away and great prize bundles, too, including the traditional Great Big Bundles on Friday (one for U.S. visitors and one for international visitors). Please read to the very end of this post and leave a comment here to be entered in today’s giveaway!

Day1Prizes 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways!

Visit Quilty Pleasures each day this week, leading up to the release of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 6 on Tuesday, May 7. You’ll have many chances to win a copy, or to win one of many other great prizes!

Three industry sponsors are participating today. They have their own blog posts so please visit them. They have graciously contributed fabric! Please support them when you visit your local quilt shop.

TimelessLogo 150 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways! Visit the Timeless Treasures blog.


freespirit 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways!


 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways! Visit the Northcott blog.


Let’s look at some blocks. This is just the smallest bit of what you’ll see in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7.

QMMS 130033 CARR K 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways!

Star Search by Kari Carr of New Leaf Stitches

pin it button 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways! This is Star Search by Kari Carr of New Leaf Stitches. It’s one of those blocks where you could change up the placement of lights and darks and get a completely different look. I’m anxious to play with it.


QMMS 130033 FUNDORA 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways!

Pretty Iris by Yolanda Fundora of Urban Amish

pin it button 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways! For foundation piecers everywhere: How about Pretty Iris by Yolanda Fundora? Isn’t that cloud fabric dreamy?


QMMS 130033 JONES 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways!

Sherbet Punch by Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons Quilts

pin it button 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways!

And if that’s not springy enough, here is Sherbet Punch by Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons Quilts. This block manages to be bold, modern, traditional and fresh all at once. What would happen if you set this block on point?

Oh the possibilities!

Let’s move on to the blog surfing. We have a dozen designers up today. Follow the links below. Each will have instructions on how you can win an issue on that site.

Today’s Featured Designers

  1. Jennifer Ofenstein sewhooked.com
  2. Nancy Mahoney nancymahoney.com/blog
  3. Jo & Kelli Kramer joscountryjunction.com
  4. Marilyn Foreman quiltmoments.wordpress.com
  5. Michelle May theraspberryrabbits.blogspot.com
  6. Jennifer Schifano Thomas curlicuecreations.blogspot.com
  7. Sandi Colwell quiltcabanapatterns.com/blog
  8. Erin Russek erinrussek.typepad.com
  9. Peg Spradlin handicraftsbypeg.com
  10. Deanne Eisenman snugglesquilts.com/blog
  11. Gail Pan gailpandesigns.typepad.com
  12. Jacquelynne Steves thenoblewife.blogspot.com

We’ll give away three prize bundles here today. For your chance to win, please leave a comment below by midnight Tuesday, April 30 mentioning something you liked from today’s list of designer blogs. We’ll choose a winner on Wednesday, May 1 and announce it here. Good luck!

The winners of the Day 1 bundles are: Lori (#673), Marg Breckenridge (#188) and Sherrye (#458).

QMMS 130033 cover 5001 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways!

Ask for 100 Blocks Volume 7 at your local quilt shop or newsstand, or get it from quiltandsewshop.com. (Shop owners: To carry this popular issue in your store, contact Claudia at 800-815-3538 ext. 8366.)

Be sure to scroll down to the next post for another chance to win!

Thanks for being with us on Day 1 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour. Lots more fun to come as the week progresses!

About Diane Harris

I'm an editor for Quiltmaker magazine in Golden, Colorado, USA. For six years, I wrote pattern instructions, product reviews and how-to articles. Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. Now I'm back to patterns and how-tos, which is a great fit for me. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I teach a variety of quilt classes and give guild programs, too. Reach me by email: editor@quiltmaker.com.
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1,469 Responses to 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways!

  1. As a website developer I believe the material here is really awesome, regards.

  2. Peggy Starkey says:

    Love the Blocks will pick up the magazine!

  3. Carolyn says:

    your magazine, is there any place to get the directions for the blocks that are pictured

  4. Evelyn says:

    Beautiful blocks, I can wait to try them
    Thank you to all the designer for sharing so everybody can enjoyed them

  5. Margo Crockett says:

    Wow congrats to may 1 winners

  6. LINDA says:

    Time permitting,I would love to try some of these wonderful ideas in quilting.

