QM Scrap Squad: Nicole’s “Seaside” Majestic Garden

QM scrap squadB3 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic Garden

The Scrap Squad is a select group of eight QM readers. They take one pattern from each regular issue and make scrappy versions to inspire others.

QMMP 130400 cover 500 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic Garden

The featured Scrap Squad quilt in Quiltmaker’s March/April ’13 issue is Majestic Garden, below.

QMMP 130400 garden 450flat QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic Garden

It was designed and sewn by Monique Dillard of Open Gate Quilts in Rockford, Illinois. It was quilted by Sue Glorch. The fabrics are Monique’s own Royal Gardens for Maywood Studio.

Today’s quilt was conceived and made by Nicole Brouillette from Cottonwood, California. You may want to check out Nicole’s blog—right now she has some great ideas up for simple machine quilting! You’ll hear from her in her own words below.

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nicole QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic Garden

Nicole Brouillette from Cottonwood, California

I am so excited to be a part of this year’s Scrap Squad!

I was a little nervous to see the first quilt design. Sometimes I see a quilt and think, “I want that one, exactly how it is!!” But I’ve recently discovered how wonderful batiks are and I wanted to do some greens, blues and purples. I ran to my stash and pulled out these…

nicole1 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic GardenHmm, I could go with purple and red…or blue and green. I wanted the criss-cross to be a different color so that it would really stand out. But how do I choose? I’ve heard that if you take a photo of your proposed colors and look at it on the camera or computer, you can see things a lot better.

I always thought this was a waste of time…but Quiltmaker wants us to take a lot of photos anyway…so here I go! I noticed that the purple and red didn’t go as well with my lights. I ended up choosing the blue and green, with the purple to be used as my accent color.

nicole2 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic GardenYay! A plan! When I was picking background fabrics I wanted to make sure there weren’t any that were too dark. I chose 10 green, teal and blue darks and six different light fabrics.

nicole3 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic Garden nicole4 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic Garden

Since I am a mother, a small business owner, and a quilter I have to make the most of my quilting time. Chain piecing is a great way for me to get more done in a short amount of time.

My husband saw how I would chain piece hundreds of patches and then sit with a pair of scissors and cut them all apart…so he made me an amazing tool!

nicole5 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic GardenIt’s just a little wooden stand that has a notch cut into it where a blade sits, waiting to cut thread! It saves me so much time!!

nicole6 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic GardenI went from a pile like this…to nicely stacked blocks waiting for pressing in just a few minutes.

nicole7 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic Garden
I also really enjoy watching Friends in the background with a few chocolate kisses waiting around for snacking. What is your favorite thing to watch or listen to while you are quilting?

Once I laid out all of my blocks, I was very surprised to see the pattern emerging. I thought for sure that the stars would be prominent…but I hardly saw them at all! All I could see was the square in a square pattern.

nicole8 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic GardenI thought about something else, too. Would it be easier to build the square in a square blocks than the sawtooth blocks—and you’d still get the same effect?

nicole9 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic Garden
I assembled all of the blocks and added the purple border to finish off the lattice. I put my teal border up against the purple and really liked it. Again, I took a photo and thought that it was missing something. I shared the photo with the Scrap Squad and they suggested the small white border.

These ladies are geniuses! I auditioned it, took a photo, voilá! I loved it!! The great part about this quilt is that everything for the top, except for the small white border, came from my stash. I love stash busting!!

nicole11 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic Garden
Off to quilting! I wanted to use an all-over pattern that was somewhat tropical to go with the theme of the batiks. I found my “clematis” pattern and knew it would work wonderfully.

nicole101 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic Garden
Choosing a thread color can be difficult. I like to pull out a few different colors and lay them across the quilt top to see how they play with the colors of the top. Blue! Perfect.

nicole12 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic Garden
And the finished product!!

nicole13 QM Scrap Squad: Nicoles Seaside Majestic Garden

Nicole's version of Majestic Garden is finished!

Nicole’s quilt makes me ponder booking a flight to someplace tropical. Don’t you just feel the sea and sky? This busy gal has done a top-notch job of Majestic Garden—her first Scrap Squad assignment! We’re nearing the end of this project but the next one is well underway in the sewing spaces of the Scrap Squad ladies. I can’t wait for you to see it!

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18 Responses to QM Scrap Squad: Nicole’s “Seaside” Majestic Garden

  1. Claudia says:

    Yes, yes, yes. Love it. Love the quilting pattern and thread you chose as well. A suggestion: next time you choose fabrics, you might want to lay them out on a mid-value gray background. The color of your green mat was also working in your color theory experiment choosing colors. And, I couldn’t function anymore without my digital camera.

  2. DianeH says:

    Well done, Nicole!

  3. Elaine Egging says:

    Beautiful colors Nicole – you have chosen my favorites!!!

  4. Linda says:

    I wasn’t really thrilled with the quilt as shown in the magazine, and none of the other Scrap Squad versions made me want to make it either. But!!! I absolutely love your tropical batik version. I have so many smaller pieces of leftover batiks in my stash, I can picture this in bright jewel tones or those darker Christmas batiks I just had to have but haven’t found a pattern for. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful quilt and giving me lots of new ideas.

  5. Pauly says:

    What a fabulous post – your quilt is gorgeous and the quilting is amazing (as always). ( Is hubby going to market that nifty tool?)

  6. Jo McGonigle says:

    I love the scrappy version, so much more than the original. Maybe just the colors, both are gorgeous though.

  7. Marie says:

    Very nice! The colors are so beautiful!

  8. Beautiful color choices, lovely stitching. You made this look so easy and so FAST. I think this is one of the prettiest quilts I’ve seen.

  9. Diana Dobson says:

    Beautiful job, Nicole. I’m a member of your guild and I am so impressed with your work! I love your color choices, too, and look forward to see what you’ll have to show us next.

  10. Nicola says:

    WOW!! This looks beautiful – I am addicted to batiks, and these are “my” colours too – I just love it!!

  11. Ivelize Vieira Batista says:

    Estou encantada , adorei a colcha é de um enorme bom gosto e capricho ,parabens.

  12. Cathy says:

    Nicole, your quilt is beautiful. Love the quilting. I was a member of last years Scrap Squad and had a ball. Enjoy your year…it flys by. Hugs Cathy

  13. Lana says:

    What a great looking quilt! That little white border really makes it sing :-)

  14. Susan says:

    This turned out gorgeous! Love the colors. Nice job!

  15. Anne Wiens says:

    Great job, Nicole. That thread cutter your husband built is a great idea. Everyone who reads this blog is going to want one…the line forms behind me!

  16. Excellent job, Nicole! I love your colors, the pattern just pops, and your quilting is beautiful as always. It’s a quilt to be proud of. :)

  17. Aunt Marti says:

    Nicole, I absolutely love the colors you chose for this quilt. Diane is right, it makes me want to sit on a beach and have drinks with little umbrellas in them!

  18. Dana says:

    That one is really beautiful, perfect colors.

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