  7. angele says:

    What unique paper piecing.

  8. I love the inspiratation you can from the talent thats out there. I enjoyed all of it.

  9. Pauline Lentsment says:

    Wow am loving this blog hop never been on one before but am loving the new designers that I have found will my “favourites tab” be able to cope. It it doesn’t matter that I’m at the bottom of the world either I can see what is new and whats happening.

  10. Erin Bennett says:

    I like the Star Search block

  11. Bonnie Thiem says:

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to purchase any of the Quiltmakers 100 Blocks magazine but would love to have one. I’m on a very limited budget and can’t afford one. I love applique and paper piecing and would love to make some of the blocks. Thank you.

  12. Lynn Nicholson says:

    I love all the blocks that I have seen so far. Thanks for this Block hop.

  13. Dorothy G says:

    I have all issues of Quiltmakers 100 blocks except for Volume 2. (I don’t know how I missed that one.) And I use them all the time! Especially for the applique.

  14. I posted mug pic and url on my facebook page

  15. Sherry says:

    I first heart about quiltmaker.com from another quilters facebook page. I clicked on this from her likes. I love the information and designs. It is very inspiring.

  16. Barbara says:

    I believe I have an older 100 block magazine and I have made Bonnie Hunter’s squares.

  17. Elaine M. says:

    It’s been great being able to check out all these blogs. It’s good to see so many beautiful quilts and ideas. I plan to go back to them often now for inspiration.

  18. Kristine Gallina says:

    They are all so beautiful. It is going to be sew difficult to decide what one to do first. I love Quiltmakers magazine and all of their contributors. I have been buying the magazine for over thirty years! Keep up the great work :)

  19. betsy laws says:

    they are all so beautiful and different. What great inspirations thank you so much

  20. PAMELA NOBLE says:

    Love sample block quilts…. can’t pick my favorite!

  21. gloria says:

    Awesome quilt patterns. Wish I could make them all!

  22. Karla says:

    This is soooo (sew) much fun. Loved Marjorie Rhine’s #688 Hearts Around and Jocelyn’s #697 Trendster block. Hope I’m lucky!

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  24. Pam says:

    Love the Star Search and the Pretty Iris. I like the combination of dark and lights in Star Search. Can’t wait to try them both myself!!

  25. I love the Star Search. I have been planning to sew a block like this and have been collecting the colors for it. Thanks.

  26. Gretchen says:

    Just love going through and looking at all the endless possibilities!

  27. Libby Hobbs says:

    Love this idea. The blocks are amazing. I love Pretty Iris by Yolanda Fundora of Urban Amish.

  28. Michele R says:

    Nancy Mahoney’s Emerald Isle block in blue grabbed me right away. Love the settings, too! This is neat! Thanks for coming up with a great idea!

  29. Terry Alfson says:

    This is fun so far I like the iris the best. Paper piecing is my thing.. Have fun!!

  30. Linda Martin says:

    This is such fun! I love looking at the blocks and reading about the designers. Great idea! Thanks.

  31. Barbara G says:

    The blocks are so fun to look at and count the number of pieces, figure out how it was put together, and imagine it in another scheme. I could look at them all day. Thanks for your inspiration!

  32. Sheila Bliss says:

    Love looking at all the blocks, and thinking of different color combinations. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  33. Cherry Schwartz says:

    I loved the pretty iris. I might try it. It is so springy!!

  34. I love quilting and sewing. Hope I win something. I love almost all of the quilts in the magazines! I just dont have the time to make them all !

  35. MrsP Barber says:

    I’m loving them. They are fresh and fun. Thanks. Penni

  36. Ingrid says:

    The problem is I now want to do them all but love the emerald Isle block the colours are really vibrant.

  37. Julie says:

    Too many choices, Love them all!!

  38. Ann says:

    My birthday is next week I would like to have for a gift
    Favorite block
    all of them

  39. Nora says:

    I have printed the Free Spirit quilt pattern byLucy Fazely. What abeauty. Hope to make it.

  40. nina trapp says:

    I love Quiltmaker mag. Your quilt patterns are soooo inspiring!!

  41. Patsy Pearl says:

    so many neat blocks! Too many ideas un my head to know where to begin. maybe if I win the magazine I will be able to figure it out.

  42. Jeanne says:

    I am pick fabrics for projects & packaging them in big zip top bags. I take a copy of the fabric requirements, a picture of the project & paint chips to match the fabric & put in a clear sleeve in a notebook. I take that book with me when I go traveling or shopping so I can look for fabrics to match what I need!

  43. Jenny McEneff says:

    I love Sandi Colwell’s block, especially in the muted colours. I am new to quilting but will definitely try this block.
    Jenny from Ireland

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  45. Pat V. says:

    I really love it when the designer shows the block in several color combinations. Really gets my creative juices flowing!

  46. kathy says:

    Looking forward to the Blog Hop!

  47. Bonnie says:

    Everyday That I open a page in a book I learn something new. I love the blocks that the people create. Great idea for my Library. Thanks!!

  48. judy Eastman says:

    I liked the pretty Iris. The colors were wonderful and amazing. They were Happy.

  49. judy Eastman says:

    I loved the pretty iris. The colors were amazing… Happy flowers

  50. judy Eastman says:

    The Pretty Iris was unique and colorful. Happy looking

  51. Robyn Conners says:

    Love Marilyn’s blocks

  52. Micaela Rorick says:

    I especially enjoy Nancy Mahoney’s designs

  53. Julie says:

    The Kaleidoscope blocks that Marilyn did!

  54. Debra Coleman says:

    I loved seeing everyone’s blog and got lost in exploring several..especially Erin Russek. I enjoyed seeing everyone’s process, families, pets, and loved the tutorials.

  55. Mary Pearson says:

    I love all the other volumes. Each one is bigger and better. Volume 6 #542 Cat Nip is so cute. I’m a lover of all animals but very fond of cats. Block #576 is Poinsettia Plaid would make a great throw or table runner. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and my most fun quilting.

  56. I love the Star Search pattern, can’t wait to try it. There are SO many possibilities. I love patterns that are versatile.

  57. Robin M. says:

    I liked he quilt block by Michelle May. I think you could even change the rabbits to look like peeps- my daughters favorite. Lots of great ideas from all of the different designers. I like the bright candy block also.

  58. Priscilla Knights says:

    I had never heard of a blog tour before. I am rather new to quilting and I must say that picking a favorite was very hard. Loved Sandi Colwell’s wall hanging –just beautiful.

  59. Jamie says:

    I have enjoyed reading all the different blogs. I especially liked reading about the design process and when the designer shows the block in different color or as part of a quilt.

  60. Kathy says:

    Impossible to pick favorites, it’s all very inspiring. This is a great way to share, my first blog tour. Thanks

  61. Roberta Hill says:

    I sooo hope I can find a copy of this magazine to purchase, next week!!!!

  62. Susan says:

    I liked the noble wife’s candy strip it was very interesting

  63. Donna Bacon says:

    Thanks for connecting us to these great bloggers. Love the tutorials that some offer .. and of course their examples of finished quilts.

  64. Star search opens many doors for using my bulgging scraps stach/ Can see so many possibilites with lots of color play. Looking forward to the opportunity to play with this one. Inspires me to complete other started projects so I can play with all the color possibilities.

  65. Hillary says:

    Wow! All of the designers did such a terrific job that it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I would say it is Nancy Mahoney. I really liked the block with the Ohio star.

  66. maryDangler says:

    great newsletter

  67. Lisa Shenk says:

    What fun, and I am going to kill so much time just sitting here and reading blog after blog!!!

  68. Judy Cooper says:

    All the blocks were wonderful. However, I really liked the ones from Curlicue Creations.

  69. Diane says:

    I would love to win a copy of the magazine. It looks facinating.

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